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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The dark side of the combat veteran.

The news coverage of our Army Staff Sargent who is accused of killing the Afghan civilians is without any consideration of what that man has gone through.  The premature apology that the President and the Secretary of State offered up is an affront to the fighting men and women of our country.  The news media has already tried and convicted the Staff Sargent in the court of public opinion, without addressing any of the facts or mitigating circumstances in the case.  This symphony of misinformation is meant to discredit not only this individual but any other individual that may have the same issues in the future.

Compare this to the coverage of the Army officer that shot a number of Army and civilian personnel in Texas.  We were told by the news media that we need to understand him.  That Officer ha never been tried and probably will never be.  Oh, by the way, he is a Muslim.   The President or the Secretary of State have never apologized to us for that Officers actions.

The Staff Sargent is on his fourth tour of combat duty.  He was a front line soldier, not some feather merchant who was in the rear with the beer and the gear.  He was previously wounded and lost a part of his foot.  He was previously diagnosed with PTSD.  He told his superiors he did not want to go back to the combat zone.  All of these are warning flags that were ignored in this case.  The Army ignored the obvious and the blood of those Afghan civilians rests squarely on their shoulders.  But I doubt that the civilians that run our military and country, those in uniform and in the $5000 suits do not have the character or courage to take the blame for their actions.

Unfortunately, there will be more episodes like this one.  In Afghan, other combat zones, and here at home.  The mental conditioning and trauma of being a combat Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Airman does not heal!!  I know from personal experience.  I watch my Brothers in arms suffer after Viet Nam.  No one cared then and no one cares now.  Yes, THEY say they care, but it is a facade, a ruse!  It is politically expedient to get your photo taken with a Veteran, especially a disabled veteran.  The politicians give us medals, shake our hands, and then show us the servants way out!  We are the House Servants that are suffered to be in the master's house to do his bidding.  Then we are dismissed with prejudice.  Banished to the slave quarters to exist in obscurity and to suffer silently from our wounds.

I wrote before; What if they gave a war and no body came? The "Suits" can't and WON'T fight, and maybe we should not either!  It is a voluntary military.

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