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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Sequester is phony BS!

The sequester will reduce the growth of the federal budget $85 billion.  That is $85 billion of $3.8 trillion.  To put that is layman's terms, the Sequester reduced the growth of our federal budget over the next ten years by five cents of every dollar of increase in the budget over the next ten years!  It does NOT reduce the amount budgeted to spend this year at all.

That means, we, the American people are being lied too by our politicians, the President, and our Military Flag Officers!  It also means the canceled deployment of the Strike Carrier Battle Group was for theatrical reasons, not budgetary issues.  It also means delaying and canceling ship repairs and overhauls was a lie and an act of symbolism over substance!

This entire Kabuki Theater is being played to increase the size of government and increase taxes on the American people.  The players are the politicians who are trying to use the American largess to buy votes, expand their power, and to further weaken the ability of America to defend herself.   Those players include the thousands of Military Flag Officers who are political hacks, without loyalty to the troops they supposedly lead or the Country they supposedly serve.  The audience of this tragedy is the American people who are so poorly informed that they buy the convoluted plot, hook, line, and sinker.  Not only do they buy it, they think it is good for them.  But the time the American public understands that they have been dipped, the hook will have been set and there will be no escape!

America is being lead over the cliff like a pack of lemurs.  Our freedoms are being deleted like a bad paragraph of a term paper in a WORD program.  I am convinced that we are at the tipping point for our Republic and if we, the American people, do not strike back and retake control of our government, all will be lost.  The Constitution states that our government is "of the People, by the People and for the People."  Otherwise, we are supposed to be in charge and the Politicians, including those in uniform, work FOR us!!  If your Representative or Senator does not do his or her job, get together with others and FIRE them!   That includes Congress controlling the budget and the President!

Yes, you can watch sports, play your video games, and eat and drink yourself into a fat ball of dependence.  Or, you can get off the couch, turn off the television, and start to be that rugged individual that once showed the way in America.   It is your choice, but it will impact those around you.  So choose carefully.

One other point.  Going against the flow WILL make you unpopular.  That seems to be uncomfortable for some of you.  You would rather just go with the flow, follow the pack, be invisible.  Well, remember those lemurs running off the cliff?  The one in the middle of that pack is YOU!

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