The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Loss of freedom of speech

I was an accepted member of a group on Facebook.  This was a Navy centric group.  Many topics came up and people made inputs and replied to those inputs.  I was involved in a chain about the Navy Musician Rating.  I had made some comments about my dislike for ratings that do not contribute to the Navy's combat mission.  The other ratings I disagree with are Navy Counselor, Religious Programs Specialist, and Master at Arms.   These ratings were made up from collateral duties that once were done by personnel in ratings that exist and do relate to the Navy's combat mission.

Some of the repartee' centered around one of the responders view that I was against female sailors.  Which is not true.

The head of the Facebook Group then sent me a post that I should be careful expressing my opinion because I could be sued or placed in jail!!  WHAT!!    

Since when did expressing my personal opinion public place me in danger of jail time?  Or even a law suit as long as I do not besmirch a person's character or make false statements.

I quit that group and may quit others.  But, it shows how politically correct speech has everyone running scared!  And I am sick of it.  If I disagree with a decision made by the leadership of the Navy, I can made that disagreement public.  This is not the Soviet Union, Red China, or Nazi Germany!!   And, if I do not have freedom of speech, what the Hell did I spend 40 years of my life defending?!    

This is just another example of how America is being turned into a socialist stronghold.  Or is that going to get me arrested too?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Direction of our Country

First of all, I have earned the right to have an opinion about the fractured state of our Republic.  I put my life on the line for 40 years in defense of this Republic.   As a matter of fact, my belief is and has been for a long time, that is you did not serve in the Military and own property in The United States of America, you should NOT have the right to vote.  Yes, I know most of you disagree.  But I truly do not care.

That being said, first of all, America IS NOT A DEMOCRACY!!  If we were, everyone would vote on everything.  There would be NO elected officials except for the President.

The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, where we elect Representatives to effect laws on our behalf.  We have a House of Representatives, or the Common Peoples Representatives.  Then the Senate, which is the House of Lords.  Then the President.  All held in check, supposedly, by the Supreme Court as they rule on the constitutionality of the laws that are passed and signed into law.

When America was a homogeneous Nation, this process worked pretty well.  The major political parties worked together to find common ground, and laws and policies were passed to benefit the vast majority of Americans.  And, we made amends for our sins of the past like Slavery.

But now, we have become a Nation of fractured groups, with no desire to compromise, and an overwhelming desire to destroy anyone that disagrees with their minority agenda.

The major political parties use these differences to divide and conquer.  They pander to small coalitions to build larger coalitions and gain political power.  These larger, knitted together coalitions can defeat any other group because the majority or eligible voters do not participate in the electoral process because they do not care.

The small coalitions get their specific issues address, like Gay Marriage, or increased minimum wage, or Women in the Military, while the real sense of the Nation is ignored.  This ignored majority used to be called the "Silent Majority".

These polarize groups have fractured the fabric of America.  The Christian Right cannot get along with the Gay Rights crowd.  The Confederate Re-enactors cannot stand the Black Lives Matter group.  And the disagreements and fractures continue.  Weakening the voice of the people and strengthening the President who is approaching a Dictatorship.

Since the ruling class has all but erased the Tenth Amendment, "States Rights", the idea of States making their own decisions is gone.  Truthfully, if you are a White, Christian, Heterosexual, male, you have lost the First Amendment also. (Freedom of Speech and Assembly)

So, I hope you see how our Nation is not fractured into small, non-communicative, self-centered, single issue, groups.  Since they cannot see value in any other view and another person who hold a view, other than theirs, there is not national agenda, goal, or direction!

Sadly, I do not see this getting any better, anytime soon, since the major political parties love the idea of turning one group against the other.  Truthfully, we a looking more like Italy and less like the United States.

America is now a loose union of independent, isolated, uncommon, self-centered groups that see not reason to cooperate with any other group and would rather destroy this other groups, politically, violently, and in may cases, take the lives and property of anyone in a group they disagree with.   Think I am wrong, look at the gang violence in all the cities of our nation.  Look at the College protests recently where reporters were attacked.  Look at the Black Panthers blocking white people from voting in Philadelphia.  The evidence is there, but you will not see it.

Now, a Supreme Court Justice, who was a strict Constitutionalists, has met an untimely death.  I believe he was murdered by someone or some group that stands to profit or benefit from his demise.  Perhaps the Unions that do not want to loose they free political funds gained through Union Dues.  Perhaps a group of Gay Marriage advocates, or a group of Socialists that want Single Payer Health Care.  

Who ever disputed the Supreme Court Justice, the President now has the opportunity to change the very direction of the Country and completely gut the Constitution from what the Founding Fathers intended.

And what of our Republic.  I believe we will fail, fracture, and dissolve in the very near future.  The debt is too high for us to prevail and the political fabric of America is too torn for us to pull together as a homogeneous Nation for the common good of our Republic.  I see us becoming a group of small, powerless, single issue nations, with no outside interests or power, destined to be economically enslaved by the stronger Nations of the world.  In other words, a group of third world bank republics.  Just what the present occupant of the Oval Office wanted when he took office and said;  I intend to fundamentally change the fabric of American society.   Well, he did what he said he would do!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Tough guys!!

I knew a bunch of tough guys in my years with the Navy.  SEALS, EOD Techs, Special Boat teams, SEABEES, Gunner's Mates, Snipes, Boatswain's Mates, and others.  They fought through every issue to meet the goal and complete the mission.  Refueling underway in rough seas, frigid weather, in the dark?  No problem.  130 Degree Engine Rooms and Boiler Rooms, No problem.  Disarming mines in the Straights of Hormuz, in the nude, to keep from setting off the World War II Soviet Magnetic Mines, SEALS doing what SEALS do.  Nothing overstepped them.  I saw men bleed, conclusions, legs in casts, injuries that would stop most men.  Navy guys fought through it!  Without sleep, food, or medical assistance.

But, I know a Master Chief Ship's Serviceman that exhibited true grit! His name is Henry Green.  He was the SH Detailer when I was the GMG Detailer.  When we were on the East Coast Detailer's trip and in Mayport, Henry had a stroke caused by a brain tumor that he did not know he had.

He was stabilized in Mayport, shipped to Bethesda for surgery.  After his surgery, he was told the tumor was cancerous and that they could not get all of it with surgery.  The doctors told him he needed to get his affairs in order because there was nothing they could do for him!

Henry replied:  What would you do if you thought I was going to live?  The doctors said they would do chemo and radiation therapy.    Henry said, then let's pretend you think I am going to live!  Because, I do not have time to die right now!  I have teenage boys to raise!!

Now, that is bravery in the face of terrific odds!  But, what is better is the treatment worked.  AT least, when I left NMPC, he was still alive and being released for full duty.

I lost contact with Henry.  I did see him once after I left NMPC, at his home and he was still dong well.  But that is 32 years ago.  O, I have no recent updates.  But, I consider Master Chief Henry Green one of the bravest, toughest, most resilient men I ever met, bar none!

I sure would like to know where Henry is and if he is still alive.  If you know, please let me know.

Old memories brought back to life.

Every time one of my Shipmates call, old memories of events and people come flooding back into my memory.   Some of those events show that some of the people I sailed with were more than a few bricks short of full load!

For instance, Heading off for a WESTPAC Deployment, as usual we pulled into Pearl Harbor for a weekend of liberty and to refuel and take on fresh food and milk.   When we got underway on Monday morning, a Seaman from first division was UA.  He was of Hawaiian decent, so it was not a big surprise.  Maybe he went hoe and over slept.

But, this Electronics Technician (Communications) Second Class (E-5) went to the Executive Officer of the ship and told him;  "When you search his locker, any money you find is mine!"  The XO asked if he had loaned the Seaman some money.  The ET2 replied; "No, I gave him $500 to buy me some Pot to use until we got to Subic Bay!"  The XO's reply was precious: "You are a lot dumber than I thought you were!

O that cruise, we went to the Indian Ocean.  The Naval Investigative Office (NIS) determined most souvenirs purchased in the Indian Ocean were made of Hash or other drugs!  So, we had to confiscate every thing brought aboard and save it until we pulled back into Hawaii.  There the drug dogs would sniff the items and then we could give them back to their owners.  I was in custody of these precious items. (read the words, cheap junk in the place of precious)   After the dogs sniffed everything and found NOTHING Illegal, everything was returned but me through the use of receipts given to the owners.

Two Precious Camel Saddles were lost and guess who they belonged too!  That Pot purchasing ET2!  He claimed the camel saddles were worth a thousand dollars a piece!  More like, you could purchase EVERY camel saddle in the Indian Ocean for $100!  Needless to say, he did not get paid for the camel saddles and they were never found!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Officer's liberty vs Chief's liberty

I live in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that is full of Officers, Captains of Industry, and people with more degrees than a thermometer.  You can't swing a "cat" without hitting an O-6 or senior!  And, if you understand what "Swing a "cat" means, you are the person I identify with!  In any case, these snooty people like to talk about their time in the military and how wild they were.  Ha!!   They wouldn't know wild if it bit them on the ass!

Enlisted men knew how to go on Liberty and get the full enjoyment and relaxation out of it!  Why, I brought back men to the ship that were so relaxed, they were dead asleep in the bar!!  I had a Senior Chief fall asleep in "Pacer's"in San Diego!  Now that is relaxed!!

And Enlisted men were very good at improving relations with the people of the country we visited.  Like Subic Bay in the Philippines.  I knew many men that had strong, relations with the citizens of that thriving metropolis.   I never saw an Officer out in town, in Subic, trying to make friends with a local.  I did have Shore Patrol one night when a Chief had a heart attack while having intimate relations with a local.  She came to tell me wearing only a towel!!  She kept saying in her best English;  He's deed, He's deed.  The Chieps, deed!!  I assumed she meant she was angry with him,  But, no.  He was deed!

I went on liberty with an Officer in Subic once.  The BM Detailer and I went with the OIC of the WESTPAD Detailer's trip,  He claimed he had not been in Subic since he was a 19 year old Third Class Midshipman.  We walked into Mom's at the Traffic Circle at the end of Magsaisai Blvd.  The bar was dry, and empty, it was 11 AM, there was this matronly looking Filipino lady behind the bar.  She sees the three of us and she screams; "Pill, Pill, Marko, I no see you long time!"  I told the Commander;  You must have made a hell of an impression on her!

I did know a young O-2 that went on liberty in Naples with his American Express Credit Card.  It took him two years to get that bill straight!!  I never took my wallet on liberty, well enough a credit card!

Look, I am an Enlisted Navy man, through and through.  I never wanted to be an officer.  I had an opportunity to go to the Naval Academy Prep school out of Boot Camp and turned it down.  I turned down NESEP and I never applied for LDO or Warrant.  Would I have more money now if I had?  Yes!!  But, I influenced and saved more good enlisted men as a Navy Chief than I ever would in the cut throat Officers Club.  And I had a hell of a lot more fun!  And a few more hangovers than my Officer brethren.

I was and AM more like CPO Sharkey than Captain Quig!  And I am not likely to change!!