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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We learned a lot in the Navy!

I was on a trip to visit relatives in the Midwest.  Nice visit, but I had a past lesson renewed.   We learned a lot in the Navy!!   But it stands to reason since we had to do everything on our ship!  There was no one else!   And, with the exception of Warrant Officers and Line Officers that stayed in the Engine Rooms, I never knew an Officer that could fix a damn thing!!!

But I knew plenty of Enlisted Men who could troubleshoot complicated electronic, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic systems, while under extreme pressure, like; "This thing is going to BLOW UP any minute", type of stress!

For instance, I commissioned the USS Leftwich and worked day and night, in port and at sea, to keep two MK 45 gun mounts, made by GE, running.  Both of these Gun Mounts were NOT manufactured with the latest changes because FMC had not provided that info to GE when they won the contract to compete with FMC!   The result was, I worked 20 hours a day, to figure out the hidden issues in these sub-par gun mounts.  Did my Divo or Department Head help.  Help?!  They never understood what the issues were.  And the Captain of the ship did not even know we did not have manually controlled gun mounts!! TRUE!!  Not to mention he ordered me to violate publishes Ordnance Safety Precautions!!

Then there is Damage Control!  I knew DC like the back of my hand.   Most good Chiefs did.  I knew all the deck rigging, including refueling rigs.  I could splice like, wire rope, drive boats, lower and recover boats, and do all of this safely.  Try that Sir!

But, being up in the Midwest reinforced to me that the majority of Americans are with uninformed or totally stupid.  People who do not know we are almost $20 billion in National Debt sold not be allowed to vote!!  People that do not know out Nation's Military is a mere shell of itself, not to mention we have the smallest Navy since before World War I, should have their Citizenship revoked.  People that do not know the difference between a person who migrates to our country legally, using the laws of America to gain legal access and employment and the person who snuck into our Country and hides in the shadows, not paying taxes but getting all the benefits of America, should be deported themselves!!  When did Americans get so stupid?!

The man who raised me quit school in the Sixth Grade to work the family farm.  Yet, he was very intelligent and very informed!!  He read the news like his life depended on it!  And it did.  But now, Americans watch "Naked and Afraid" or "America has Talent".  And they get their news from the American Communist Party, commonly called the Democratic Party.  No one knows American History.  They only know what the NBC, CBS, ABC, and NPR talking heads tell them.

I know how to do things on Navy ships that today's engineers don't understand.  And I know when someone is pissing down my neck and telling me it is raining!!  How about you? Is your color wet?  From what?!  Are you sure?!  I doubt it!!

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  1. "When did Americans get so stupid?" Answr: When the federal government established the Dept of Education. The dumbing down of America is a plan. You cannot control people until they become stupid and depend on you.

    Officers were never intended to "work" They were intended to be able to fight a ship and understand tactics, and administration. The same is true in civilian work place. middle and upper managers do not know how to produce the product. They manage the sales, parts distribution, on time delivery, etc. You, the Chief were supposed to know the workings and "advise" the officers.