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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sea stories go to waste!

You probably know I moved to northwest Florida.  It's OK but there is no Black Shoe Navy around!  There are a lot of Navy Aviators, mostly Officers, and lots of Air Farce.  But no one who ever made a deployment on a Destroyer.  No one who even knows what a Destroyer is!!

Now I like to tell Sea Stories!  In my 40 years associated with the United States Navy, I have seen and done a lot!!  I have been to places and done things most people can't even dream about.  But when I start to tell one of my stories to someone, their eyes glaze over and they change the subject to some benign thing like SEC football or  fishing!  Who cares about SEC football and local fishing, I have war stories to tell about the Persian Gulf, the recovery of the USS Cole, a hot gun/foul bore emergency in a gun mount.  But no one cares.

So, as I live in my past because of my Lewy Body Dementia, I have no one to tell my stories too.  Now, my best buddy calls me every week and we do reminisce.   But that call only lasts an hour and I am left with many hours to fill.  Yes, my blog helps and I love your comments.  But I am in a Sea story Desert!

Air Farce folks don't have sea stories!  Airedales don't either.  And nobody goes to the "Club" and has a liquid lunch anymore, so those sea stories are lost too!   I will bet the Air Farce guys that live on my street have never puked in a taxi cab before or puked on a lady in a mink coat in the New York Sheraton at Rockefeller Center!  So, here I sit, living in the past with no one who appreciates the stories I have to tell.

I guess I will just keep writing this blog.  But, if someone sets off an EMP weapon, I bet they will listen to my Sea Stories.  Why, because they will not have their computer role play games, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, or even a television.  Then they will listen.

Where those plans I had for building an EMP weapon.  It was in an old Popular Mechanics Magazine I saw in a box in the garage.  Gotta go....


  1. There are many of us at your last command who deeply miss those sea stories. Seeing them in print would not do them justice. It wasn't just the story that kept our attention but rather the deep conviction (animation) of the person who lived them. I think it was Jimmie Durante who said "I got a million of em". He had nothing on you Keep us smiling and thinking my dear friend. Wish you were back here. Ski and your friends at NSSA

  2. Depending on exactly where you are there are some black shoes (real ones) in your neck of the woods. I highly recommend a trip to Panama City, FL. The Navy Diving and Salvage Training Command probably have more than a few folks that would share a liquid lunch. Cheers.