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Monday, March 25, 2013

"The Great Race" Pisses on the Viet Nam vets!

You know by now that the producers of "The Great Race" used the 50th Anniversary of our involvement in the Viet Nam War as an opportunity to stick their finger in the eye of Viet Nam Veterans!!  The choice to use a crash sight of a U.S. B-52, that the Communist Viet Nam Government used to honor their soldiers is a crime.  Yes, CBS apologized, AFTER the show had run and all was past.  But their goal was to let us know they still hate those who served!!

I have written before about Wounded Warrior and how I disagree with them.  They use a former Viet Nam War protester, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson to beg for money.  I get angry every time I see that add.

But what I am most angry about is, all this media "Love" for the men and women in uniform is phony and only for the "Left's" political benefit.  The Progressives don't like patriots and they HATE anyone who would fight to keep America free.   When they are in political power, they exempt their  children or send them to "safe" places.  The wars of our nation are fought by the lower middle class and the lower class citizens.   Name a Senator's, Congressman's, President's, or CEO's son or daughter killed in any war since World War Two.  Do you know President Kennedy's older Brother, Joseph P. Kennedy, was killed in the European Theater of WW II?  And you should know about President Kennedy's exploits on PT 109!  Do you know that President Roosevelt's brother was on the front lines in Europe with General Patton when President Roosevelt was President!!   We will never see that sort of unselfish patriotism from the Ruling Oligarchy again.

I never trust turn coats.  So, I don't trust this recent love affair between the Landed Gentries and the Military Men ad Women.  It is phony and only for the benefit of those who pretend to love us.  They will change back to their real personalities soon.  When they don't need us to make them look good.  Just remember what Pelossi said recently.  Something like, Veterans are not mentally competent to own guns.  Watch your back Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans.  They will turn on you too!

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  1. Maybe it's something in the CBS water. I think it is typical of the Hollywood/MSM socialists.