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Friday, December 21, 2012

Senator Feinstein LIED today!!!

Today, in a news conference from the Senate, Senator Feinstein told a categorical LIE to the American people.  She said that guns sold at Gun Shows do not go through the back ground checks required in other gun sales.  THAT IS A LIE!!!  All firearm purchases from  licensed firearm dealers require that all State and Federal laws be followed any where the firearm sale happens.  It also requires the licensed firearms dealer to do a back ground check on a person picking their own weapon up from being REPAIRED!!!  What Senator Feinstein stated is a LIE and she knows it!!

She is telling they LIE to rile up the public after the tragedy in Newton, to brig about firearms laws that will violate the Second Amendment!!!  She and the other Progressives want to disarm Americans as fast as they can.

Now, private sale of a gun owned by an individual is legal and does not require a background check.  That means I can sell my pistol to my so, brother, sister, friend, without a background check or Federal paperwork.  This also permits my son to inherit my collection after my death.  That seems reasonable.  Now, if my son was not able to own a firearm for some legal reason, it would be illegal for him to take possession of them.  There is already a law that covers that.  But again, the Progressives tell lies to mislead people and to push their agenda of destroying individual rights.

The problem here is, most Americans don't go to Gun Shows or purchase firearms, so they don't know the truth and they believe Senator Feinstein.  But most Americans are so dumb when it comes to the Constitution, the laws of the land, actual statistics about firearms, and what their elected representatives are doing, that they should not be permitted to vote!!

If you are a gun owner, you need to tell the people in you family, you friends, neighbors, work mates, the truth about gun shows, firearms, and the NRA.  If you do not belong to the NRA, JOIN NOW!!

The battle for our individual rights is on NOW.  It is time to fight for our rights!


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