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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The growth of the nuclear club;

Today, North Korea tested a nuclear weapon, at least twice as large as their previous test.  It was a successful test.  They have also successfully tested a three stage missile that could carry tat nuclear weapon to American cities.  Iran is close to testing a nuclear weapon, and they have also tested a three stage missile with less success.  China is providing the technology for both of these countries nuclear growth.  Pakistan has had nuclear weapons for a while and they are certainly not our friends.  There is confusion as to where the chemical weapons are in Syria and who has control of them.   The WMD that were in Iraq were trucked to Syria before the American invasion.  Where are those weapons now?

The word picture I am painting is that of a very dangerous and volatile world.  We have more enemies than friends!  And our friends are militarily weak!  So, why are we busy dismantling our military?  We now have less Navy combat ships in the entire fleet than we had home ported in Norfolk, Virginia when I was the Force Master Chief!!!  Think about that fact for a minute.

So, over the last two years, the Muslim Brotherhood, a sworn enemy of America and Christianity, has taken over Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and other Arab countries.  Korea and Iran are getting more militant in their attitude towards the world, and China, who owns most of our foreign debt, is supplying both of them.  The actual allies we have that we can count on, that actually have a military worth a spit, is non-existent.  Oh and then there is the Soviet Union (Russia) ruled by an ex KGB leader, who has doubled his countries military spending, is not our friend and never has been.   This is a bad time to disarm.

But, that's what we are doing and all the Flag Officers in all of the services, are doing nothing!  And, recently there was a story that stated that the President polled all his flag officers as to whether they would use deadly force against American citizens.  If they said no, they were asked to retire.

Makes you wonder, I hope.

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  1. I remember going to pick up my dad and the ships tied up three deep at the piers... now it looks like a ghost town... I wish somebody would post some pictures of the D&S Piers full - nobody today would believe it.