The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Saturday, June 27, 2015

How we got where we are.

The man who raised me, who I call my Dad, was a kind, hard working, loving man.   Even though he left school after the sixth grade, he was well read, intelligent, and well informed on world events.  Did I mention he was born in 1901?!  He died in 1991 and saw America change drastically from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy.   He grew upon a home built in 1756 without indoor plumbing or electricity.  He lived to see men on the moon!  He also lived through World War One and Two, the Korean Way, and the Vietnam War!  Not to mention the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Cold War!  He and his wife raised three children and then took me in when he was 50!

Dad used to tell me, when I was an early teenager, about a group of powerful men that ran the world!   He told me they financed Hitler's rise to power and other despots.

Now Dad did not join or belong to any groups.  Yes, he was Teamster truck driver and he belonged to the American Automobile Association, but that was it!  Yet, he was completely sure the Bildeberger Group existed as well and the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  He told me of these groups when I was 13 and against the war in Vietnam.  He explained, in depth, how these powerful men ran everything in the world, controlling oil, gold, economies, and who was elected or placed into the leadership positions in all the nations of the world.  At 13, I thought he was crazy!!  Of course I did, I was 13 and knew everything!!

As I have aged, it amazes me how correct Dad was.  Even with my memory issues, I remember what Dad told me like it was yesterday!!  And what we see in our country and in the world, are directly in line with what my Dad told me.  What is happening is not by chance!  It is engineered, planned, and orchestrated by the very few, rich, powerful men that control all the chips on the board of world power.

How we vote, what we want, or even what is best for us as citizens of America is not important to them or even on their minds!  The move the pieces of their world dominance game to make more money and consolidate their power.  The lives of the 99.99% of the world's population is of no concern to them.  As a matter of fact, if we all died today, as long as they continued to be in control, they would be happy.

My wife and I are frustrated, sad, and angry about the moral decay of our nation and the world.  We are depressed over the fact that America and the world has turned it's back on God.  But, it was foretold in the Bible, so we should NOT be surprised.  But, our hearts still ache.

If you do not believe me, Google it!    But the question in you mind must be;  How can we get America back on an even keel?  We can't!  It is impossible!  Were do not have the power to accomplish this on our own and collectively as a nation, we will not turn our faces towards God.  

So, to answer my question, how did we get here?  Through the manipulation of the secretive, powerful, unelected, self-serving Bildeberger Group and the members of the Tri-Lateral Commission.  Dad was right, and he told me this day would come, in 1964!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Duty, Honor, Country, Self-Sacrifice

When a person joins the Military it was said that they were "In the service"!  They were paid very little, they were young, they were impressionable.  They were dedicated to what they had to do.  In World War Two, almost every able bodied man, from 15- 50 enlisted or sought a commission in the Service of our Country.  They dedicated their LIVES to the preservation of our freedom and our way of life!

They did their DUTY.  They preserved their HONOR and our COUNTRY.   And we all owe them a large debt of gratitude.

Things have changed with today's Military.  You rarely hers it called "In the Service".  Pay is on par with the civilian world and in some cases, even higher.  Living conditions are luxurious compared to World War one and two.  And we deploy for a prescribed period of time.  Yes, many have made multiple deployments to the Sand Box.  But, our WW II brethren deployed for the entire war!  They were deployed until it was DONE!   The truth is, we have it much better today.  And because of all of this, the sacrifice is diminished or maybe even gone.  Our deployed Military have instant contact with their families through the Internet including SKYPE calls and Cell Phone calls.  They can even pay their bills and manage their 401K from the front lines!  They have their TUNES in the IPODS, the latest movies, and all the sports scores, right in their Humvee!

Duty, Honor, Country, and self-sacrifice seem to be a thing of the past.  But, maybe I am also.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How the Veteran's Administration SCREWS and IGNORES us!

I just saw a report that a VA Hospital in Florida was infested with rats and cockroaches.   Let's look at the facts.  The VA and the government of the United States wants us to go and fight their wars, get wounded, maimed, and maybe die.  Then when they are done using us, they want us to suffer in private and silence!

Nothing has changed in the VA health care system since I was a kid!  The fact is, you go to the VA Hospital to die!!  

Then, there is the issue with Agent Orange.  Congress just extended coverage to those who delivered Agent Orange.  Great, but what about those of us who DRANK Agent Orange because our ship's sucked the ocean water in and made fresh water out of it.  Nope, you're on your own!

Then, I can write an epistle on my fight with the VA over my exposure to a Carcinogenic and Neurotoxic chemical in the hydraulic fluid that we used in the Gun Mounts, Turrets, and Missile Launchers.  We were NEVER warned of this hazard until 1990!  Yet, even though I have been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, the VA denies me assistance or disability.  And, my Congressman has been silent in my case!  And he is the chairman of the House Sub-Committee on Veteran's Affairs!!

No, our politicians only want us to fight their wars.  They would rather we died than survived since their liability dies with the SGLI payment.  If we survive, we are a living problem to them.

So, we are sent to substandard, ill-equipped poorly staffed, medical facilities.  The staff does not care about us.  Congress does not care about us.  And for the most part, the citizens don't care about us.  Well, America, let me remind you;  If you break it, you bought it!!   And in the case of my brother and sister Veterans. you bought us!  So, take care of us NOW.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I don't have to take that!

When I was a young sailor on the USS Stein (DE/FF 1065) in San Diego, there was a NAVSEACENPAC Tech Rep that was very opinionated and crotchety!  He would flame spray anyone at anytime without notice or reason.  Yet, he was a very good tech rep and helped me many times.

When I retired, and went to work for NAVSEACENLANT he and I talked a number of times.  We were working three of the four Battleships up for deployment in support of Dessert Storm.  The 16"/50 turrets had not been fired since the USS Iowa incident and NAVSEA wanted to make sure they were in safe firing condition.   My boss and I decided to do the complete Material Condition Review.  This was a long, involved, inspection of every component, operationally and material condition, of the turret.

I received a telephone call from that crotchety Tech Rep in San Diego after we had worked plenty of overtime to get the USS Wisconsin certified to fire and deploy.  I told him we were and he began screaming and cussing at me on the telephone, so I hung up!

He called back almost immediately and started cussing at me again, and I hung up again.  He called back about five minutes later and was calmer, somewhat.  He said we could not have done what we said we did.  I informed him that we indeed did exactly what I told him.  Then he said; "You hung up on me!"  My reply was; "Yes I did.  And I will again if you treat me like that again.  I do not have to take that from you."

Recently, I made a comment on a comment in a Facebook Group I belonged too.  I got flame sprayed for my opinion and I hung up!  I don't have to take that shit anymore.   My 40 year association with the Navy, in uniform and as a GS 13 give me the right to have my own opinions.  You don't have to like them, but you have to respect them.  I offer this stuff freely for anyone to use of ignore.  I could keep my 40 plus years of knowledge and experience to myself.  But I am not selfish and anyway, what fun would that be.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gunner's Mates are feisty!!

I had the honor and pleasure of knowing many exceptional Enlisted Men.  Many of them, but not ALL of them, Gunner's Mates.  But, all of the Gunner's Mates I knew were very feisty!   Most would fight at the drop of a hat!  Many would START fights.  And all of them drank copious amounts of adult libations.  

One Monday morning, when I was the GMG Detailer, I came into our office cubes and these sitting in my chair was this very large, muscular, very familiar, Senior Chief Gunner's Mate!  He was an old friend, a MK 42 and MK 45 GMG like me, and supposedly deployed to the Med on a Nuclear Powered Cruiser!  So, why was he in my chair at 0700!!

I asked him that question and he told me this story.  Many of you know and maybe experienced the attitude of the Nuclear Power Enlisted personnel.  They advance extremely fast. Faster than any other rate.  They get all sorts of extra pay, they live together, and do nothing but work on their systems!  No mess cooking, working parties, nothing, but Nuke stuff!  Now that attitude wears on other non-Nukes.  Even the Chief Nukes have their own berthing space, away from the rest of the Chiefs!

 Now, the ship this Senior Chief was on, was import in the Med.  He went on Liberty and had a few adult beverages with some of the non-Nuke Chiefs.  He returned to the ship a about 0200 and decided to go down to the Nuke Chief's berthing and hold Reveille!  Evidently, the Nuke Chiefs took exception to the Senior Chief's attention and tempers flared.  The Senior Chief Gunner's Mate cleaned the clock of ALL of the Nuke Chiefs!  Actually, I believe he used the phrase; "Stomped a mud hole in their ass!"

The Captain, of the Nuke Cruiser, who IS a Nuke Himself, told the Senior Chief to leave his ship, and find another ship to be stationed on!  Now, in all honesty, the Commanding Officer could have held Captain's Mast and get into the Senior Chief's pocket.  But, he just sent him away.  Somewhat irregular.  But that was why he was in my chair, early on Monday morning!

I offered him his choice of ships and we came to an agreeable assignment.  Being the GMG Detailer was the BEST job i ever had!  I miss those days and my Navy friends.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

When I was the GMG Detailer, I received an interesting phone call

I was the GMG Detailer from 1980 to 83.  I enjoyed my tour and did all I could to help our community and my Shipmates.   I also ended up in some very interesting situations.  One of them happened when Jimmy Carter was the President and Americans were being held hostage in Iran.

One day my telephone rang and I answered it with the normal banter about the GM/FT Detailing shop.  The voice on the other end immediately, and authoritatively stated; "This is Captain so and so, the Naval Liaison to the President of the United States.   Do not hang up and do not place me on hold.  I need to know where Senior Chief blank is stationed and a telephone number to reach him immediately."

I took the Captain at his word and since I knew the Senior Chief in question, I had his work telephone number, which I provided.  I then asked the Captain why he needed the Senior Chief, but he had already hung up!  So, I immediately called that Senior Chief and told him what had occurred and that I wanted to know what happened!

Some months later, the Senior Chief told me the following.  He was previously stationed in Iran she we were friendly with the Government of Iran lead by the Shah.  The Captain from the White House called him minutes after I did and told him;  "In then minutes, a government car will come to your command.  There will be two Secret Service agents in the vehicle.  The will show you their credentials.  Yo are to go with them."

A few minutes later, the car and agents showed up.  After the exchange of credentials, he was escorted to a secure Navy facility and placed in a secure room, alone, with the Secret Service Agents guarding the door.  There was a secure (STU) telephone on the table.  It rang and the Senior Chief answered it.  ON the other end was President Jimmy Carter!!  He asked the Senior Chief about Redeye shoulder fired Anti Aircraft launchers left in Iran when we were escorted out.  The President wanted to know if the Senior Chief thought they were still operational and if the Senior Chief thought the Iranians could operate them?

And we wonder why that rescue mission failed!!

Now, I left the names and locations out, for obvious reasons.  but this is the truth, in total.  Being the Detailer was an interesting assignment.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Commissioning the USS Stein (DE 1065)

I was honored and privileged to be part of the USS Stein pre-commissioning crew.  I was a GMG3 and promoted to GMG2 while we were in Bremerton.  I have many memories of the men that made up that exceptional crew.  But one of the memories I have is the topic of this post.

The Commissioning Commanding Officer was Commander Napier V. Smith.  He did a great job bringing the crew together.  But, he had his idiosyncrasies also.  For instance, everything had to have a bracket, tie downs, and a name tag to be stored on the ship.  Sort of like, a place for everything, and everything in it's place, on steroids!

Those of us in the Gun Crew, Gregson, Heiser, Arnold, Fox, and myself, were always fabricating brackets from steel angle iron and getting the HT's to weld them up.  We made barracked for the bore scope, bore erosion gage, gage test kit, hydraulic hose emergency repair kit, tap and die set, the tool boxes, and items I forget about now.

Then, we had to make tie downs for each item.  Of course, Chief Mowery wanted everything neat, and quick release.  We all learned to braid nylon line onto key chain hooks.  Then, melt the ends of the line to make the job look professional!!  And, if I do say so myself, they did.

It seemed like excessive work back then,  But now, it is a source of pride.  We did good Shipmates!