The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The frustration of knowing the truth!

Like many of you, I dedicated my life to the country through the Navy.  I love America and the United States Navy.  I loved being a Gunner's Mate and Navy Chief.  I loved my life on ships and I loved helping those in my Rating advance and prosper.

I am smart enough and enough of a student of history and the Bible to understand America cannot last forever.  The KING IS Coming, SOON!  And America is not a part of the Prophesies of John.

But, watching America destroy herself from within, is painful for me and probably for most of you too.  I realize my frustrations show in what I write and I realize I should be writing "Sea Stories" instead of about America's demise.  But, all that I did is now for nothing.  The freedoms I strived to keep safe are being taken up by a government hungry for total power over the citizens.

America was founded on the idea that the power was in the hands of the citizens, not the government!  That is why there is the SECOND AMENDMENT in the Bill of Rights!  But, that too will be taken away, I can clearly see than now.

Again, some of you will call me a cynic.  Others will say my mind is gone because of my disease.  You might be right, but I doubt it.  But, my pain is real and my sorrow is deep and total.  Being helpless to defeat this totally evil force is almost too much for me to deal with.

Understanding the truth is not always a comfort.  I try not to watch political commentary of news.  I hide, to keep my pain at bay.  But, it seeps in like rising water.  There is no comfort, no escape and no remedy.  I am not sure if America or I will die first.  But the truth is, both of us are destined for death, soon.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The "Two Party" system of politics is DEAD!!

Today, a budget was passed and signed, by the Republican lead House and Senate, that gave the Democrat President EVERY SINGLE THING hew wanted.  Never mind that the Republicans were elected to STOP many of the things they funded FULLY!!  There Speaker of the House went to dinner with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats got everything they wanted.

The Constitution is DEAD.  It has been shredded and burned.  Elections mean nothing.  America is no longer a free country.  We are a Communist/Socialist nation ran by a Dictator.  All that I worked to defend for 40 years is for naught.

I am defeated, depressed, and without hope.  Only the Hand of God can return America to freedom!  Pray America, if you care.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What is the telephone number for Raison Bran?

I spent a goodly amount of time, sitting in my chair, trying to figure out wha the Telephone number was for Raison Bran.  I wanted a bowl and I could not figure this mystery out!  I told my wife and she laughed, nervously.  Now, I did figure out I was confused, disoriented, befuddled.   But this is a great example of how my experience with LBD is getting deeper and moving faster!

Of course, there is nothing I can do and  no longer find it "Interesting"!  I just find these events annoying and somewhat frightening.  This goes along with my issue remembering and recalling the names of common items.

It seems I have dropped another level.

Note;  OK, I just discovered I placed this on the wrong blog.  But, you need to know where I am.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DIck Van Dyke's 90th Birthday = Another sea story!

I saw on the Internet today that it was Dick Van Dyke's 90th birthday! Happy Birthday Mr. Van Dyke.  He and I met in Annapolis, Maryland on a warm, early Fall day.  I was the Command Master Chief on the USS Caron (DD 970).  We were the Open House house ship for Naval Academy parents weekend.

Naturally, a bunch of us Chiefs were at a local, waterfront watering hole.  The Head was in the garage of the hotel and I was coming back from lightening my liquid load.  I was in Tropical Whites, walking with my head down, and Mr. Van Dyke had just stepped off a beautiful sail boat moored at the Quay Wall.  I did not see Mr. Van Dyke and promptly ran him, over knocking him on his back!!

I looked up and saw him on the cement and I said; "You're Dick Van Dyke!! "  He replied; "I was!"

I apologized profusely and offered him a personal tour of the ship.  He said no.  He said he had an appointment.  Probably with a doctor because of the damage from his collision with this 6 foot, 200 pound Master Chief Gunner's Mate!!

Oh well, He made it to 90!  I must not have broken him too much!  That was in 1985!

The memories that still pop up!  I love this disease!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Why didn't Japan invade America during World War II?

That is a great question.  They had us knocked back on our heels after Pearl Harbor.  Our Navy was severely damaged.  Our Military was small, poorly equipped, poorly trained, and underfunded.  It would have been a great time to invade and we knew it. But, why didn't they?

The answer was discovered long after the war when Japan opened but some of their war time documents.

The Japanese leadership knew odfthe Second Amendment to the Constitution.  In their view, every American home was well armed with meant that were well trained.  The Japaneses leadership believed they would have to fight well armed Americans, house to house!!

Now, the Progressives want to disarm Americans in total!!  They say, if we disarm Americans the Islamic Terrorists will stop bringing terror to our country.  History shows us how wrong they are.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Has America lost Her fight?

I had a discussion with a gentleman tonight.  He is 26 years older than I am and has a Phd in Psychology.  He has been in academia his entire adult life.  He started the discussion with the statement;  "Can you believe what the President of Liberty University said?  He told his students to arm themselves for self defense."

I told the gentleman I agreed.  He yelled at me;  "Are you kidding me! They will kill muslims!!"  I said; "So?"  His re[ply was very telling.  He said; "That will make things worse!!"

I ended the conversation at that point due to my respect for him and my elders.   But, it is illuminating to see that this Phd Professor thinks if we play nice with islam they will leave us alone.  Just how weak is this Progressive's back bone?

I totally agree with the President of Liberty University and other individuals that are calling for law abiding, concealed carry licensed, citizens to arm themselves to defend themselves and others from potential terrorist attacks.

Just think if someone at that Christmas party in California had a legally licensed firearm.  The outcome would have been different.  The same goes of the France attack, and any other terrorist attack where firearm were the weapon of choice.  And yes, the only way to defeat the islamic terrorists is to kill them!

Wars are won when one side looses so many people they surrender!   We cannot "Nice" these killers into surrender!  They want to kill us because we are not them!!  Their religion mandates that the kill anyone that is not a muslim!!  I realize that idea may be foreign to older folks.  But, this gentleman was in college during World War Two.  He should understand what it takes to win a war against a determined foe.

So, I saw first hand the subservient attitude of the Liberal Progressive.  Let's just hide in the sand, be nice, and let them have their way!  Well, I not only disagree with that view, I despise it!!  I find that view treasonous, disgusting, and sickening.

No, I will fight until my last breath against islamic terrorists.  As I have said many times before in many different circumstances;  I did not start this fight, but I am damn sure going to finish it!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Sailor's dilemma; Shoot or Don't Shoot!!

It is a dilemma!  If a small boat is making a high speed run on the ship, with people that look like they have weapons, or eve ARE firing at the ship;  Do I shoot or not?

Let me tell you a "Sea Story" about an incident I had, back in 1986.  We were deployed to the Med and underway.  I was told we would have a "Drill" to repel an attacking small boat firing rockets and guns! I was also told the firing of the .50 cal Machine Guns was limited to 300 rounds for the "Drill".   I had the aft .50 calibers and the chief Gunner's Mate had the forward .50 cal machine guns.

The "Drill" was passed over the 1MC.  We manned the aft .50 cal Machine guns and immediately began firing!  I never heard any firing from the forward guns.  After the "Drill" was secured, I was summoned to the Bridge.  The XO was on the Bridge and he looked angry.  Now, this XO and I did not get along.  And, he was always cross threaded with the CO.  So, it was always a tense situation anytime I had to deal with him.  He immediately JUMPED me for firing the aft machine gun without HIS permission to commence fire.  I replied to him that I did not need his permission seeing that in the scenario, the ship was being fired upon.  He violently disagreed, and was really getting worked up.  About that time, the Captain came on the Bridge and interjected;  The Master Chief was correct.  He does not need permission to fire when the ship is already under attack!

Now, that was a "Drill".  But it makes my point.  I the case of the USS Cole, the ship was under attack.  How do I say that?  In a closed harbor, a small boat will normally not make a FULL SPEED run perpendicular to a large Navy Combat Ship, riding low in the water because of the weight of the load!!  But, the individual on the 25 mm Chain Gun did not open fire.  If he had, the results would have been different.

There is also the case of the CG that shot down the Iranian so called commercial airliner.  Trust me, that aircraft was not a scheduled commercial aircraft and was flying in a threatening manner towards the CG.  It gave ever indication that it was a combat aircraft, and the CO fired two SM-2 missiles, destroying that aircraft.  Yes, there were people onboard.  When they were recovered from the water, the had their hands tied together and the were ALL wearing their "going to meet allah" clothes!  That CO did the right thing and for it, his wife was killed my muslim extremists and he committed suicide.

We can also look at the attack on the USS Stark.  The Iraqi aircraft fired a skimmer Exocet missile and hit the Stark.  Stark did not have their CIWS in Air Ready and they were in a "Weapons Tight" condition.   By the time they got permission to fire, they were already HIT!

We need well defined training and policy for defensive actions to protect a Navy ship!!  Enlisted and Officer personnel need to have the training and the freedom to use the systems on the ship to prevent another Stark or Cole attack from happening.

Admiral Grace Hopper used to say that she operated under a personal policy;  "It is easier to get forgiveness than permission."  We need that policy in the defense of our Ships!!

Shoot first, ask questions later should be our motto!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The serious effect of the Syrian conflict

I just read an article on "Infowars" that the Russians have moved their "Doom Day" Command And Control Super Plane into the Syrian/Turkey arena just in case a Nuclear War breaks out.  This aircraft is EMP Shielded and has special air filters that are capable to deal with radiation.  Then I read that the Russians have equipped their Aircraft with Air to Air Missiles just in case they get into a dog fight with NATO Aircraft.

This is the second time in a month that Comrade Putin has mentioned or motioned towards the Russian use of Nuclear Weapons.  History is the best teacher and Comrade Putin is NOT bashful when it comes to the use of force.  I might also remind you that Comrade Putin was a very Senior KGB operative and probably was involved in the Soviet's violent, murderous, brutal, response to the murder of one of their Diplomats by radical muslims in Beirut in 1984.  The lesson here is, Putin will pull the trigger and will do anything and use any weapon to come out the winner in any fight, war, or poker game.

Many people, much smarter than me, have said we are looking at the beginning of World War III.   And, as an outside observer, I believe we are starting on the loosing team!  Can we rebuild our Military in time?  I truly cannot answer that.  It depends on the length of the War! If Putin goes Nuclear first and early, we will be using the Ruble as our currency!   If we go Nuclear FIRST, it might come out different.

But do not me mistaken, World War III will be a shootout!!  It will happen fast, loud, and BIG!  It will not be a land battle, but a Cyber War peppered with Strategic Nuclear attacks that will make the two small bombs we dropped on Japan look like fire crackers!  And because of the Cyber portion of the War, which WILL COME FIRST, much like the gun rights in the John Wayne Western, whoever pulls the trigger first and shoots the straightest, will win.

Our present leadership can't even FIND the trigger!  That is where my gloom comes from.

Times are tough.  Much tougher than the Cold War years.  And they are going to get much worse, very fast.  Watch what Putin does in the next few days.  And do some of your own research.  The News Media, even FOX, are not telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  We are being fed pablum at best and horse dung most likely.

So, we will see what we will see.  Keep tuned!