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Friday, February 8, 2013

Now we can't refuel the USS Lincoln?!

I read today in numerous venues that the U.S. Navy has announced they do not have the money to refuel the USS Lincoln!  OK, it's time to throw the bullshit flag!!!

Major overhauls including nuclear refuelings are planned and funded incrementally over a long period of time.  That means over many fiscal years.  A single political event, regardless of it's magnitude, should stop the planned refueling of a nuclear Aircraft Carrier.  So, the question is, where did that money go?  Who spent it on what it was not planned for?  Who authorized that unauthorized expenditure?  And finally, when is their Court Martial?

I don't believe the political hype that the Navy does not have the money to start the refueling of the USS Lincoln, on time.  Instead, they are holding the USS Lincoln overhaul and refueling hostage, and along with the ship, the jobs and income of thousands of civilian workers at Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Virginia.  No, the more I thin about it, I know we are being deceived, misled, and lied too!  

I was told by a warrior once; "Never believe your own press releases!"  I believe on top of that we should never believe the administration's press releases!   Our Navy and our ability to defend ourselves as a nation are being held hostage to political wranglings.  Those who are elected to govern are using their positions to advance their personal political ideals regardless of what is best for our nation.  It is a sad day!

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