The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Never believe your own PR!

There was a woman, who had been married twice before and she was just matted the third time.  She and her new husband were in the honeymoon suite of a classy hotel.  As they prepared to get together, she said; "Please be gentle, I am a virgin."  Her new husband was shocked and he said;  "Wait a minute, I know you have been married twice before!!  How can you be a virgin?"  She replied;  "Oh, that's, easy.  MY first husband was an Engineer, and all he ever did was tell me how to do it.  And my second husband was a salesman.  And all he ever did was tell me how good it was going to be!"

It seems the present administration and leadership in Washington, those I commonly call the SUITS, have the same problems as this poor ladies first two husbands!  They do nothing, but tell us how we should do things and how good they are!

No one should ever believe their own public relations releases!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Learn from the Russians how to deal with terrorists!

In the late 1980's, Lebanon was at war.  One of the Islamic factions in Lebanon kidnapped a Russian diplomat.  The Russians found out who the kidnappers were, sought out their families, and killed them, brutally!  Then, they killed the terrorists.  And no Russian diplomat was ever touched again!

These people only understand strength, force, and resolve.  They see any other response as weakness!!

Those that refuse to learn from history are DOOMED to repeat it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to win the war on terrorism

Let me help our President since he is obviously having problems deciding what to do with and/or about the Islamic Terrorists.  There used to be saying back during the Vietnam unpleasantries;  "When you have them by the balls, their minds and hearts will follow."  That obviously did not work, judging from the results of that war.  But, I know what will work!  It will not require boots on the ground or the death of U.S. combat troops.

We bomb any country associated with Islamic tattooists continuously, heavily, with every type of bomb, without regard for anyones life, because there are NO Innocents in a war, until the populace either throws the Islamist terrorists into the street or every person in those countries are DEAD!!  If we run out of regular bombs before they surrender, use nuclear bombs.

This simply IS the only way to win.  This is the only way to prevent this from happening again.  And nothing else will work!

I know some of you will disagree with me.  Fine.  Go there and fight them yourself.  If you want to preserve the lives of those who are butchering American citizens and want to kill YOU.  OK, but mark my words, we will be fighting them in our streets in a very short tie if we do no irradiate them, in their own lands, right now.

So, there you go Mr. President.  The best advice you can get for dealing with the Islamic terrorists.  I wonder if he will thank me?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Navy is going to down size 8000 Chiefs!?

OK, I accept the fact than the suits in Washington DC have decided to decimate the U.S. Military and the Navy is taking a big hit.  With the minuscule size of the Navy today, I don't see how it can take a hit, but obviously it is.  I just hope a group of Red Necks with 21 foot Bayliners and a full cooler of PBR don't decide to attack our country!

That being said, a continuation board is going to be convened to decide which 8000 Chiefs, Senior Chiefs, and Master Chiefs, will be required to retire, involuntarily!  This is  stressful time for those of you who are over 20, with no desire or plan to retire yet.  Many of you love the Navy and want to stay for 30 or more years.  I commend that attitude.  But, the suits have other plans.  This happened a number of years ago to Officers.  I remember a Cruiser Captain who got a letter telling him he was retiring in the MIDDLE of his command tour!!  He was shocked!

If you still want to stay, I recommend you stay at sea!  I also recommend you continue to do the best job you are capable of.  Make yourself irreplaceable.  Take on collateral duties.  Be known by the Chain of Command, in a good way.  Either extend on the ship you are on or transfer to another ship that is deploying!  Deployments always look good to selection boards!   I would take as little leave as possible and be the first one at work in the morning and the last one to leave at Knock Off!  Again, the idea is to let the Chain of Command know just how valuable you are.  That will be reflected in your Fitness Report and in turn will be seen by the Continuation Board.

This will, most likely, not be the last Continuation Board!  If you get past this one, you still need to be prepared for the next one.  This is a trend that will last until some radical country or religion attacks the Homeland again!  Then, we will be needed, wanted, and respected once more.

One more point:  Wouldn't it be sensible to retire or discharge all those in the Navy that do not go to sea or do not have a Combat Mission first?  Why do we need Musicians?  Can't civilians do what the Engineering Duty Officer does?  And what about Career Recruiters?  If we are firing folks, why do we need permanent Navy salesmen on the payroll?!   Again, just saying!

My last point;  The last time I checked, the Navy had over 400 Admirals for 275 ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers!  Maybe they need a continuation board for Flag Officers!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hey, I AM really sick!

When OPM approved my disability retirement on the first submission, I open the letter, read it, and said out loud; "I must be sick!"  Over the last amount of time, that emotion had faded.  Then today, I really felt bad around noon.  I had diarrhea and nausea, so I went to bed after the bathroom!  As I was laying there, trying to go to sleep to escape my malaise, the though came into my mind;  I have a severely torn rotator cuff in my left arm, but I cannot have the surgery to repair it until we get into a Continuing Care Retirement Facility so that when I don't wake up in the same time zone, I am covered.  And I take thousands of dollars of drugs a month.  And I can't drive.  And my left arm is so damaged I cannot lift it over my shoulder.  Hey, I must BE sick!"

I have been ignoring the fact the I am sick.  I try to do what others expect me to do.  I try to do what I used to do.  I try to be as mentally sharp as I always was.  All the "Trying" is exhausting!

Most of us with dementia actually DO attempt to be "Normal" in everyday.  Then, one day, we realize, we are negatively impacted by a degenerative neurological disease and we say; Hey I AM REALLY SICK!"  It does not matter that we are not having surgery to remove our sickness.  It does not matter that we are not having radiation therapy to cure our illness.  We are demonstrably sick.  We have a diagnosis from a number of Board Certified Physicians, take expensive drugs to attempt to slow the progression of our disease.   And most important; WE WILL DIE FROM OUR DISEASE!

So, yes, I am seriously sick.  My life and the life of my wife has been severely and negatively impacted by Lewy Body Dementia.  It has stressed our relationship and changed our lives.

Additionally, NO, I do not want sympathy.   I would appreciate understanding.

OK, just to prove my brain does not work as good as it should. this was supposed to be on my Lewy Body blog.  But, it is here and here it will stay.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Home mortgage refinance lies and innuendo

I just saw a commercial from a home refinance company, nationwide, that uses a retired Admiral to tell Veterans and active duty personnel that they have the right to a VA loan and they can refinance their VA loan to 100% of the value of their home to pay off other debts!!!

That is just plain poor financial advice!  Take equity out of your home, when you have no idea if or when house prices will drop, go up or remain the same.  And use that money, to pay off debt, probably taken on when it should not have been, on things that are already worth less than you paid for them!!  Dumb idea.

First of all, I have been a advocate for financial training for our enlisted personnel.  Credit card companies, loan companies, and mortgage companies, target our people with predatory techniques to get them in debt!  It used to be the jewelry shops and the uniform shops on the "Strip" outside the main gate and the used car lots on the next street over.  Now, it is VISA, Master Charge, Capitol One, HFC, and other financial shysters!   They offer our folks easy credit with no counseling or responsibility.

Then, add the fact that a retired Admiral is using his Rank to entice our folks to enter into these financially questionable practices!  That was the final straw and that is what caused me to write this post.

Our people are not stupid, but they are young and in many cases, inexperienced.  The Officer and Enlisted leadership of the Navy and all the Military should be looking out for our folks.  Not trying to get them to take on more debt in difficult, unpredictable times.

I worked for a number of great Flag Officers and I never saw any of them "hawking" anything that would hurt our people.  This Admiral is a disgrace to his uniform and should be disciplined for what he is profiting from.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

America is about to get Her ass kicked!

The Russians, the Red Chinese, the North Koreans, the militant Islamic, Iran, and other minor enemies know that America is weak!
I have told you this before and I am saying it again.  Now, the Russians, (i.e. The Soviet Union) is sending loaded Bombers into American air space.  Not once, but as reported, at least 16 times in the last few days.  And that is just what DOD tells us!!  They are harassing our Submarines on patrol, sending ships into American waters, and building massive militaries!

Then there is our open borders!  Our civilian leadership is letting anyone in that want to come in.   Do you think an enemy could sneak in during this time of openness?  You bet ya!!

What are we doing?  Cutting the size of the Military, sinking our own ships, reducing the size of the Fleet, scrapping combat aircraft, and firing good Officers.  It seems our civilian leadership wants us to get our ass kicked!

My middle Grandson asked me today; "Grandpa, are we going to war with Russia?"  I asked him where he heard that?  He said, at the gym.  Now if my 17 year old grandson know we are in trouble, why is everyone else in the dark?!

So, now you know the truth!  What you do with it is up to you.  I did my job!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Things I said in the past that are more true today!

I must be getting old!  Why, because I am getting bold!  Old people speak their mind, even if it is not popular to politically correct.  Of course, I have historically been good at telling the truth and damn the consequence!

I suffered from that problem when I was the Force Master Chief, Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.  For instance, just before I retired, Navy Times interviewed me.  One of they questions was about Navy Housing.  My view, and I stated this for the record, was that stateside Navy housing should be for E-5 and below personnel.  Why?  Because then and now, the E-6 and above personnel are second term or longer service people, more savvy, more financially secure, and more able to stand on their own,  When my wife was the OMBUDSMAN on the USS Caron, she had most of her trouble calls from junior enlisted personnel dependents.  So, place them in Navy housing where we can watch out for them, teach them, mentor them, and protect them from the predatory financial jackals in society.  The MCPON of that time, did not agree and that interview was scrapped!

I also thought personnel shipping over for large amounts of reenlistment bonus should be required to attend some financial responsibility and investment workshops.  Why, because I saw too many young E-5's shipping over getting  $10-15K lump sum, buying a crotch rocket motorcycle, or a Corvette, and wrapping it around a telephone pole.  The car is dead, but the payments are not!

Look, our Navy is smaller than it has been since World War One!!!   We need to take better care of the people we expect so much money on for training.  We need to spend more time mentoring the sailor and they family.  We need to have a plan for both the sailor and the dependent to succeed not only during their time in the Navy, but for life!!  The best recruiter and advertisement for the Navy is s happy sailor, on active duty and one that has successfully completed their Navy tour.  That positive experience will bring in more good people.  The negative experience will run away many good people.

Last, we need to bring Military Bearing back to the Navy!!  Shrink the enlisted seabag to the seabag of 1967.  Dress Blues, Dress Whites, Summer Whites, Dungarees, Skivvies, White Hats,  socks a Pea Coat, a Rain Coat, a Blue Working Jacket, and that is is.  Yes!!  I left out Undress Blues.  They can be there or not.  No issue.

Why do I want to change back to 1967.  So our sailors look universal!!   And to reduce the cost of uniforms, not to mention the confusion on what we were today!!  Oh, and then there is the "SAFETY" issue!!!  None of those uniforms were ultra flammable or would melt on your body in a fire!!! Just saying.

But, nobody listened to me then, and no one will listen now.  But, I still get to make my argument and be RIGHT, again!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The defense of Israel

As you watch the Islamic attempt to annihilate the Jewish people and the State of Israel, you should have some first hand knowledge about life in Israel.

I was in Israel a number of times and made good friends with an Israeli Navy Master Chief.  Master Chief Ogoor invited me to his home a number of times.  I had the pleasure of enjoying Sabbath dinner with his in-laws and toured his apartment home, including the bomb shelter!!

Yes, every home, apartment, business, school, has a bomb shelter!  In the Master Chief's apartment bomb shelter, there were gas masks in the shelter with every resident's name.  Even gas masks for babies!  And of course, some designated for "Visitors".  This part of my friendship with Oded was very sobering.

Israelis live every day with the constant threat of attack from the air, sea,  and land.  You have seen the recent rocket attacks on the people of the State of Israel over the last month or so.  These rockets were purchased with money provided by Iran, Iraq, and other militant Islamic States.  Hamas has used money given to them by the UN and other agencies, designated for humanitarian purposes, to build high tech tunnels to smuggle arms into Gaza from Lebanon and other Islamic nations.  The people of the Palestine State suffer under the leadership of Hamas.

Rockets and arms have been found hidden in UN Schools and in neighborhoods.  Hamas uses the populace as a shield for they attack on Israel!

It is also interesting that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are supporting Israel!  Of course, they know the militant Islamic Clerics of the Shiite sect want to kill those of the Sunni sect also.  So, there is a dividing line between the different Islamic sects.

Israel is under attack and it will not stop until either the Muslims are all killed or the Jews are all killed.  There is NO other way to end this war.  The question is;  What side are you on?