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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chief's Indoctrination is gone. Good!

OK, pick yourself up off the floor and read on.  A few years ago, maybe longer, the Chief's Community GAVE AWAY CPO Initiation.  In case you don't remember why, let me review.  We were including Officers in the Initiation as defense councils, sponsors, and observers.  Then, mostly under the influence of alcohol, we tried to initiate Senior Officers by feeding them "Truth Serum" or finding other ways to denigrate and embarrass them.  For the most part, the Officers took the bad treatment in the humor of the moment.  Some did not.  When I was at BUPERS in the early 1980's, an Admiral was abused at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard CPO initiation.  He left there and went directly to the CNO!  The rest is history.

So don't tell me CPO initiation was taken away, we gave it away and with it the single most important step in bringing a new Chief into the community.  Now, it appears to me there is NO community.  Just three senior Enlisted Pay Grades, living and eating separately, cutting each other's throats and stabbing each other in the back for the best eval!

CPO Indoctrination was meant to be a team building experience that educated the New Chief on the history, purpose and importance of the Chief's community.  It turned into a pseudo Initiation with very little team building or education and plenty of yelling and  denigration.  It was ran by a bunch of never initiated Chiefs trying to do an Initiation!  It sucked.

So, I am glad CPO Indoctrination is gone.  The question is, what do we do now?   I recommend we establish an educational program that focused on the History and Traditions of the Chief's Community.  It's accomplishments and failures!   Why do we berth and mess separately?  Where did we come from.  Who are our heroes?  What does the future hold for us?

I am proud of our new MCPON.  What he did this week took balls, brass balls!  If you want to rebuild the prestige and usefulness of the CPO community, get off your ass and help the MCPON rebuild our community.

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  1. This is some good insight. All too often I hear Chiefs bitching about these changes, yet they have no clue where the CPO Initiation process they loyally cling to started from. Do you know when we started doing them...I know it wasn't done in 1893!