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Sunday, December 9, 2012

What have we become?

It is probably not good for me to watch a patriotic movie and then write on this blog.  But, a life of wonderful experiences gives me a good perspective on where we are as Americans and what we have lost, or to put it better, wasted, squandered, and thrown away.  I grew up in the bliss of the 1950s.  I was a teenager during the beginning of the Viet Nam War.   As a young man, I was against the Viet Nam war because I believed what the news media fed me.  My Dad sat me down and explained to me that if Viet Nam fell, the other nations would also fall to Communism.  He was right!  He also explained the Communist five year plan and incrementalism.  And again, he was right.

I watched as the Colleges and Public Schools were taken over by Progressives who teach marxism and attack anything great our country has accomplished.  The White Man is the bain of society and the cause of all wrong in the world.   There can be no mention of Jesus Christ in the nation's schools except as a profanity.  But, Islam is taught as a topic in Middle and High School!!

Homosexuality is moral and heterosexuality is narrow minded and wrong!  Having babies out of wedlock is celebrated and abortion is encouraged.  Elementary school children are taught how to have safe sex.  America has thrown her morality out the window!

We treat Israel like an enemy and we cozy up to the Islamic Brotherhood.  And, just in case you get your news from ABC, NBC, or CBS, the Islamic Brotherhood now has chemical weapons from Syria and will soon control ALL of the middle east.  All while our president, who was raised Muslim, sits by and encourages them.

So, now I look at America and I see the Progressives, code name for Communists, using incrementalism and applying their own five year plan.  I just witnessed an election for President and the House that is wrought with fraud.  In Colonel West's case, only a little more than half of the votes were counted and they were counted twice.  Obama received 140% of the vote in West's district!  He received 104% of the vote in Philadelphia!  There were other places in the Country that Obama received more votes than there were voters registered.  Even a blind man on a galloping horse could see the fraud in this election.  But we, the freedom loving Americans, just sit idle and let the take over of America progress.  I am absolutely sure our last free election was 2004 and I am as sure that we will never see another presidential election.  Now I am sure you think I am crazy, and I don't blame you, because most Americans don't know squat about what is going on, nor do they care.

So, I see this Muslim president soon taking control of the Internet, banning civilian ownership of firearms and confiscating every gun he can.  He will enact Sharia law and will set the Constitution aside.  Not that he follows it anyway.  Don't agree, he has not had a budget since he took office and he spends money, our money, as HE sees fit.  No congressional oversight, just him spending us into bankruptcy.  America as a Constitutional Republic is breathing her last, labored gasps.  And no one cares!

One last thing.  I am sick of people who NEVER served in the Military telling me they appreciate my service.  That's utter bullshit!  If they appreciated it, they would have served themselves.  Please do yourself the favor and do not tell me you appreciate my service.  I hate platitudes!  And, I will pinch the next person in the nose that did not serve in the Military who tells me about their feigned appreciation of my sacrifice.

So, there you have it.  If you are a Veteran, and voted for this takeover of America, F*#K You!  If you are not a Veteran, don't talk to me.  If you are as angry as I am, show your anger and help me change this mess.  How, I will get back to you on that.  I am working on my five year plan!


  1. Hey Master Chief!
    Let's try to be a little more positive - That's the hard part. . . . I'm not saying many of the things your talking about aren't true, but do you think we can "fix" anything by NOT participating to the best of our abilities. If I "quit" just because one of my guys screws something up, I've lost a "teachable moment", I've removed a potentially good sailor from the pipeline, and I'm not going to have a Division very long. The World ISN'T going to hell in a handbasket any quicker than it has been for the last thousand years, and (for most of us) the sun will still rise in the morning. That's why we're supposed to be the Leaders. - RD, EMC, USN(Ret.)

  2. How about this for a plan: If every Veteran contacted their senator and representative and told them to NOT be in Washington, DC on January 21st, it would cause interest in self-preservation.

  3. Master Chief, it is my opinion that a certain party has been stealing elections since 1876. This is anecdotal as I have absolutely no proof. But I do find it amazing that a majority of "Americans" vote for Progressives. I thought that William Bradford had it figured out back in 1622, when he discovered that the economic policy the Pilgrims had been using(collectivism) was the reason for the near failure of the Plymouth Colony in 1620 and '21. By 1623 he changed to a capitalistic economic model, and the settlers had recovered enough so as to have the first Thanksgiving the following autumn. I believe we are near the point now where the capitalist, freedom-loving people of this country are going to either quit or scale back their operations. I know of one small business owner who is going to eliminate all of his full-time positions and keep them on as part-time employees.

    By the way, so glad you are back!