The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The THINGS I saw and did!

I was a typical Navy Gunner's Mate!  I was not a SEAL, or EOD, or an small boat sailor, or a Viet Nam riverine sailor.  No, I was a Destroyer riding GMG who was mentored and taught by the best.  I tried to do my best!   And the Navy rewarded their efforts and mine by promoting me.  Some of the things I saw and did along the way were interesting and I use this blog to tell others about those events.

During the 1960-1979 period of time, we were allies and friends with Iran.  The Shah of Iran was trying to educate the people of Iran and many of their citizens went to American Universities. The Shah was building a modern Military and we were helping him by building ships and training  his military personnel.  We built a Navy training facility on the Caspian Sea in a city called Bandar Pahlavi, now called Bandar Khomeini for obvious reasons.  I knew many U.S. Navy sailors who served at the Iranian Naval Training Center and even knew some who were there when the Shah fell.  But that is a different story.

During the Carter administration, a group of Iranians lead by some foreign bad guys, took Americans from the U.S. Embassy hostage.   It was his down fall and the dawn of a new age of American military might that has now been squandered.  But, when Carter was teh President, he DID NOT trust the Military commanders.  He wanted to rescue the hostages so he went to a number of sources outside the Military including Ross Perot.  Mr. Perot's idea had merit and included useing a Israeli nerve gas that renders individuals completely paralyzed for 24 hours without any lasting effect.  President carter did not like that idea.  So, he and Colonial Hackworth devised a rescue mission that used Army Rangers hid in the desert, Navy helicopters.  As that was being planned, some intel information from inside Iran was required.

At the time, I was the GMG Detailer and I received a telephone call from a Navy Captain (O-6) at the White House.  He said; " This is Captain XXX at the White House and I need to know where Senior Chief YYY is stationed and a telephone number to reach him NOW.  Do not put me on hold!"  I knew the Senior Chief he was asking about so his telephone number was no problem.   After I hung up, no he hung up on me, I called Senior Chief Gunner's Mate YYY and told him I wanted to know what happened.  This is the rest of the story.

Senior Chief YYY was stationed in Iran at the Caspian Sea Naval Training Center.  I knew that and I saw him in person in Bandar Abbas when the ship I was riding pulled in there.

Senior Chief YYY received a telephone call from that Captain who told him; "In five minutes, two Secret Service Agents will pick you up in front of your command in a black limo.  They will take you to a secure Navy base with a secure room.  The telephone will ring and when you answer it, the President of the United States will be on the line.  He has some questions he wants to ask you."

It is no wonder the rescue mission failed!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Senator Feinstein LIED today!!!

Today, in a news conference from the Senate, Senator Feinstein told a categorical LIE to the American people.  She said that guns sold at Gun Shows do not go through the back ground checks required in other gun sales.  THAT IS A LIE!!!  All firearm purchases from  licensed firearm dealers require that all State and Federal laws be followed any where the firearm sale happens.  It also requires the licensed firearms dealer to do a back ground check on a person picking their own weapon up from being REPAIRED!!!  What Senator Feinstein stated is a LIE and she knows it!!

She is telling they LIE to rile up the public after the tragedy in Newton, to brig about firearms laws that will violate the Second Amendment!!!  She and the other Progressives want to disarm Americans as fast as they can.

Now, private sale of a gun owned by an individual is legal and does not require a background check.  That means I can sell my pistol to my so, brother, sister, friend, without a background check or Federal paperwork.  This also permits my son to inherit my collection after my death.  That seems reasonable.  Now, if my son was not able to own a firearm for some legal reason, it would be illegal for him to take possession of them.  There is already a law that covers that.  But again, the Progressives tell lies to mislead people and to push their agenda of destroying individual rights.

The problem here is, most Americans don't go to Gun Shows or purchase firearms, so they don't know the truth and they believe Senator Feinstein.  But most Americans are so dumb when it comes to the Constitution, the laws of the land, actual statistics about firearms, and what their elected representatives are doing, that they should not be permitted to vote!!

If you are a gun owner, you need to tell the people in you family, you friends, neighbors, work mates, the truth about gun shows, firearms, and the NRA.  If you do not belong to the NRA, JOIN NOW!!

The battle for our individual rights is on NOW.  It is time to fight for our rights!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Tragedy in Newtown

What happened last Friday is horrific.  What that 20 year old individual did is unimaginable.  The circumstances that lead up to this tragedy are worth noting.

This individual was a troubled person.  His older brother has publicly said so.  He is the product of a broken home.  He is the product of a home with working parents.  He was removed from public school because of social efforts and home schooled.  His Mother, for a reason unknown, decided to own pistols and a .223 rifle.  She apparently did not store them securely in a safe or with trigger locks, so they were accessible to this individual with mental instability issues.  He was know to the system and was denied the ability to purchase a fire arm weeks before this tragedy.  There is another important factor that is missing in this family.  There has been no mention of a faith based support group.  So, this broken family, with a mentally compromised personality, chose to face that challenge without the benefit of spiritual counseling.

All of these factors came together in a perfect storm of tragedy last Friday.  No sympathy, no payment, no public attack on individual rights will soothe the pain of the parents that lost their innocent children to this monster.   I can say I am sorry, but that only makes me feel better.  But, making changes in the freedoms of Americans will not solve this problem nor prevent another from happening.

That being said, what will.  Let's look at Israel for that answer.  The people of Israel live under constant threat of attack that manifests itself in terrorist attacks, bombings, and rocket barrages.   In Israel, the teachers are armed, ready and capable of defending their young charges.  In Israel, they have a faith based support system that believes in defending the Nation and it's people from evil.  Nd trust me, this man was evil.

If just one person was armed at that Newtown elementary school, this tragedy could have been averted or at least reduced.  But there is more.  If the Mother of this mad man had stored her firearms responsibly, this would NOT  have happened.   If she had sought professional counseling and faith based assistance, she would have had a support group to keep her on track.   The older brother had been estranged from his brother for over four years!  There clearly was no family support group.

Now, the Progressive Party lead by our President, wants to deny the American people their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  Now we know this individual was denied a purchase of a gun, so the laws in place worked!  But his parents failed!  They divorced, broke the family unit apart.  The older brother and Father did not have contact with the son who needed their friendship and support.  The Mother did not seek professional or faith based counseling for this mentally damaged son,  Nor did she take the responsibility of properly securing her legally owned firearms from the access of her deranged son.

One more thing.  We must stop or children from playing these violent, blood soaked, killing games on their computers!   These violent games only serve to desensitize the individual from the horror of killing people.  These games are realistic, violent, realistic, and damaging to out children.  If you want to stop this sort of violence, and the killer in Newtown DID extensively play these games, stop your children from playing these games!  I mean it.  Destroy these games NOW!!  If you don't, more violence will follow and you might be surprised from whom it comes.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Crazies ARE in charge!!

I have told you before that the Crazy, Progressives are in charge.  The started their quest to take over the United States of America in the 1960's.  Their plan, started by taking over the colleges and then the Primary and Secondary school systems.  Then, they gained power in Washington an began to convert our nation of rugged individualists that stood on our own two feet into a nation of dependent mental midgets that cannot provide for themselves and are therefore totally dependent on the government for their basic subsistence!   Don't belie e me?!  Look at the news.

There are 25000 individuals that proudly signed an online petition to require the Government of the United States to build a "Death Star" by 2016!!!  This must be the same people who joined the religion of Scientology authored by the science fiction writer, Ron Hubbard!!  They believe there is an invisible space station orbiting earth that will take them somewhere!

Then there is this.  Today, "Time" magazine announced that Kim song uhn, Kim the stupid, fat pig faced pink who never did anything but his Daddy made him the Dictator when he died. as the "Time" "Man of the Year"!  I wonder if they made Hitler the man of the year in 1939?  Same idea!  Hell, at least Hitler got elected once.

Then there are the many states that have legalized, or more correctly; "Decriminalized" the personal use of marijuana!  Don't we have enough problems with drunks driving cars?  Don't we have enough burned out, pot heads, living off their parents at 30?

Look, Americans used to be tough, individuals, that would NOT take a hand out!  We would do anything to provide for our families.  And yes, we stayed with our families.  We married, we did not shack up.  We disciplined our children when they did wrong.   We won wars and stood for freedom and human rights.  We were Americans!

Now, we are limp wrested, feminized, metro men with ear rings, make up and died hair.  We get manicures, pedicures, massages, and cry.  Our children raise themselves or the State does it in child care centers.  Gee, that part sounds like Communist China and the Soviet Union!  We get arrested if we discipline our kids and the children run the home.  We do everything for the "children"!

President Kennedy challenged the American people to put a man on the moon and safely return him by the end of decade.  That was 1961, and we did meet his challenge even though it had never been done before and we had no idea how to do it.  But, we were rugged individuals that believed in ourselves and our leaders!  If the President wanted it done, we will do it!

Bow we wimper in our own sorrow and hope the government will feed and clothe us.  Sad indeed.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

What have we become?

It is probably not good for me to watch a patriotic movie and then write on this blog.  But, a life of wonderful experiences gives me a good perspective on where we are as Americans and what we have lost, or to put it better, wasted, squandered, and thrown away.  I grew up in the bliss of the 1950s.  I was a teenager during the beginning of the Viet Nam War.   As a young man, I was against the Viet Nam war because I believed what the news media fed me.  My Dad sat me down and explained to me that if Viet Nam fell, the other nations would also fall to Communism.  He was right!  He also explained the Communist five year plan and incrementalism.  And again, he was right.

I watched as the Colleges and Public Schools were taken over by Progressives who teach marxism and attack anything great our country has accomplished.  The White Man is the bain of society and the cause of all wrong in the world.   There can be no mention of Jesus Christ in the nation's schools except as a profanity.  But, Islam is taught as a topic in Middle and High School!!

Homosexuality is moral and heterosexuality is narrow minded and wrong!  Having babies out of wedlock is celebrated and abortion is encouraged.  Elementary school children are taught how to have safe sex.  America has thrown her morality out the window!

We treat Israel like an enemy and we cozy up to the Islamic Brotherhood.  And, just in case you get your news from ABC, NBC, or CBS, the Islamic Brotherhood now has chemical weapons from Syria and will soon control ALL of the middle east.  All while our president, who was raised Muslim, sits by and encourages them.

So, now I look at America and I see the Progressives, code name for Communists, using incrementalism and applying their own five year plan.  I just witnessed an election for President and the House that is wrought with fraud.  In Colonel West's case, only a little more than half of the votes were counted and they were counted twice.  Obama received 140% of the vote in West's district!  He received 104% of the vote in Philadelphia!  There were other places in the Country that Obama received more votes than there were voters registered.  Even a blind man on a galloping horse could see the fraud in this election.  But we, the freedom loving Americans, just sit idle and let the take over of America progress.  I am absolutely sure our last free election was 2004 and I am as sure that we will never see another presidential election.  Now I am sure you think I am crazy, and I don't blame you, because most Americans don't know squat about what is going on, nor do they care.

So, I see this Muslim president soon taking control of the Internet, banning civilian ownership of firearms and confiscating every gun he can.  He will enact Sharia law and will set the Constitution aside.  Not that he follows it anyway.  Don't agree, he has not had a budget since he took office and he spends money, our money, as HE sees fit.  No congressional oversight, just him spending us into bankruptcy.  America as a Constitutional Republic is breathing her last, labored gasps.  And no one cares!

One last thing.  I am sick of people who NEVER served in the Military telling me they appreciate my service.  That's utter bullshit!  If they appreciated it, they would have served themselves.  Please do yourself the favor and do not tell me you appreciate my service.  I hate platitudes!  And, I will pinch the next person in the nose that did not serve in the Military who tells me about their feigned appreciation of my sacrifice.

So, there you have it.  If you are a Veteran, and voted for this takeover of America, F*#K You!  If you are not a Veteran, don't talk to me.  If you are as angry as I am, show your anger and help me change this mess.  How, I will get back to you on that.  I am working on my five year plan!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

ABC is anti-American!

ABC, the owners of ABC television, ESPN, and some other televison networks that we like to watch has decided to ban the wearing of American Flag pins on the lapels of all their employees including their on air personalities!!   Now I am not a reactionary, but there is entirely too much anti- American sentiment in the media. lately!

I can accept the networks not requiring their personnel to wear an American Flag lapel pin.   But I cannot accept them openly banning the wearing of the American Flag pin.  The First Amendment protects free speech and what I wear on my lapel IS free speech!   And while I do not agree with the Supreme Court's decision permitting the burning of the American Flag as a free speech issue, I accept everyone's free speech right.  So, I cannot accept a business violating someones free speech right.

The question is, what do we do about it?  Well, do you remember how to write a letter?  I am not being sarcastic, but no one writes an letter with pen and ink, in hand writing.  Today, everyone sends texts, tweets, emails.  Well, they don't carry near the weight that a hand written letter does.  So, here is what I want you to do.  Write a letter to ABC and tell them you don't like their policy against the American Flag!  Then, I want you to write another letter to just ONE of the advertisers on "Monday Night Football"!  Tell them, you will stop watching ALL of ABC's programs, including "Monday Night Football".  Trust me, that will cause a BIG ripple that may cause ABC to rethink their policy.

Of course, maybe we will fail.  But we won't know until we try.  But I do know we will loose our country if we don't fight.  And the pen is mightier than the sword, at this point!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

No drinking after 10PM!!

WOW!!  I saw on the cover of Navy Times that Seventh Fleet has put out an edict that sailors on liberty in WESTPAC  cannot have a beer after 10 PM.  What has our Navy come to?  We won World War Two drinking everything we could pit down our throat, even "Torpedo Juice"!  We beat three determined enemies decidedly!  But now, with the computer sailors, we have to limit alcohol consumption?  How else is a Fleet Sailor going to blow off some steam after 90 days at sea?

Now I agree with the Military's rulings on Trafficking  of Humans.  Prostitution has trapped many young women in a life of sexual slavery!  Not to mention the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  So I am in total agreement with that policy.  But not this one.

Much team building is done over a beer.  Yes, sometimes we drink too much, and sometimes we have issues related to the abuse of alcohol, but treating our sailors like 13 year old teenagers on their first date is not the answer.   Instead we should socialize alcohol like so many other countries have.  I had a friend in Haifa Israel some years back.  I had Sabbath dinner with his family including his wife's parents.  Sitting next to me at the dinner table was a 12 year old young lady.  She had a glass of wine, like all of us.  I told the Mother in Law;  "You would not see that in America."  She replied;   "You don't see drunks in Israel!"   She was right, because they teach their young people that alcohol is a beverage, not a drug.  It is to be enjoyed, not abused.

So my recommendation os to teach our Sailors that getting drunk is not going to be tolerated.  But the responsible consumption of alcohol is completely acceptable.  The "No Drinking after 10 PM" policy will only send shipmates back to the ship, drunk, earlier!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wounded Warrior is anti Gun?!

I heard from my son today that the Wounded Warrior Project was anti gun!  I was surprised so I looked it up on the Internet and sure enough, they will not accept money or publicity from any organization related to firearms.  To be fair, they also will not take money or publicity from any organization that is sexist, or alcohol related.  The story I read said they refused an invitation to appear on a the Grisham Gun Show.  They were scheduled to promote the  charity to the national audience of gun owners.  What a great audience to encourage to contribute to this charity.  But the management of Wounded Warrior did not agree.

This is more left wing bull shit from the Progressives who want to disarm Americans.  This left wing crowd does not believe in the Constitution and would love to disarm ALL Americans.

But let me reaffirm the fact that Armed Americans are the back bone of America and the sole reason we are still free.  A captured document from the Japanese military of World War II, stated that an invasion of the American mainland was impossible because "every American home was armed"!  Guns in the hands of American citizens keep Americans free.  Also, of all the people in America who have a Concealed Carry permit, less than one half of one percent have ever committed a felony with that weapon!!

It has always been said, guns don't kill people, people kill people!  Well now I can say, Guns keep Americans free and the Progressives want to take away your guns and your freedom!  So when a charity will not affiliate with an industry that keep Americans free, I begin to question the purpose and purity of that charity.

I will not donate to Wounded Warrior.  I am not a fan of ANY organized charity.  They take your money, pay executives, do publicity, have events, and spend the money on themselves.  Does Wounded Warrior help some wounded vets?  Yes, I am sure they help enough to have someone for their TV adds, but the average wounded vet is out there on his or her own.  Getting by with the help of their community, church, family, and friends.

If you really want to help a wounded vet, find one in your neighborhood.  Ask him or her what they need.  Then organize a working party and do it!   The other thing you can do is be their friend!!  Veterans of combat, especially the scared ones, need friends that will listen and who care.  So, if you really care, be their friend.  If you just want to give money to make your conscience feel better, send me the money and I will give it to a wounded vet at the Armed Forces Retirement Home!