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Friday, July 1, 2016

Transgenders in the Military

You know I do not agree with Homosexuals in the Military.  I do not agree with people having sexual changes.  I do not agree with Sexual Orientation being you choice of which head you use.

But, this Transgender thing may be good.  How?  Well, in my case, I lie women.  I like to look at naked women, see them shower, see them in their skivvies, watch them bend over to put their pants on!  So, since I am a smart Heterosexual man, I would start to grow my hair long, put on a little make up, wear ping frilly skivvies, and maybe even get a bra with some padding.  Then, they will let me live in the Female birthing and use the Female Head and Showers!!  I will be in Heterosexual Male heaven!!

Sounds like a great idea to me!!  Oops!  I am married.  Then I am against this Transgender thing!!

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