The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The frustration of knowing the truth!

Like many of you, I dedicated my life to the country through the Navy.  I love America and the United States Navy.  I loved being a Gunner's Mate and Navy Chief.  I loved my life on ships and I loved helping those in my Rating advance and prosper.

I am smart enough and enough of a student of history and the Bible to understand America cannot last forever.  The KING IS Coming, SOON!  And America is not a part of the Prophesies of John.

But, watching America destroy herself from within, is painful for me and probably for most of you too.  I realize my frustrations show in what I write and I realize I should be writing "Sea Stories" instead of about America's demise.  But, all that I did is now for nothing.  The freedoms I strived to keep safe are being taken up by a government hungry for total power over the citizens.

America was founded on the idea that the power was in the hands of the citizens, not the government!  That is why there is the SECOND AMENDMENT in the Bill of Rights!  But, that too will be taken away, I can clearly see than now.

Again, some of you will call me a cynic.  Others will say my mind is gone because of my disease.  You might be right, but I doubt it.  But, my pain is real and my sorrow is deep and total.  Being helpless to defeat this totally evil force is almost too much for me to deal with.

Understanding the truth is not always a comfort.  I try not to watch political commentary of news.  I hide, to keep my pain at bay.  But, it seeps in like rising water.  There is no comfort, no escape and no remedy.  I am not sure if America or I will die first.  But the truth is, both of us are destined for death, soon.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The "Two Party" system of politics is DEAD!!

Today, a budget was passed and signed, by the Republican lead House and Senate, that gave the Democrat President EVERY SINGLE THING hew wanted.  Never mind that the Republicans were elected to STOP many of the things they funded FULLY!!  There Speaker of the House went to dinner with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats got everything they wanted.

The Constitution is DEAD.  It has been shredded and burned.  Elections mean nothing.  America is no longer a free country.  We are a Communist/Socialist nation ran by a Dictator.  All that I worked to defend for 40 years is for naught.

I am defeated, depressed, and without hope.  Only the Hand of God can return America to freedom!  Pray America, if you care.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What is the telephone number for Raison Bran?

I spent a goodly amount of time, sitting in my chair, trying to figure out wha the Telephone number was for Raison Bran.  I wanted a bowl and I could not figure this mystery out!  I told my wife and she laughed, nervously.  Now, I did figure out I was confused, disoriented, befuddled.   But this is a great example of how my experience with LBD is getting deeper and moving faster!

Of course, there is nothing I can do and  no longer find it "Interesting"!  I just find these events annoying and somewhat frightening.  This goes along with my issue remembering and recalling the names of common items.

It seems I have dropped another level.

Note;  OK, I just discovered I placed this on the wrong blog.  But, you need to know where I am.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DIck Van Dyke's 90th Birthday = Another sea story!

I saw on the Internet today that it was Dick Van Dyke's 90th birthday! Happy Birthday Mr. Van Dyke.  He and I met in Annapolis, Maryland on a warm, early Fall day.  I was the Command Master Chief on the USS Caron (DD 970).  We were the Open House house ship for Naval Academy parents weekend.

Naturally, a bunch of us Chiefs were at a local, waterfront watering hole.  The Head was in the garage of the hotel and I was coming back from lightening my liquid load.  I was in Tropical Whites, walking with my head down, and Mr. Van Dyke had just stepped off a beautiful sail boat moored at the Quay Wall.  I did not see Mr. Van Dyke and promptly ran him, over knocking him on his back!!

I looked up and saw him on the cement and I said; "You're Dick Van Dyke!! "  He replied; "I was!"

I apologized profusely and offered him a personal tour of the ship.  He said no.  He said he had an appointment.  Probably with a doctor because of the damage from his collision with this 6 foot, 200 pound Master Chief Gunner's Mate!!

Oh well, He made it to 90!  I must not have broken him too much!  That was in 1985!

The memories that still pop up!  I love this disease!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Why didn't Japan invade America during World War II?

That is a great question.  They had us knocked back on our heels after Pearl Harbor.  Our Navy was severely damaged.  Our Military was small, poorly equipped, poorly trained, and underfunded.  It would have been a great time to invade and we knew it. But, why didn't they?

The answer was discovered long after the war when Japan opened but some of their war time documents.

The Japanese leadership knew odfthe Second Amendment to the Constitution.  In their view, every American home was well armed with meant that were well trained.  The Japaneses leadership believed they would have to fight well armed Americans, house to house!!

Now, the Progressives want to disarm Americans in total!!  They say, if we disarm Americans the Islamic Terrorists will stop bringing terror to our country.  History shows us how wrong they are.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Has America lost Her fight?

I had a discussion with a gentleman tonight.  He is 26 years older than I am and has a Phd in Psychology.  He has been in academia his entire adult life.  He started the discussion with the statement;  "Can you believe what the President of Liberty University said?  He told his students to arm themselves for self defense."

I told the gentleman I agreed.  He yelled at me;  "Are you kidding me! They will kill muslims!!"  I said; "So?"  His re[ply was very telling.  He said; "That will make things worse!!"

I ended the conversation at that point due to my respect for him and my elders.   But, it is illuminating to see that this Phd Professor thinks if we play nice with islam they will leave us alone.  Just how weak is this Progressive's back bone?

I totally agree with the President of Liberty University and other individuals that are calling for law abiding, concealed carry licensed, citizens to arm themselves to defend themselves and others from potential terrorist attacks.

Just think if someone at that Christmas party in California had a legally licensed firearm.  The outcome would have been different.  The same goes of the France attack, and any other terrorist attack where firearm were the weapon of choice.  And yes, the only way to defeat the islamic terrorists is to kill them!

Wars are won when one side looses so many people they surrender!   We cannot "Nice" these killers into surrender!  They want to kill us because we are not them!!  Their religion mandates that the kill anyone that is not a muslim!!  I realize that idea may be foreign to older folks.  But, this gentleman was in college during World War Two.  He should understand what it takes to win a war against a determined foe.

So, I saw first hand the subservient attitude of the Liberal Progressive.  Let's just hide in the sand, be nice, and let them have their way!  Well, I not only disagree with that view, I despise it!!  I find that view treasonous, disgusting, and sickening.

No, I will fight until my last breath against islamic terrorists.  As I have said many times before in many different circumstances;  I did not start this fight, but I am damn sure going to finish it!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Sailor's dilemma; Shoot or Don't Shoot!!

It is a dilemma!  If a small boat is making a high speed run on the ship, with people that look like they have weapons, or eve ARE firing at the ship;  Do I shoot or not?

Let me tell you a "Sea Story" about an incident I had, back in 1986.  We were deployed to the Med and underway.  I was told we would have a "Drill" to repel an attacking small boat firing rockets and guns! I was also told the firing of the .50 cal Machine Guns was limited to 300 rounds for the "Drill".   I had the aft .50 calibers and the chief Gunner's Mate had the forward .50 cal machine guns.

The "Drill" was passed over the 1MC.  We manned the aft .50 cal Machine guns and immediately began firing!  I never heard any firing from the forward guns.  After the "Drill" was secured, I was summoned to the Bridge.  The XO was on the Bridge and he looked angry.  Now, this XO and I did not get along.  And, he was always cross threaded with the CO.  So, it was always a tense situation anytime I had to deal with him.  He immediately JUMPED me for firing the aft machine gun without HIS permission to commence fire.  I replied to him that I did not need his permission seeing that in the scenario, the ship was being fired upon.  He violently disagreed, and was really getting worked up.  About that time, the Captain came on the Bridge and interjected;  The Master Chief was correct.  He does not need permission to fire when the ship is already under attack!

Now, that was a "Drill".  But it makes my point.  I the case of the USS Cole, the ship was under attack.  How do I say that?  In a closed harbor, a small boat will normally not make a FULL SPEED run perpendicular to a large Navy Combat Ship, riding low in the water because of the weight of the load!!  But, the individual on the 25 mm Chain Gun did not open fire.  If he had, the results would have been different.

There is also the case of the CG that shot down the Iranian so called commercial airliner.  Trust me, that aircraft was not a scheduled commercial aircraft and was flying in a threatening manner towards the CG.  It gave ever indication that it was a combat aircraft, and the CO fired two SM-2 missiles, destroying that aircraft.  Yes, there were people onboard.  When they were recovered from the water, the had their hands tied together and the were ALL wearing their "going to meet allah" clothes!  That CO did the right thing and for it, his wife was killed my muslim extremists and he committed suicide.

We can also look at the attack on the USS Stark.  The Iraqi aircraft fired a skimmer Exocet missile and hit the Stark.  Stark did not have their CIWS in Air Ready and they were in a "Weapons Tight" condition.   By the time they got permission to fire, they were already HIT!

We need well defined training and policy for defensive actions to protect a Navy ship!!  Enlisted and Officer personnel need to have the training and the freedom to use the systems on the ship to prevent another Stark or Cole attack from happening.

Admiral Grace Hopper used to say that she operated under a personal policy;  "It is easier to get forgiveness than permission."  We need that policy in the defense of our Ships!!

Shoot first, ask questions later should be our motto!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The serious effect of the Syrian conflict

I just read an article on "Infowars" that the Russians have moved their "Doom Day" Command And Control Super Plane into the Syrian/Turkey arena just in case a Nuclear War breaks out.  This aircraft is EMP Shielded and has special air filters that are capable to deal with radiation.  Then I read that the Russians have equipped their Aircraft with Air to Air Missiles just in case they get into a dog fight with NATO Aircraft.

This is the second time in a month that Comrade Putin has mentioned or motioned towards the Russian use of Nuclear Weapons.  History is the best teacher and Comrade Putin is NOT bashful when it comes to the use of force.  I might also remind you that Comrade Putin was a very Senior KGB operative and probably was involved in the Soviet's violent, murderous, brutal, response to the murder of one of their Diplomats by radical muslims in Beirut in 1984.  The lesson here is, Putin will pull the trigger and will do anything and use any weapon to come out the winner in any fight, war, or poker game.

Many people, much smarter than me, have said we are looking at the beginning of World War III.   And, as an outside observer, I believe we are starting on the loosing team!  Can we rebuild our Military in time?  I truly cannot answer that.  It depends on the length of the War! If Putin goes Nuclear first and early, we will be using the Ruble as our currency!   If we go Nuclear FIRST, it might come out different.

But do not me mistaken, World War III will be a shootout!!  It will happen fast, loud, and BIG!  It will not be a land battle, but a Cyber War peppered with Strategic Nuclear attacks that will make the two small bombs we dropped on Japan look like fire crackers!  And because of the Cyber portion of the War, which WILL COME FIRST, much like the gun rights in the John Wayne Western, whoever pulls the trigger first and shoots the straightest, will win.

Our present leadership can't even FIND the trigger!  That is where my gloom comes from.

Times are tough.  Much tougher than the Cold War years.  And they are going to get much worse, very fast.  Watch what Putin does in the next few days.  And do some of your own research.  The News Media, even FOX, are not telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  We are being fed pablum at best and horse dung most likely.

So, we will see what we will see.  Keep tuned!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

What I miss the most

It is the Christmas season.  A part of the year that makes me more melancholy that happy.  Actually, I find Christmas and New Years depressing beyond description.  And the older I get, the worse it gets.

Christmas makes me think about my past.  My few successes and my many failures.  I think of old friends and Shipmates, most of whom are now dead.  Those thoughts bring back good and bad times.  But they were good times with friends that I depended on and them on me.  Those were great times that warm my soul.

I miss being a Chief.  The times in the Chief's Mess.  The fellowship, friendship, working together towards a common goal, and blowing off steam doing less than smart things!!  It was fun!!  Or at least, it was then.

I miss being dependent on fellow professionals and them being dependent on me.   I even miss the arguments that arose in the Chief's Mess about the most ridicules things.  I just miss being a Navy Chief.

I never really fit in the civilian world.  I tried it and I did not like it.  So, I went to work for the Navy as a Civil Servant.   There, I could use what I learned to serve the Navy I loved.

I screwed up when I retired from the Navy.  I got caught up in my own self-importance.  The most stupid decision I ever made was becoming a Command Master Chief and then a Force Master Chief.  It was not a fit for my personality, my career goals, or my happiness.  I remember looking in the mirror, when I was the CMC on the USS Caron, and NOT recognizing myself!!  I should have went back to being a Gunner's Mate then.  I remember the Bible verse that says;  "Pride goeth before a fall."  It certainly did.

Now, I am a broken, bitter, depressed, old man, without anything of value to do, nothing to offer, and no way to change my lot in life.  I dream about the Navy.  Every facet of the Navy life.  Sometimes I escape to my Navy life in my mind during the day.  

I live in a wonderful Continuing Care Retirement Community filled with rich, landed gentry.  There are a few successful retired Navy folks here.  They try to act like like they are something else.  Folks like me call that "Uppity"!  I act like a Retired Navy Master Chief.  Hey, it works for me.

I never thought I would live this long.  I never thought I would have Lewy Body Dementia, and I never thought I would end up like this.  I failed myself!!  Yes, I succeeded, but that success did not serve me well.  I would give everything up that I have to be a Chief Gunner's Mate on a MK 42 equipped Destroyer type Navy ship, sailing in harm's way.  Instead, I am here.

I guess I miss my life the most.  That about says it all.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Who are we at war with?!

The majority of my Navy career, the Soviets were the enemy we prepared for.  Every training operation was directed at Soviet forces.  The fighter pilots even had an aggressor squadron that used Israeli Kaffir Jets because they looked like Mig 23 jets!  But now, our leaders will not tell us who we are supposed to prepare to fight.

The President and most of the democrats say we are at war against Radical Islam.  OK, who is that?  

Here is my take:  Every thing that is wrong in the world, every terrorist attack, every war worldwide, was started by those of the Islam faith.  Now, if the politicians say it is only Radical Islam that we are at war with, where are the Moderate Muslims? 

Not ONCE has any Muslim group, religious leader, or politician came out and protested an attack on civilians.   No Islamic group has ever joined us to fight the so called radical muslims.  And yes, I know we fought with Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.  But they turned on American's and killed them many times.  So, the truth is, they use us when they want to and kill us when they don't!

My bottom line is, we are at war with ISLAM !  There are no moderate Muslims!  All of them are taught from the same religious book and it calls for the death of anyone that will not convert!  How moderate doe that sound.

Either we declare war on Islam, worldwide, or we allow our nation to be overtaken by the invading hoards of muslims.  It is that simple.  The most frustrating part is, I cannot make America decide.

So, here I sit, frustrated and useless.

Friday, November 20, 2015


I live in Florida, where cockroaches are a normal part of life.  In South Carolina, they have a nice name for them, Palmetto Bugs!!  And they call South Carolina the Palmetto State!  Nice!!!

We have cockroaches on Navy ships and in the ports we visit.  We were in Columbo, Sri Lanka when I was on the USS Stein, (FF 1065). There were cockroaches there that made the ones in America look like babies!

In Columbo, the cockroaches were trying to move aboard the ship.  They would crawl over the rat guards on the mooring lines!  So, Doc Wolf sprayed some concoction on the mooring lines that was very effective keeping them from crawling on the lines.  So, then they decided to JUMP from the pier to the ship.  You have to give them credit, they were determined.  You could actually hear them hitting the deck from below deck!!  Now that is a solid, heavy, cockroach.

After we got underway, Doc made us drag the mooring lines in the ocean.  He them made us wash our hands with that green "Medical" soap!  It just have been pretty toxic for all that precautions!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Innocent casualties of war?

Innocent casualties of war.  I hear that all the time when we discuss the Middle East.  Well, I beg to differ with anyone who claims there are innocent people in those countries controlled by and radical faction.  How can I say that?  Easy.  If you do not like or support the people running your neighborhood, city, state, or country, get rid of them!

Since those countries in the Middle East an uncivilized anyway, violence is the only way to change the political climate.  So, band together, and overwhelm the bad guys.  If you just let evil continue, you are then part of the problem through your inception, and therefore are not an innocent casualty of war! 

Sometimes, decent people must how off the chains of oppression through violent means.  That is what I expect of the so called moderate Muslims in the Middle East.  But, the fact is, it seldom ever happens.  Yes, the Kurds are doing all they can to eliminate ISIS and the other radical idiots.  But, they are the only group brave enough and with enough resolve to stand up and fight the oppressors.

Another fact is, these Islamic radicals only understand one thing and that is totally overwhelming, brute force.  If we ever intend to end this war, that is how we must act.  Not with troops, but with large weapons of mass destruction, delivered without mercy until every person who supports or allows this Islamic disease fester is dead!

Look, we have lost many modern wars trying to be nice, fair, humanitarian, and concerned for the well being of the so called civilian population.  And many American fighting men died because of it.  Just look at the history of the Korean and Vietnam wars.  No, the time to be nice is over.  Now, for the sake of our Republic, we need to bomb them into the stone age!  Islam must be killed off and buried, once and for all.  They will never leave us alone, never agree to peace, and never quit killing Christians and Jews until either they or us are annihilated.  So, we have a choice, either we die or they die.  Your choice America! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Attack on Paris!

Cowards attack in secret, when innocent, unarmed, people are relaxed, have their backs turned, and without announcement.  I guess that is one way to piss off an entire pacifist Nation.  It does seem to have worked!

The death toll is still a moving target, but 120+ killed and 380+ injured is a big toll.  But more people are killed in Typhoons and Hurricanes every year and no one gets all that upset.  But, a sneak attack of terrorists gets the Worlds attention!

The leader of the Cowards of Islam has said "the blood of Americans is the sweetest".  We should take that statement at face value.  The cowards Islam will attack us again.  So, we should be ready.  If you have a Concealed Carry Permit, the CARRY and be ready!  If you do not have a Concealed Carry Permit, get one!  We are at WAR with sneak attack cowards and the Police and Military cannot protect you from that threat.  Each of us has to be ready to defend ourselves!  Our Founding Fathers were very wise in writing that into our Constitution!  

Now, our Military can carry the WAR to the enemy in foreign lands and I hope the morons in Washington  figure that out soon.  But until we stop being politically correct and call the Muslim Religion our enemy, the defense of you is in YOUR HANDS! 

These times will test our metal!  But, we have been through this before and came out OK and maybe even stronger.  So, buck up Shipmate!!  Be bold in your actions.  Call the enemy by his name!  Islamic Cowards!!   And, if you are lucky enough to be involved in a Islamic Coward attack, and you are wise enough to be armed, then kill the bastards with extreme prejudice!!

To do less would be treason on our part!!  Fight, like you way of life depends on it, because it does!  Now, more than anytime in our history.  The enemy is coming to kill you, rape you wife and daughter, and then kill them.  Fight, Fight, Fight!!! Stand up, do not be subdued, defend God, Christianity, and America in everything you do and say!! I cannot say this loud enough!  Fight the bastards!  Kill the bastards!!  Or all we hold sacred will be destroyed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day 2015

I attended the Veteran's Day Ceremony at Azalea Trace today.  It was exceptionally well done and we paid tribute to the many World War II veterans that live here at Azalea Trace.  It was quite moving to see these "Heros", male and female, that live with us.  Men and Women that we eat meals with, shoot pool with, ride the bus with. They continue to show us the way!

During the ceremony, I began to think of Shipmates of mine who have died recently.  It seems the Veterans of my generation are dining prematurely.  Many of cancer, caused by the chemicals we were exposed to, without our knowledge, during our service.

Of the men I served with a BUPERS;  Harold Wheeler, Tim Melody, Vern VanMatre, Gene Veldhouse, are all gone.  Bill Mowery and Jim Smith, my mentors are gone.  Dave Kelly, the Hull Technician Chief on the USS Caron is gone.  Many more I cannot remember right now.  This hit me hard.

Yes, Veteran's Day is for the living Vets.  But, many lived through their service just to die from something that happened to them while in the service.  When do we honor them?

These days are always hard for me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The telephone in the Chief's Mess rang, and then...

That dam phone was always ringing when I was on the USS Caron.  It always brought bad news, more work, news of a system failure, and any other type of bad news you can imagine.  One day, the telephone rang and I answered it.  It was Captain Jim Polk.  He asked me to come up to his At Sea Cabin.  When I got there, he gave me some good and interesting news.

I came aboard as the Leading Gunner's Mate.  I was advanced to Master Chief shortly after my arrival and assumed the duties as the Command Master Chief (CMC).  The Captain kept me in Gun Division as well as my CMC duties.   So, I was always busy, running from ordnance issues to personnel issues.  We had received a new Chief Gunner's Mate and I was pressuring the Captain to let me out of my Gun Division responsibility so I could pay full time attention to the entire crew.  His theory was, and I came to full sure with him, that the crew appreciated and respected the fact that I actually WORKED!  They say me running all over the ship, in oil and grease stained Khakis, sweating, tired, and overworked, just like them.  Captain James Polk was a VERY wise man and I learned MORE about Leadership from Him than any other person in my entire 40 years of Naval employment!

This day, Captain Polk had a trick up his sleeve!  He opened up with" Master Chief, I am going top relieve you of you Gun Division responsibilities."  I was very happy, for  moment.  Then he said; " I am going to assign you as the First Lieutenant."

I was in shock!  Not because I could not do the job, but because it came out of nowhere.  He went on to say, he was sending the present First Lieutenant to some schools and that the Chief Boatswain's Mate wanted to transfer.  I knew the BMC wanted to go to a Tug Boat assignment, so that was not a big surprise.  Then, Captain Polk gave me some more of his wisdom.  He said; "After all, 90% of you problems as CMC come from First Division!   Now you will be their leader!"  Boy was he right.

That six months as the First Lieutenant on the USS Caron (DD 970) was a very rewarding time.  I had always worked on replenishment rigs, was a line handler, and had been in charge of the Fantail for Sea Detail on a number of ships.  They say a Gunner's Mate is a Boatswain's Mate with a HUNTING License!  That is true, or at least it was.

My first day as the First Lieutenant was a Friday.  I told the Division at Quarters that we had to get everything complete, and Clamp Down and Sweepers held by noon to get Early Liberty.  They looked shocked!  Later the BM 1 told me: "Master Chief, don't tell them that and get their hopes up.  You know they will not get off early!"  The truth was, they were used and abused much of the time and it washy goal to stop that abuse,right then and there.

The went on Early Liberty, at  NOON that day!  That went a long way to helping me be accepted as their Leader as well as their CMC.  I also worked along side them as we prepared for deployment.  The harder I worked, the harder they worked.  I actually thought they were trying to out do me!!  And, they did most of the time.

I was proud and fulfilled to be the USS Caron's First Lieutenant for six months!  The men of First Division taught me many professional things and even more Leadership values.  And that time taught me just how brilliant Captain Jim Polk was!

Thanks to the men of First Division and Captain Jim Polk!

Another individual that helped me succeed

I had many Shipmates that helped me, mentored me, taught me, to be a good Gunner's Mate, Chief, and man.  I have written about many of them, but my memory is not perfect and I have left out one very important man.  His name is Senior Chief Gunner's Mate Horrace Benford.

Benford was an exceptional Leader.  He emanated confidence, strength, authority, and professionalism.

Now, those of you who may remember Benford will know he had the body of a body builder.  Even his head had muscles!  He had a deep, bellowing voice! and he had a shaved head many decades before it was in style.  Before had a demeanor that frightened many that did not know or understand him.  He believed in "The Navy Way" and made sure that was the way things were done when He was around.

Benford befriended me when I was a young GMG3 and he was a GMG1.  I respected Benford and listened to him intently.  He seldom spoke, so if Benford was speaking, you knew automatically, he was saying something important and of value!

We lost contact as we were both transferred to different ships, coasts, and duty stations.  I later ran into him when he was a Senior Chief and I was a Chief.  He smiled at me with satisfaction.  He told me he had always kept track of me.  That was reassuring.

Horrace Benford came back into my memory today as I talked with my best friend, Jerry Hart.  I wonder where he is now.  Wherever that is, I know he is still quietly making people better!

I miss you Senior Chief Benford!!  Thanks for your friendship.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Women in the Navy,

Back in 1980 - 1983, I was the GMG Detailer.  We had about 45 female Gunner's Mate (Guns) in the Community and even though they could not go to sea, except on Tenders, at that time, they served a very important function as well as blazing the path for those who came after them.  If my memory serves me right, and I am will ing to be corrected on this, one of those Trail Blazers made Chief and was the first female GMGC.  I believe her Surname was Brewer.

In any case, The Female GM's were assigned to some of the overseas Magazines.  One was in Japan.  I visited that facility on a WestPac Detailers Trip and was told this story;

Many of the Japanese Nationals that worked for the U.S. Navy in this magazine had NEVER seen a Female Sailor.  This young, petite, Female GMG3 was determined to break into the culture and become accepted by everyone that worked there.  The Lead Japanese National, sort of a Foreman, would lightly rub her Dungaree shirt in the area of her breasts and giggle and chatter in Japanese.  She took the Hazing in stride, waiting her turn.  One day, that Japanese Foreman was bent over, picking up some wood used to secure ammunition in railroad cars.  This wood was called dunnage.  IN any case, she silently inched up behind him and GOOSED Him, right between the legs!!  He did a complete flip, and landed on his back!  All the Japanese workers were SHOCKED and said nothing!!   Then, when the Japanese Foreman saw who goosed him, started to uncontrollably laugh!!  Then everyone laughed and she was part of the  team, never to be hazed again.

Is this sort of behavior correct, acceptable, or recommended.  Absolutely NOT!  It should not have happened then and certainly should not happen now.  But, it shows the lengths these Trail Blazers had to go to to be accepted as members of a team and as equals.  I appreciate her for that.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The 1000 ship Navy!!

When I joined the United States Navy in 1969, we had a Navy of over 1000 Ships, Submarines, and Aircraft Carriers.  We had Nuclear and Diesel Submarines. Battleships, a plethora of Destroyer type combatants, and Gun and Missile Cruisers.  Now, we have less than 110 actual blue water combatant ships in the Navy!

Since then, we have systematically destroyed the United States Sea Superiority until now, we are second or third fiddle to Russia, Red China, and North Korea!  We are being challenged everywhere in the world's oceans.  Hell, Red China built their own islands, then declared them sovereign soil and keep our ships out of their territory!!  Iran is sending Battle Groups to the Med and delivering weapons to our enemies!!  North Korea is operating submarines in the Gulf of Mexico!!

Today, there was another article on Drudge, telling us our Navy is seriously undermanned, too small, and not capable of sustaining it's mission.

Those of you who disagree with me need to do some actual, factual, research.  We are in DEEP trouble and in my estimation, are already defeated at sea.  Trust me, I take no happiness in that statement.  When I bleed, I bleed Navy Blue and Gold!  But, the politicians in $5000 suits and in Uniform, have lead us to defeat before the first round is fired!!

If you care, you can do something about this.  Call, write, email, your Congressman and Senator and maybe, they will try to do something.  But frankly, I doubt it.

You cannot say I have not told you, time and time again!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Old knowledge, that won't go away!

I was talking to Jerry today, as I do every week, and some of the Old Knowledge that clutters my mind came up.  Then, on Facebook, I see a photo of the MK 108 ASW Rocket Launcher, also called "The Flaming Pisspot"!!  Nice to see, but there has not been one of those in use for 50 years!!

We also talked about the MK 102 Rocket Launcher, used on the LSMR class of garage ships.  This launcher fired twin 5" spin stabilized rockets to barrage the coastline.  We had one in commission during the Vietnam War.  One of those obscure pieces of knowledge I have in my mind is the MK 6 Mod 3 Intervalometer.   This introduced a .6 sec delay between the left and right rocket firing circuit.  The purpose was to keep the rockets from crashing into each other in flight.  This launcher fired 40 rockets per minute!!!!

The weight of the armored 5"/38 twin mount weathershield, Special "K" hydraulic transmissions that used one "A-End" and two "B-Ends",  and the number of 115 vac micro-switches used in the MK 42 Mod 7 RF Gun Mount, and what an Anti-Chucker Pawl was, all run around in my mind, popping up every once and a while.

I cannot tell you what day it is, or even what month much of the time, But I can tell you obscure but once important technical information about once used Naval weapons systems.

Oh well, if there recommission some 1960 vintage shops, I can help them with the technical issues!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

What makes a Leader?

Is Leadership learned or are Leaders BORN?  That has been the question forever.  The Navy, the Military, and all of corporate America have been wrestling with this in fits and spurts trying education, mentoring, teaming, TQM, and another cockamamie idea that some brain surgeon writes a book about.

Let me give you the benefit of my 40 plus years of actual, front line, leadership experience.   Leaders come from a good foundation that started training the individual from their FIRST DAY on the job!!!

Leaders, learn from Good Leaders!

Leaders come from ALL parts of the organization!

Leaders MUST  be continually MENTORED!  Especially AFTER they are installed in any leadership position!

I have seen organizations place eduction requirements on individuals seeking promotion to a leadership position.  That makes no sense!  Where do they teach LEADERSHIP in an Engineering curriculum?

I have seen organizations deny any responsibility to any individual until they are promoted to a leadership position.  Then, they expect them to automatically be a seasoned leader!!  How can that be if they have no experience in the organization in any level of responsibility and leadership.

Look, leadership is not rocket science.  Know your people, respect your people, treat them like you would like to be treated, NOT like the bad Supervisor you had treated you.  Do not hold them to any rule you do not follow to the letter yourself!!  And for heaven's sake, stand up for your folks.

One of the statements I hate is;  "The people that work under me!!"

That sounds like you are screwing a prostitute that you just paid for an hour of labor!!

I always found that I worked with people and they worked with me.  Truthfully, the people I worked with, in the Military and in Civil Service, were much better that I was at many things and I totally depended on them to help me succeed!!

In closing, leaders are made, through mentoring that starts their first day in the organization.  The better the mentoring, the better the leaders, the more successful the organization is.  It is that simple!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Kuming!!

I have written before about the rise of the Russian Military and their resurgence as a World Power.  I have also written before about the lack of capability and ship population in the U.S. Navy.  The attachment below is from "The Navy Times", hardly a Right Wing news source.  It goes on to explain that the Russians are establishing bases worldwide and using their LARGE, POWERFUL, MODERN, Navy to project power anywhere they want too!!

I have also written before that, in my estimation, were too late to build an adequate Naval Force before the Russians gained control of the World's Seaways.  It appears I was correct.

I hate it when I am right!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Let me bring up a thought that haunts me!

First, the facts as we know them;

The World Trade Center buildings that came down on September 11, normally had 50,000 people that were assigned to work in those buildings, five days a week.

The New York Stock Exchange opens every week day at 9:30 AM.

The first terrorist piloted plane hit the first World Trade Center at 8:46 AM.

As a result of the two airplanes hitting the Twin Towers, over 3000 Americans were killed.

Now, the thought that haunts me;  If the majority of the people that worked in the World Trade Center were stock brokers, bankers, and financial analysts, would it not be normal for them to be at work BEFORE 9 AM if the Stock Market opens at 9:30 AM?  

Te Futures of the Stock Prices determine the opening activity.  Stock Brokers, analysts, and their minions need to have all that figured our WELL BEFORE the market opens.  They certainly needed more than 30 - 60 minutes to do that level of analytical research.

After the first hit, the electricity, and therefore the elevators, would certainly be out of commission.  How many of those 50,000 people could run down 100 flights of stairs to safety?

There were no reports of the fire personnel running into clogged stairways when they first responded.

For me, the numbers just do not work!  There should have been many more dead if there was not fore knowledge of the attack.

Now, you can see why these thoughts have haunted me from the day of the attack.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

My view of ex-Senator Jim Webb

When Jim Webb announced his run for President, I wrote that I did not like or respect him.  I was thinking about my experiences with him when he was the Secretary of the Navy and I was Force Master Chief.

Now, to be totally correct, Senator Webb was a DECORATED marine Officer.  He was awarded the Navy Cross, Silver Star, Two Bronze Stars and is the recipient of two Purple Hearts!  He left the Marine Corps as a Captain (O-3).

When I was exposed to Secretary Webb, for this few months he was the Secretary of the Navy, I was a member of the CNO's Advisory Committee as the Force Master Chief, Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.  We would meet with the CNO and SECNAV twice a year.  Our job was to bring the concerns of the Enlisted Members of the Fleet to the SECNAV.  In the past, when we presented issues, the SECNAV would take notes, for future reference and review at the end of the meeting.  

Instead, Secretary Webb would write small notes and pass them to each Master Chief in the room, commenting on deficiencies with they uniforms!  He berated us, like we were recruits.  He never reviewed what we reported, prioritized them, gave assignments, or ever took action on anything we reported!

So, you might now understand why I dislike him.  If he holds Enlisted leaders with that much contempt, I cannot support him.

Enough said;

Sunday, October 11, 2015

America is being changed to a Muslim Nation by Executive Order

A friend of mine sent me this post.  It has been vetted, so I believe it.  I also know for a fact, that all Military Chapels have been ordered to remove any Christian symbols.

Pleas check this out, on your own, and then. if you agree, RAISE HELL ABOUT IT!!

Many of you challenged me personally about my report on Facebook about the shootings of Christians ONLY in the Oregon College shootings.   We are in a war for our religious freedom.  The Members of Islam want to kill us all!  They are winning right here in America and the war is being directed from the highest Office in the Land.

Again, please do not believe me.  Check it out for yourself.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gunner's Mate wisdom

Here is a technical tip that I hope you all know already.  But, maybe not.  All gun mounts, rotating missile launchers CIWS guns, rotating RADAR Arrays and Fire Control Directors rotate on bearings.  Ball, conical, tapered, "C" Channel, or another type of roller bearing.

If you need to weld on the assemble above the roller bearings you MUST  ground the portion ABOVE the roller bearings before using an electrical welder!!!

It must be a secure, tight, positive ground to the ship's structure.  If you fail to do this, the electric current from the ARC Welder will find it's way to GROUND through the roller bearings!  This will weld the roller bearings together!   The, the gun mount, launcher, radar, fire control director, or whatever it is, WILL NOT ROTATE EVER AGAIN!!!

But, you probably already knew that, so I can go back to sleep now.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

American's are dumb as STUMPS!!

I just saw a couple of commercials that brought home the fact that, the vast majority of Americans are dumb as STUMPS!!  For instance;  "Deal Dash.com!  You can get $500 gift cards for $5!!  REALLY!!

This commercials and others like it, sell the idea that you can get anything for little or nothing.  Like the commercial I saw tonight complaining that the Government only give you $250 to bury you deal loved one!!  Who sold the idea to Americans that it was the governments responsibility to bury your dead relative!!

Now we are being sold the idea that it is our right to have free cell phones, free health care, free housing, and free meals.  They tell us it is the responsibility of the rich to pay more taxes so you can have these things!

Then there is the minimum wage discussion.  Since when is, "Would you like to super size that?" worth $20 per hour, plus benefits!!  I could replace every fast food worker with a robot in one hour and be money ahead in three months!!

Americans have been DUMBED DOWN!!  Schools teach nothing by liberal, progressive, communist BULLSHIT!  You cannot say Merry Christmas in a public school but they teach Islam in the class room!!!!

You are owed nothing but the right to try to succeed.  If you do, great. If you do not, try again.  But, it is not the government's responsibility to support your dumb ass, or bury you when you die from smoking, eating too much smoking weed, taking drugs, drinking too much, or anything else.

We are loosing our way of life because Americans are dumb as stumps and they believe there is a free lunch.  America will die from within just as Kruschov said in the 1960's.   But, you can still try to get that free gift card from DealDash.com!!

I Solemnly Swear that I will support and Defend the Constitution of the United States...

 I have written about this oath before.  I took it number of times and I administered the Oath many more times.  It is in my memory and in my core conscience.  It truly is; Who I am as a Patriot.  The Constitution is not a Living , Changing, Document  as the Liberal, Progressive School Teachers and Professors would have you believe.  NO!  The Constitution is the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic!  Everyone who wants to make the Constitution read in manner that supports their perverted way of life is wrong.

But, my question today is;  What are you willing to do to "Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States?

It seems to me that the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court are all subverting the Constitution.  We have not had a Budget, originated in the House of Representatives as the Constitution directs, in seven years!!  The Federal Government consistently subverts the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution by telling States how to act and what Laws are legal, even though there is NO Constitutional precedence for their action.  And, if you do not know what the Tenth Amendment is, it states that if it is not specifically outlined in the Constitution, then the right to govern it belongs to the individual States or the Individual!!

Again, what should WE do to the control of our Nation back?!

We are being invaded by individuals that want to change the way our Nation is governed and we sit idly by.  The Federal Government mandates these Illegal Aliens must have drivers licenses from States. Medicaid from the States, Education from the States, Welfare payments from the States!  And we sit idly by.

What are you willing to do?  Nothing, Complain, Vote, get angry, Protest, Take up arms. Revolt, Overthrow the Government?!!  Just what the Hell ARE YOU made of?!

If Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, Hancock, and Washington were alive today, What would they do?!

Think about that for a while.  But not too long, the end of America is very near!  Just ask a Muslim or a Mexican!  They are willing to act on their convictions.  But we sit idly by.... 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sayings of the "Old" Navy you will never hear now

I complain about the PC folks.  But, I guess cleaning up our speech IS a good idea.  When I joined the Navy, the "Old Salts" had some colorful language patterns and sayings.  Most, if not ALL of them required the creative used of cuss words and sexual body parts.  Even the way we folded our clothes in Boot Camp was taught to us with references to female sex organs!

Being a Gunner's Mate, I was surrounded by men who had Master's Degrees and Doctorates in this sort of descriptive language.  I was even exposed to some Senior Enlisted Females that were very accomplished in this practice!!   Some of these sayings I will not repeat here and I am somewhat ashamed that I ever used them.  But, I did and they were effective!  No one ever doubted where they stood or if they had done something wrong after a barrage of creative profanity salted with sexual body part references!

And these creative uses of the English Language were not limited in use for correction and dressing down.  Sometimes, it was used to describe the weather!!

Do I think we are better off  now that we have purged the use of Colorful Language Patterns and Sayings?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  It worked on me and for me.  Many times it made me laugh.  And a few times it made me remember something that would save my life.  So, those crude uses of words did have a purpose!

For instance, the MK 5 Very Pistol has three different color flares to shoot from it.  They are the size of a 12 gage shotgun shell.  But, if you shot a 12 gage shotgun shell from a MK 5 Very Pistol, you would not be very happy!  The Navy put the color code on the closing wad of the shell.  Red was rough.  Green was smooth.  White had a pronounced bump in the center.  The rhyme to remember this was; Rough RED ass, Smooth GREEN grass, and a White tit!  Hey, it worked for me.

Then, many of you remember the color code for resistors from the memory aid about; Bad boys..!  Don't you?!

So, some of it made sense in a crude way.  I wonder how they help with memory today.  I also wonder how they fold clothes today.  Heck, they probably don't even have Clothes Stops and Ditty Bags anymore!!  And, what do they call those stains in skiver shorts today?!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


"I (State your name) do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic....."

The first line of the oath Officers and Enlisted take.   I bring this to light because every Western Nation, in The Americas and in Europe, is being INVADED buy Muslim and Hispanic hoards.  It is not an accident!  It is not because of persecution in the INVADER'S Nations! It is a planned INVASION to take over Western Nations and rob them of their wealth!

If these INVADERS were dressed in National Military Uniforms, Congress would have already declared war!   But, they come in rags, lead by"The Children" and the bleeding heart Liberals take them in.

Let me call one event to your attention.  In a North Eastern U.S. State, at a local school board meeting.  The topic was observing all Muslim Holidays.  The School Board voted no.  Then, a crowd of Muslims rose up screaming; "You are the majority now, but we will be the majority, SOON!"

I reiterate, America, Canada, Germany, England, Italy, France, and other Western Style Nations are purposely being INVADED with the sole purpose of Rape, Pillage, and Occupation!!

As Mr. Earl Pitts says;  "Wake UP America!!!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The trials of being a Command Master Chief today!

I have been retired from the Navy for over 26 years.  Things were much different when I was a Command Master Chief.  Yes, when I went to get the Captain for a Ceremony, I would brief him on the family members.  And issues, like someone being handicapped, dressed differently, or even couples of different races.  This was to ensure the Captain knew who the family members were and to prevent him from being shocked if the wife was a 350 pound Sumo wrestler in a mini skirt and tube top with a patch over her eye and a parrot on her shoulder!

A friend of mine went to a CPO pinning recently and heard the following announcement;  Chief XYZ will be pinned by his Husband!   Now, that was an issue I never had to deal with.

I am glad I am retired!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our Military Service is KILLING us!

You may remember the passing of my friend and Shipmate, Master Chief William "Vern" Van Matre.  He recently died of a rapid progressing cancer that killed him in a matter of a few days after being detected.   This week, I have been thinking a lot about that death and I remembered that Master Chief Tim Melody, another Navy MK 10 Launcher technician, died of cancer.

 I am sure there are other Navy Gunner's Mates that worked in the Special Weapons areas that have died of cancer.   Two things all of them have in common is;  They all worked in a confined spaces containing "Special Weapons" and they all worked with, took baths in, inhaled, and swallowed, Mil-F-17111 containing trycresylphosphate!! (TCP)

Now, TCP is a known cancer causing agent.  And it is also neurotoxic.  So, I deduced that their deaths ARE  SERVICE RELATED!!

I do not know if either of my friends were receiving VA compensation.  But, I do know they should have been.  The Gunner's Mates of the United States Navy, that served before 1990, are being killed by the chemicals and radiation they were exposed too, without safety clothing or respirators warnings, for their entire service duration!

If you are a retired or honorably discharged, Navy Gunner's Mate and you have any skin, respiratory, cancer, memory, or any other neurological or physical issues, PLEASE contact the VA.  We need to flood the VA system with information and disability requests to get this service related disability recognized.  This is how the VA finally recognized Agent Orange issues!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are you old enough to remember the Soviet Union? THERE BACK!!!!

I told you this was going to happen, but many of you said I was crazy!!  Well, I may be, but I was right!  Comrade Putin has rebuilt the Bear's Military might!   And, he is outsourcing it to anyone who wants to join him.

Today, he had an Emir of some sand nation in Moscow selling him advanced military hardware.  At what price, LOYALTY to Mother Russia!!   History is repeating itself because we refused to LEARN from it!!  Shame on us!

And, Comrade Putin has rebuilt the Axis of Evil!!  Russia, China, and North Korea have banded together to take over the world!  Russia is taking over Europe.  China is taking over the Pacific and North Korea is ready to take back South Korea and anything else they want.  Who will stop them?  No us, that's for sure.

And where are we?  Sitting here naked with a depleted military and a bunch of fat computer geeks that cannot walk a mile well enough fight a war.  Are you old enough to remember the JFK's in school?  If we implemented that now, we would be sued by every liberal lawyer in the country!

Our Navy is the smallest and weakest since before World War One!!   We are decommissioning two Combat Divisions.  The Air Force no longer maintains the Nuclear Triad as they did in the Cold War.  We have no deterrent to the Evil Empire.

Please read the news from the alternate providers.  Or, at least DRUDGE.  Thins are much, much worse that Good Morning America will tell you.  Thanks to the Progressive Socialists in both National Parties, we have sold our freedom for pennies on the dollar and those Progressives have profited from that sale.

Pleas, if you don't agree with me, do your own research.  Then you WILL agree with me.  I am sure of that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Memories of great leaders, with a new addition!

I recently got back in contact with an old Shipmate.  He was the Executive Officer on the USS Stein (FF 1065) during my second tour on that ship.  We deployed to WestPac right after I reported aboard.  I was not intending to re-enlist at that time due to my issues with the "Chief's Test" when I was at Great Lakes. (See an early post on this)

The XO was one of those Leaders that got the best out of people.  I wanted to do my best, regardless of my career intentions and he used that to change my mind.  He had some great sayings.  They were not just things he said, but his rules for Navy life!

For instance, he would say:  "If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong!  This Navy stuff is supposed to be fun!"  And he was right.  He could make unreps fun!  He also believed in the abilities of his Enlisted Personnel.  This was the late 1970's and times were tough in the Navy and all of the Military.  Pay was paltry!  There was little money for repair parts.  People were not staying Navy and the ones that did were not the best people, Officer or Enlisted.  Yes, some GREAT people stayed because of their commitment to the Navy and our Country.  But, that was not the norm at that time.

So, our XO encouraged Enlisted Personnel to stand Junior Officer of the Deck underway!!    When the Enlisted Surface Warfare Program was first introduced, he was urging us to qualify.

I remember when we were pulling into Karachi Pakistan, he had me called to his state room.  He asked me if I was going on Liberty in Karachi.   I said, absolutely not.  He said god.  Now this was 1978 and before most of the Islamic Terrorist issues.  But, the ship had been given intel that someone wanted to do us harm.  We were going to be pier side, alone.  The XO asked me to hide an M-60 machine gun and ammo, somewhere high in the ship.  I was the only person to know where this was.  He said, if the ship is attack, I had free fire permission to defend the ship.  He also told me to hide a 1911A1 .45 in my bunk locker and a couple of concussion grenades, to help me get to the M-60.  I told the XO, we have a security force.  Hos reply was, we need more if we are attacked.

That level of trust in me was one of the factors that lead me to re-enlist!  I was a trusted member of the Command and that motivated me.  That Executive Officer was a great leader and I was honored to serve with him.  He lead many men to re-enlist in a time of low retention.

His name is Commander Marvin Bucholz.  He was an exceptional Leader and I wish to thank him for leading me to a good Navy career.  Without him, my entire life would have been very different.

Thanks Commander!!

Another person this exceptional Naval Officer saved is a fellow named Steve Turner!  Steve had a hard start in the Navy because of poor leadership!  When I reported to the USS Stein, for my second tour, I was told Steve was on his way out.  They were going to "Bottom Blow" him.  Steve was different, but very intelligent and he had a good grasp of how the Navy should be run.  He believed in that ideal that the rules pertain to everyone.  He and I hit it off great.  He worked hard for me and NEVER let me down.  Commander Bucholz saw that too.  He began to include Steve in the h"Human Resources Committee", an outcropping of Admiral Zumwalt's initiative to rebuild the Navy.  That action alone made Steve like the Navy!  One evening, as we lay in our bunks, Steve slept below me, he asked me;  What system would you reenlist for?  I almost fell out of my rack!  He reenlisted for MK 13 Missile Launcher training, had a great career, and retired as a Senior Chief Gunner's Mate!!

Another great job Commander, and there are many more!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

What I want as a memorial when I die

I am a ship riding, fleet Gunner's Mate! I was ship's company on FIVE Tin Cans!  All 5"/54 ships.  I served in Vietnam, Lebanon twice, Jordan, the Persian Gulf, El Salvador, and Cold War Operations above the 55th Parallel on the Pacific side.

The United States Navy helped make me a successful adult.  After I too off my War Suit, I became a Civil Servant at NAVSEACENLANT first as a Tech Rep and then as a Supervisor.  I was involved in the recovery of the USS Cole, and other important operations including leading a repair team for the MCM's in Bahrain before I retired.

I love Navy ships.  I love the American Blue Jacket.  I love Navy tradition and Pomp and Circumstance.  I love Gun Salutes, Standing Quarterdeck Watches, Sea Detail, Gunnery firing, and Mid-Rats!  It pains me that Navy tradition is being cast aside for the sole purpose of Political Correctness!   One of those changes that I mourn is the removal of urinals from Male Heads on ships and ashore!

Here at Azalea Trace, where we live, there is a special tradition of planting a tree in Memory of someone who passes.  A plaque is placed near the tree to commemorate that planting.  It is a nice way to remember someone.  But, it is not for me.

I want a URINAL in the Main Lobby Men's Room dedicated in memory of me when I pass away!!!   Since I like using urinals, and I like the tradition of urinals, it will only be fitting.  So, Azalea Trace and my friends, that is my request!!  The ball is in your court.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Things I know, that I need to tell you about!

There are some historical facts that I know and have first or second hand knowledge about, that the media and those who write the history have misrepresented.  I have held out on many of these items because of the obvious retribution I might incur.  But, since my long term memory is beginning to fade, I do not want to hold these issues any longer.

For instance, the Tonkin Gulf Resolution was based on an attack by the North Vietnamese Navy on the USS Maddox and the USS Turner Joy.  I worked for the Mount Captain of Mount 51 on the USS Maddox.  He told me, they were shooting rapid fire at  empty water.  There were NO ships or boats in the water except them and the Turrner Joy.  Captain, Dick Stratton, then a LCDR, was flying Surface Combat Action Patrol (SUCAP) off a Carrier I now forget.  He was ordered to roll in and support the two US Ships under attack.  When he cleared the cloud layer, the only two ships were Maddox and Turner Joy.  No wreckage, nor oil slicks, nothing.  When he returned to the Carrier, two men, in Khakis, without collar devices, came to his stateroom and told him exactly what he saw!  In other words, he was told to lie about the North Vietnamese craft attacking the two American ships in international waters!  The entire thing was a lie.  By the way, shortly after that, Captain Stratton had a 2.75 in. Zuni rocket pod malfunction and he fodder his engine over North Vietnam and was captured.  He spent many years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton!

Second, Admiral Boorda did NOT commit suicide.  You do not commit by shooting yourself TWICE in the chest!!  Additionally, I knew Admiral Boorda personally.  He was a man of character and courage.  He would not decide to commit suicide over a inappropriate medal issue.  The day he died, he was scheduled to talk to Congress about "Women at Sea".  I wonder what he was going to tell them?

Third,  President John Kennedy was killed by the shooter on the hill, not Lee Harvey Oswald, I saw it happen!  I was in Newton D. Baker Junior High School, Cleveland Ohio, when President Kennedy was assassinated.  We were sent to our Home Rooms and the television was on.  A video of the shooting was on CBS news.  There was a shot from the grassy knoll in front of the President's car.  His head moved backwards, as it would if he was shot from the front.  The "Magic Bullet" theory was BS.  Also, every member of the Warren Commission died of suspicious causes.  The last was Senator Arlen Spector.  President Ford almost spilled the truth when he made his "Whip Inflation Now" speech!

Fourth,  The explosion on the USS Wisconsin (BB 64) in Turret Two, was not an accident.  More on this at another time.  I am not that close to the end, yet.

History is written by the victors!  And since the Progressives are winning, they are rewriting History to suit their agenda!  You should know the truth.

Friday, July 24, 2015

No more married Military Members!

That's what a number of Congressmen and Senators are proposing!   They do not want to pay the Basic Allowance for Housing to both individuals if they are on Active Duty!  The new law Congress is pressing for is only one member can draw BAH!!

My first thought was;  BAH is an entitlement, not a benefit or additional pay.  My second, and more important thought is;  The immoral BASTARDS in our government want our groups living in sin and having little Bastard children to propagate the immoral society they are building!

Why get married if it is going to cost you $10K of tax free money a year?!!

This cannot be a budget driven item.  We waste much more money that we spend on dual BAH!  Just make the President and his family trail on the same plane for their vacations!!  That would make up for the dual BAH for a long time.

No, the progressives are going after traditional marriage in everyday they can.  And hitting our enlisted Military Members in the pocket book is their best play at making marriage obsolete!

I am physically sickened by what I see in Washington, in Uniform and in Brooks Brother's Suits!!  But what makes me even more repulsed is that Americans stand idly by and watch this happen with out a whimper!  We really are defeated and without the courage to stand up for what is right!!  Shame on us!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Navy life!!

I live in a retirement community called Azalea Trace in Florida.  I am the only Master Chief that lives here.  We do have so many O-6's that you can't swing a Cat (of nine tails) without hitting one.  Most of the Officers here are Army and Air Force and most of them are the guys in the rear with the beer and the gear!  We also have three Airdale Admirals.  So, you can quickly see no one here understands the reality of life on a surface ship.  I say I am a Master Chief Gunner's Mate and NO ONE know what that is!!

Let me add another group of people that do not understand the reality of Navy life.  When I was a GS-13 at NAVSEACENLANT or whatever their name is now, a senior civilian in the personal trade came to my office to explain to me why we should not pay our people overtime when they are underway on Navy ships.  This senior civil servant told me that all U.S. Navy ships pull into port every night so our folks are not denied anything!  Really!!  This person was a GS-14!!

The fact is, if you never served on a Destroyer Cruiser, Battleship, Amphibious Ship, Minesweeper, PG, or other Surface Combatant, you have no idea what we go through.  And, I might add, if you did not serve in the surface Navy before the invention of the Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants, you have a tainted view of Navy life underway!!

My own family members still do not believe me when I explain the hardships of life at sea.  Most non U.S. Navy ship owners think we live a life of luxury with private berthing cabins, white linen on the tables and and servants at our beckon call.

Now, our own Senators say we don't pay enough for our medical care and that we are paid too much!

America is populated with pink silk pantie wearing, limp wrist, overweight, pussies with soft hands, that drink water when ever they walk to get the mail!!

The few of us who volunteer to join the Navy are special and we earn the benefits the Government promises us when we enlist.  Serving on Submarines, Surface Combatants, and possibly even, Aircraft Carriers, do a tremendous job working endless hours and living without the basic privacy everyone else expects.  Just think about it, sleeping right next to someone, showering with 10 others, and having your laundry done in a big bag of 60 peoples skivvies!!

Navy Life is anything by luxurious.  Even with Reverse Osmosis plants!!  

Monday, July 20, 2015

I (state your name) do solemnly swear to..

I (state your name) do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to bear true faith and allegiance to the same, to obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the Officers appointed over me, according to regulations, and the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, So Help ME GOD.

Officers in the Military take the same oath, with ONE big difference.  Their oath does not include the portion that states, "obey the orders of the President of the United States".

I bring this back to mind because, the person sitting in the Presidents position is an elected official.  All presidents since the second term of George Washington have been elected.

The President is not a ruler, a King, an Emperor, or a god.  He is a man, that serves at the pleasure  of the Citizens of the United States of America.  If, what he does, his policies, decisions, statements, or actions, bring discredit to the Officer of the Presidency he can and MUST be demo ed from office.

The Constitution provides a procedure for this removal that requires an impeachment trial in the Senate after being Impeached by the House.  If the President is found guilty in the Senate trial, he is removed from Office.  This has been done twice in history of the Constitution.  It may be time, or it may be too late for a third trial.

I dedicated 40 years of my life, fulfilling, to the best of my mental and physical ability, that oath of enlistment.  Since I retired, I have seen our once great Country become dysfunctional, divided along race and economic lines, and berated by our own President and embarrassed throughout the world.  It is time for a change!

The majority of Americans are comfortable, uneducated, and uninformed about the direction our Country is being pushed.  As long as they have food to eat, homes, cell phones, computers and entertainment at their fingertips, they are content.  Hitler used the same strategy in 1929 and 30!  But, Americans do not know World history.

I fear I will see America become a socialist, progressive, state, or worse.  But, I am a voice, crying in the wilderness.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Iran and Russia; A marriage made for the ages

Our president (lower class "p" on purpose) has delivered Iran to Russia, lock, stock, and barrel!  But Russia has been trying to gain control of Iran for centuries!  It is true.  Look at history.  No, not what our public schools teach.  Do some independent research.  Russia needs, desperately, a warm water port.  Bandar Abas offers that in the most economically strategic straights in the world;  The Straights of Hormuz!

And since Russia has been and will continue to be Iran's nuclear power technology provider and North Korea, Russia's partner in crime, is the provider of Iran's nuclear weapon technology, it will not be long before Israel is attacked with nuclear weapons.

But, controlling the Straights of Hormuz make Russia the Biggest Dog in the World's Yard!  Even if America is energy independent, the rest of the world is not.  Look at how Russia runs roughshod over eastern Europe!  Now, Russia controls the majority of the world's exportable petroleum.   Think how that will impact the world's economy.  This is not good.

This is a very bad situation.  I have been a student of Iranian history since the Iranian Hostage crisis.  I did some research in the Navy War College Library and learned many things the new media never reported about who controlled the American hostages and what that country wanted to release the hostages.  And trust me, Iran DID NOT control those American hostages.  Trust me, the human solid waste is about to hit the rotating wind machine!!

So what do we do now?  I know, but I will not say, since I still value what little freedom I have.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Did you forget your ID?

The first Admiral I worked for at SURFLANT was VADM McCauley.  He wash an exceptional Naval Officer, was awarded the Purple Heart for action in the rivers of Vietnam, and had a very dry sense of humor.

We were in the staff car, heading to a ship at Naval Station Norfolk, for an Official Visit.  The flag was on the bumper, the lights were on.  The Admiral was in the back seat on the left side.  I was in the backseat on the right side and the Flag Lieutenant was in the front seat.

We were stopped at the head of the pier by a young Seaman, who rendered a very sharp salute.  Then, he asked everyone in the car for their ID!

The Flag Lieutenant loudly said: "Do you know who this is in they official car?!!"   Admiral McCauley then calmly said; "What's the matter Commander, did you forget your ID?!  He is just doing his job, very well, I might add!!"

I nearly it my tongue off trying not to laugh!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The importance of wearing a uniform

When I reported to BUPERS in 1980, Military members in Washington D.C. were authorized to wear civilian clothes to work.  Why?!  Because during the Vietnam War, personnel in uniform were TARGETS for the anti-war crowd!  And, even though it was 1980, a change had not been promulgated.  That changed when President Reagan was Inaugurated.

In any case, one day, a well dressed, older, individual came to my desk and presented an idea that I thought was the stupidest idea I ever heard!  And, I told him so, in easy to understand sea going, Chief Petty Officer English!!  After that, the well dressed, older gentleman departed.  Then, my boss, Master Chief Gerry Tisdale informed me that was Captain Somebody!  How was I supposed to know, he was dressed like a college professor!

Soon after that, we were directed to wear our uniforms everyday and I was very glad of that!  Why?  Well first of all, I like to wear my uniform!  I am proud of my uniform, and I believe it promotes good discipline.  Second, and more important;  It works better if you know what team everyone in on!  That's why when we were kids and we picked teams in Gym Class, one team took off their shirts!  Of course, that would not work today, but it would be fun.

Now, do not think that I never chewed out a Captain again, just because we were in uniform.  I just ended with "Sir".  You have to keep military decorum!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Politics Three

I didn't win them all!  I was invited to a meeting about Ship's Force Security in D.C.  The main view of the attendees, except me, was to increase small arms training, provide sniper training for ship board sailors, and increase the number of personnel in the duty section to man numerous high perch positions.  Now, this was before the 25mm Chain gun, Surface CIWS, and other improvements.

I got in a protracted discussion (read argument) with a Marine Colonel over this position.  My view was two fold.

First; Unlike Marines, Sailors unlike Marines, are not trained, encouraged or backed up, to pull the trigger when they evaluate the threat.  Just look at the attack on the USS Cole!!   Navy personnel in the Navy of the last 60 years, are not empowered to fire a weapon unless ordered too by a Commissioned Officer!!!  In the case of the CIWS system, the Navy does not even operate it in Air Ready because they do not want a system firing on it's own.  The Army had no problem with that !!

Second;  The purpose of ship's self defense is to prevent the unauthorized use of the ship's weapons.  Now, I understand the 25mm Chain Gun and the war on terror has changed that, but, those were not factors in 1982.  In any case, for shipboard defense, the best weapon is a shotgun!  Contained in a steel lined passageway, 9mm, .45 cal, 5.56 mm and 7.65 X 51 bullets ricochet all over the place!  And, if they hit a cableway or fiber optic run, the damage will be devastating.

The Marine O-6 asked me how I was going to deal with a sniper in a tower 2000 meters away.  I replied;  I would light off the forward 5"/54 and blow the tower up!  He did not like that answer and his face got very red!

The bottom line is, I did not get the security weapon changed to the shot gun and the Navy did move to heavy machine guns for external security.  But, the Navy has still not dealt with the culture that does not trust their enlisted personnel to use the weapon they are assigned to defend the ship from obvious attack.

Hell, the C.O of the CG that shot the Iranian passenger jet down in a hostile area, that WAS blipping F-4 IFF was relieved and hounded so badly he committed suicide!!   We will never learn...

Politics Two

During the run up to the release of VLS, I was sitting in as the GMM Detailer when Vern Van Matre was out with some very serious surgery.  I attended a meeting to decide what Enlisted Community would perform the maintenance on this new system.

The previous meetings were ramrodded by a CWO4 ex-Fire Control man.  I soon found out he had NEVER been on a modern ship!  Not even an Adams Class DDG!!

He also had the mis-informed perception that Gunner's Mates knew nothing about electricity, electronics, or anything else more complicated than a hammer and chisel!  I immediately attacked him, being very factual, if not disrespectful, about his lack of up to date knowledge about the Navy and the Gunner's Mate community.  I brought up all the solid state electronics that the GM's maintained and successfully troubleshoot in the MK 13 Mod 4, MK 26, MK 45, MK 42 Mod 9&10, and the MK 1o GMLS.  He was completely unarmed and uninformed.  He had no answer to my points and the Gunner's Mate Community won the VLS system.

Today, VLS systems on DDG's and CG's is successful maintained by well trained, dedicated, Gunner's Mates.  The system is the apes of surface ship fire power, and is one of the most dependable systems in the Surface Navy!  Why, because we went to a meeting, completely informed, and well armed to defeat a neanderthal with personal prejudices to grind!  Too bad a Gunner's Mate was not at the CIWS meeting!!  

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The political side of the Navy

I was the Gunner's Mate Guns Detailer from 1980 to 1983.  It was a wonderful time to be on the tip of the spear in our community.  Many new systems were being introduced, the Iowa Class Battleships were being modernized and commissioned, and it was a wonderful tie to help our community move into the future.  I had the honor to represent our community at a number of high level meetings discussing the future of ordnance systems.  I was involved in the early manning decisions for VLS, The Battleships, and I was one of the authors for the GM Rating restructure.  But, one of the most interesting and political meetings I ever attended was the DART Program Review for the MK 42 and MK 45 Gun Mounts.

DART was an early predecessor to the "Troubled Systems" program.  We had issues with the MK 42 and MK 45 gun mounts, almost always related to the availability of repair parts to the Fleet Gunner's Mates.

I attended the Naval Supply Lead DART meeting in Washington D.C. The Captain in charge of Naval Gun Systems at NAVSEA (62Y1) was  Captain Beggs at the time.  He called me and told me to be at a specific room at Crystal Mall on the next Monday.  He did not tell me what the topic of the meeting was or who the attendees were.  Just show up, and I did.

When I arrived, I walked past the room he gave me and there were three Admirals, more Captains than I could count, and Commanders serving coffee.  I knew that was NOT the room or meeting for me!  But, one of the high level civilians from 62Y1, Big John Morris, saw me and brought me into the room, sitting against the wall, in the outer circle with him.  I noticed Captain Beggs was at the table with the Admirals.

The Three Admirals were;  The Head of Naval Supply, and two Cruised Destroyer Group Admirals.  The briefing was being conducted by a Supply Corp Commander from SPCC Mechanicsburg.  He had a very slick presentation, complete with slides being projected on a rear view screen!  

I noticed his presentation spoke of 5"/54 gun mounts as if they were all the same.  I noticed this but kept quiet.   About three slides into this Commander's slick briefing, the Supply Corp Admiral asked;  "Commander, you do not break out the MK 42 and MK 45 gun mounts separately.  Why?"  The Commander replied;  Because their are the same gun mount, except for age."  At that time, I must have looked like "Horshack" from "Welcome Back Kotter"!!  I was jumping up and down, raising my hand, and making grunting noises!!

The Supply Corp Admiral looks at the source of this interruption and asks me:  "Who are you?" in a very indignant tone.  I told him I was the Gunner's Mate Gun Detailer and had MK 42 and MK 45 NEC.  I went on to say;  The only thing the same between these two systems was the Bullet!!  The Admiral looked at Captain Beggs and asked; "Is this true?"  The Captain said yes.  The Admiral then told the Commander to sit down, his briefing was done!

The Naval Supply world was again trying to place the blame for their incompetence on the Fleet Gunner's Mate instead of themselves and their poor management of repair parts.  We won!

But we won much more than supply parts.  A month or so before, the Manning Control Authority had deleted the Chief Gunner's Mate Guns billets from all MK 42 and MK 45 ships!   When I said that, the two Cruiser Destroyer Group Commanders asked me how to change that.   directed them to the N1 Shops of CINCLANT and CINCPAC Fleet.  They must have taken my advice, because two weeks later, there was a GMGC billet on EVERY MK 42 and MK 45 ship!!

I was blessed to be able to help our community and none of it would have been possible without people like Captains Beggs and Sovey at NAVSEA and our friends a the ISEA in Louisville including Charlie Ford and Paul Bissig.  Those were some of the best days in my career. Thanks to all!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jim Webb for President?! Please,just kill me now!

Honest, I try to stay away from politics.  But the morons in D.C.  make that all but impossible!  I saw that Jim Webb announced he is running for President of the United States.   Is he kidding me?!

Mr. Webb was SECNAV during my tour as Force Master Chief, Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.  He was SECNAV for 9 months!!  The, he quit. He was the junior Senator from Virginia for one tour, then he quit.  He was in the Marines, for the required time to repay his Naval Academy education, then he quit!  See the pattern here?

When he was SECNAV, the CNO Advisory Committee, of which I was a member, met twice with him.  He never listened to the issues we brought to him.  We researched, documented, morale issues effecting the enlisted members of the United States Navy.  Instead, he looked at our ribbons and wrote nones to us on yellow stickies, telling us we had this ribbon upside down, in the wrong order, or some other superfluous  BS!  He never did anything as SECNAV.  We could have saved 9 months of SECNAV salary by leaving the office EMPTY!!

But to hear him, he built the 600 ship Navy, singlehandedly.  Well, Mr. Webb, the 600 ship Navy was complete and commissioned she Secretary Lehman left office!

No, Mr, Webb is a first class self promoter who is only interested in himself.  When the going gets tough, he leaves!  He has no legacy anywhere except in HIS MIND!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

How we got where we are.

The man who raised me, who I call my Dad, was a kind, hard working, loving man.   Even though he left school after the sixth grade, he was well read, intelligent, and well informed on world events.  Did I mention he was born in 1901?!  He died in 1991 and saw America change drastically from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy.   He grew upon a home built in 1756 without indoor plumbing or electricity.  He lived to see men on the moon!  He also lived through World War One and Two, the Korean Way, and the Vietnam War!  Not to mention the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Cold War!  He and his wife raised three children and then took me in when he was 50!

Dad used to tell me, when I was an early teenager, about a group of powerful men that ran the world!   He told me they financed Hitler's rise to power and other despots.

Now Dad did not join or belong to any groups.  Yes, he was Teamster truck driver and he belonged to the American Automobile Association, but that was it!  Yet, he was completely sure the Bildeberger Group existed as well and the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  He told me of these groups when I was 13 and against the war in Vietnam.  He explained, in depth, how these powerful men ran everything in the world, controlling oil, gold, economies, and who was elected or placed into the leadership positions in all the nations of the world.  At 13, I thought he was crazy!!  Of course I did, I was 13 and knew everything!!

As I have aged, it amazes me how correct Dad was.  Even with my memory issues, I remember what Dad told me like it was yesterday!!  And what we see in our country and in the world, are directly in line with what my Dad told me.  What is happening is not by chance!  It is engineered, planned, and orchestrated by the very few, rich, powerful men that control all the chips on the board of world power.

How we vote, what we want, or even what is best for us as citizens of America is not important to them or even on their minds!  The move the pieces of their world dominance game to make more money and consolidate their power.  The lives of the 99.99% of the world's population is of no concern to them.  As a matter of fact, if we all died today, as long as they continued to be in control, they would be happy.

My wife and I are frustrated, sad, and angry about the moral decay of our nation and the world.  We are depressed over the fact that America and the world has turned it's back on God.  But, it was foretold in the Bible, so we should NOT be surprised.  But, our hearts still ache.

If you do not believe me, Google it!    But the question in you mind must be;  How can we get America back on an even keel?  We can't!  It is impossible!  Were do not have the power to accomplish this on our own and collectively as a nation, we will not turn our faces towards God.  

So, to answer my question, how did we get here?  Through the manipulation of the secretive, powerful, unelected, self-serving Bildeberger Group and the members of the Tri-Lateral Commission.  Dad was right, and he told me this day would come, in 1964!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Duty, Honor, Country, Self-Sacrifice

When a person joins the Military it was said that they were "In the service"!  They were paid very little, they were young, they were impressionable.  They were dedicated to what they had to do.  In World War Two, almost every able bodied man, from 15- 50 enlisted or sought a commission in the Service of our Country.  They dedicated their LIVES to the preservation of our freedom and our way of life!

They did their DUTY.  They preserved their HONOR and our COUNTRY.   And we all owe them a large debt of gratitude.

Things have changed with today's Military.  You rarely hers it called "In the Service".  Pay is on par with the civilian world and in some cases, even higher.  Living conditions are luxurious compared to World War one and two.  And we deploy for a prescribed period of time.  Yes, many have made multiple deployments to the Sand Box.  But, our WW II brethren deployed for the entire war!  They were deployed until it was DONE!   The truth is, we have it much better today.  And because of all of this, the sacrifice is diminished or maybe even gone.  Our deployed Military have instant contact with their families through the Internet including SKYPE calls and Cell Phone calls.  They can even pay their bills and manage their 401K from the front lines!  They have their TUNES in the IPODS, the latest movies, and all the sports scores, right in their Humvee!

Duty, Honor, Country, and self-sacrifice seem to be a thing of the past.  But, maybe I am also.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How the Veteran's Administration SCREWS and IGNORES us!

I just saw a report that a VA Hospital in Florida was infested with rats and cockroaches.   Let's look at the facts.  The VA and the government of the United States wants us to go and fight their wars, get wounded, maimed, and maybe die.  Then when they are done using us, they want us to suffer in private and silence!

Nothing has changed in the VA health care system since I was a kid!  The fact is, you go to the VA Hospital to die!!  

Then, there is the issue with Agent Orange.  Congress just extended coverage to those who delivered Agent Orange.  Great, but what about those of us who DRANK Agent Orange because our ship's sucked the ocean water in and made fresh water out of it.  Nope, you're on your own!

Then, I can write an epistle on my fight with the VA over my exposure to a Carcinogenic and Neurotoxic chemical in the hydraulic fluid that we used in the Gun Mounts, Turrets, and Missile Launchers.  We were NEVER warned of this hazard until 1990!  Yet, even though I have been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, the VA denies me assistance or disability.  And, my Congressman has been silent in my case!  And he is the chairman of the House Sub-Committee on Veteran's Affairs!!

No, our politicians only want us to fight their wars.  They would rather we died than survived since their liability dies with the SGLI payment.  If we survive, we are a living problem to them.

So, we are sent to substandard, ill-equipped poorly staffed, medical facilities.  The staff does not care about us.  Congress does not care about us.  And for the most part, the citizens don't care about us.  Well, America, let me remind you;  If you break it, you bought it!!   And in the case of my brother and sister Veterans. you bought us!  So, take care of us NOW.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I don't have to take that!

When I was a young sailor on the USS Stein (DE/FF 1065) in San Diego, there was a NAVSEACENPAC Tech Rep that was very opinionated and crotchety!  He would flame spray anyone at anytime without notice or reason.  Yet, he was a very good tech rep and helped me many times.

When I retired, and went to work for NAVSEACENLANT he and I talked a number of times.  We were working three of the four Battleships up for deployment in support of Dessert Storm.  The 16"/50 turrets had not been fired since the USS Iowa incident and NAVSEA wanted to make sure they were in safe firing condition.   My boss and I decided to do the complete Material Condition Review.  This was a long, involved, inspection of every component, operationally and material condition, of the turret.

I received a telephone call from that crotchety Tech Rep in San Diego after we had worked plenty of overtime to get the USS Wisconsin certified to fire and deploy.  I told him we were and he began screaming and cussing at me on the telephone, so I hung up!

He called back almost immediately and started cussing at me again, and I hung up again.  He called back about five minutes later and was calmer, somewhat.  He said we could not have done what we said we did.  I informed him that we indeed did exactly what I told him.  Then he said; "You hung up on me!"  My reply was; "Yes I did.  And I will again if you treat me like that again.  I do not have to take that from you."

Recently, I made a comment on a comment in a Facebook Group I belonged too.  I got flame sprayed for my opinion and I hung up!  I don't have to take that shit anymore.   My 40 year association with the Navy, in uniform and as a GS 13 give me the right to have my own opinions.  You don't have to like them, but you have to respect them.  I offer this stuff freely for anyone to use of ignore.  I could keep my 40 plus years of knowledge and experience to myself.  But I am not selfish and anyway, what fun would that be.