The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good Bye!

The time has come for me to stop writing posts for "The Master Chief's Lair".  I began writing this blog.  Why?  First of all because I have progressed further down the road on my journey with Lewy Body Dementia.  And that disease is not seriously impacting my judgement and my short and long memory.  Truthfully, I am out of "Sea Stories" and personal experiences to write about.  And, the loss of my social filters leaves me vulnerable to write thongs about people and events that I should not write.  Finally, I simply do not have the mental energy to write both blogs and I want to continue to record everything I can about my LBD journey, until I am unable to write anymore.

I have had fun writing this blog and I appreciate each of you reading and commenting on my posts.  We did not always disagree and I respect the views and positions of those who did diskette with me.  I will admit I may have been wrong a few times.   But, I hope I was always accurate to my own memory of my life.

This was my way of telling my Navy story and telling you about some of the wonderful professionals I had the honor and pleasure to serve with.  Everyone I served with taught me something valuable.  Everyone I worked with after I retired from Active Service did the same.

Many of my shipmates have gone on to their reward.  James Smith, Vern Van Matre, Harold Wheeler, Bill Mowery, Dave Kelly, Larry Boyette, Tim Melody, John McGinn, Kevin Flynn, Kenny Colden, Hank Sahut, Silas Marshall, George Russell, Jerry Hudson, and many more that now escape recollection.  Others still are there for me and keep in contact and for that I am appreciative.

Again, I will continue to write the LBD Blog (Sharing my Life with Lewy Body Dementia) as long as I can.  But even that has become difficult and sensitive for me.  

Take care of yourselves.  Please try to keep in touch.  Never give up!!

Your friend and Shipmate to the end;
Don Dolence

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Veteran Suicide Epidemic!! Do you care?

The Head of the VA said after Desert Storm, that the NEVER expected so many of us to survive!!  They were shocked that we did and probably unhappy that we did!  And after we come home, the lack of care we receive, or better said, do not receive, is making us, the Veteran Community, to realize that no one really care about us and in fact, those in power in our Government, actually wish we would just shut up and die!!  And that is what we are doing, committing suicide!  That is what the Government wants isn't it?!

I have my Wife and my best friends Jerry and Marcia who care deeply for me.  SO I am better off than most.   But still, I know no one in the VA or any other Governmental agency gives a darn about me.  My Congressman, Jeff Miller, who is the Chair of the House Veteran's Affairs Sub-Committee has done NOTHING FOR ME!!

When you see a Vet committee suicide it is because He or She has finally given in t the fact that no on in our Country cares about them.  If you did, you would hold Congress, the VA, and the President accountable.  But, you don't!  As long as you are comfortable, the Vets are someone else problem.    Maybe we should start committing suicide on your front porch!!  Or in your living room!! Or, in your Church Club that you attend every Sunday!   But sadly, even that would not shake you from your comfort zone.  So here is the plan:

You comfortable, well off, never did anything to defend America, landed Gentry morons defend America from the Islamists.  We quit!!