The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Friday, November 30, 2012

OK, I am back, but bruised!

I have decided to return to writing this blog for my own therapy and amusement!  I enjoy writing about our Navy and I love to recall sea stories from my career.  Today's kids don't tell sea stories.  Instead, they play their computer games alone, with little interface with other humans and NO face to face interaction with humans.  I wonder how they ever get laid!

Some things have happened since I lost my mind.  A couple of old friends passed away.  One was GMMC Bobby Harvey.  He was a retired Navy Chief Gunner's Mate who started his career during the Korean War.  He served through the Viet Nam conflict and then retired.  He was one of the Navy's first missile Gunner's Mates and started out in the old Mk 4 Talos program.  After the Navy, Bobby was a tech rep with NOSOLANT/NAVSEACENLANT.  If you were a MK 10 Gunner's Mate on the East Coast, you knew Bobby Harvey!  He saved more MK 10 Gunner's Mates bacon than I can count.  Bobby was a moral man who would share his vast knowledge about the Navy and life with anyone who would listen.  He will be missed, and what is sad is there is no one to replace him!

Another loss was a young lady I worked with at NAVSEACENLANT.  Her name was Karen Jeffers.  She worked at 110% of her capability at all times.  She treated everyone with kindness and respect.  She had a severe heart attack almost 20 years ago.  I watched the paramedics used the "Paddles" to start her heart!  But she recovered, came back to work, and continued to treat all of us like we were her family.  I was sad to see her obituary this week.  Karen was one of those people who make going to work a little more pleasant!  She too, will be missed.

I bring these two "Shipmates" up to illustrate the point that a generation of exceptional people are passing away.  But the youth of today's generation don't know them nor notice their passing because they are too busy playing computer games!  Hey, You!  dumb Ass!  Put don't that controller and hag up your cell phone.  Go find someone with grey hair and listen to them!  Don't talk, just watch and listen.  You will learn much.  GOD gave you two ears, two eyes, and ONE mouth!  It was a sign!  You should observe and listen twice as much as you speak!

Last tidbit.  I saw a Navy commercial during the Thursday night football game.  It features an Arleigh Burke DDG and I looked at the MK 45 Mod 4 5"/62 gun mount.  I wondered, how far is the range on the longer barrel?  I Googled it.  The published range of the 5"/62 is 23 miles!!   Wow!! The 5"/54 was only 13 miles!  We should have lengthened the barrel sooner!  A 23 mile range with a laser guided projectile makes for a cheap weapon!  Maybe technology is good.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Communists have won!

All that I dedicated my life too, is for naught.  The ideals I believed in are trash on the garbage heap of life. I have wasted my entire adult life sacrificing time with my wife, my son, to defend what is now dead.

This is my last post.  I have no more to say except I am sorry freedom has lost.

Good bye.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wasted electrical power!!

The USS Enterprise (CVN 65) returns from her last deployment today.  In December, she will be decommissioned  and if the past is an indicator, scrapped!  That's right, SCRAPPED just like the USS Long Beach, USS Arkansas,  USS California, and a few more Nuclear powered cruisers and many nuclear powered submarines!

Yes, the USS Enterprise has served 50 years!  But the little known face is, the Navy spent millions of dollars refueling the ship just s few years ago.  That's right, all eight nuclear reactors has enough fuel to power the USS Enterprise for the next twenty years with fuel left over!  But, the politicians, in uniform and in $5000 Brooks Brother's suits, want to decommission her!  They believe we have to many Aircraft Carriers!

This morning, my wife came up with a great idea.  Why not tie the USS Enterprise up in some coastal city and use the remaining fuel in the Nuclear Power Plant to put electricity into the grid!!  Whenever the Navy talks about a ship's power plant to civilians, they talk about it in terms of powering a small or medium city.  OK Navy, put your ship where you mouth is!   Now many of my readers are much smarter than I am and could probably come up with a plan to do this. And I challenge you to do just that.

Now, I am not talking amount a permanent floating power barge.  But a temporary one to be used until we build more nuclear power plants or other types of electrical generating plants.  We could use the power generated by the USS Enterprise as a "spring board" to the future!!  A stop gap power source to help us become "Energy Independent"!

The power available on the USS Enterprise is already bought and paid for!!  Yes, there will be maintenance costs, but they pale in the face of the amount of energy that will be wasted if we scrap this national treasure.

So, I offer this idea to anyone that WILL act upon it.  Call your Congressman, Senator, write the President, and tell them about this idea!  One of your super smart folks figure out ow many barrels of foreign oil this idea would save and tell the Politicians that fact!!

It is time for new ideas.  Ideas that have not been tried a hundred times with the same disappointing results.  The idea my Wife has is a great idea that has the distinct ability to help America.  Some one PLEASE start the ball rolling!!