The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More military cuts equal a more dangerous world!

I read today on numerous sites that the U.S. Army leadership is stating that the Sequester will make it necessary for them to further reduce manning.  Since manning is the easiest monetary reduction to make and some believe, falsely, the easiest to recover from.  Cuts to high budget equipment like ships, tanks,, aircraft, are much harder and much more expensive to recover from.

But, the real threat is that the further reduction to troop levels makes us far more vulnerable to attack and makes the possibility of a quick escalation to nuclear weapons more likely.  How?  When an attack occurs, a strong defensive move serves to balance the situation and makes negotiations more likely.  For instance, all the recent posturing from North Korea.  North Korea knows that South Korea with America's help are a formidable opponent and therefore North Korea will most likely not attack but hope that their vibrato brings America to the negotiations table and lead to some concessions on the economic front for North Korea.

But, if we are unable to muster a strong enough deterrent, North Korea will believe they can prevail militarily and attack South Korea.  This attack would most likely lead to a rapid escalation to larger weapons and possibly Tactical Nuclear Weapons.

We are already seeing the effects of having a smaller, less capable Navy.  Today, our Navy is smaller than it was before World War I.  Recently, Russian submarines operated in our Territorial waters off the East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico!  How do I know, they told the news media of the exercise!!  That's right, the Navy did not know.  If they can operate in our waters without detection, they can launch weapons without detection.  Think about that.

We live in a very dangerous world.  There are any number of countries and religious organizations that want to destroy America.  Their preference is to destroy our government and replace it with a Socialist or Islamic government.  But, selected destruction of portions of the country to destabilize the Nation is not out of the question.  Also, instigating numerous hot spots around the world that engage our limited Military capabilities leave the American Command and Control structure with limited possibilities for response.

I continue to question the wisdom of further reducing our Military strength when Red China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, and other nations, not friendly to us, continue to make substantial gains in Military hardware and manning levels.   Disarmament is only being embraced by us!   In a conflict that threatens America or her close allies, a limited non-nuclear response capability can only lead to a Tactical Nuclear response!  That response would surely lead to an exchange of nuclear weapons in an escalation of war.  In other words, for the cost of a ship or even one soldier, a nuclear war may ensue.

All the years of the "Cold War", Mutually Assured Destruction was the policy of the Soviet Union and the United States and this policy kept the world safe.  Today,  that policy no longer exists and we are on the weak end of the equation.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Islamic terrorism and the numerous attacks on America

It has been over a week since the most recent attack on unarmed, civilian, Americans by radical Islamisc Terrorists.   Yet, the so called Leaders of our Nation refuse to call this cowardice act what it is.  Furthermore, the Progressives and their lapdog servants of the News Media continue to tell us Islam is a peaceful religion and only a few individuals who may be Muslim attack America.  

Well, let's look at the facts.  The Muslim religion has in it's sacred writings the murder of anyone who will not convert to the Muslim faith!   At no time has any Muslim cleric condemned the actions of the Radical Islamic Terrorists.  Not in 1993, 2011, or last Monday!   More and more Americans, civilians, State Department employees, military personnel, are being killed by Islamic Terrorists!

Here are the facts.  All the people in the Muslim faith are required to kill anyone who is not a Muslim.   There are NO moderate Muslims!   They follow their Clerics like mind numbed robots.  They will kill themselves, their women, and their children to kill Americans and Jews.  And finally, Muslims cannot be reasoned with!

Why do I bring this up.  Most of my Navy time was spent during the "Cold War".  We always knew who our enemy was.  We knew his mindset, his weapons systems, his tactics, and his intentions.  Our CIA and other intelligence agencies kept us informed and we stayed ready.  All of the United States Leadership, Intelligence, and military personnel were united in a common goal, defeat the Communist threat.  Now, there is no unified front.

Today, the President refuses to call these acts Islamic Terrorism.  He also gives military support to the Islamists that controls Egypt and other countries that have come under control of the Islamic Brotherhood during the Islamic uprisings last year.  What country and what support?  How about F-16 jets to Egypt!

We continue to admit Islamic students into our country as students with little effort to check their backgrounds.  They come here to attack their enemy, AMERICA!   We provide welfare, housing, health care, and an education to our enemy on the back of the tax payers they want to kill!

I wrote a post last week asking; "What did we fight for?"  Now I wonder if we would have won the "Cold War" if we treated the Communists like we treat the Islamic Terrorists?

All I am doing here is stating the obvious.  We must identify our enemy and unify as a Country in our effort to defeat our enemy.  To do less is treason or at least, sedition.  To do less will lead to our demise and the end of freedom in the World, not just America.  Keep that in mind!  Once lost, this freedom we enjoy cannot be returned.  Why, because we will either be Muslim or dead!

A typing teacher, Charles E. Weller, used the following typing exercise; "Now is the time for all god men to come to the aid of their country!"        

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Sailors of the 1970's were special!

I recently corresponded with the wife of a shipmate from the USS Stein in the mid 1970's.  He has passed away and she is looking for memories from his past.  While my memory is foggy on specifics from that time, I still remember what we went through as Enlisted Men in the post Vietnam was Navy.

Those of us who enlisted during that time and those of us who reenlisted during those dark days were indeed special.   We served in a time of political turmoil.  The country was  sick of the Vietnam war and there was an overwhelming anti-war, anti-military mentality.  Anti-War protests were all over the country.  The Weatherman Underground were blowing up recruiting offices and National Guard Armories.  Servicemen in uniform, walking through airports or on the streets were spit upon, had things thrown at them,  and they were verbally abused.  The Military personnel stationed in Washington D.C. were told NOT to wear their uniforms to work!  That order remained in effect until the day after President Ronald Reagan was inaugurated the first time.

Our pay was so low, that even married Chiefs were eligible for food stamps!   Single Enlisted Personnel lived onboard their ships because they could not draw Single BAQ.   I remember saying to my wife that I wanted a job that made it so I did not need a loan to purchase a toaster!  What can I say, we were broke, not because we wasted our money but because we were not paid enough.

Funding for ship's maintenance and operations was very scarce.  Repair parts were hard to come by and ships seldom got underway for training.  The adventure of the Navy was gone.

Yet, with all of these negatives, low morale, bad pay, and a National dislike for the men of the military, you enlisted!  And not only did young men enlist, they performed difficult, dirty, dangerous, jobs beyond any expectation.  They kept old systems operational, worked countless hours overtime, without any thought of compensation, and complained very little!  Then, instead of leaving the Navy and seeking employment in a more lucrative field, you reenlisted!

Yes, looking back at the men I served with, I am amazed at whet you did!  And I am very proud to call you my shipmate!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just what the HELL did we fight for?

I often get very upset about the direction our country has taken.  But the recent revelations about the abortionist in Philadelphia has sickened me to revulsion!   Now there are other atrocities that anger me almost as much, like gang members killing anyone they please without any retribution from authorities.  Like politicians padding their pockets while stripping the American People of their Constitutional Rights.  Like Politicians that do not honor their oaths while prosecuting any enlisted person that violates theirs.

The double standards that the Politicians of our Country blatantly exhibit make me violently ill.  Once, America was lead by men of honor, courage, commitment.  Now, we are lead by self-centered, egotistical, maniacal, people who are set on turning our Country into a Socialist Dictatorship lead by one Party.  They dream of a Nation of slaves, not citizens.  They dream of a nation of slaves totally dependent on the government for their very existence.  They wasn't your money, your property, your labor, your fear, and your life.

I guess the facts that have come out about the abortionist put me over the edge.  Maybe it is the drumbeat of gun control or the illegal buildup of the Homeland Security Army.  Maybe it is the move to legalize marijuana.  Maybe it is the rush into immorality with legalized homosexual unions.  Maybe it is the Progressives who have taken over the American school system from Pre-K to the Universities.  Maybe it is our governments rabid desire to destroy Christianity while promoting Islam.  Maybe it is the politician's aggressive actions to legalize the illegal aliens that have invaded America.  Maybe it is because I have lost hope that America will ever recover from these horrendous acts.  Or, maybe it is because I can't do anything to change it.

The elections are fixed, they have confiscated all the ammunition, and they are coming for your guns, money, and children.  My heart is broken as I think, and think and think,  What the HELL did I fight for?  What the HELL did I serve fore?  What was my sacrifice worth?

If you have these feeling of anger and futility, I can only say, I understand.  If you are happy with the outcome, I guess congratulations were in order, since the BAD guys won and you are one of the BAD guys!

But, always look over your shoulder.  Some day, one, or maybe more than one, of us who wonder Why we fought and served, will remember what motivated us then and recall the greatness that was once America.  When that happens, you, the BAD guy, should be afraid, Be very afraid!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why are WE still angry with Jane Fonda?

I see that Jane Fonda, "Hanoi Jane" is scheduled to portray the First Lady,  Nancy Reagan in a movie.  I also have seen a large uproar from Veterans, mostly Vietnam Veterans, over this selection.  Today, there are news reports that Ms Fonda says; We should "Get a life!"

Well, let me tell you why WE are still angry.  Ms Fonda went to Communist North Vietnam and gave aid and comfort to the enemy.  She told the NVA Commanders that they were right and America was wrong.  He appearance gave the Communist North Vietnamese people a reason to fight even harder against the "Imperialist Americans".

But there is much more.  I have heard an American POW  speak on what happened to him and his fellow prisoners in the Hanoi Hilton, a famous POW Prison, during the time and after Ms, Fonda's visit to North Vietnam.  His name is Captain Richard Stratton, USN, Ret.  Captain Stratton was a POW for over 5 years,  He was tortured, as all POWs held by North Vietnam were.  He described the types of physical torture to us, but I will not go into that horror.  But what you need to know is that Captain Stratton told us the torture of Prisoners actually increased during and after Ms. Fonda's visit!

I have no way of knowing how many POW's died because of the increased torture inflicted upon them because of Ms. Fonda's visit to North Vietnam.  But I do know they were tortured more ofter and more brutally because of her visit.

Ms. Fonda was never tried for her war crimes.  Why, she is a Progressive, loved by the Left.  She is rich.  She is a member of Hollywood and the Progressives LOVE Hollywood.  Whatever the reason, she should have been tried, convicted, and executed for her crimes.   She never really apologized, not that I would expect her too.  But she tells those of us who served this Country Honorably, to; "Get a Life"?  

I would hope ever American holds Ms. Fonda in disdain and NEVER purchases anything she is involved in.  But, I know that will never happen.  It seems those who do wrong are held up as great and those of us who do the right thing are denigrated.  Much like the amnesty for the Vietnam era draft dodgers, we, the Vietnam veterans get pissed on again.

No, Ms. Fonda, I will never forgive you for your treason.  No, Ms. Fonda, I will never spend a cent to purchase of view anything you are involved in.  It is an insult to the memory of President Reagan to have this traitorous whore portray a great American like Nancy Reagan.  No, I will never forget, and I hope those of you who served will not either!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The situation with North Korea further illustrates the need of a strong Navy

Let's see.  North Korea has threatened South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Guam, Hawaii, the main land of the United States, with nuclear attack.  They have told anyone not Korean, to leave both South and North Korea to ensure they don't get killed.  They have recently tested three nuclear weapons of increasing strength.  They have successfully placed a payload in orbit with a missile.  Seems to me, North Korea is a real threat.

Our Nation's response, fly over a few bombers and send in the Navy!  

But I have said many times before, the United States Navy is the only U.S. Military force that is one "General Quarters" alarm away from combat.  No preparation, no warning, no mobilization, just FIGHT, NOW!  That is why it is imperative that our ships have the most up to date sensors, fire control systems, and weapons systems.  The Navy can't get ready for war because the war happens NOW.  Look at history.  For instance, the Mayaquez incident during the Ford administration.  The President said, go get our people, and the Navy responded.  It must have worked because the captors released them before the Navy got there!

Another incident you should remember is the problem with the falling space station.  If that falling mass of metal was not shot down, it probably would destroy a city.  The answer;  Call in the Navy!  Wit a technology that most people never knew existed, our Navy shot down the entire space station with the FIRST missile!  The Navy saved the world!  Sounds like a Sci-Fi movie, but it is true.

Now, we are faced with a young dictator who's misguided quest for power his lead his nation and the world to the brink of nuclear war.   The American Blue Jackets on those ships and submarines never expected to be thrust into this event when they deployed months before this crisis.  Their ships did not take on any new technology to face this threat yet they are ready to do what the Commander in Chief orders.  Our Navy is Combat Ready, on watch, and determined to protect freedom.

I hope that our leaders do even more to ensure our Navy is always Combat ready.  Peace depends on it.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Navy is special!

Today, it is being reported that the United States Navy is moving it's missile defense capabilities to the waters around South Korea.  That in itself is amazing.  A theater ballistic missile defense system moved thousands of miles and up and running in a matter of days!  No other Branch of the U.S. Military can do this in a matter of days or in a matter of months!  Only the Navy!

The Navy is always one General Quarters Alarm away from war.  We in the Navy know that when we deploy, we must be ready to do everything our ship is designed to do and many things the ship was never designed to do!  The Nation's Leaders always send the Navy first!

The Army and the Air Force require months to move anywhere!   Yes, given a few days of planning, the Air Force can bomb somewhere.  But they cannot maintain a presence any where without months of planning.

The Navy and our Marine Brothers are deployed 24/7 and ready for anything anywhere!   We are ready to do what ever the Leaders of our Nation order us to do, without notice and without delay!

I am proud of our Navy and Marine Corps.  I continue to be amazed at our capabilities and our ability to do so much with so little!  Yes, the Navy and Marine Corps is the front line of American defense.  We are on the point of the spear, all of the time.

So, as the saber rattling continues in the world, know that the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps is deployed and ready to meet any challenge.