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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It is not the same Navy we belonged too!

I read an article today that stated that the Army was training troops that Christian organizations are "Hate Groups"because they do not support Gay rights!

When I was in the Navy, being Gay was an automatic discharge.  Of course, so was having a child out of wedlock.  It seems the rules we grew up with are now out of vogue!  It seems we have lost our moral direction.

Look at the design of the Human Body.  The male has a penis designed by our maker to be inserted in the female vagina for the impregnation of the female egg.  This act causes a child to be formed and, if all goes correctly, a child to be born.  Is sex enjoyable?  Yes!!  Should it be in the bonds of matrimony to ensure the child has the best chance of growing up as a fully functional adult?  Well, evidence proves that a child, male or female, that grows up in a two parent, one male, one female, family, has a far better chance of being a fully functional, adjusted, adult.   The maker did not make homosexuals.  Why?  There is no way of pro creation.  It's that simple.  Can we choose to play sexually with the members of the same sex?  We can also choose to play with ourselves.  Most do.

In the dark ages of morality, we were taught, laws were made, and the Military reinforced that homosexuality was wrong.  It still is!  But, without a moral compass, mankind runs a muck!  And we are really doing that now.  We "Hook Up" with anyone of any sex and any time.  We are slaves to our sex organs!  And now, the government encourages our perversion.  And the government, through the Military, is telling the troops that Christians are members of "Hate Groups" because we believe homosexuality is wrong.  Even though the Bible that the President takes his oath on calls homosexuality "an abomination to God."

No, it is truly NOT the Navy I joined and served.  It is  force for immorality instead of morality.  It is a force for evil instead of good.   It makes me sick to see the death of our society.

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