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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Veterans and Active Duty personnel under the pay grade of O-7 are trash!

Three points that will aggravate you as much as they did me.

First;  The VA now wants to require all applications for disability to be filled out online.  And, the clock for the beginning of any benefits will not start until the form is completely, correctly, filled out, on line, and filed!!

This will penalize those who do not have computer access or do not have computer capabilities.  There is already computer submission of requests for disability and increase in disability.  But, we can also submit the request in writing.

The second impact is that the clock for benefits, and past benefits, will not start until every "i" is dotted and (T) crossed, as judged by the VA!  Now, the clock starts when the Veteran starts the process.  This is significant because the VA can add forms, require information from the Veteran, and even require Doctor documentation as part of the process.  Of course, this will save the government money, at the expense of those who served!

Second;  Flag Officer's retirements are not effected by the recent 1% reduction of COLA's on retirement pay before the retiree is 62!  The article I read stated that a four star General or Admiral gets $287,000 a year in retirement pay which is more than their base pay on active duty!  A retired E-6 that retires with 20 years service gets less than $24,000 retirement pay per year before Federal and State taxes!  The retired Enlisted members will suffer exponentially more that a Flag Officer would!  But, as I have said so many times before, the suits, those in $10,000 Brooks Brother's suits and those in $10,000 dress uniforms continually screw the folks who really do the Nations bidding.

I have not seen or heard ONE FLAG OFFICER make a comment against this unfair, discriminatory, policy.

Third;  I also read that during the pay freeze on Active Duty Military pay, early in the Obama, Administration, Flag Officers were exempt and did receive COLA's.  Now, since we have more Flag Officers in the Navy today, with 250 ships, than we did in World Way Two, when Battle Groups had 250 ships in them, it seems to me we could save more money cutting Flag pay that Enlisted pay.  The actual excess of Admirals equals 1 Admiral for every Ship in Commission.   Yes, there is talk of reducing Navy Flag billets, to 211!  That is less than one per ship today, but the ship population will drop to the Flag level.

If you are a Veteran, the Administration sees you as a burden that needs to be cast away.  As an Enlisted Retiree, you are a thorn that should go away.  Just like the Officer's beaches, separate rules for Officers with VD, and Officers wearing civilian clothes on liberty while we were in Uniform, there is no corporate respect for us.  Late in my career, I thought this disdain and distrust for Enlisted personnel was dead and gone.  Obviously, I was wrong.

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  1. Master Chief, there are several errors in your post. The retirement pay for an O-10 with 35 years service is $163,325 per year.

    There is no exemption for Flag officers in the 1% COLA cut.

    There has never been a military pay freeze under the current administration, the pay of Federal civilians was frozen for 3 years.