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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The wolf is at the door!

Deputy Defense Chief Ash Carter told Congress today that the sequestration cuts to Defense will be devastating!   The news media acts like this is a shock!  Well, let me tell you it is just part of the Progressives plan.  They have wanted to gut the military and turn America into a defenseless paper tiger since President Clinton.  It is the stated goal of the Democrat (Progressive) Party to reduce the U.S. Military to that of a third world nation.  They have stated and they believe that America should not be a world leader and that we consume too much of the world's resources.

This massive military cut comes when Russia and China are making massive increases into their defense budgets and today, North Korea exploded a miniaturized plutonium bomb.  The exact type that fits on a ballistic missile.  At the same time, we cut deployments of Navy ships to the region, stopped ship and aircraft maintenance, and will reduce military man power.

But this does not only impact those in uniform, it negatively impacts those civilians that repair ships, aircraft, and military vehicles.  There will be thousands of lay off because of these decisions.

I see bad decision after bad decision being made, in a plan to decimate the U.S. Military!  It is almost like those in charge in our political positions want to destroy America!

Thats how I see it.

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