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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More military cuts equal a more dangerous world!

I read today on numerous sites that the U.S. Army leadership is stating that the Sequester will make it necessary for them to further reduce manning.  Since manning is the easiest monetary reduction to make and some believe, falsely, the easiest to recover from.  Cuts to high budget equipment like ships, tanks,, aircraft, are much harder and much more expensive to recover from.

But, the real threat is that the further reduction to troop levels makes us far more vulnerable to attack and makes the possibility of a quick escalation to nuclear weapons more likely.  How?  When an attack occurs, a strong defensive move serves to balance the situation and makes negotiations more likely.  For instance, all the recent posturing from North Korea.  North Korea knows that South Korea with America's help are a formidable opponent and therefore North Korea will most likely not attack but hope that their vibrato brings America to the negotiations table and lead to some concessions on the economic front for North Korea.

But, if we are unable to muster a strong enough deterrent, North Korea will believe they can prevail militarily and attack South Korea.  This attack would most likely lead to a rapid escalation to larger weapons and possibly Tactical Nuclear Weapons.

We are already seeing the effects of having a smaller, less capable Navy.  Today, our Navy is smaller than it was before World War I.  Recently, Russian submarines operated in our Territorial waters off the East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico!  How do I know, they told the news media of the exercise!!  That's right, the Navy did not know.  If they can operate in our waters without detection, they can launch weapons without detection.  Think about that.

We live in a very dangerous world.  There are any number of countries and religious organizations that want to destroy America.  Their preference is to destroy our government and replace it with a Socialist or Islamic government.  But, selected destruction of portions of the country to destabilize the Nation is not out of the question.  Also, instigating numerous hot spots around the world that engage our limited Military capabilities leave the American Command and Control structure with limited possibilities for response.

I continue to question the wisdom of further reducing our Military strength when Red China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, and other nations, not friendly to us, continue to make substantial gains in Military hardware and manning levels.   Disarmament is only being embraced by us!   In a conflict that threatens America or her close allies, a limited non-nuclear response capability can only lead to a Tactical Nuclear response!  That response would surely lead to an exchange of nuclear weapons in an escalation of war.  In other words, for the cost of a ship or even one soldier, a nuclear war may ensue.

All the years of the "Cold War", Mutually Assured Destruction was the policy of the Soviet Union and the United States and this policy kept the world safe.  Today,  that policy no longer exists and we are on the weak end of the equation.

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