The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Friday, July 24, 2015

No more married Military Members!

That's what a number of Congressmen and Senators are proposing!   They do not want to pay the Basic Allowance for Housing to both individuals if they are on Active Duty!  The new law Congress is pressing for is only one member can draw BAH!!

My first thought was;  BAH is an entitlement, not a benefit or additional pay.  My second, and more important thought is;  The immoral BASTARDS in our government want our groups living in sin and having little Bastard children to propagate the immoral society they are building!

Why get married if it is going to cost you $10K of tax free money a year?!!

This cannot be a budget driven item.  We waste much more money that we spend on dual BAH!  Just make the President and his family trail on the same plane for their vacations!!  That would make up for the dual BAH for a long time.

No, the progressives are going after traditional marriage in everyday they can.  And hitting our enlisted Military Members in the pocket book is their best play at making marriage obsolete!

I am physically sickened by what I see in Washington, in Uniform and in Brooks Brother's Suits!!  But what makes me even more repulsed is that Americans stand idly by and watch this happen with out a whimper!  We really are defeated and without the courage to stand up for what is right!!  Shame on us!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Navy life!!

I live in a retirement community called Azalea Trace in Florida.  I am the only Master Chief that lives here.  We do have so many O-6's that you can't swing a Cat (of nine tails) without hitting one.  Most of the Officers here are Army and Air Force and most of them are the guys in the rear with the beer and the gear!  We also have three Airdale Admirals.  So, you can quickly see no one here understands the reality of life on a surface ship.  I say I am a Master Chief Gunner's Mate and NO ONE know what that is!!

Let me add another group of people that do not understand the reality of Navy life.  When I was a GS-13 at NAVSEACENLANT or whatever their name is now, a senior civilian in the personal trade came to my office to explain to me why we should not pay our people overtime when they are underway on Navy ships.  This senior civil servant told me that all U.S. Navy ships pull into port every night so our folks are not denied anything!  Really!!  This person was a GS-14!!

The fact is, if you never served on a Destroyer Cruiser, Battleship, Amphibious Ship, Minesweeper, PG, or other Surface Combatant, you have no idea what we go through.  And, I might add, if you did not serve in the surface Navy before the invention of the Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants, you have a tainted view of Navy life underway!!

My own family members still do not believe me when I explain the hardships of life at sea.  Most non U.S. Navy ship owners think we live a life of luxury with private berthing cabins, white linen on the tables and and servants at our beckon call.

Now, our own Senators say we don't pay enough for our medical care and that we are paid too much!

America is populated with pink silk pantie wearing, limp wrist, overweight, pussies with soft hands, that drink water when ever they walk to get the mail!!

The few of us who volunteer to join the Navy are special and we earn the benefits the Government promises us when we enlist.  Serving on Submarines, Surface Combatants, and possibly even, Aircraft Carriers, do a tremendous job working endless hours and living without the basic privacy everyone else expects.  Just think about it, sleeping right next to someone, showering with 10 others, and having your laundry done in a big bag of 60 peoples skivvies!!

Navy Life is anything by luxurious.  Even with Reverse Osmosis plants!!  

Monday, July 20, 2015

I (state your name) do solemnly swear to..

I (state your name) do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to bear true faith and allegiance to the same, to obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the Officers appointed over me, according to regulations, and the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, So Help ME GOD.

Officers in the Military take the same oath, with ONE big difference.  Their oath does not include the portion that states, "obey the orders of the President of the United States".

I bring this back to mind because, the person sitting in the Presidents position is an elected official.  All presidents since the second term of George Washington have been elected.

The President is not a ruler, a King, an Emperor, or a god.  He is a man, that serves at the pleasure  of the Citizens of the United States of America.  If, what he does, his policies, decisions, statements, or actions, bring discredit to the Officer of the Presidency he can and MUST be demo ed from office.

The Constitution provides a procedure for this removal that requires an impeachment trial in the Senate after being Impeached by the House.  If the President is found guilty in the Senate trial, he is removed from Office.  This has been done twice in history of the Constitution.  It may be time, or it may be too late for a third trial.

I dedicated 40 years of my life, fulfilling, to the best of my mental and physical ability, that oath of enlistment.  Since I retired, I have seen our once great Country become dysfunctional, divided along race and economic lines, and berated by our own President and embarrassed throughout the world.  It is time for a change!

The majority of Americans are comfortable, uneducated, and uninformed about the direction our Country is being pushed.  As long as they have food to eat, homes, cell phones, computers and entertainment at their fingertips, they are content.  Hitler used the same strategy in 1929 and 30!  But, Americans do not know World history.

I fear I will see America become a socialist, progressive, state, or worse.  But, I am a voice, crying in the wilderness.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Iran and Russia; A marriage made for the ages

Our president (lower class "p" on purpose) has delivered Iran to Russia, lock, stock, and barrel!  But Russia has been trying to gain control of Iran for centuries!  It is true.  Look at history.  No, not what our public schools teach.  Do some independent research.  Russia needs, desperately, a warm water port.  Bandar Abas offers that in the most economically strategic straights in the world;  The Straights of Hormuz!

And since Russia has been and will continue to be Iran's nuclear power technology provider and North Korea, Russia's partner in crime, is the provider of Iran's nuclear weapon technology, it will not be long before Israel is attacked with nuclear weapons.

But, controlling the Straights of Hormuz make Russia the Biggest Dog in the World's Yard!  Even if America is energy independent, the rest of the world is not.  Look at how Russia runs roughshod over eastern Europe!  Now, Russia controls the majority of the world's exportable petroleum.   Think how that will impact the world's economy.  This is not good.

This is a very bad situation.  I have been a student of Iranian history since the Iranian Hostage crisis.  I did some research in the Navy War College Library and learned many things the new media never reported about who controlled the American hostages and what that country wanted to release the hostages.  And trust me, Iran DID NOT control those American hostages.  Trust me, the human solid waste is about to hit the rotating wind machine!!

So what do we do now?  I know, but I will not say, since I still value what little freedom I have.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Did you forget your ID?

The first Admiral I worked for at SURFLANT was VADM McCauley.  He wash an exceptional Naval Officer, was awarded the Purple Heart for action in the rivers of Vietnam, and had a very dry sense of humor.

We were in the staff car, heading to a ship at Naval Station Norfolk, for an Official Visit.  The flag was on the bumper, the lights were on.  The Admiral was in the back seat on the left side.  I was in the backseat on the right side and the Flag Lieutenant was in the front seat.

We were stopped at the head of the pier by a young Seaman, who rendered a very sharp salute.  Then, he asked everyone in the car for their ID!

The Flag Lieutenant loudly said: "Do you know who this is in they official car?!!"   Admiral McCauley then calmly said; "What's the matter Commander, did you forget your ID?!  He is just doing his job, very well, I might add!!"

I nearly it my tongue off trying not to laugh!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The importance of wearing a uniform

When I reported to BUPERS in 1980, Military members in Washington D.C. were authorized to wear civilian clothes to work.  Why?!  Because during the Vietnam War, personnel in uniform were TARGETS for the anti-war crowd!  And, even though it was 1980, a change had not been promulgated.  That changed when President Reagan was Inaugurated.

In any case, one day, a well dressed, older, individual came to my desk and presented an idea that I thought was the stupidest idea I ever heard!  And, I told him so, in easy to understand sea going, Chief Petty Officer English!!  After that, the well dressed, older gentleman departed.  Then, my boss, Master Chief Gerry Tisdale informed me that was Captain Somebody!  How was I supposed to know, he was dressed like a college professor!

Soon after that, we were directed to wear our uniforms everyday and I was very glad of that!  Why?  Well first of all, I like to wear my uniform!  I am proud of my uniform, and I believe it promotes good discipline.  Second, and more important;  It works better if you know what team everyone in on!  That's why when we were kids and we picked teams in Gym Class, one team took off their shirts!  Of course, that would not work today, but it would be fun.

Now, do not think that I never chewed out a Captain again, just because we were in uniform.  I just ended with "Sir".  You have to keep military decorum!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Politics Three

I didn't win them all!  I was invited to a meeting about Ship's Force Security in D.C.  The main view of the attendees, except me, was to increase small arms training, provide sniper training for ship board sailors, and increase the number of personnel in the duty section to man numerous high perch positions.  Now, this was before the 25mm Chain gun, Surface CIWS, and other improvements.

I got in a protracted discussion (read argument) with a Marine Colonel over this position.  My view was two fold.

First; Unlike Marines, Sailors unlike Marines, are not trained, encouraged or backed up, to pull the trigger when they evaluate the threat.  Just look at the attack on the USS Cole!!   Navy personnel in the Navy of the last 60 years, are not empowered to fire a weapon unless ordered too by a Commissioned Officer!!!  In the case of the CIWS system, the Navy does not even operate it in Air Ready because they do not want a system firing on it's own.  The Army had no problem with that !!

Second;  The purpose of ship's self defense is to prevent the unauthorized use of the ship's weapons.  Now, I understand the 25mm Chain Gun and the war on terror has changed that, but, those were not factors in 1982.  In any case, for shipboard defense, the best weapon is a shotgun!  Contained in a steel lined passageway, 9mm, .45 cal, 5.56 mm and 7.65 X 51 bullets ricochet all over the place!  And, if they hit a cableway or fiber optic run, the damage will be devastating.

The Marine O-6 asked me how I was going to deal with a sniper in a tower 2000 meters away.  I replied;  I would light off the forward 5"/54 and blow the tower up!  He did not like that answer and his face got very red!

The bottom line is, I did not get the security weapon changed to the shot gun and the Navy did move to heavy machine guns for external security.  But, the Navy has still not dealt with the culture that does not trust their enlisted personnel to use the weapon they are assigned to defend the ship from obvious attack.

Hell, the C.O of the CG that shot the Iranian passenger jet down in a hostile area, that WAS blipping F-4 IFF was relieved and hounded so badly he committed suicide!!   We will never learn...

Politics Two

During the run up to the release of VLS, I was sitting in as the GMM Detailer when Vern Van Matre was out with some very serious surgery.  I attended a meeting to decide what Enlisted Community would perform the maintenance on this new system.

The previous meetings were ramrodded by a CWO4 ex-Fire Control man.  I soon found out he had NEVER been on a modern ship!  Not even an Adams Class DDG!!

He also had the mis-informed perception that Gunner's Mates knew nothing about electricity, electronics, or anything else more complicated than a hammer and chisel!  I immediately attacked him, being very factual, if not disrespectful, about his lack of up to date knowledge about the Navy and the Gunner's Mate community.  I brought up all the solid state electronics that the GM's maintained and successfully troubleshoot in the MK 13 Mod 4, MK 26, MK 45, MK 42 Mod 9&10, and the MK 1o GMLS.  He was completely unarmed and uninformed.  He had no answer to my points and the Gunner's Mate Community won the VLS system.

Today, VLS systems on DDG's and CG's is successful maintained by well trained, dedicated, Gunner's Mates.  The system is the apes of surface ship fire power, and is one of the most dependable systems in the Surface Navy!  Why, because we went to a meeting, completely informed, and well armed to defeat a neanderthal with personal prejudices to grind!  Too bad a Gunner's Mate was not at the CIWS meeting!!  

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The political side of the Navy

I was the Gunner's Mate Guns Detailer from 1980 to 1983.  It was a wonderful time to be on the tip of the spear in our community.  Many new systems were being introduced, the Iowa Class Battleships were being modernized and commissioned, and it was a wonderful tie to help our community move into the future.  I had the honor to represent our community at a number of high level meetings discussing the future of ordnance systems.  I was involved in the early manning decisions for VLS, The Battleships, and I was one of the authors for the GM Rating restructure.  But, one of the most interesting and political meetings I ever attended was the DART Program Review for the MK 42 and MK 45 Gun Mounts.

DART was an early predecessor to the "Troubled Systems" program.  We had issues with the MK 42 and MK 45 gun mounts, almost always related to the availability of repair parts to the Fleet Gunner's Mates.

I attended the Naval Supply Lead DART meeting in Washington D.C. The Captain in charge of Naval Gun Systems at NAVSEA (62Y1) was  Captain Beggs at the time.  He called me and told me to be at a specific room at Crystal Mall on the next Monday.  He did not tell me what the topic of the meeting was or who the attendees were.  Just show up, and I did.

When I arrived, I walked past the room he gave me and there were three Admirals, more Captains than I could count, and Commanders serving coffee.  I knew that was NOT the room or meeting for me!  But, one of the high level civilians from 62Y1, Big John Morris, saw me and brought me into the room, sitting against the wall, in the outer circle with him.  I noticed Captain Beggs was at the table with the Admirals.

The Three Admirals were;  The Head of Naval Supply, and two Cruised Destroyer Group Admirals.  The briefing was being conducted by a Supply Corp Commander from SPCC Mechanicsburg.  He had a very slick presentation, complete with slides being projected on a rear view screen!  

I noticed his presentation spoke of 5"/54 gun mounts as if they were all the same.  I noticed this but kept quiet.   About three slides into this Commander's slick briefing, the Supply Corp Admiral asked;  "Commander, you do not break out the MK 42 and MK 45 gun mounts separately.  Why?"  The Commander replied;  Because their are the same gun mount, except for age."  At that time, I must have looked like "Horshack" from "Welcome Back Kotter"!!  I was jumping up and down, raising my hand, and making grunting noises!!

The Supply Corp Admiral looks at the source of this interruption and asks me:  "Who are you?" in a very indignant tone.  I told him I was the Gunner's Mate Gun Detailer and had MK 42 and MK 45 NEC.  I went on to say;  The only thing the same between these two systems was the Bullet!!  The Admiral looked at Captain Beggs and asked; "Is this true?"  The Captain said yes.  The Admiral then told the Commander to sit down, his briefing was done!

The Naval Supply world was again trying to place the blame for their incompetence on the Fleet Gunner's Mate instead of themselves and their poor management of repair parts.  We won!

But we won much more than supply parts.  A month or so before, the Manning Control Authority had deleted the Chief Gunner's Mate Guns billets from all MK 42 and MK 45 ships!   When I said that, the two Cruiser Destroyer Group Commanders asked me how to change that.   directed them to the N1 Shops of CINCLANT and CINCPAC Fleet.  They must have taken my advice, because two weeks later, there was a GMGC billet on EVERY MK 42 and MK 45 ship!!

I was blessed to be able to help our community and none of it would have been possible without people like Captains Beggs and Sovey at NAVSEA and our friends a the ISEA in Louisville including Charlie Ford and Paul Bissig.  Those were some of the best days in my career. Thanks to all!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jim Webb for President?! Please,just kill me now!

Honest, I try to stay away from politics.  But the morons in D.C.  make that all but impossible!  I saw that Jim Webb announced he is running for President of the United States.   Is he kidding me?!

Mr. Webb was SECNAV during my tour as Force Master Chief, Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.  He was SECNAV for 9 months!!  The, he quit. He was the junior Senator from Virginia for one tour, then he quit.  He was in the Marines, for the required time to repay his Naval Academy education, then he quit!  See the pattern here?

When he was SECNAV, the CNO Advisory Committee, of which I was a member, met twice with him.  He never listened to the issues we brought to him.  We researched, documented, morale issues effecting the enlisted members of the United States Navy.  Instead, he looked at our ribbons and wrote nones to us on yellow stickies, telling us we had this ribbon upside down, in the wrong order, or some other superfluous  BS!  He never did anything as SECNAV.  We could have saved 9 months of SECNAV salary by leaving the office EMPTY!!

But to hear him, he built the 600 ship Navy, singlehandedly.  Well, Mr. Webb, the 600 ship Navy was complete and commissioned she Secretary Lehman left office!

No, Mr, Webb is a first class self promoter who is only interested in himself.  When the going gets tough, he leaves!  He has no legacy anywhere except in HIS MIND!