The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Friday, February 28, 2014

Gangs on Navy ships!

I have enough independent evidence to make me confident that what Michael Savage said on his radio show was absolutely correct!  There are organized gangs operating and controlling Navy ships! One person wrote me that the Navy help anti-gang seminars in San Diego last year!  Trust me, the Navy never acts before a problem occurs.  They REACT after there has been so much solid waste material in the air that the wardroom table is brown!!  So, that fact alone illustrated that the problem was real, severe, and out of control!!

The gangs are Hispanic and Oriental in origin I have been told.   As big as the gang problem is in the African American community, I was surprised that I did not get a report of organized African American gangs on Navy ships.  That may be an oversight and someone can correct me.  But any ethnic polarization on a Navy ship is totally unacceptable.  Everyone on the ship is of one family!  They must live, eat, work, fight, and survive together.  Anything less is unacceptable and probably will lead to the demise of that ship in anything but perfect conditions.

The weakness of the Chain of Command show up most glaringly in a catastrophe.  Flooding, fire, mass conflagration, under enemy attack, or anything that simulates these events.  A crew must be able to work together regardless their cultural differences.   I remember back in the 1970, Filipinos were not allowed to be Fire Party Leaders a Fire Fighting School in San Diego cease of their accent when using the English language.  I thought then and know now, that that was a bad policy.  It was changed in the late 1970's and that was a good decision.  My opinion is, if you are in the U.S. Navy,  you are eligible and capable to do everything!  Regardless of anything!!

I also remember a GMG1 I met on the WESTPAC Detailer's trip in 1980.  AT the communications station above Subic, I met this GMG1 who had never been to "A" or "C" school.  I told him he needed to go to "C" school to make his chances of making Chief better.  The GMG1 told me he could not go to "C" School!  I asked him WHY!  He said, because he was Filipino!!   I replied;  You are a GMG1 in the United States Navy with an exemplary record.  You made First Class on your own.  I don't care if you are a Martian, you rare going to "C" school!  Pick your system!  He chose MK 45 and did very eel in MK 45 "C" School.  He was the number one graduate of his class!  Enough said!

Where you are from, your race, religion, GPA, family status, even your sex or sexual orientation mean nothing.  You are an American Blue Jacket!!  That is all that matters to me and all that should matter to you!

So Chiefs!  What the hell are YOU going to do about this problem.  You had better fix it, or you won't like the corporate solution!! Now get to it.  Turn Two!!

Ukraine invasion!

Russia (The Soviet Union) has invaded Ukraine!  No surprise there.  The had a number of war ships in port and then dropped 2000 paratroopers into Kiev early this morning.  They took control of airports, and telecommunications sites.  No surprise!

The Olympics are over, the reporters are gone, time to crush the insurrection and bring Ukraine under Soviet dominance again.  Again, nobody should be surprised.

America is too weak militarily and economically to stop the all powerful Soviet military.  Not to mention that Russia is playing in their own back yard and we are half a world away with a Navy that can't navigate shallow water without running aground!!  So, Premier Putin will take BACK Ukraine and enslave the people of that nation that wanted to be free.  Premier Putin's hero is Joe Stalin!  Emperor Obama's hero is Abe Lincoln.

Joe Stalin butchered millions of Russians and other nationalities to solidify his hold on power.  Lincoln set aside the entire Constitution to trample the South into submission.  He arrested Southerners, without warrant, denied them their Constitutional rights, held them in prison camps wit little food or adequate housing.  Thousands died fro disease and cold.  And their only crime was wanting to be free from the tyrannical government that decorated the Constitution!  Again, sound familiar?

Obama and his LGBT Military are powerless to stop Putin.  Both Putin and Obama know that.  The people of the Ukraine are doomed to Communist domination.  I wonder what independent nation will be next?  Answer, just look west of Ukraine!  Europe will be in Putin's grasp before winter 2014!

Monday, February 24, 2014

The demilitarization of America. Or; We surrender!

Today, the Czar of the Peoples Republic of North America dictated that we will reduce the members in the standing army to Pre-1940 levels.   It should be known that the Navy has less ships than the period after World War I.  The Emperor Obama wants to spend more money on food stamps, health care for those who refuse to work, and other social welfare programs  While telling the people the OBAMA Health Careless program will make it easier for people to not work and for them to pursue other interests like smoking pot!

This along with the establishment of his own SS Gray Shirt Regiment under the Homeland Security Czar.  The standing SS Troop level is 175,000 as I write this post.  Homeland security has ordered another 14 million rounds of combat ammunition for FY 2014.

If this was not true, it would make a great novel.  But it is ALL TRUE!

We have decimated our Defenses o the point of surrender under the is Progressive, left leaning, self imposed Dictator! 

I have written time and time again about the direction our country has taken over the last 20 plus years.  But the actions of this President have been the most egregious.   While the nations of the world, that want us and other Democracies destroyed, grow their militarises at an alarming level, we disarm and turn to activities that make us ripe for take over.  Look, smoking pot only makes a pot head.  Homosexual marriage only makes more homosexuals.  We are weak, without direction, without motivation, and without GOD.  America is doomed.

The patriotism that I gave 40 years of service to the U.S. Navy and our country, is gone.  We now worship global warming, pot, and illicit sex.  Those of us who made the sacrifice of time, and in many cases life,  are looked at as the fools of society!!

Can we turn this around?   doubt it, looking at the lack of character, bravery, and intestinal fortitude, of our populace in general.  We have our smart phones in front of our faces 24/7/365.  We play games on our computers that simulate war.  The players are fat, donut eating, couch potatoes who would not last through the first ass chewing in boot camp, well enough combat.   No, surrender is probably the better action.   No one will notice the change in freedoms as long as their computer access is uninterrupted.  As long as we can smoke pot legally, have sex worth who or what ever we want to, and live with our moral compass.  Who cares if we are a Communist nation or not?  The Constitution is an old piece of history that is past it's usefulness anyway.  It was written by old, homophobic, non-pot smoking, men who went to Church.  What good is that!!

I really don't know what to do.  I would start an revolution, but no one wants to join me.  I would commit suicide as a protest, but no one would care.  I would make a speech, but no one would listen.  Face it, America is dead.  The great experiment in Democratic Republic is over.  Doomed to the dung heap of history like Rome and Greece.  And our Emperor, smokes pot, while our nation burns!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have you seen the Soviet Kirov class Nuclear powered Cruiser?!!

I was checking our the blog "Commander Salamander".  And I saw a very impressive color photo of the Kirov Class Nuclear Cruiser!!  Wow!!!

We used to have nuclear cruisers!  Some really good ones at that!  USS Texas, Arkansas, Long Beach, South Carolina, California, all with new fuel in their reactors.  All with newly installed New Threat Upgrade fire control systems.  All with Tomahawk, Harpoon, and the ability to track 150 air targets at once!!

What happened to them?  We decommissioned each ship and cut it up for scrap, one year after they were modernized and refueled!!!  Damned politicians!

Now, the Soviets have Nuclear powered Cruisers!!  Recently someone questioned me on my statement that we do not have the best, most capable, largest, Navy in the world.  I rest my case.

The Soviets are building Nuclear powered Cruisers, the Chinese are building Carriers,  Both are building Nuclear powered and Diesel Powered submarines much faster than we are.  What are we building?  LCS ships with pop guns and no underway replenishment capability!!   I believe we need to check the credentials of the people in charge of our military.  I believe they may be working for the enemy!!

No I will not retract that.  Why, because we do have enemies.  And if you think the Soviets, (I refuse to call them Russians, and if you don't agree, look at Kiev today!)  are our friends, you are stupid!  Premier Putin wants to dominate the US and the world.  The Soviet goal has NEVER changed!

We are talking about decommissioning Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers to save money.  But the real reason we will decommission them is to speed up our surrender!!!

Damn I am mad!!

Gangs on Navy ships?

Today, my wife had a doctor's appointment.  I waited in the car because I did not want to be exposed to every cold and flu bug in the geographic area.  It also gave me an opportunity to listen to "The Michael Savage" radio show.  I have enjoyed Dr. Savage for a long time.  In one of the stories he was covering he discussed the grounding of the USS Taylor.  He talked about conversations he has had with active duty Navy personnel that described "Gangs"running rampant on Navy ships.  I assumed he was discussing Gangs in the Enlisted community.  But it was not made openly clear.

First of all.  If you know this is true or not true, I would like you to let me know.

Second.  The ideas of "Gangs" forming and operating on Navy ships is not a far reach.  I have written before about my first exposure to Organized Crime on a Navy ship.  The Navy used to operate a ship to test weapons systems, the USS Norton Sound (AVM 1)   I was on the USS Leftwich and, as tradition had it, as the Chief Gunner's Mate, I was the Chief Master at Arms.  We were assigned to DESRON Five and so was this test ship.    One day, I was given a non-rated Seaman from the USS Norton Sound.  I was told to protect him.

It was apparent that he had been beaten severely!  From the scars, bruises, and bumps, on his body and from the paranoid, frightened, demeanor he displayed.  He would do anything I asked, and do it well.  But he would never leave my side.  At night, he followed the Duty Master at Arms around like a puppy.  Every Friday afternoon, a limo would pick him up and take him to his Father's home.  Monday morning, bright and early, there he was.

Finally he told me his story.  In a nut shell, he was on the USS Norton Sound and accidentally saw a female sailor get dumped over the side, underway, at night, with a weight tied to her!  He was noticed!  And a few nights later, he was beat with "Dogging Wrenches" while he slept in his bunk!!  The tried to kill him, but, he lived.  He went UA and finally his Father, who was somebody important, but I never found out how important, made a deal with the Navy that his son would identify the Mobsters and testify at their Courts Martial, and then be discharged.  I was with this young, frightened, Seaman when he was hypnotized by a Criminal Psychologist from San Diego State University.  Under hypnosis, he told his story.  It was like a movie!!  The entire session was video taped.  Everyone there, including me, had to identify themselves on the video, provide our ID cards, and sign releases.  The bottom line of this story is, there was an Organized Crime gang, with ties to civilian Organized Crime, operating on the ship.  Selling Drugs, prostitution, and anything else!!  I was shocked.  Now, it would not surprise me.

If what Dr. Savage said today was or is true, we need to stop this now!!   Dr. Savage said this Officer he talked to said they were afraid to walk the decks of the ship at night!  We had that problem back in the 1970's drink the drug days.  But many of us DID walk the decks at night.  I dare some smart ass to jump me.  I did then and I do now.  Remember asshole, I have the keys to the armory!!

But vibrato aside, you Chiefs on active duty MUST take charge of this situation, if it is indeed true.  Lawlessness, disorder, disrespect, and anything that disrupts the Chan of Command cannot be tolerated.  To turn a blind eye and a deaf ear is tantamount to authorizing this criminal activity!

So, please let me know if "Gangs" are a problem.  If they are, I will sound the General Alarm in ever venue I can find!!  If what I heard is Mess Decks Intelligence, I will print a retraction and shut up.

I await your next communication.  bt

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another U.S. Navy ship runs aground. In the Black Sea!!!

I read today that the USS Taylor, a Peary Class FF(G) ran aground in the Black Sea.  It was one of the two U.S. Navy ships sent to the Black Sea, Russia's private lake, while pulling into port to refuel.  While the ship was able to unground itself, the propeller is damaged!  Most likely, the ship will have to be towed out of the Black Sea, through the very narrow passage back into the Med!  This will be a major embarrassment to the United States!

OK, you can say the charts were old.  We were never there before, The OOD had dirt in his or her eyes, or the fathometer was out of calibration.  All excuses!!  If the charts they had showed a shallow approach, why didn't the Captain have a Boatswain's Mate out with a Lead Line!!  You might even question sending such an old ship, with questionable material readiness, on this politically sensitive mission.  No, this is an act of incompetence!!   If you are in Command and you park your ship on the beach, you should be fired!

 This is another blaring example of the incompetence of the U.S. Navy's seamanship.  Driving ships is basic seamanship and we failed, again.  With ll the high tech navigation aides, radars, fathometers, and electronic charting, we run a ship aground in Russia's private lake!!   You know the Admirals in the Kremlin and Premier Putin are laughing their collective asses off!  Way to go Commander.  You embarrassed us big time.

Yesterday, I received a comment from someone questing me about my previous post stating that we were not the biggest or best Navy at sea.  Here is another example of what I said.  On a regular basis, we fail the basic skills test of basic seamanship.  All the technology in the world, and our Officers park a ship on the beach.  How are we going to shoot in combat if we can't park in peacetime!?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Laser weapon at sea!!

OK, I will admit I have been strident in my condemnation of the Navy Engineering Duty Officer Community.  And they have deserved it!!  But, who ever the Program Manager in PMS whatever number they are in NAVSEA should get the Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster for this new system!!

I do not have access to any SECRET information.  As Will Rogers said; "All I know is what I read in the news paper."  But, based on my perusal of the Internet, this is the first use of a charged energy weapon at sea!  That is an exceptional development, that reflects the "Old" technical leadership that America used to exhibit.  We used to have the best ships, best weapons systems, most capable fleets, best Naval Leaders, best maintained systems, best technical crews, and best technology in the world.

In World War Two, one of our technical benefits was the fact that we could replenish at sea.  Ammo, fuel, groceries, repair parts, all replenished at 20 knots!!  We held that advantage long after WW II.  Another technical advantage was being able to keep a gun mount replenished with ammo while firing, at any degree of bearing and any arc of elevation.  OK, we are going backwards on that one!  The New gun on the Zumwalt Class Cruiser has to elevate to a load position!   Take one point away from the EDS in PMS  whatever number they are in NAVSEA.

Honestly, this new Laser Weapon is a great accomplishment and give us an advantage that we have not had for a long time.  It comes at a time that we badly need this type of morale raising advantage!  It also comes at a time that we are not the best Navy in the world, not the biggest Navy in the wold, and not the most capable Navy in the world.  Maybe this is the first big step in our resurgence as a Naval power. I can pray!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Memories; Why did we polish shitcans?

That's right, Why DID we polish shit cans?  I assume we no longer do.  Being soft, cuddly, and politically correct and all that.  But, you must remember the first barracks inspection in Boot Camp.  Someone HAD to polish that dented, filthy, shitcan.  I am sure, at the time, no one had any idea why that had to be done.  But in time, it became an issue of pride!  As a matter of fact, so did the deck shining even though you did not have a buffer.  Remember placing an old Navy blanket on the floor, flipping a table over on to the blanket, having two or three shipmates sit on the table and dragging that blanket end table all over the barracks deck?  How about all that went into making the Head look all spit and polishes?!

Why did we work so hard to make things shine that were not made to shine or that we were not given the proper tools to make them shine?  Good question, I will now tell you the answer.  The entire drill of shine, shine, shine.was for the purpose of building pride in the unit!  Second, it was to make us think outside of the box.  If I do not have a buffer, how CAN I make this deck shine?  And it was to see WHO had the intestinal fortitude to preserver no mater the challenge.  Those three characteristics followed us into the fleet.  Hopefully, our Work Center Supervisors, Leading Petty Officers, and Chiefs continued the education.  I know some did not.  But I was lucky to have some great Petty Officers and Chiefs that mentored me, taught me, and corrected me when I needed it.  They built a fairly good sailor.  I fondly remember those men and their lessons.  And I hope I did half as good as they did for me.

There used to be a saying in the Navy; "You can't polish a turd!"  Well, I disagree with that.  I believe every person who volunteers to joint the Navy, or any other Service, wants to succeed, wants to do his or her best.  If they do not reach their goals, it is Leadership that failed.  Not them.  If you are still on active duty, remember the lessons of Boot Camp.  Remember what motivated you to go above and beyond what would normally be accepted in the civilian world.  Then, apply those lessons to the folks that work with and for you!  Yo will be surprised how good your sailors are.

One more thing.  If you are a SEAL or an EOD technician.  You know more about going above and behind that any of the rest of us know.  What motivated you?  Why did you complete BUDS training?  Who was the mentor that saw you through the hard times?  The times YOU wanted to ring the bell?  Tel the rest of your active duty shipmates about going above and beyond!  They need to learn from your examples.  I salute you!

Herding Cats!

The single worst job/responsibility that I ever had as the Command Master Chief on the USS Caron was getting the Officers to "Fall In" for "Officers Call"!   I was assigned that task by my first XO.  Commander Bauer was a great Officer and an inspiring Leader.  One morning, I was at "Officers Call" as I always was and the Department Heads and Junior Officers were milling around in the designated place.  Not in ranks, talking and joking among themselves.  The XO, had to scream at the top of his lungs to get their attention.  He then said;  Master Chief, why do you let them act like this!"  After that, it was my job to get 25 or so highly educated Officers to look like a Military unit!  Trust me, teaching cats to do close order drill would have been easier and more rewarding!

Since the second XO of my tour on Caron did not like Enlisted men, I was quickly and unceremoniously removed from that responsibility!  His loss, because they never fell in for him either!

Why do I bring this up?  Well, I have taken it upon myself to establish a USS Stein (DE/FF 1065) Association with the first priority of business being, having a USS Stein reunion!!   I have received responses from a couple of Stein shipmates and I am hoping we can get many more.

I am looking for suggestions as to the location of this gathering and of course, the date.  My thought is Spring of 2015.   I am not aware of any Knox Class ship being on display as a museum.  If someone does know of a Knox Class museum ship, that would be a great location for a reunion.  Another great place would be Boston because of the many U.S. Navy ships to tour there including the USS Constitution and the heavy gun Cruiser, USS Salem.  Yes, the USS Massachusetts is there too.

SO, put on your thinking caps and let me know what your desires are.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Iranian combat ships off the east coast of America

This was an interesting story to read.  A couple of Iranian Navy ships are supposedly off the east coast of the United States.  A question came quickly into my mind when I read this.  Who, what country, refueled and replenished these ships?  Trust me, you can't steam, from Iran to Norfolk Virginia on one tank of gas!  Not to mention groceries!

Second, I wonder if the Iranian Navy has got any better at maintaining equipment?   I taught Iranians at Gun School at Great Lakes back in the 1970's.   That was when the Shah was in power and Iran was our friend.  Those Iranians could not or did not want to do anything that looked like manual labor.  So, I wonder who actually operated the ship's systems and fixed them when they failed.  It certainly was not an Iranian sailor unless the Iranian culture has drastically changed!  Which I strongly doubt.

Third question;  Who cares!  So they can steam a ship or two from Iran to the east coast of the United States.  It has been done before.  So don't call Ripley's Believe It of Not!   Let's see them fight, put out fires, control flooding, and repair the ship!  Chances are, based on my exposure to Iranians, they will throw their arms up in the air at the first sound of fighting!

One of my best friends, Master Chief James Smith, of Placervile, California, a Gunner's Mate extraordinaire, went to Iran, at the Iranian Naval Training Center, on the Caspian Sea.  As I have written before, James was a tough man who took nothing from anyone, regardless of the circumstances.  An Iranian Naval Officer called him a liar, and Jim punched the Iranian Officer turning him into a crumpled heap on the floor after that one punch.  The Navy was told to get Jim out of the country in 48 hours or the Shah would have him executed!   True story, I verified it with two separate individuals, one the Officer in Charge of the U.S. Navy contingent in Iran!

What is the point of this story?  The Iranians collapse at the first blow of a fight.  I have no reason to think they will fight a ship any different.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Shipmate makes contact

Last week, Ed called me!  He was in the Pre-Commissioning crew of the USS Stein (DE 1065).  We talked for quite a while about our time on the Stein and the Shipmates we remembered.  We both agreed that our time on Stein and in the Navy was some of the best times we ever had.

Ed brought up the fact that the USS Stein has never had a reunion.  He is right, and it is time we correct that.  So, if you are a Stein sailor, regardless of the year, let me know.  I will take the lead and plan an event if I get 10 individuals to commit to a reunion.  Reunions are fun and they connect us to our past.  They do not need to be big, grand, or fancy.  The do need to be intimate and relaxed.  SO, let me know and we will get going on a USS Stein reunion.

As far as Ed's call.  I really appreciate hearing from shipmates.  My Navy time is what I spend most of my time thinking of.  So, hearing from someone who knew me 43 years ago is wonderful.   Imagine, someone thought enough of what I did 43 years ago to want to talk to me.  That made me feel good and I know it makes others feel good.  So, I encourage each of you to call that shipmate.  Trust me, you both will love the experience.   Thanks Ed!