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Friday, February 8, 2013

Remote monitoring

I just saw a commercial on the television for Norfolk and Southern Railroad touting their "Talking Trains"!  It went on to tell, very proudly, how their trains talk to the controllers and keep them informed of fuel usage, equipment performance, and in turn enhance the fuel mileage of the train and save money!  That money savings reduces your costs to use Norfolk and Southern Railroad to ship your goods!!

I tried for my last three years as a senior civil servant working for the Navy to sell the Navy on remote monitoring.   We had a number of corporate partners including one of the biggest weapons  systems manufacturer.  We proved that the idea of "Remote Monitoring" works and adds to the maintainability of any shipboard system.  We did a live, battlefield, demonstration that lasted three years!  The system did not fail nor did it impede the operation of the systems.  It did permit the engineers back at the In Service Engineering Agency the ability to predict component failures before they failed and became catastrophic or cascading!   Therefore, "Remote Monitoring" saved money.  Something the Navy and the government needs desperately.

However, the Navy Engineering Duty Officer Mafia invoked their "Not invented HERE" rule and squashed "Remote Monitoring".    Even after numerous meetings, demonstrations, and agreements, NAVSEA would not permit "Remote Monitoring" to go forward.

Now, the commercial industry is promoting their revolutionary, forward looking, technically advanced, use of "Remote Monitoring".  We could have had this six or seven years before industry.  But, we were more interested in keeping the ED Mafia happy than saving money on system maintenance and increasing Combat Readiness without increasing manning!  It was a "Force Multiplier"!

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