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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wounded Warrior is at it again!

I have written before about the Wounded Warrior Project.  How they would not accept donations of any kind from any firearms related company.  Well, now they are showing their anti Christian roots!    I read on Drudge, today, that a Church had signed up with Wounded Warrior to be a contribution collector.  The church paid their $100 registration fee to be a contribution collector.   A few days later, the church received an email from the Wounded Warrior Project telling them they would not accept any contribution from them or any other religious institution!  The said it was in their charter.  The Wounded Warrior Project also said they would return the $100 registration fee.

Wounded Warrior is a liberal anti-military organization.  How do I know, look who supports them.  Hollywood!!!  They have ruled out the participation and support of millions of Americans just because they are a Religious organization or work in the firearms industry!  That sounds ultra-liberal to me.  And the list of stars that appear on the commercials should cause you to think about their motives.

I am not sure what their end game is or how they will use our  brave men and women who were wounded in the service of our country and at the orders of Presidents from both parties.  But I know it will not turn our good for America or Americans.  So again, I besiege you NOT to donate to Wounded Warrior.  There are many patriotic organizations supporting our military men and women including the American Legion and the VFW.  Any organization but the Wounded Warrior Project!

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  1. I won't be giving to this organization. but there are other charities that would be happy to accept my money.