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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Miss handling of Classified data

If I lost one classified Tech Manual or Message, if the CMS Custodian lost one classified change, if we lost a burn bag during the burn run, or if one "For Official Use Only" document turned up in the trash the MAA had to search before it was dumped over the stream, someone's career was done!

I know a Gunner's Mate Missiles, that used to be a Cryptologist.  He went to China with President Nixon as a CT.  He married a foreign National and "BOOM" he was no longer a CT!!

Look folks, the rules do not apply equally in our Country any more!!  And if you vote for Hillary Clinton, if there even is an election, you are voting to Communism in America!!

I don't care if you agree or like what I am saying, I speak the truth!!

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  1. I was just speaking with my wife about handling CMS for most of my career. If I had done what Hillary did, I would be in Fort Leavenworth busting big rocks into small rock for a very long time. You are correct, laws do not apply equally. Just ask the veterans that have gone to the brig for doing much less than she has.