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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Tragedy in Newtown

What happened last Friday is horrific.  What that 20 year old individual did is unimaginable.  The circumstances that lead up to this tragedy are worth noting.

This individual was a troubled person.  His older brother has publicly said so.  He is the product of a broken home.  He is the product of a home with working parents.  He was removed from public school because of social efforts and home schooled.  His Mother, for a reason unknown, decided to own pistols and a .223 rifle.  She apparently did not store them securely in a safe or with trigger locks, so they were accessible to this individual with mental instability issues.  He was know to the system and was denied the ability to purchase a fire arm weeks before this tragedy.  There is another important factor that is missing in this family.  There has been no mention of a faith based support group.  So, this broken family, with a mentally compromised personality, chose to face that challenge without the benefit of spiritual counseling.

All of these factors came together in a perfect storm of tragedy last Friday.  No sympathy, no payment, no public attack on individual rights will soothe the pain of the parents that lost their innocent children to this monster.   I can say I am sorry, but that only makes me feel better.  But, making changes in the freedoms of Americans will not solve this problem nor prevent another from happening.

That being said, what will.  Let's look at Israel for that answer.  The people of Israel live under constant threat of attack that manifests itself in terrorist attacks, bombings, and rocket barrages.   In Israel, the teachers are armed, ready and capable of defending their young charges.  In Israel, they have a faith based support system that believes in defending the Nation and it's people from evil.  Nd trust me, this man was evil.

If just one person was armed at that Newtown elementary school, this tragedy could have been averted or at least reduced.  But there is more.  If the Mother of this mad man had stored her firearms responsibly, this would NOT  have happened.   If she had sought professional counseling and faith based assistance, she would have had a support group to keep her on track.   The older brother had been estranged from his brother for over four years!  There clearly was no family support group.

Now, the Progressive Party lead by our President, wants to deny the American people their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  Now we know this individual was denied a purchase of a gun, so the laws in place worked!  But his parents failed!  They divorced, broke the family unit apart.  The older brother and Father did not have contact with the son who needed their friendship and support.  The Mother did not seek professional or faith based counseling for this mentally damaged son,  Nor did she take the responsibility of properly securing her legally owned firearms from the access of her deranged son.

One more thing.  We must stop or children from playing these violent, blood soaked, killing games on their computers!   These violent games only serve to desensitize the individual from the horror of killing people.  These games are realistic, violent, realistic, and damaging to out children.  If you want to stop this sort of violence, and the killer in Newtown DID extensively play these games, stop your children from playing these games!  I mean it.  Destroy these games NOW!!  If you don't, more violence will follow and you might be surprised from whom it comes.

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  1. Master Chief,

    Yes, that deranged man did break a multitude of laws. I agree also that the mother should have had her guns more safely secured, especially with an unstable son in the house. Also, the video games that glorify killing so graphically must be curtailed.

    The larger problems I believe are all due to the Progressives thinking that they are much smarter than the general public and want to CONTROL us. To me, it is THEY who have created a society where life is no longer precious, especially through abortion. Also, I honestly believe that a larger portion of this formerly great country fears our government, more so than any other time since the Civil War. I strongly support the Second Amendment, and will be arming myself, and teaching my children in the coming year.

    Finally, I completely agree with you that there was enough, or any, involvement with a religious community. I draw great strength from the church my family attends. Did you see Robbie Parker's witness a few days after the massacre? It brought tears to my eyes.