The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Old knowledge, that won't go away!

I was talking to Jerry today, as I do every week, and some of the Old Knowledge that clutters my mind came up.  Then, on Facebook, I see a photo of the MK 108 ASW Rocket Launcher, also called "The Flaming Pisspot"!!  Nice to see, but there has not been one of those in use for 50 years!!

We also talked about the MK 102 Rocket Launcher, used on the LSMR class of garage ships.  This launcher fired twin 5" spin stabilized rockets to barrage the coastline.  We had one in commission during the Vietnam War.  One of those obscure pieces of knowledge I have in my mind is the MK 6 Mod 3 Intervalometer.   This introduced a .6 sec delay between the left and right rocket firing circuit.  The purpose was to keep the rockets from crashing into each other in flight.  This launcher fired 40 rockets per minute!!!!

The weight of the armored 5"/38 twin mount weathershield, Special "K" hydraulic transmissions that used one "A-End" and two "B-Ends",  and the number of 115 vac micro-switches used in the MK 42 Mod 7 RF Gun Mount, and what an Anti-Chucker Pawl was, all run around in my mind, popping up every once and a while.

I cannot tell you what day it is, or even what month much of the time, But I can tell you obscure but once important technical information about once used Naval weapons systems.

Oh well, if there recommission some 1960 vintage shops, I can help them with the technical issues!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

What makes a Leader?

Is Leadership learned or are Leaders BORN?  That has been the question forever.  The Navy, the Military, and all of corporate America have been wrestling with this in fits and spurts trying education, mentoring, teaming, TQM, and another cockamamie idea that some brain surgeon writes a book about.

Let me give you the benefit of my 40 plus years of actual, front line, leadership experience.   Leaders come from a good foundation that started training the individual from their FIRST DAY on the job!!!

Leaders, learn from Good Leaders!

Leaders come from ALL parts of the organization!

Leaders MUST  be continually MENTORED!  Especially AFTER they are installed in any leadership position!

I have seen organizations place eduction requirements on individuals seeking promotion to a leadership position.  That makes no sense!  Where do they teach LEADERSHIP in an Engineering curriculum?

I have seen organizations deny any responsibility to any individual until they are promoted to a leadership position.  Then, they expect them to automatically be a seasoned leader!!  How can that be if they have no experience in the organization in any level of responsibility and leadership.

Look, leadership is not rocket science.  Know your people, respect your people, treat them like you would like to be treated, NOT like the bad Supervisor you had treated you.  Do not hold them to any rule you do not follow to the letter yourself!!  And for heaven's sake, stand up for your folks.

One of the statements I hate is;  "The people that work under me!!"

That sounds like you are screwing a prostitute that you just paid for an hour of labor!!

I always found that I worked with people and they worked with me.  Truthfully, the people I worked with, in the Military and in Civil Service, were much better that I was at many things and I totally depended on them to help me succeed!!

In closing, leaders are made, through mentoring that starts their first day in the organization.  The better the mentoring, the better the leaders, the more successful the organization is.  It is that simple!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Kuming!!

I have written before about the rise of the Russian Military and their resurgence as a World Power.  I have also written before about the lack of capability and ship population in the U.S. Navy.  The attachment below is from "The Navy Times", hardly a Right Wing news source.  It goes on to explain that the Russians are establishing bases worldwide and using their LARGE, POWERFUL, MODERN, Navy to project power anywhere they want too!!

I have also written before that, in my estimation, were too late to build an adequate Naval Force before the Russians gained control of the World's Seaways.  It appears I was correct.

I hate it when I am right!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Let me bring up a thought that haunts me!

First, the facts as we know them;

The World Trade Center buildings that came down on September 11, normally had 50,000 people that were assigned to work in those buildings, five days a week.

The New York Stock Exchange opens every week day at 9:30 AM.

The first terrorist piloted plane hit the first World Trade Center at 8:46 AM.

As a result of the two airplanes hitting the Twin Towers, over 3000 Americans were killed.

Now, the thought that haunts me;  If the majority of the people that worked in the World Trade Center were stock brokers, bankers, and financial analysts, would it not be normal for them to be at work BEFORE 9 AM if the Stock Market opens at 9:30 AM?  

Te Futures of the Stock Prices determine the opening activity.  Stock Brokers, analysts, and their minions need to have all that figured our WELL BEFORE the market opens.  They certainly needed more than 30 - 60 minutes to do that level of analytical research.

After the first hit, the electricity, and therefore the elevators, would certainly be out of commission.  How many of those 50,000 people could run down 100 flights of stairs to safety?

There were no reports of the fire personnel running into clogged stairways when they first responded.

For me, the numbers just do not work!  There should have been many more dead if there was not fore knowledge of the attack.

Now, you can see why these thoughts have haunted me from the day of the attack.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

My view of ex-Senator Jim Webb

When Jim Webb announced his run for President, I wrote that I did not like or respect him.  I was thinking about my experiences with him when he was the Secretary of the Navy and I was Force Master Chief.

Now, to be totally correct, Senator Webb was a DECORATED marine Officer.  He was awarded the Navy Cross, Silver Star, Two Bronze Stars and is the recipient of two Purple Hearts!  He left the Marine Corps as a Captain (O-3).

When I was exposed to Secretary Webb, for this few months he was the Secretary of the Navy, I was a member of the CNO's Advisory Committee as the Force Master Chief, Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.  We would meet with the CNO and SECNAV twice a year.  Our job was to bring the concerns of the Enlisted Members of the Fleet to the SECNAV.  In the past, when we presented issues, the SECNAV would take notes, for future reference and review at the end of the meeting.  

Instead, Secretary Webb would write small notes and pass them to each Master Chief in the room, commenting on deficiencies with they uniforms!  He berated us, like we were recruits.  He never reviewed what we reported, prioritized them, gave assignments, or ever took action on anything we reported!

So, you might now understand why I dislike him.  If he holds Enlisted leaders with that much contempt, I cannot support him.

Enough said;

Sunday, October 11, 2015

America is being changed to a Muslim Nation by Executive Order

A friend of mine sent me this post.  It has been vetted, so I believe it.  I also know for a fact, that all Military Chapels have been ordered to remove any Christian symbols.

Pleas check this out, on your own, and then. if you agree, RAISE HELL ABOUT IT!!

Many of you challenged me personally about my report on Facebook about the shootings of Christians ONLY in the Oregon College shootings.   We are in a war for our religious freedom.  The Members of Islam want to kill us all!  They are winning right here in America and the war is being directed from the highest Office in the Land.

Again, please do not believe me.  Check it out for yourself.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gunner's Mate wisdom

Here is a technical tip that I hope you all know already.  But, maybe not.  All gun mounts, rotating missile launchers CIWS guns, rotating RADAR Arrays and Fire Control Directors rotate on bearings.  Ball, conical, tapered, "C" Channel, or another type of roller bearing.

If you need to weld on the assemble above the roller bearings you MUST  ground the portion ABOVE the roller bearings before using an electrical welder!!!

It must be a secure, tight, positive ground to the ship's structure.  If you fail to do this, the electric current from the ARC Welder will find it's way to GROUND through the roller bearings!  This will weld the roller bearings together!   The, the gun mount, launcher, radar, fire control director, or whatever it is, WILL NOT ROTATE EVER AGAIN!!!

But, you probably already knew that, so I can go back to sleep now.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

American's are dumb as STUMPS!!

I just saw a couple of commercials that brought home the fact that, the vast majority of Americans are dumb as STUMPS!!  For instance;  "Deal Dash.com!  You can get $500 gift cards for $5!!  REALLY!!

This commercials and others like it, sell the idea that you can get anything for little or nothing.  Like the commercial I saw tonight complaining that the Government only give you $250 to bury you deal loved one!!  Who sold the idea to Americans that it was the governments responsibility to bury your dead relative!!

Now we are being sold the idea that it is our right to have free cell phones, free health care, free housing, and free meals.  They tell us it is the responsibility of the rich to pay more taxes so you can have these things!

Then there is the minimum wage discussion.  Since when is, "Would you like to super size that?" worth $20 per hour, plus benefits!!  I could replace every fast food worker with a robot in one hour and be money ahead in three months!!

Americans have been DUMBED DOWN!!  Schools teach nothing by liberal, progressive, communist BULLSHIT!  You cannot say Merry Christmas in a public school but they teach Islam in the class room!!!!

You are owed nothing but the right to try to succeed.  If you do, great. If you do not, try again.  But, it is not the government's responsibility to support your dumb ass, or bury you when you die from smoking, eating too much smoking weed, taking drugs, drinking too much, or anything else.

We are loosing our way of life because Americans are dumb as stumps and they believe there is a free lunch.  America will die from within just as Kruschov said in the 1960's.   But, you can still try to get that free gift card from DealDash.com!!

I Solemnly Swear that I will support and Defend the Constitution of the United States...

 I have written about this oath before.  I took it number of times and I administered the Oath many more times.  It is in my memory and in my core conscience.  It truly is; Who I am as a Patriot.  The Constitution is not a Living , Changing, Document  as the Liberal, Progressive School Teachers and Professors would have you believe.  NO!  The Constitution is the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic!  Everyone who wants to make the Constitution read in manner that supports their perverted way of life is wrong.

But, my question today is;  What are you willing to do to "Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States?

It seems to me that the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court are all subverting the Constitution.  We have not had a Budget, originated in the House of Representatives as the Constitution directs, in seven years!!  The Federal Government consistently subverts the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution by telling States how to act and what Laws are legal, even though there is NO Constitutional precedence for their action.  And, if you do not know what the Tenth Amendment is, it states that if it is not specifically outlined in the Constitution, then the right to govern it belongs to the individual States or the Individual!!

Again, what should WE do to the control of our Nation back?!

We are being invaded by individuals that want to change the way our Nation is governed and we sit idly by.  The Federal Government mandates these Illegal Aliens must have drivers licenses from States. Medicaid from the States, Education from the States, Welfare payments from the States!  And we sit idly by.

What are you willing to do?  Nothing, Complain, Vote, get angry, Protest, Take up arms. Revolt, Overthrow the Government?!!  Just what the Hell ARE YOU made of?!

If Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, Hancock, and Washington were alive today, What would they do?!

Think about that for a while.  But not too long, the end of America is very near!  Just ask a Muslim or a Mexican!  They are willing to act on their convictions.  But we sit idly by....