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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Navy is out of money!!!

I just read an article in the Virginia Pilot and Ledger Star that the USS Carl Vinson will NOT deploy because the Navy does not have enough money to pay for it!!   Yes, the article says, "due to budget constraints"  but that is Washington speak for "OUT OF MONEY"!!  The article went on to say that we were cutting our carrier commitment in the Persian Gulf to One Carrier!  That is not enough carriers to respond to Iran!  No matter what anyone says.

Also, today that said the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, recommends a PAY CUT for the active duty Military!!

Now if those two facts don't make you stand up and scream, you are dead!  Because of our governmental politicians uncontrolled spending.  Because we have not had a budget to even measure spending against for the last 4 years, we are now $16.5 billion dollars in debt and climbing!  And this debt, uncontrolled spending, Obama care, illegal alliens, bank and auto company bailouts, free money to Green Companies that went broke, and uncontrolled social spending have us unable to defend ourselves against our sworn enemies!!

We are being lead to our National distruction by either incompetents or a group of individuals bent on our distraction.  You decide!


  1. Well.. no Budget from the Obama Administration(which is breaking the law) and no budget from the senate - only a bunch of contiuning resolutions...

  2. Master Chief,
    So, so, so very spot on. Unfortunately.
    Very Respectfully,