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Thursday, December 6, 2012

No drinking after 10PM!!

WOW!!  I saw on the cover of Navy Times that Seventh Fleet has put out an edict that sailors on liberty in WESTPAC  cannot have a beer after 10 PM.  What has our Navy come to?  We won World War Two drinking everything we could pit down our throat, even "Torpedo Juice"!  We beat three determined enemies decidedly!  But now, with the computer sailors, we have to limit alcohol consumption?  How else is a Fleet Sailor going to blow off some steam after 90 days at sea?

Now I agree with the Military's rulings on Trafficking  of Humans.  Prostitution has trapped many young women in a life of sexual slavery!  Not to mention the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  So I am in total agreement with that policy.  But not this one.

Much team building is done over a beer.  Yes, sometimes we drink too much, and sometimes we have issues related to the abuse of alcohol, but treating our sailors like 13 year old teenagers on their first date is not the answer.   Instead we should socialize alcohol like so many other countries have.  I had a friend in Haifa Israel some years back.  I had Sabbath dinner with his family including his wife's parents.  Sitting next to me at the dinner table was a 12 year old young lady.  She had a glass of wine, like all of us.  I told the Mother in Law;  "You would not see that in America."  She replied;   "You don't see drunks in Israel!"   She was right, because they teach their young people that alcohol is a beverage, not a drug.  It is to be enjoyed, not abused.

So my recommendation os to teach our Sailors that getting drunk is not going to be tolerated.  But the responsible consumption of alcohol is completely acceptable.  The "No Drinking after 10 PM" policy will only send shipmates back to the ship, drunk, earlier!

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