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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Where were all these "Stars" for the Viet Nam vets?!

OK, Wounded Warrior can take their Wounded Warrior blanket and stick it!  Why, because they are phonies and fakes!!  Fred "The Hammer" Williamson of football and movie fame was against the war in Viet Nam and wanted those of us who did the Nations bidding tried as war criminals!  They spit on us as we arrived in airports, threw things at us, would not employ us and blamed us for every social wrong in our Nation.  There are thousands of Viet Nam vets that are homeless, living on the streets, hungry, cold, abandoned, but these new, shiny warriors are worthy of our help??

I am bitter!  I don't wish to denigrate what our Military men and women have done in the past ten years.  But I am tired of being hated, forgotten, and spit upon by the same system that says they want to help today's vets.  No, I have had my fill of the political correctness of this war.  I guess since females were injured, what the men did is not noble and worthwhile.  The U.S. Government used up my generation, then spit on our graves and were very happy when we died or gave up!  The politicians wanted us to go away, and we did.  Now, they have a politically correct, gay, straight, female, male, group of warriors to faun over.  A group that truly represents what the Liberal Progressives want America to be. Pink and prissy!

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  1. What the hell is this all about Chief? Somebody piss in your wheaties?