The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Navy still runs on technology.

I received a comment from a reader who is completing his Mechanical Engineering degree.  Congratulations!!  That is quite an accomplishment and I know you will be in high demand in our technical world.  He took great exception with my comments about our education system and the knowledge levels of our youth.  I appreciate his comments and I posted them for all to read.  He is proud of his accomplishments and rightly so.  But, regardless of his accomplishments and those of the people he knows, the level of education of our young people is lacking.  I noted in my previous post that the county I live in had half of the high school students that failed the reading test.  Well, I was wrong.  That statistic was for the entire state!  And Florida is not alone.

America used to be the premier nation in education, science, inventions, manufacturing technology, and production.  The statistics now tell a different story.  Look who wins the National Spelling Bee the last few years.  Home schooled children!!  Why, the public schools don't teach our kids to spell.  So, if they can't spell, they can't read.  Remember the "Hooked on Phonics" adds?  Now, after school tutoring on the basics is a BIG business!   When I went to school, if you did not pass, they held you back.  Now, we are afraid we will hurt the child's feelings.  So, we graduate kids that can't read, write, or do basic math.  I remember when one of the Washington Redskins players of the late 1980s came out and said he could not read and he was a college graduate!  That is not an isolated event but he was brave enough to publicly state the truth.

How do we fix this?  I have given this a lot of thought and I now think it can be fixes, but only if we decide we WANT to fix it.  America needs a technological goal.  When President Kennedy announced to the country that we would put a man on the moon and return him safely by the end of the 1960s, he set a technological goal that our nation embraced.  The schools actually embraced the space race.  There was a nation wide space exhibit going to all the major cities and many of the smaller cities.  I remember seeing this exhibit and seeing a "Radar Range" boil water in under a minute!  Now almost everyone has a microwave oven.  That is the kind of challenge we need to get our education system going again.  What technological challenge?  I have a few ideas;  How about travel in space at the speed of light.  Changing the electric grid to power generated from the sun.  Not the bulky solar power, but mass power from the sun.  These are two ideas from a tired mind.  Those of you who are young, intelligent, inspired, can come up with much better goal.  We need this challenge to restart out country.  I am challenging you, my readers, to take up this torch and find the way.  Our nation and maybe the world, depends on it.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day, 2012

I drove by a business today that had on their sign; "We honor those who served".  Nice sentiment, but that is NOT what we observe this weekend.  This is the Memorial Day Weekend and we should be honoring and remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to secure and maintain our freedom!  Those who died, in the uniform of the fighting forces of the United States of America.  From the Revolution in 1776 to the current operations in Afghanistan.   And all the forgotten wars, police actions, and secret ops that have happened to keep us secure and free.  Many of these men, even most of them, were volunteers.  All of them served with pride, with honor, and reflected great credit upon themselves, their parents, their leaders, their shipmates, and their country.  We are a nation because of their sacrifice.

I challenge you to take your family and visit a National Cemetery or a Veteran's Cemetery this weekend.  Let your children see the grave markers of those who died to keep them free!  Take minute and reflect on how their sacrifice made your life better.  Take a minute and remember them, say a prayer and thank GOD for these men.

Memorial Day is for the fallen,  Remember them this weekend.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The shrinking Navy keeps shrinking!

I received some new numbers on U.S. Navy ship population today and I was shocked.  We have 22 Cruisers, 11 Aircraft Carriers, 61 destroyers, 26 Frigates,  and that's it as far as surface combatants!!!   Now the non-combatant bean counters in Washington D.C. will tell you the LCS ships, the Mine Countermeasure ships, and the 31 Amphibious ships will count as surface combatants.  They will also tell you the 47 Auxiliary ships count as Surface Combatant ships also.  Well, since we only have one Tender, and no active duty replenishment ships, I want to know what the 47 Auxiliary ships are?!  No matter how you cut it, we have 118 Surface Combatant ships in the U.S. Navy!!

I am so shocked to really see these numbers that I am almost at a loss for words.  Nikita Krustoff said in the 1960's that; "America would destroy herself from within."   He was right.  We are presently completely unable to conduct sustained open water combat operations!  We, therefore, are a second rate Navy and nation and NOT a world power.

Another frightening fact is, any major conflict with any formidable enemy, will either go nuclear very quickly or will end in our surrender.  Either way we loose and Krustoff was right.  The politicians, in uniform and in Brook's Brothers suits have defeated the United States.  It is over before the first round is fired.

Like I said in my last post, it cannot be fixed.  Our nation has lost it's way and we are now a defeated nation of victims
who only want their government check for doing nothing.  I am sorry to bring you this news, but I thought some of you would want to know!

PS;  I just want to ask the question.  Did the world get smaller?  Are there less miles of ocean to patrol?  Is all the world our friend?  The obvious answer is NO to all three questions.  But if I am correct, then why do we have a much smaller Navy?  Again, the answer is right before your eyes if you are brave enough to look at it.  Open you eyes America.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Military runs on technology

You may know I moved to Florida recently.  The area I live in just released the results of the state wide required tenth grade reading proficiency test.  Half of the tenth graders FAILED the test!   The same results were reported for the math test.  Now my first view is, we spent too much time teaching social issues and sex education, and not enough time teaching the basics of education.  Reading and math are required for any career.  But I see more young people who are dumb as stumps and have NO life skills.  I was in a fast food restauant and the cash register was broke.  The person, about 18, could NOT make change!  He tried to do the simple math on a calculator, but that was too technical for him.  I told him what the change was, and as he got his calculator to give him an answer, he looked at me in shock and said; "You're right!"  Now making change is not rocket science and I learned in the first grade.  What are we teaching our kids?

They cannot read and they cannot talk.  An intelligent conversation with most high school students is impossible.  Heck, most college students are illiterate.  Yet we keep passing students without standard and we keep giving college degrees to students who are ignorant.  So, if technology is the future of the military, who is going to man these super tech ships?  We have already dumbed down the Navy's training pipeline to the point that only basic maintenance is being done onboard ship and heaven help us if a system breaks down.  Trust me, tech reps fix 99% of the problems onboard ship and many of those fixes are improper switch alignment and blown fuses!  Today's sailor is unable to be self-sufficient.

I took a Masters Degree Management course and I had a class project with three other students.  Two of the students had their BS from Norfolk State University.  They could not write at a third grade level, did not understand what they read, and could not speak english.  The other person and I did the entire project and they got the same grade we got!  That is why our education system is broke.  The system will not tell a student they failed! It might hurt their feelings.  If you can't fix your system on a ship and the enemy blows your ship up, that will hurt your feelings much worse!  The SEALS say "If you sweat in training you will not bleed in combat."  We need to change our education system to that motto!

So, how do we fix this problem?  I honestly don't think it can be.  Why, the liberals want us dumb!  We are easier to manipulate that way. But the positive side of this is, if you are in the "Passing" group, you are going to be in BIG demand in the work force.

Monday, May 14, 2012


There is a science fiction, fantasy, fiction, movie out titled "Battleship".  I took the time to call to you attention that the latest Hollywood excursion into Naval fantasy is nothing more than that.  The citizens of the heartland seldom see the United States Navy with the exception of television and movies.  For instance, many people believe that the nations most effective crime fighting unit is NCIS, thanks to Mark Harmon's success as Leroy Jethro Gibbs!  One would be left with the idea that NCIS was stopping terrorism on the heartland, solving the most perplexing murders in the Nation's Capitol, and rescuing a Masad agent from the grip of a militant Muslim extremest deep in the desert kingdom of the enemy!  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Trust me, I worked with these boobs!  The couldn't close a suitcase well enough a murder case.

The movie "Battleship", even though it is fantasy, may leave the uneducated and uninitiated with the perception that we have armor plated, impervious, heavily armed warships prowling the worlds oceans.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Instead we have thin hulled, tin foil, underarmed, ships limping around because they do not work as designed and are not maintained to any respectful level of combat readiness because we waste our nations money on no load dopers, people who WON'T work and foreign governments that hate us!

I have said it for a long time, in person and in this blog, that our Navy is not capable of defending itself, well enough the Nation.  We have built ships with no offensive capability, with the exception of VLS, and no proven defensive capability.  We have stricken the Navy's Attack Air capability with the loss of the A-6 and done away with our long range ASW capability with the loss of the S-3 Viking.  We have decommissioned already paid for, refueled nuclear Cruisers, Fast Attack Submarines, and Ballistic Missile Submarines before they reached half of their service life.  And, the ready for service ships that we decommissioned we destroyed instead of placing them in strategic reserve!!  That alone is a crime and possible the death knell for our Navy.

When I went to Boot Camp in 1969, I was taught that the job of our was to keep the international sea lanes open, to keep our treaty agreements like NATO, SEATO, and others, and to project power, worldwide!!  With a Navy of far less than 300 ships, and many of them NOT blue water ships, we are NOT CAPABLE of doing any of these jobs!!

No America, there is no "Battleship" ready to defend us against the unknown enemy!  But we will have homosexual marriage!  Seems like an even trade to the gays anyway!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Gulf War micro-organism

In a previous post, I told you about an individual who worked with me and died from a bacteria that he contracted in Bahrain.  That bacteria was adaptive and could NOT be killed or controlled by antibiotics.  He died in the hospital while the doctors scrambled to save his life.  I also told you about a few other co-workers who nearly died from this same virus.  Until today, I never heard anything public about this germ and the management at our command and at the highest levels of DOD and Navy leadership were completely silent about it.  That was until today.  This morning on FOX News there was a story about a 25 year old research physician at the VA hospital in San Fransisco who was doing research on a virus.  The News reported stated that the VA said he took all precautions and wore protective gear but, just 18 hours after handling the virus, he DIED!

It seems to me that this is related to what killed my friend and made many others deathly ill.  I also know that this research physician was given the best medical cafe, and still died in 18 hours.  So, while his death is tragic, it may bring this virus to light and maybe the deaths of others can be connected to this virus and just maybe, we can find a way to combat this bug!

It is the best hope I have had in over two years!