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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Memorial Day is approaching. Who do you remember?

In a couple of weeks, it will me Memorial Day.  What do you plan to do on this three day Holiday?  Travel, have friends over, go to an automobile race?   I have a suggestion;  Take your family to a National Cemetery for the Memorial Day remembrance.

Memorial Day is the one day that we, as a Nation, stop and remember those who gave their lives while on Active Duty in our Armed Forces.  The question is, to make this Holiday personal, who do you remember that died defending you!  Do you remember anyone who died defending freedom?  Did you forget them until this minute?

They may have gone to High School with you or to College.  They may have been your neighbor, your second cousin, or your brother.  Naturally, you remember those closest to you but after years pass, the memory fades.  I challenge you to rekindle the memories of your Hero!  Remember your friendship, your love, your experiences.  Recall to your active memory the emotions you felt when you first heard of their death.  That is the purpose of Memorial Day.  To remember those people that WE knew and the sacrifice that they made.

Who did I know that I remember on this day, and many others;  GMG1 Robert "Red" Mills, WO1 Robert Dalton, GMCS Sigfriet, GMCM Hass.  While I do not remember the exact day they died, I do know how they died.  Each one of these men were exceptional men who chose to serve our NAtion and died in that service.

Memorial Day is a personal holiday as well as a National Holiday.  Boy Scouts and Veteran's groups place small American Flags on each grave in the National Cemeteries, ceremonies are held, Taps is player, prayers are offered, all in the memory of OUR loved one.  Let us personally remember our Hero by visiting the National Cemetery closest to you and visit a grave, or even THE grave of you Hero.  Remember the sacrifice he or she made and how that death effected you.  The reflect on how many others have been impacted in the same way.

This is the purpose of Memorial Day.  To remember the cost of Freedom.

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  1. Good post Master Chief. If interested the VA National Cemetery System has a Nationwide Grave Site Locator at the following link. If your not familar with the who/what/where of the VA National Cemeterys click on Home at the link for more info.