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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Food for thought

Let me bring forth an idea, a thought, a premise I have about the publicly stated fiscal difficulties of the Nation and in turn our Military.

We have been told that because of the Sequestration deal that the White House and Congress agreed on to deal with their inability to balance the budget and live within our means our Military cannot do their job, we cannot repair our ships and aircraft, and we are not combat ready.  Much of our so called, dirty laundry, has been openly discussed on television, radio, the Internet, and in print.  So, it should be safe to say, our enemies know more about our problems than we do.  They have intelligence teams looking into every nook and cranny trying to learn our deepest secrets!  Remember what I said in an earlier post; "Never believe your own press releases."

Now, I have two different premises to present;

1.  Our Nation's financial problems are much worse that we have been lead to believe.

2.  The talk about our financial problems are a ruse and we are not in fiscal difficulty as the entire government is selling.

If my first premise is correct, I must ask the questions; How did we get in this mess?  Who put us here?  Were we put in this fiscal extremes on purpose?  If so, why?

If my second premise is correct, why are we following this line of deceit to the American people and the world?

I don't have a factual answer to any of these questions.   Why, because like you, all I know is what I hear from the media.  But rest assured, someone knows the answer and I am afraid the American people will NOT know the answers until it is too late for America.

Something to think about!

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