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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The THINGS I saw and did!

I was a typical Navy Gunner's Mate!  I was not a SEAL, or EOD, or an small boat sailor, or a Viet Nam riverine sailor.  No, I was a Destroyer riding GMG who was mentored and taught by the best.  I tried to do my best!   And the Navy rewarded their efforts and mine by promoting me.  Some of the things I saw and did along the way were interesting and I use this blog to tell others about those events.

During the 1960-1979 period of time, we were allies and friends with Iran.  The Shah of Iran was trying to educate the people of Iran and many of their citizens went to American Universities. The Shah was building a modern Military and we were helping him by building ships and training  his military personnel.  We built a Navy training facility on the Caspian Sea in a city called Bandar Pahlavi, now called Bandar Khomeini for obvious reasons.  I knew many U.S. Navy sailors who served at the Iranian Naval Training Center and even knew some who were there when the Shah fell.  But that is a different story.

During the Carter administration, a group of Iranians lead by some foreign bad guys, took Americans from the U.S. Embassy hostage.   It was his down fall and the dawn of a new age of American military might that has now been squandered.  But, when Carter was teh President, he DID NOT trust the Military commanders.  He wanted to rescue the hostages so he went to a number of sources outside the Military including Ross Perot.  Mr. Perot's idea had merit and included useing a Israeli nerve gas that renders individuals completely paralyzed for 24 hours without any lasting effect.  President carter did not like that idea.  So, he and Colonial Hackworth devised a rescue mission that used Army Rangers hid in the desert, Navy helicopters.  As that was being planned, some intel information from inside Iran was required.

At the time, I was the GMG Detailer and I received a telephone call from a Navy Captain (O-6) at the White House.  He said; " This is Captain XXX at the White House and I need to know where Senior Chief YYY is stationed and a telephone number to reach him NOW.  Do not put me on hold!"  I knew the Senior Chief he was asking about so his telephone number was no problem.   After I hung up, no he hung up on me, I called Senior Chief Gunner's Mate YYY and told him I wanted to know what happened.  This is the rest of the story.

Senior Chief YYY was stationed in Iran at the Caspian Sea Naval Training Center.  I knew that and I saw him in person in Bandar Abbas when the ship I was riding pulled in there.

Senior Chief YYY received a telephone call from that Captain who told him; "In five minutes, two Secret Service Agents will pick you up in front of your command in a black limo.  They will take you to a secure Navy base with a secure room.  The telephone will ring and when you answer it, the President of the United States will be on the line.  He has some questions he wants to ask you."

It is no wonder the rescue mission failed!


  1. Pink and prissy...Nice characterization of the generation of warriors that YOU sent to do the their Nation's bidding.

    I think you should re-read what you wrote and ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Is the statement that you're bitter superfluous?
    2. Does this post represent the Christian values prominently advertised on the right column of your blog?
    3. What is the point of this post? Is it an invitation of like minded travelers to a pity party with a helping of disgust for the HM2, EOD1, and FCCS working to recover their lives and mobility after losing limbs and sight, and sexual function as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
    4. How would this sound if presented as part of your eulogy, or printed as part of an obituary, or read by your nieces or nephews or grandchildren?

    You and I often disagree on a very deep and philosophical level, but this post strikes me as a particularly vile and hate filled diatribe.

    I read it as a manifesto in which a retired E-9 (yep, no mistake there) stoops to the level of being a pathetic caricature of the John Kerrys and Jane Fondas that I've observe you attack in the past. At least those folks had the internal fortitude to publicly protest their generation's war before they supposedly spit on your graves and were happy when you died or gave up.

    Jesus showed more mercy and grace to Judas before his crucifixion than this post shows to the current generation of veterans. It would be funny (in an ironic way) if it wasn't so sad.

  2. Bandar Pahlavi now Bandar Anzali, not Bandar Khomeini.