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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wounded Warrior is anti Gun?!

I heard from my son today that the Wounded Warrior Project was anti gun!  I was surprised so I looked it up on the Internet and sure enough, they will not accept money or publicity from any organization related to firearms.  To be fair, they also will not take money or publicity from any organization that is sexist, or alcohol related.  The story I read said they refused an invitation to appear on a the Grisham Gun Show.  They were scheduled to promote the  charity to the national audience of gun owners.  What a great audience to encourage to contribute to this charity.  But the management of Wounded Warrior did not agree.

This is more left wing bull shit from the Progressives who want to disarm Americans.  This left wing crowd does not believe in the Constitution and would love to disarm ALL Americans.

But let me reaffirm the fact that Armed Americans are the back bone of America and the sole reason we are still free.  A captured document from the Japanese military of World War II, stated that an invasion of the American mainland was impossible because "every American home was armed"!  Guns in the hands of American citizens keep Americans free.  Also, of all the people in America who have a Concealed Carry permit, less than one half of one percent have ever committed a felony with that weapon!!

It has always been said, guns don't kill people, people kill people!  Well now I can say, Guns keep Americans free and the Progressives want to take away your guns and your freedom!  So when a charity will not affiliate with an industry that keep Americans free, I begin to question the purpose and purity of that charity.

I will not donate to Wounded Warrior.  I am not a fan of ANY organized charity.  They take your money, pay executives, do publicity, have events, and spend the money on themselves.  Does Wounded Warrior help some wounded vets?  Yes, I am sure they help enough to have someone for their TV adds, but the average wounded vet is out there on his or her own.  Getting by with the help of their community, church, family, and friends.

If you really want to help a wounded vet, find one in your neighborhood.  Ask him or her what they need.  Then organize a working party and do it!   The other thing you can do is be their friend!!  Veterans of combat, especially the scared ones, need friends that will listen and who care.  So, if you really care, be their friend.  If you just want to give money to make your conscience feel better, send me the money and I will give it to a wounded vet at the Armed Forces Retirement Home!

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