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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You hurt my feelings!!

The Executive Officer of a Pac Fleet FFG was relieved because he used offensive language and gestures.  Are we kidding me?!  The XO is supposed to be offensive!!  He is the keeper of good order and discipline!  The XO sets the personality of the crew!  He is tough, rough, feared, and in charge!!

The idea that an XO can be relieved because he used course language or gestures shows haw far our Navy has fallen.  We have turned our Navy and our supposed combat ships into a social experiment and dating service.  Leadership is supposed to set the tone, and if tough language is needed, so be it!

Let me tell you a story from a long time ago.  I was on teh USS Stein and we were is some middle east foreign port.  I was a GMG1 and the Duty Master at Arms.  The First Lieutenant came and got me about 2300 and told me he knew there was someone in the fan room that supplied Officers Country.  He knew this because, if you opened the water tight door, the fan speed actually increased and you could hear that.  We went up to the Fan room and I undogged the door.  I turned the light on and of course, it did not work.  I shined my flashlight around and found two E-3s hiding behind the cooling coil unit.  I beckoned them out and searched them finding nothing.  I then searched the space with the same results.  The First Lieutenant and I took them to the XO who was also aboard.

The XO asked me what I found and I reported my negative findings.  He looked at the non-rates and asked them in a very gruff and loud voice; "What were you smoking up there?"  The said with little respect; "Nothing, you don't have anything on us!"  He repeated his question, this time louder!  Their reply was equally disrespectful.  Then the XO looked at me and asked; " Which one of them had their pants down?  If I can't get them for smoking dope I will get them for sucking dick!"  That loosened their tongues!   They promptly confessed to smoking pot and swallowing the evidence when the door was undogged!  They went to Captain's Mast the next day!

Do you think their feelings were hurt?  Who cares.  They would rather admit to their wrong doing that to the other possibility!  Today, that XO, the First Lieutenant, and myself would have been fired.  I am glad I served in a Navy with good order and discipline!  I feel sorry for today's sailors.  I grieve for our country.

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  1. Master Chief,

    I am not so sure about that. I am not so sure that good order and discipline ever evolve from lying.

    Yup, today's Navy is dramatically different than it used to be. Some things are not that great, but by and large for the better.

    I totally disagree. The XO is not supposed to be offensive. The SORM hasn't changed that much since 1972-1995 when STEIN was in service and no where did or does it say the XO should be offensive. The XO should be firm but fair and should be able to do the job without insult or derogatory comportment.

    As a young Seaman Apprentice I remember being bulkhead counseled because I was not doing as I was told. Did I learn the lesson quickly? Of course, but I am glad those days are gone.