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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Is their a foreign liquid in my breakfast cereal?

I have received a couple of comments from readers asking me, in a couple of creative ways, why I am angry?  That requires an answer.

First;  I apologize for displaying my anger.  Maybe it is my disease, and maybe it is age.  But I find it difficult to mask my anger and disappointment lately.

Second;  I am very angry!  Whenever something I hold near and dear is damaged or taken away from me, I react in the same way!

Third;  What made me angry?  That is a longer answer.  I believe that America is being taken over by a group of people who do not want America to be the "Free" country that she always has been.  Every time I turn around our freedoms, as outlined in the Constitution, are being limited or completely doe away with.  For instance, the Constitutional RIGHT to move freely around the country without presenting "Your Papers" to every crack pot who asks!  The TSA is completely un-constitutional and they are trampling and in sometime denying our Constitutional RIGHTS without due process of law!

The government monitoring our telephone and cell phone calls, emails, social media, and movement, without sworn warrant or probable cause!

The governments stated desire to limit weapons purchases based on on person doing something wrong!  And if you don't think that has already happened, have you seen the price of ammo lately?  And answer me this;  Why does the Social Security Administration, the Postal Service, and HHA need to purchase hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo?

And how about the Presidential election?   Why was Congressman (Col) West defeated?  Or should I say how?  There was a enough documented discrepancies to cause any reasonable person to question that turn out.  And what about the counties in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and other States where Obama got over 100% of the registered vote?

What about your religious freedoms.  If your are a Christian, you are being denied your Constitutional RIGHT to practice your religion.  How, we cannot pray "In Jesus Name" even though our religious book, "The Bible" has a quote from that same "Jesus" that says;  "If you ask these things in MY Name, they will be granted to you."  And you definitely cannot mention Christ in a public ceremony, public building, or public school!  But public schools ARE teaching Islam!

I am angry because my country is being taken away from me.  I love America and dedicated 40 years of my life supporting her.  The people who are systematically taking over our nation only want to destroy our individual freedoms and make you and I their slaves!

So, if my anger over the shape of things upset you, I am sorry.  But, I believe, if you are a real American, you should be angry too!  Maybe that's where I am wrong.


  1. You did hear that they did away with CPO initiation, right?

  2. Chief Initiation went away years ago. Today Stevens the E-9 of the Navy eliminated CPO Induction. Another step in the wussyfication of the Navy along with the Senior Enlisted Academe and all hands, Officers, Chiefs and enlisted wearing dungarees (NWUs). These policies don't come from the Chiefs Mess they come from the Ward Room the 4 star Ward Room.