The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Command Master Chief gets fired for sexual misconduct!

How many times do I have to write about this topic?!  My saying; "The only sin in making a mistake is not learning from it!" applies to learning from other peoples mistakes!  There has been enough Command Master Chiefs and Commanding Officers fired because of sexual misconduct over the last five years to set the example for everyone who is in the Command structure today.  I have said it a hundred times, you cannot have sex with the hired help!!  And setting up a "Swingers" site to encourage female sailors to come to your house to swap spouses and spit, is not allowed.  It falls under having sex with the hired help proviso.

But, sailors have always been guilty of thinking with the wrong head.  Let me correct myself.  All males are guilty of thinking with the wrong head!  Much like Alcoholics Anonymous, you need a partner to help you stay away from doing such career ending deeds.  We used to call them "Shipmates".  Someone to take care of you and for you to take care of.  Someone to confide in.  Someone you trust with your secrets.  Someone who has your best interest at heart.  Someone who will tell you that you are about to screw up!!

Maybe this is a topic that should be taught at the Senior Enlisted Academy!  Or in the various Command schools.  Somewhere!!  Any where!  But teach it.  I am sick of seeing Command Master Chiefs, male and female, trashing their career because they cannot control their sex drive.  Maybe we should only let Master Chiefs over the age of 65 be Command Master Chiefs.   By then they should have a reduced sex drive and the brains to control it.  Look, I know the military is a young person's game.  You have to be young to do what the military need you to do.  I also know Rudy Boesch and saw him on active duty in his 70s!  But he was not the norm, so don't write me and tell me about old timers chasing skirts.  The bottom line is, wisdom comes with age.

Please, everyone work together to stamp out this scourge!  It is an infestation that must be eradicated, NOW!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A new war in the sand

Well, the drum beat for war is again being heard.  This time, with Syria.  My first comment was; At least we have the right equipment.  Many time we have to fight the next war with the equipment of the last war.  In other words, we end up going to a cold weather war in Bermuda shorts!  But, not this time.  Or so it seems.

But what bothers me more is, what possible national security interest does the United States have in Syria.  If we side with the insurgents we are backing the Muslim Brotherhood.  If we back Assad, we are backing Iran and the Soviet Union!  The truth is we have no dog in this fight!  So, in my opinion, we should sit this one out.   Let the two factions fight their own war and see who wins.  After all, it is an internal Civil War!  It is a family feud and we should never get involved in a family feud.  If, however it spills out of the Syria borders, then, and only then, we may have to get involved.

We are not and should not be the world's police force.  We cannot spend the monetary and personnel capitol of America to solve the family arguments of every third world nation.  Another issue is the stated position of this administration.  They say regime change is NOT their goal.  Well, why would we get involved if we don't want to effect change?  Are we going to bomb both sides?  That does not make any sense.  But, this President does not make any sense.  So at least that is a constant.

No, this is a war we need to sit out!  Let the Syrian people kill each other until they get tired of going to funerals!  Then, peace will rein.  And not until then.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Let's blame the evils of the world on ex-Military personnel

I am watching the television series "Unforgettable".  It is a good series.  Yet, today, I noticed a theme that was very prominent after the Viet Nam war.  What, instead of; "The Butler did it" it was;  "The Viet Nam Vet killed him!"   And, since the Iraq War is over and the Afghan War is all but over, it seems like time for the liberals in Hollywood to start accusing those who served of every dastardly deed done in the world!

Yes, Hollywood, the Liberals and television have pretended to like and respect those of us who served.  But, in truth, they don't like of respect us and wish we would die!  In my last in Uniform Navy job, I saw Liberal politicians act like they were going to get a disease when they were in the same room as a veteran.  And when they had to touch one of us, I actually saw a politician run to the bathroom to wash her hands!!  No, Liberals do not like ore respect us.  They use us when they need us, either to kill someone they cannot control or pose for a photo with them to build their political power.  But they don't want us around or alive.

And, since we have outlived our usefulness, they will beginning their mantra on how expensive our benefits are, how much more we are paid than those on welfare, and how dangerous we are because we are unstable and have weapons training.  The Veterans Administration already has started their attempt to deny veterans personal gun ownership!

I am telling you this to use my past experience to arm you for the future battle.  All the love you thought was there for you, is phony.

The show I am watching just traced the bad guy to his Father, a Viet Nam Vet who had his service M-16 and his service pistol.  The Detective said;  "Just what we need a assault weapon and an automatic pistol!"  Well, in New York City, I would be any money no one has a fully automatic M-16 and I never heard of someone leaving the Army and taking their M-16 and 1911A1 .45 Colt home with them!  Furthermore, the Afghan Vet is suffering from PTSD and is having flash backs thinking everyone is is enemy.  No, those of us who served are on their hate list again and we are about to be treated like the enemy we are to them.

So, I tell you to watch you six!  Tell no one anything.  Trust no one!  Not even your civilian friends.  Find a fellow vet you know well and can trust, and then tell him very little.  Compartmentalize your information.  The attacks on you have already begun.  I have been here before and we did not do well.  I only pray it will be better this time, but I doubt it.  Experience is the best teacher.  And my experience tells me we are in for a rough, deadly, haul.  The Liberals in charge and those who are influencing those in power will make us out to be the bad guys.  They will kills us, incarcerate us, take our guns, our homes, our money, our pride, and our freedom.  I have seen this before, in America.  Again I say, watch your six!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Navy to the front lines again!

I cannot count the number of times, when I was in uniform and as a Civil Servant, when a ship I was on or supporting was ordered to the Nations front lines.  My first time was when a group of Islamic terrorists hijacked an American airliner and flew it to Jordan.  That was 1970!    Or the USS Caron that deployed for quiet liberty cruise to the Med and on their first night underway from Norfolk, were ordered to make best possible speed south, to Grenada!  They were the first ship on station, the first Spruance Class Destroyer to fire her guns in combat, and the ship that rescued the SEALS that were wounded and forced off the beach.

There were other times that were just as dramatic but this is not about me, but about Syria and the U.S. Navy ships that are probably already there.  If you watch the news, you know why.  If not, me telling you is useless.  But the point is, and I have said this before;  The United States Navy is the ONLY Branch of the U.S. Military that is one second away from combat all the time!!

All the other Services, even the Air Force, require time to prepare, work up, and deploy for a combat situation.  But the Navy deploys ready to do whatever combat mission assigned to them in a minutes notice.  Yes, they may need fuel, or ammo, or chow, but we will get that on the way, without stopping!!  We are ready, NOW!

I will watch, proudly, as our Navy performs what no other Military can.  We are always on the front lines, always ready, and always prepared.  It seem a shame that the politicians don't understand or appreciate that fact.  So, when you hear the Secretary of Defense saying he wants to decommission three Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers, you might want to question his competence and dedication to the security of our Nation.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

It MUST be CPO promotion time!

It is mid August, Pre-season Football is on, so it must be time to train, initiate, welcome, our new Chief Petty Officers.  But, what do we do?  Since I am retired and not connected to the Navy like I was when I was a Civil Servant working with the uniformed Navy, and since I did see the edict to do away with CPO Indoctrination, I am curious.  Are we going to be like the other services and make the promotion to E-7 just like any other promotion?  I hope not.

Navy Chiefs ARE special for so many reasons!  If you read this blog, you already know that.  But let me remind you that a Commanding Officer, an Admiral, or a Court Martial cannot reduce a Permanent Chief in Pay Grade!  A Court Martial can recommend it but BUPERS has to agree.  When I was the GMG Detailer, I saw this happen.   A Chief Gunner's Mate at SIMA San Diego got Court Martialed for selling shore power cable for scrap and pocketing the money.  The Court Martial gave him Brig Time, forfeiture of half a months pay for three moths,  and a reduction in Grade to E-6.  BUPERS did NOT uphold the bust!  He did 90 days in the brig as a Chief!!  Chiefs are treated different even in punishment.

So, what do I recommend?   A program that educated the New Chiefs about WHAT a Chief is, what is expected from a Chief professionally, personally, and in Military Bearing.  How Chiefs got to the position of responsibility and respect they have attained.  How Chiefs have failed!  How to lead from the front.  How to build a team.  How to build a Junior Officer.  How to challenge decisions you believe are wrong.  How to win gracefully.  How to loose gracefully.  How to live in the Chief's Mess.  And finally, how to set up your division, department, ship, for success in every endeavor.

In this training, I would use active duty and retired Chiefs as instructors to ensure the entire spectrum of CPO experiences was capitalized on.  I also believe, this should be a time to build the relationship between the various warfare communities in the Navy and the Reserve component of the Navy.  We are all on one team!

If you agree, feel free to use this.  If you disagree with me, let me, and all that read this blog, why you disagree.  Again, the Chief's community can only get better if we work together, openly and in unison.  SO, let's work together to solve this problem.  Remember, Chief's are special.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Air Force fails another Nuclear Inspection!!

The branch of the military too young to have tradition has begun to finally set some traditions.  Like, failing Nuclear technical proficiency Inspections!  Years ago, when the Navy was subject to these inspections, we knew they were the NO BS, real thing!  We knew failing one was the end of the career of most senior personnel involved!  We practiced what we were taught and in my memory, we never detoured from that standard.

I remember one NTPI inspection, back in the early1970's, on a Knox Class DE, we were going through the Security Alert evaluation.  Now, we were trained that there were NO security drills!  We treated every Security Alert as the real thing.  Guns, ammunition, procedures, all with the intention of protecting what we were charged to protect.  One of my Gunner's Mates, who joined the Navy to avoid the Draft and service in Viet Nam, caught the Inspector climbing up a ladder on the outside of the ship.  He had the bolt locked back and a live magazine in his M16A1.  Now, if you know the M16, you will know, that a slight bump will sent the bolt flying closed when the bolt is locked back.  Well, my GMG3 got excited when he apprehended the Commander who was an Inspector, bumped the but stock of the rifle against the ladder and the bolt slammed closed.  The Commander asked my GMG 3, was that a live magazine?  My GMG 3 said, yes sir!  The Commander then said, with his hands in the air;  "Please take me to your Captain."  When he got to the Captain, his first words were; "Do you always load your guns for a Security drill?"  My GMG 3 broke in and said;  "There is no such thing as a Security Alert Drill!"  We passed the Security portion of our Inspection and every other portion.  Good training makes for good performance!

So, it perplexes me how the Air Force can fail these inspections.  My deduction is they are not following procedures as a normal part of life.  That is a problem!!  The handling, deployment, and security, of nuclear weapons is a topic that has no margin for error.  There are written rules, procedures, and practices that are required to be applied every time anyone does anything relating to these weapons.  If an individual, a unit, or an organization, is not following the written rules and procedures, there must me punishment.  The last time an Air Force unit failed this inspection, 17 personnel were relieved and punished.  That's a start, but what about the Senior Officers that over look and Command these units?   How man of them were fired??  My bet is, NONE!

Our Nation's strategic defense rests on nuclear weapons.  The theory of mutually assured destruction is alive and well.  But, if our enemies get the idea that we cannot effectively handle, deploy, or secure, our nuclear arsenal, maybe they will get more bold in how they deal with us.  That would not be good.

During the Cold War, the Soviets knew we would deploy or nuclear weapons effectively and quickly.  Now, they have proof that we can't provided by the incompetence of the Air Force.  This is just more evidence that our military is being stripped, diminished, and reduced.  I now question whether we can defend our nation.  Not a good feeling.

Monday, August 12, 2013

My body is worn out

Recently, my left shoulder pain has increased to the debilitating level.  Now, my left shoulder has been sore, aching, difficult to move, for quite a while.  But, I have been able to deal with the pain until last week.  Now, I am at the level of difficulty.  So, I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.  Looks like I am headed for surgery again.

But this recent problem lead me to think about all of the medical issues I have had over the years.  If I were a car, I would trade myself in!  But I am not.  In any case, I have been rode hard and put away wet!  When I was a child, I broke my nose, had the cursory tonsillectomy and adenoid surgery.  But once I joined the Navy, things started to happen.  I had pneumonia in Boot Camp, had a water tight door slam shut on my left leg in rough weather on my first ship, the USS Mullins.  Then I went through a windshield in Seattle Washington on liberty.  That caused a big concession.  Next, I fell asleep at the wheel in San Diego and crashed into the San Diego Police parking lot totaling three Police Cars and 100 feet of 10 foot high chain link fence.  Left leg contusion.

Had a cyst cut off my spine underway by the Squadron Doctor and went into shock because of blood loss.  Cut my left leg open to the bone during the underway replenishment evaluation for VLS Tomahawk containers.  It did not work!  Than I retired and really found out the injuries I suffered in the Navy.

Right shoulder rotator cuff surgery.  Right sub lingual hernia.  Right sub lingual hernia again!  Same one!!  Colon tumor that lead to the removal of the ascending side and half of the cross portion of my colon.  Two more car accidents and two more major concussions!  That's THREE major concussions if you are counting.  Exposure to a fluid in the Navy for 20 years that the Navy certified as neuro-toxic and a cancer cause.  Now I have Lewy Body Dementia.  Connection?!

Now, my right shoulder is broke, somehow, and I believe it is a rotator cuff issue.  Both shoulders, back issues, all related to handling thousands of rounds of 5 inch ammunition, small arms ammunition, and heavy gun components.  And of course, numerous cuts that lead to stitches, minor concussions from running into water tight doors, asthma, probably caused by chemical exposure, and then there is my consumption of more beer and bourbon than the human body should!  I used to drink beer, go to the head and get rid of the beer, have sharp stabbing pains in my kidney area that would cause my knees to buckle, and then go drink more beer!  Again, have been rode hard and put away wet and at least some of it was my fault!

If I worked in the civilian world, I may not have had as many medical challenges as I did.  But, probably not.  Just the same, I think I have more miles on my body than the average 62 year old!  I am not complaining, just commenting on the damage to my body.  Most people learn to limit the damage they effect on their own body.  I have never learned that.

So, I will continue to pay for mine and the Navy's excesses!  At least it makes a good conversation starter!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Now we are being evacuated from the Embassy in Pakistan?

First Benghazi, then Yemen, and now Pakistan!  What's next, the Embassy in London?  America is being bullied by a a bunch of Islamic extremists all over the world!   When are we going to take back our place in the world as a Nation not to be trifled with?

Our President has reduced our Nation, our Military, and our foreign policy to that of a third world territory.  Putin told us to "Buzz Off' over Snowden.  Pakistan gave our "Secret" helicopter to Red China before giving it back to us.  North Korea is going to put the USS Pueblo on public display!!

Do you really think these things would have happened during the Ronald Reagan Presidency?  I seriously doubt it.  But now, the world laughs at our inability to defend ourselves.  I have been telling you for years that this would be our lot in life with Obama as President.  And here we are.

Politically, it is impossible to impeach the Nations first "Black" President.  So, we are doomed to our fate of dismantling our military and kneeling to every two bit Dictator with a pop gun.  You should have know we were in trouble when he made his world apology tour, bowing to any leader he met, after he was elected the first time.  But did America learn?  Hell no!  And now our nation is the laughing stock of the world!!   Sad state of affairs.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Killing the leadership does not work in the war on terror!

It seems that killing the individual leaders of Al Queda does not work like it did when Armies had Generals and Navies had Admirals.  Since everyone in the Islamic movement is a zealot, leadership is not needed to continue the movement.   Every member of the Militant Muslim movement is privy to the final goal of their movement.  That is, total annihilation of those who do not convert to Islam! That is how the small groups succeed, because they know what the goal is!

The Navy Attack Aircraft (A-6) had a motto;  You don't defeat the enemy buy shooting him down, one plane at a time.  You defeat the enemy buy killing them en mass on the ground!  That's totally true!!  But our government and military leaders continue to try to defeat the Islamic movement through drone strikes on individuals.  This is a waste of time and money.

We need to adopt the Shock and Awe policy of President George H.W. Bush.  Hit them with everything we have, as long as it is needed, until the enemy surrenders!!  Death. overwhelming Military power, and determination is all the Islamic Terrorists understand or respect!  Let's give them what the want or at least need!

Why does the Fort Hood Shooter still have his beard?a

Major Nidal Hassan is still on active duty, still getting paid, still wearing his uniform, and still being Court Marshaled.  He should be required to shave his beard.  There is no compromise, not discussion, no waivers.  Shave!! Now!!  Or I will shave you.

Why hasn't the Army taken him to NJP and fined him some of the $300,000+ in salary he has been paid since he killed and wounded American Military men and women.   Has the Army and the Military become so politically correct that they cannot enforce regulations?  Are they so inept that someone who is a criminal, claiming religious persecution, get to dictate how he looks?  This is a blatant failure of discipline and it sends the wrong message to every Military man and woman.

I have never asked you to do this before, but I really believe each of us needs to write our Congressmen and Senators and loudly complain about this.  Also, When is President Obama going to admit this attack on U.S. Military personnel is a Terrorist attack!  Even Hassan admits he was a terrorist!!   It certainly was not work place violence!

It is time that we stop hiding from the fact that the individuals and the collective of Islam are at war with America and everything a person of the Muslim faith does against an American is an act of war and a terrorist attack!!  Wake up America, Islam wants to kill everyone of us and wants to destroy America.

If you don't believe that, you are either blind or stupid.  Sorry, but that is a fact.  Over ten years of terrorism and death of Americans should be enough to convince a reasonable person of this fact.  So, let's shave Hassan, give him a fair Court Martial, and then kill him by firing squad.   Then, let's classify the attack at Fort Hood an act of terrorism and let's go kill the rest of the bastards that want us dead.   Remember, the best Defense is a strong Offense.  I love being Offensive!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fighting terrorists

In 1978, I was on the USS Stein making a Westpac/Indian Ocean deployment.   We pulled into some shit hole ports!  Bandhar Abass Iran, Karachi Pakistan, Columbo Shri Lanka, and some other garden spots I no longer remember.  In one of those places of punishment the Executive Officer summoned me to his state room.   First he asked me if I intended to go on liberty in this port.  I assured him that I was not interested in going ashore in this port.  He then told me to hide securely, somewhere on the ship, the weapons and ammunition I thought I would need to defend the ship if we were attacked!  I was shocked and I said; "XO, we have a security force that is well drilled."  He told me that there was a credible terrorist threat and we needed further capabilities in reserve.  I did as I was told and told him what and where I had weapons including a 1911A1 .45 cal pistol in my bunk locker and two concussion grenades!  I also told him; "I hope we don't have a mandatory locker inspection!"  He laughed!  We never needed those weapons and I restored them after we got underway.  You should have seen the look on the face of my two young Gunner's Mates when I had them help me put the M 60 and 4 cans of ammo away!  The management team of the USS Stein did what was prudent to be prepared for an undefined but creditable threat.

Almost a year ago, four Americans were killed by Islamist Terrorists in Lybia.   Since no aid was offered to the individuals at the Consulate in Benghazi, it is apparent that the State Department, the DOD, and the President did not pay attention to the date, 9/11 or the threat of Islamist Terrorists attacking an American facility.  Either that, or the President planned the kidnapping of the Lybia Ambassador as a stunt to help him get reelected and it failed ending up with the Ambassador's death!  It IS one or the other.  But recently, the President called Benghazi a PHONY scandal!!

Since the President has campaigned on the premise that Al Quaida is dead and that we are NOT at war with Islam, it is an embarrassment to him that the Islamist Terrorist are kicking our ass all over the world!  Now, today, we have announced that we are going to close all the Embassies in the Middle East and ordered Americans not to travel to this area because of serious security risks!  How is there a risk if Al Quaida is dead and we are not at war with the Islamist Terrorists!!  But, there was NO announce from the White House, State Department, or DOD.

We are at war with Islam!  Islam DOES want to destroy America and Israel.  Islam is against personal freedom,  Islam will only permit the religion of Islam to exist.  All others who do not convert will be killed!!  That sounds like a war to me and the President needs to realize that.  He needs to either LEAD our nation in this war or resign.  Unless he has an alliance that precludes him
from fighting Islam.  Interesting thought.  One that I wish I did not have.

The passing of Col. Bud Day, Medal of Honor Recepient

Today, Col. Bud Day was laid to rest.  He had an amazing career in the U.S. Military including serving in World War II as an Enlisted Marine.  After earning a Bachelor's Degree and a Law Degree, he reentered the National Guard and then went into the Air Force as a fighter pilot.  He served in the Korean War and Viet Nam.   He was shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese Army and held as a POW.  He escaped once and was recaptured .  He was tortured, as all POW's in Viet Nam were, and he resisted as best he could.  He was John McCain's cellmate in the Hanoi Hilton.  After his release he remained on Active Duty until 1977.  He then set up a Law practice in Florida.  He was married to his wife for over 60 years!

Col. Day was what Americans used to be!  Tough, resilient, loyal, patriotic, faithful, and dependable!  He was a man's man!  He stood up for what was right, regardless  of the consequences.     Back during the Viet Nam war, America experienced a minority group of war protesters that I had little respect for.  They were frightened, no scared little self serving chickens that did not want to do what their Country needed them to do.  I will say there is ONE Viet Nam War protester that I do respect.  That is Muhammad Ali.  He stayed in America and went to prison instead of accepting induction in the Military.  He paid the price for his views and I respect that!  In any case, America was inundated by war protesters that were infiltrated and directed by the communist party.  They bombed Recruiting Offices, killed Americans and trashed everything America stood for.  Some of those anti war protesters caused our POW's to be even more brutally tortured.  Hanoi Jane Fonda is one of those traitors!

Now, those people. or people of their ilk, are in charge of our government and we are dismantling our Military at a record pace making us vulnerable to our enemies.  Exactly what the communists (Progressives) wanted these many years.  And just when we need men like Col. Day, Captain Dick Stratton. Admiral Denton, and others, they are in short supply!   It seems that the new crop of Officers are politically correct, go along to get along, self serving politicians that speak whatever their handlers tell them to!

Again, what do we do about this void of patriotic leadership?  Scream, write letters, call our Congressmen and Senators and demand that we build our defense capabilities, not dismantle them.  Vote, for individuals, regardless of party, that support the American Military and believe America is an exceptional country.  I recommend you make active duty military service a prerequisite for your vote!  Finally, and it really should be first, PRAY for our Country!

It may be too late, but at least we can go down fighting!!