The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Friday, March 28, 2014

Scrapping the MHC and the Tomahawk program.

Yesterday, I was searching the Internet to find an old Navy ship to purchase.  Sort of a restoration project!  I thought it would be a good thing to do in my retirement.

On the GSA site I found six MHC class Coastal Mine Sweepers for sale, as a lot, for scrap!!  These ships are virtually new!  Not to mention that we need coastal mine sweeping capabilities in the Persian Gulf and maybe even in New York harbor if you take the President's fear of an attack on New York seriously!

But there they were.  Virtually new ships, with low miles, for sale, in a lot of six ships, for sale as SCRAP!!  They will go for peanuts if you use the USS Kennedy as an example.  It sold for one dollar!!

On another sad note, the President's 2015 Budget SCRAPS the Tomahawk program!!  I am at a loss for words over this stupidity.  Other than nuclear weapons, Tomahawk is the Navy's Main Battery!!

The only logical explanation is the President is disarming America and purposely making the Navy impotent!  Please remember that ONLY the Navy is one second away from fighting anywhere in the world!  The Navy does not have 90 days to get ready.  Once deployed, they are subject to fight anywhere in the world at anytime, at a minutes notice!!

The days and the news just keep getting worse.  Yet, you never hear about this from the news services, even FOX.  Stupid is as Stupid does!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

America's world position

I read an article today that states that China is trying to push America out of Asia!  That report matches China's enormous Naval growth including Aircraft Carriers.  I also saw a report that China will have ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads on their submarines by the end of the year!  Sounds like another reason to believe the report of China pushing us out of Asia.

I also read the report of the shooting on the USS Mahan at Naval Station Norfolk.  While I will not comment at this time about the shooting, a point in the article grabbed my attention.  The report stated that there are 68 ships home-ported at Naval Station Norfolk!!   Think of it.  The supposed largest Naval Station in the world only has 68 ships home-ported there!!  When I was the Force Master Chief of the Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, there were over 300 ships in SURFLANT and over 125 ships home-ported in Norfolk.

The third article I read explained how we are going to lay up eleven AEGIS Cruisers this year!!  That is eleven of the most capable air defense, surface combatants in our Navy, sent to rust away without a crew, unable to deploy without re-crewing and training!!

Then add the fact that under President Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, we have scrapped every ship we decommissioned in the last 15 years!  Nuclear Cruisers, Spruance Class Destroyers,  New Threat Upgrade Cruisers, 5 AEGIS Cruisers, Aircraft Carriers, 2 LHA's, Fast Attack Submarines, Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines, both nuclear powered all cut up for scrap!!  Then we gave the 4 DDG 993 class ships to Taiwan.   Many of these ships were upgraded before they were scrapped!!

America is no longer a world power and we have lost our ability to defend our allies or project power worldwide.  That is why Putin is doing as he wills in Europe.  We have no ability to stop him.

Our Navy is anemic and spread so thin that the loss of one ship would be critical.  But, maybe I am wrong.  We do have the LCS and PC's to fill in the gaps!!  We are so screwed!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to run a Navy

I was talking to my best friend, reminiscing about the Navy we served in.  That is my way of keeping my sanity.   Jerry brought up the asinine idea that SECDEF has to count the PC's as part of the combat fleet to increase the number of ships the Navy has!!   Logic like that makes me doubt the value of a college education!

The PC and LCS Class ships cannot refuel or replenish underway!  They have limited station keeping capabilities and are NOT open ocean ships.  There is no way around that fact!  In World War II, the PT Boats were not counted as commissioned ships.  They were coastal craft and so are the PC and LCS class ships.

That being said, the topic of the PHM's came up.  The PHM was another ship class that had no mission.   They could get somewhere fast and had a decent surface warfare capability with the MK 75  Gun forward and Canister Harpoon aft.  But, they were not open water ships and had limited range due to fuel constraints.  But, they could refuel underway!!

When I was on the USS Caron (DD 970) we made a anti-drug run in the Caribbean.  There was one or two PHM's operating with us and every other day we refueled them underway!  That's right, a Spruance Class Destroyer acting as the replenishment ship for the PHM!  It was just like the big AOE's did it.  We set the course, the PHM made it's approach, we shot shot lines over for the Phone and Distance line and the Refueling Rig.  Then the rig went over and was connected to the PHM, then we sent the hose over.  They stayed along side at 15 knots for about 30 minutes!!  Then we would retrieve the rig and break away!  It was one of the most interesting thing I ever did.

I seriously doubt if that capability exists today. But we did it on the USS Caron and I know other ships did also.  It was out of the ordinary and that is what made it fun!!   Maybe it is time to start thinking out of the box again!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Hijack of the Malaysian Airliner!!

My wife told my son and I that the Malaysian Airliner was hijacked two days after the plane went missing!   Even our so thought she was wrong.  Turns out, she was right.

I tell you this to illustrate how unsafe we are in this world.  Think about the coordination required to hijack an airliner in mid air, fly it for seven hours to a location no one can find, and all under the cover of a suspected airliner crash!  The perpetrators turned off the airliner's IFF transponders and flew into a zone that has little or no radar coverage.  They did make a mistake in that they did not know or could not turn off the remote equipment monitoring transmissions installed on all commercial aircraft!

I wrote a post some time ago about a strange event that happened in the Persian Gulf to a U.S. Navy combat ship.  It seemed ALL the time pieces on the ship FAILED at the same time!!  Chronometers,  wristwatches, electric wall clocks, everything STOPPED at the same time!!  The Commanding Officer was brave enough to report this strange occurrence to SURFLANT and CINCLANTFLT.  I read the message and was asked to comment on it.  My immediate thought was EMP!!   Electric Magnetic Pulse!  All the Officers at SURFLANT laughed and scoffed at me.  I wonder if they would like to reconsider their position.

The point is, we have under estimated our enemy and that may be fatal.  And back to the point of that airliner.  We WILL see that aircraft again!  When it is loaded with explosives and crashes into an aircraft carrier!  Mark my words.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Desert Storm Preps

We drove over a rail yard today and my wife commented on the fact that the yard was once full of rail cars.  That brought back my memories of being in Norfolk and watching the Navy get ready for Desert Storm.  The train tracks still ran through Norfolk Naval Station and train after train full of every implement of modern warfare clogged the road that ran along the head of the piers at the end of Naval Station where the Carriers and Big Deck Amphibs tie up.  These were the old Naval Operations Base (NOB) piers before the Destroyer and Submarine Piers and NOB were merged.

But this time, the piers were full of USNS roll on, roll off ships.  These ships are stored in ready reserve for a time just like this.  The crews called from many places including active duty Navy.  A Commander that would later be the Executive Officer of FTSCLANT was taken off active duty to be the Chief Engineer on one of these ships.  Also, the civilian in charge of the Port Engineers for SURFLANT,  John Kennedy who is now diseased, was also called to be a USNS Chief Engineer.  Men like these are what make America great!  They re always ready to answer the call of duty.

Train load after train load of cargo, tanks, ammunition, food, and fuel, were loaded on the USNS ships first, then the Amphibs, and then the Aircraft Carriers, Battleship, Cruisers, ad Destroyers.  There were also thousands of Marines loading their equipment onto the Amphibs along with themselves!  It was a sight to see.  I was proud to be an American and proud to be an American Blue Jacket!!

Where was I, working on the USS Wisconsin getting her ready to go.  We had Turret Certifications to complete which included fixing ever thing we could including rebuilding all nine breech plugs.  We did Power Driving alignments for strain and Elevation on all three turrets and nine guns.  Remember, each gun has it's own Elevation Power Drive and Indicator Regulator!  Another interesting thing is, like most gun mounts and missile launchers, 16"/50 Tripple Gun Turrets use a Special "K" hydraulic transmission to drive the heavy turret in train.  That is, one hydraulic pump, (A-end) and TWO hydraulic motors (B-ends) turning two separate drive pinions!   Each turret is a magnificent engineering marvel, especially considering it was all 1919 technology!!

Mobilizing the Navy is a wonderful thing to witness.  Active duty, reserve components, USNS Sailors, and Civil Servants and Contractors working together for the common goal of getting each ship 100% ready to complete Her mission!!   If you were part of that time, I am sure your have fond memories too.  Thanks for all that each of you did.  It was monumental on all fronts.  I would like to be part of something like that one more time!

Transgenders in the Military!

An independent commission headed by former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders has reached the conclusion that there is no reason to exclude Transgender individuals from serving in the Military.  Just shoot me now!

The report went on to say that the past practice of banning Trannies, their use of the word, not mine, was based on a misunderstanding go gender assignment!  Now, I for one have never been confused about gender assignment.  It is based on the sexual organs you were born with!  Now, before someone gets upset, I have learned that a small minority of individuals are born with both sexual organs.   They may actually have a genuine gender assignment issue.

First of all, saying that a commission lead by Ms Elders was "independent" is like saying Lincoln lived by the Constitution!  She is a Progressive, through and through!!  She make Trotski look like a moderate!

No, this is all about making any perverted life style legal and accepted by the mainstream.   After the Trannies are given acceptance, they will work to legitimize the sexual perverts that prey on young boys.  Then it will be the folks who love their horse.  And finally, the Poligimists!  Now, that group will bankrupt the military with dependent care costs!!

Our country has denigrated to the point that endorses any perverted or illegal life style and denigrates anyone who dares to live by a moral code.   Recreational drugs are good!  Alcohol is bad.  Being married to one woman and being monogamous is bad!  Having sex with anyone or anything is good.

This all brings a sea story to mind.  When I was going to meet the USS Caron in the Med.  I flew to Souda Bay, Crete on a C-2 with no Head.  We flew from Rota to Souda Bay and when we got there I had to GO!!  I dashed into the hanger and saw the sign that said "HEAD"  I went in, say the urinal, and relieved my self.  Then a female sailor came out of the Comode behind me and started to complain that I had not seen the "Wheel"!  What "Wheel"?  I had never seen a "Wheel".  When I leaf the "HEAD"  I noticed a "Wheel" on the door to the "Head" that said; Men/Women.

What will we have on the "Head" doors now?

PS;  Think about it;  Transgender Gangs on Navy ships!!  Militant men dressed as women and women dressed as men!!  This could be ugly.  Maybe the CNO should consider bringing back beards~~

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Flame Sprayed!!

I received one, ONE comment from someone who took exception to my last three posts.  This Anonymous writer complained that today's sailors were in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting the war and we who served during the Cold War and Vietnam were drunk, whoring, no loads hanging out on liberty.  OK, I did talk about our propensity to drink.  I never mentioned whores, and most of us did not patronize the Ladies of the Evening.  Yes, some did.  And, now that I know about Human Trafficking, I am on record against patronizing prostitutes!  Live and learn.

I respect and honor the service of those who serve.  I do not agree with the climate in the military today.  I believe as a whole, things are too easy, too gentile, and too politically correct.

And as far as Combat Service, Vietnam, Lybia, Lebanon (Twice), Nicaragua, spy mission near the  Vladivostok sub pens, Black Sea Ops (Twice) and other classified deployments.   I was involved in uncovering the Communist Arms traffic between Nicaragua and El Salvador,  We actually were talking directly to the White House on that mission.  I fired Naval Gun Fire Support (NGFS) to keep the Marines safe at the Beirut Airport in Lebanon.  Operation End Sweep in Vietnam.  Tracked Soviet Subs, and other enemy subs during the Lebanon mission.  Not to mention playing bumper cars with Soviet Ships in various locations around the Globe.  I also visited the SEALS and went on an Op with them off of Barge Hercules during the Iran/Iraq War.   This trip was when I was the Force Master Chief at SURFLANT!    Every time there was a war or combat mission, as a Gunner's Mate I volunteered!  I did my share.  Do I denigrate what you and your generation has done?  No.  I do think the Navy has turned into a dating service, electronically connected to their Mommies 24/7/365.  Your generation is paid far better than we were and much less is asked of you.

For instance, stores are now loaded on Navy ships by contractors and machines, NOT by the sailors that live on the ship!!  No one hangs over the side of the ship chipping paint!  That is done in hermetically sealed environments in commercial shipyards.   And while I applaud the attention to PTSD!   I would remind you that those who had combat stress from Vietnam were called Sick Bay Commandos!!  Times have changed from my generation to yours.  Some changes are good, but some are not, in my estimation.

You also must understand that I write from my perspective!  This Blog is a recollection of my service and how I see things.  It is an opinion piece.  My opinion.  And many folks agree with me.  Some don't, and I appreciate both points of view.  I also post all comments as long as they do not unnecessarily.

So, while my skin is thick, I found that I must defend my post this time.   If I were in Uniform today, I would have made as many tours in the combat zone as the Navy would have permitted.  In my years of service, I did more than the norm and as much as the Navy would permit.   Also, I applied for recall right after 9/11.  I received a nice letter from BUPERS telling me; Thanks, now sit down and shut up!  I guess they had enough drunk, womanizers.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Drinking alcohol used t be nearly a requirement in the United States Navy.  We used to say, you could not make "Chief" until you went to "Dry Dock" which is a sailor term to Alcohol Rehab.  That was not true, but it let's you know we all drank, a lot!  Chief's initiations were every month from September until March when I came in.  There was no "Frocking".   And, there was abundant amounts of adult beverages at Chief's Initiations.  Probably too much.

But it was looked on as a normal part of being a sailor.  Ship's Parties, Picnics, Wardroom Parties, all centered around booze.  I watch my Three Start Admiral drink three fingers of Ever Clear to show a soon to be promoted Admiral how tot hold his liquor!  Even Anchor's Aweigh has a verse about drinking!

I remember pulling into Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico to refuel.   The Captain would have a van with cold beer on the pier.  After we were done taking on fuel and stores.  We each got two beers to drink.  Of course, if you did not drink, you gave your two beers to someone else!  This happened many times in many places!!

I also remember the early days of required annual PRT.  After the PRT was over, there was beer, and lots of it!!

When I was a young Second Class Gunner's Mate, when we went on liberty we went to DRINK!  We would go to the "Westerner" on National Avenue in "Nasty City" and drink until 9PM.  Why, because Well Drinks were 25 cents until the band started!  Then we went to the Acey Ducey Club at 32nd Street in San Diego and drank until they closed.  Now back then, we were in six section duty!!  That was one thing we thanked Admiral Zumwalt for.  So, 5 nights out of 6, we were drinking!

One of the guys I drank with ordered drinks four at a time.  He never wanted to run out!!  I one guys that drove better after drinking than before.  When the ship got underway, the first meal was always greasy and heavy.  The Captain would have the Helm's man steer a crooked course if the seas were calm.  Why, to sober up the crew!!

I can tell you about good bars in cities all over the world.   Drinking was our relief valve.  We seldom got in trouble.  Seldom got in fights, and always made it back in time for Quarters in the morning.

Now, I am not advocating becoming a drunk.  By the way, I was a drunk, not an Alcoholic!  Alcoholics go to meetings!!  When it was time to stop drinking, I could and DID!  Most of my drinking partners did.  Did we get drunk?  Hell yes!  But like I said, we did not cause trouble.  Yet, I know today, that sort of "Liberty" is frowned upon.  But, looking at the silk panty wearing, metro sexual, limp wrist, paper cut, pussies we have in Navy Uniforms today, I wonder who was the better Sailor?  WE did not hang out at Sick Bay.  We worked our asses off.  Did our maintenance to the letter, and our equipment worked!  Why, because we could not go on Liberty of our systems were down.  Another thing today's Navy does not do.  Like the Senior Chief Radioman on the USS Caron used to say; "If your shits broke, so are you."  And he and I have some very good liberty stories, especially from Rodman Panama in the Chief's Club!  Those stories involve making a sizable amount of money from the Chiefs on the USS Jack Williams playing Ship, Captain, Crew!

I saw a store on the news yesterday that said a couple barricaded themselves in their bedroom and called 911 to be rescued form they house cat!  It seems this "Fat" feline was aggressive!  Yes, it was 22 pounds, but it is a house cat!!  Now, I never needed rescue from a house cat, drunk or sober!  (Me not the cat)   I believe that store exemplifies the state of manhood in America!  I will trace one of my drinking buddies against any metro sexual man today, anytime.  Drunk or sober!!  Drink up!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Red on Blue Exercises

When I was on active duty, we knew who the enemy was.  We held Fleet wide exercises with half the Fleet acting as the Enemy and half the American Fleet.  We landed Marines, did exercises with the Air Force moving supplies, and even BUPERS got involved by doing reassignments after simulated ship sinking's and also activating Reserves and retired members.  I actually remember filling our orders for retired members when I was the GMG Detailer.

But now, we don't do those times of real world exercises.  Why, because it would be politically incorrect to call anyone our enemy!

But look ate the real world and you will see that I am now and have always been correct.  The Soviet Union is alive and well!!   Comrade Putin wants to reassemble the old Soviet Union.   Georgia was the first step.  Nobody did anything, so after an intermission, the Ukraine was the next target.  Now, after no one did anything again, he will go after another jewel.  Do I think Comrade Putin will retake East Germany?  No, but Poland better worry!

You see, after the Cold War ended, Russia retrenched.  They discarded the States that were money drains.  Now, the Politburo has rebuilt the economy and in turn the Military, and now they are going to take back the old Soviet States that ring Russia.  Why, to act as an armor belt around Mother Russia.  Their goal is to never let foreign troops invade Russia again!

The real question is two fold.  Are we ready to do anything to defend those free Countries in Europe that Comrade Putin wants to absorb?  And second, are we capable of doing anything?  Presently, the answer to both questions is a resounding, NO!

I never thought I would say this, but I miss those six week FleetEx training cruises.  Port and Starboard watches.  Quick Draw gunnery exercises at all hours of the night, refueling on short notice at 3 AM, and operating with other NATO Countries all with a common goal, Freedom!

Maybe we should rekindle those memories for the new Fleet Sailor.  Now would be a good time, before it is entirely too late.  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Where have all the sailors gone. Part Two!

I did not write my last post.  It was emailed to me by a good friend.  I thought, no I knew it was so good, I had to share it with you.  It really does sum up our problem.

When I was a sailor, especially in my younger ears, sailors were expected to get drunk, fight, and chase lose women.  But, once they sobered up after we got underway, they worked as had as they played.  Cut hand, no problem.  Broken arm, put a splint on it and let's get to work.  Knocked out, pour water on him and tell him to get back to work!!!  No time for concussions, stitches, or casts.  We have a job to do!  Danger?!  This is no more dangerous than last night in the Gut!

Today, paper cuts demand Purple Hearts!  Ask John Kerry!! He got two!  Depression happens when the email goes down!  And the "Doc" has to administer Xanax if they loose the Television signal for the final episode of "American Idol"!!

There are no initiations permitted!  Chief's Initiation, Shellback Initiation, Blue Nose, even divisional initiations.  Pink Bellies, Greasings, and many other traditions now bring Court Martial and firings!!.   I wonder HOW we build camaraderie today?  The civilians in their pink nylon panties need to realize that being in the Military and especially, being in the Navy is far different than being in an office!   Our job is to kill people and wreck things!!  Ours is NOT a polite society!!  Oh, the Wardroom pretends to be all prim and proper.  But even THEY enjoy initiations!

I wonder what will happen when we get into a real fight.  Guns firing, incoming missiles, CIWS guns firing their staccato 300 round bursts, the ship turning hard to port or starboard to avoid a torpedo, bombs falling from the sky, and the ship flooding from numerous hits?!   I was told a story about a Damage Control Assistant on a ship that was severely damaged.  That DCA sat down and cried and could not do the job.  The Chief Engineer had to step in and organize the damage control effort.

I have also been told, by a Vietnam POW, that most American men have never been punched in the nose!  He told me, most of the POW's in Vietnam that broke, broke after being hit in the nose, once. That was 40 years ago!! What would it take now, a loud voice!!

I also remember that when I was on the USS Mullinnix, we worked Saturday morning, in home port! One Saturday, we had a all hands personnel inspection.  One of our GMG 1's stood tall for inspection, and after the Captain, the XO, the Department Head, and the Division Officer passed by him, he passed out, at attention, face first, and hit the deck!!  No one flinched!!  After all, he looked good doing it!!

No, the military and especially the Navy, is no place for polite, genteel, personnel.  We have to be ready for what ever comes and tough enough to outlast what ever happens.  Where HAVE all the Fleet Sailors gone?

Where have all the sailors gone?

Don't know who wrote this, but it pretty much sums up the social changes in the Navy.

They were famous throughout the Navy. The Gut in Barcelona; East Main Street in Norfolk; Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn; (Fulton & Lafayette), The Combat Zone in Boston; The Pike in Long Beach; Market Street in San Francisco, Bank Street in New London; Broadway Street in San Diego; Hotel (s**t) Street in Honolulu; The Honcho in Yokosuka, China Town and Sakuragi-cho in Yokohama; Wanchai in Hong Kong; Buggis Street in Singapore; Magsaysay in Olongapo; and all the other places where fleet sailors congregated.

People ask, "Where did they go?"

Well shipmate, they didn't go anywhere. You are asking the wrong question. You should ask, "Where did all the fleet sailors go?"

Long ago, on payday night and in the nights following, these streets were a paradise to the North American Blue Jacket. A person could look down the street and see neon signs advertising beer and bars and a sea of white hats bobbing up and down as sailors made their way from bar to bar. At liberty call these became a shopping center for intoxicating beverages and sex.

And in some places a PO2 could get that new First Class crow sewn on or that old Third Class crow sewn back on. No need for crows these days. It is all collar and hat devices. Hell, I don't see much need for dress canvas these days. The only time I see it worn is when a ship is leaving or returning from a deployment.

With all the straight sailors and females, the gays and lesbians and "don't knows" aboard these days, I figure sailors are shopping for sex closer to home.

The smoking lamp is cold and probably over the side or being saved for recycling or Mary Soo (forget her, CumShaw is Fraud, Waste, Abuse and misappropriation of government property. I'll tell a story about the consequences of CumShaw some time). Instead of trading useless gear to Mary Soo for painting the ship, the Navy now recycles and lets a multi-thousand dollar contract to get the job done.

Smoking is now frowned upon. Surface ships limit smoking to a tiny, uncomfortable topside space. My shipmates in the Bubble Head world can no longer smoke anyplace aboard the boat. Municipalities and states have also jumped on the bandwagon and banned smoking in bars and restaurants.

Drive past any bar or lounge and you will see a group standing on the corner smoking and no, they cannot bring their drinks outside. It is against the law to drink in public. Drinkers are now pariahs in our modern Navy.

The clubs are closed. They no longer exist or have been converted to MWR game rooms where the strongest drink available is a lousy Red Bull.

Quarterdecks of ships, in addition to a podium, log books, long glass, and weapon are now equipped with a Breathalyzer and probably a watch stander to operate it.

Many commands are requiring that sailors refrain from drinking the day prior to a duty day.

Back in the day, a sailor ashore knew that his shipmates had his back. Whether in a confrontation with a sailor from another ship, marines, or Limeys, he knew his shipmates would stand with him.

Too much to drink? A shipmate would help you back aboard and even help you to your rack. You would do the same for him. These days, you are assigned a "Liberty Buddy." You are to stay together and, I guess, keep each other from drinking or smoking.

 With the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", I guess a dalliance with a "Rump Ranger" would be okay. But, before you go ashore, you have to formulate a "Liberty Plan" and get it approved by your Department/Division Liberty Coordinator. If during your liberty, you or your Liberty Buddy change your plan, you must contact your Liberty Coordinator and get the change approved.

I surmise that, "I'll be in the Barrio some place getting screwed." would not be an acceptable liberty plan. Always worked for me!

They were more than streets and bars. First and foremost, they were the repositories of small bits and pieces of the history of America's forces afloat. They were the unofficial clubhouses of those of us who went to sea on old gray steel under the flag of the United States.

They were places where a thirsty bluejacket could go and park his butt where sailors of earlier fleets had parked theirs.

They were the poor man's Valhalla, where lads who plowed deep salt water could go and share fellowship and sea stories with fellow practitioners of the nautical arts. A place where well-intentioned exaggeration and bulls**t-gilded flawed recollection were readily forgiven and accepted.

They were places where lonely strays could tie up alongside a warm feminine fanny on a cold night. For a few bucks, and sometimes love.

Where did the streets and the bars go you ask?

Where the hell did the real sailors go?

"Any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction, I SERVED IN THE UNITED STATES NAVY."


August 1, 1963