The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The THINGS I saw and did!

I was a typical Navy Gunner's Mate!  I was not a SEAL, or EOD, or an small boat sailor, or a Viet Nam riverine sailor.  No, I was a Destroyer riding GMG who was mentored and taught by the best.  I tried to do my best!   And the Navy rewarded their efforts and mine by promoting me.  Some of the things I saw and did along the way were interesting and I use this blog to tell others about those events.

During the 1960-1979 period of time, we were allies and friends with Iran.  The Shah of Iran was trying to educate the people of Iran and many of their citizens went to American Universities. The Shah was building a modern Military and we were helping him by building ships and training  his military personnel.  We built a Navy training facility on the Caspian Sea in a city called Bandar Pahlavi, now called Bandar Khomeini for obvious reasons.  I knew many U.S. Navy sailors who served at the Iranian Naval Training Center and even knew some who were there when the Shah fell.  But that is a different story.

During the Carter administration, a group of Iranians lead by some foreign bad guys, took Americans from the U.S. Embassy hostage.   It was his down fall and the dawn of a new age of American military might that has now been squandered.  But, when Carter was teh President, he DID NOT trust the Military commanders.  He wanted to rescue the hostages so he went to a number of sources outside the Military including Ross Perot.  Mr. Perot's idea had merit and included useing a Israeli nerve gas that renders individuals completely paralyzed for 24 hours without any lasting effect.  President carter did not like that idea.  So, he and Colonial Hackworth devised a rescue mission that used Army Rangers hid in the desert, Navy helicopters.  As that was being planned, some intel information from inside Iran was required.

At the time, I was the GMG Detailer and I received a telephone call from a Navy Captain (O-6) at the White House.  He said; " This is Captain XXX at the White House and I need to know where Senior Chief YYY is stationed and a telephone number to reach him NOW.  Do not put me on hold!"  I knew the Senior Chief he was asking about so his telephone number was no problem.   After I hung up, no he hung up on me, I called Senior Chief Gunner's Mate YYY and told him I wanted to know what happened.  This is the rest of the story.

Senior Chief YYY was stationed in Iran at the Caspian Sea Naval Training Center.  I knew that and I saw him in person in Bandar Abbas when the ship I was riding pulled in there.

Senior Chief YYY received a telephone call from that Captain who told him; "In five minutes, two Secret Service Agents will pick you up in front of your command in a black limo.  They will take you to a secure Navy base with a secure room.  The telephone will ring and when you answer it, the President of the United States will be on the line.  He has some questions he wants to ask you."

It is no wonder the rescue mission failed!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Senator Feinstein LIED today!!!

Today, in a news conference from the Senate, Senator Feinstein told a categorical LIE to the American people.  She said that guns sold at Gun Shows do not go through the back ground checks required in other gun sales.  THAT IS A LIE!!!  All firearm purchases from  licensed firearm dealers require that all State and Federal laws be followed any where the firearm sale happens.  It also requires the licensed firearms dealer to do a back ground check on a person picking their own weapon up from being REPAIRED!!!  What Senator Feinstein stated is a LIE and she knows it!!

She is telling they LIE to rile up the public after the tragedy in Newton, to brig about firearms laws that will violate the Second Amendment!!!  She and the other Progressives want to disarm Americans as fast as they can.

Now, private sale of a gun owned by an individual is legal and does not require a background check.  That means I can sell my pistol to my so, brother, sister, friend, without a background check or Federal paperwork.  This also permits my son to inherit my collection after my death.  That seems reasonable.  Now, if my son was not able to own a firearm for some legal reason, it would be illegal for him to take possession of them.  There is already a law that covers that.  But again, the Progressives tell lies to mislead people and to push their agenda of destroying individual rights.

The problem here is, most Americans don't go to Gun Shows or purchase firearms, so they don't know the truth and they believe Senator Feinstein.  But most Americans are so dumb when it comes to the Constitution, the laws of the land, actual statistics about firearms, and what their elected representatives are doing, that they should not be permitted to vote!!

If you are a gun owner, you need to tell the people in you family, you friends, neighbors, work mates, the truth about gun shows, firearms, and the NRA.  If you do not belong to the NRA, JOIN NOW!!

The battle for our individual rights is on NOW.  It is time to fight for our rights!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Tragedy in Newtown

What happened last Friday is horrific.  What that 20 year old individual did is unimaginable.  The circumstances that lead up to this tragedy are worth noting.

This individual was a troubled person.  His older brother has publicly said so.  He is the product of a broken home.  He is the product of a home with working parents.  He was removed from public school because of social efforts and home schooled.  His Mother, for a reason unknown, decided to own pistols and a .223 rifle.  She apparently did not store them securely in a safe or with trigger locks, so they were accessible to this individual with mental instability issues.  He was know to the system and was denied the ability to purchase a fire arm weeks before this tragedy.  There is another important factor that is missing in this family.  There has been no mention of a faith based support group.  So, this broken family, with a mentally compromised personality, chose to face that challenge without the benefit of spiritual counseling.

All of these factors came together in a perfect storm of tragedy last Friday.  No sympathy, no payment, no public attack on individual rights will soothe the pain of the parents that lost their innocent children to this monster.   I can say I am sorry, but that only makes me feel better.  But, making changes in the freedoms of Americans will not solve this problem nor prevent another from happening.

That being said, what will.  Let's look at Israel for that answer.  The people of Israel live under constant threat of attack that manifests itself in terrorist attacks, bombings, and rocket barrages.   In Israel, the teachers are armed, ready and capable of defending their young charges.  In Israel, they have a faith based support system that believes in defending the Nation and it's people from evil.  Nd trust me, this man was evil.

If just one person was armed at that Newtown elementary school, this tragedy could have been averted or at least reduced.  But there is more.  If the Mother of this mad man had stored her firearms responsibly, this would NOT  have happened.   If she had sought professional counseling and faith based assistance, she would have had a support group to keep her on track.   The older brother had been estranged from his brother for over four years!  There clearly was no family support group.

Now, the Progressive Party lead by our President, wants to deny the American people their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  Now we know this individual was denied a purchase of a gun, so the laws in place worked!  But his parents failed!  They divorced, broke the family unit apart.  The older brother and Father did not have contact with the son who needed their friendship and support.  The Mother did not seek professional or faith based counseling for this mentally damaged son,  Nor did she take the responsibility of properly securing her legally owned firearms from the access of her deranged son.

One more thing.  We must stop or children from playing these violent, blood soaked, killing games on their computers!   These violent games only serve to desensitize the individual from the horror of killing people.  These games are realistic, violent, realistic, and damaging to out children.  If you want to stop this sort of violence, and the killer in Newtown DID extensively play these games, stop your children from playing these games!  I mean it.  Destroy these games NOW!!  If you don't, more violence will follow and you might be surprised from whom it comes.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Crazies ARE in charge!!

I have told you before that the Crazy, Progressives are in charge.  The started their quest to take over the United States of America in the 1960's.  Their plan, started by taking over the colleges and then the Primary and Secondary school systems.  Then, they gained power in Washington an began to convert our nation of rugged individualists that stood on our own two feet into a nation of dependent mental midgets that cannot provide for themselves and are therefore totally dependent on the government for their basic subsistence!   Don't belie e me?!  Look at the news.

There are 25000 individuals that proudly signed an online petition to require the Government of the United States to build a "Death Star" by 2016!!!  This must be the same people who joined the religion of Scientology authored by the science fiction writer, Ron Hubbard!!  They believe there is an invisible space station orbiting earth that will take them somewhere!

Then there is this.  Today, "Time" magazine announced that Kim song uhn, Kim the stupid, fat pig faced pink who never did anything but his Daddy made him the Dictator when he died. as the "Time" "Man of the Year"!  I wonder if they made Hitler the man of the year in 1939?  Same idea!  Hell, at least Hitler got elected once.

Then there are the many states that have legalized, or more correctly; "Decriminalized" the personal use of marijuana!  Don't we have enough problems with drunks driving cars?  Don't we have enough burned out, pot heads, living off their parents at 30?

Look, Americans used to be tough, individuals, that would NOT take a hand out!  We would do anything to provide for our families.  And yes, we stayed with our families.  We married, we did not shack up.  We disciplined our children when they did wrong.   We won wars and stood for freedom and human rights.  We were Americans!

Now, we are limp wrested, feminized, metro men with ear rings, make up and died hair.  We get manicures, pedicures, massages, and cry.  Our children raise themselves or the State does it in child care centers.  Gee, that part sounds like Communist China and the Soviet Union!  We get arrested if we discipline our kids and the children run the home.  We do everything for the "children"!

President Kennedy challenged the American people to put a man on the moon and safely return him by the end of decade.  That was 1961, and we did meet his challenge even though it had never been done before and we had no idea how to do it.  But, we were rugged individuals that believed in ourselves and our leaders!  If the President wanted it done, we will do it!

Bow we wimper in our own sorrow and hope the government will feed and clothe us.  Sad indeed.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

What have we become?

It is probably not good for me to watch a patriotic movie and then write on this blog.  But, a life of wonderful experiences gives me a good perspective on where we are as Americans and what we have lost, or to put it better, wasted, squandered, and thrown away.  I grew up in the bliss of the 1950s.  I was a teenager during the beginning of the Viet Nam War.   As a young man, I was against the Viet Nam war because I believed what the news media fed me.  My Dad sat me down and explained to me that if Viet Nam fell, the other nations would also fall to Communism.  He was right!  He also explained the Communist five year plan and incrementalism.  And again, he was right.

I watched as the Colleges and Public Schools were taken over by Progressives who teach marxism and attack anything great our country has accomplished.  The White Man is the bain of society and the cause of all wrong in the world.   There can be no mention of Jesus Christ in the nation's schools except as a profanity.  But, Islam is taught as a topic in Middle and High School!!

Homosexuality is moral and heterosexuality is narrow minded and wrong!  Having babies out of wedlock is celebrated and abortion is encouraged.  Elementary school children are taught how to have safe sex.  America has thrown her morality out the window!

We treat Israel like an enemy and we cozy up to the Islamic Brotherhood.  And, just in case you get your news from ABC, NBC, or CBS, the Islamic Brotherhood now has chemical weapons from Syria and will soon control ALL of the middle east.  All while our president, who was raised Muslim, sits by and encourages them.

So, now I look at America and I see the Progressives, code name for Communists, using incrementalism and applying their own five year plan.  I just witnessed an election for President and the House that is wrought with fraud.  In Colonel West's case, only a little more than half of the votes were counted and they were counted twice.  Obama received 140% of the vote in West's district!  He received 104% of the vote in Philadelphia!  There were other places in the Country that Obama received more votes than there were voters registered.  Even a blind man on a galloping horse could see the fraud in this election.  But we, the freedom loving Americans, just sit idle and let the take over of America progress.  I am absolutely sure our last free election was 2004 and I am as sure that we will never see another presidential election.  Now I am sure you think I am crazy, and I don't blame you, because most Americans don't know squat about what is going on, nor do they care.

So, I see this Muslim president soon taking control of the Internet, banning civilian ownership of firearms and confiscating every gun he can.  He will enact Sharia law and will set the Constitution aside.  Not that he follows it anyway.  Don't agree, he has not had a budget since he took office and he spends money, our money, as HE sees fit.  No congressional oversight, just him spending us into bankruptcy.  America as a Constitutional Republic is breathing her last, labored gasps.  And no one cares!

One last thing.  I am sick of people who NEVER served in the Military telling me they appreciate my service.  That's utter bullshit!  If they appreciated it, they would have served themselves.  Please do yourself the favor and do not tell me you appreciate my service.  I hate platitudes!  And, I will pinch the next person in the nose that did not serve in the Military who tells me about their feigned appreciation of my sacrifice.

So, there you have it.  If you are a Veteran, and voted for this takeover of America, F*#K You!  If you are not a Veteran, don't talk to me.  If you are as angry as I am, show your anger and help me change this mess.  How, I will get back to you on that.  I am working on my five year plan!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

ABC is anti-American!

ABC, the owners of ABC television, ESPN, and some other televison networks that we like to watch has decided to ban the wearing of American Flag pins on the lapels of all their employees including their on air personalities!!   Now I am not a reactionary, but there is entirely too much anti- American sentiment in the media. lately!

I can accept the networks not requiring their personnel to wear an American Flag lapel pin.   But I cannot accept them openly banning the wearing of the American Flag pin.  The First Amendment protects free speech and what I wear on my lapel IS free speech!   And while I do not agree with the Supreme Court's decision permitting the burning of the American Flag as a free speech issue, I accept everyone's free speech right.  So, I cannot accept a business violating someones free speech right.

The question is, what do we do about it?  Well, do you remember how to write a letter?  I am not being sarcastic, but no one writes an letter with pen and ink, in hand writing.  Today, everyone sends texts, tweets, emails.  Well, they don't carry near the weight that a hand written letter does.  So, here is what I want you to do.  Write a letter to ABC and tell them you don't like their policy against the American Flag!  Then, I want you to write another letter to just ONE of the advertisers on "Monday Night Football"!  Tell them, you will stop watching ALL of ABC's programs, including "Monday Night Football".  Trust me, that will cause a BIG ripple that may cause ABC to rethink their policy.

Of course, maybe we will fail.  But we won't know until we try.  But I do know we will loose our country if we don't fight.  And the pen is mightier than the sword, at this point!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

No drinking after 10PM!!

WOW!!  I saw on the cover of Navy Times that Seventh Fleet has put out an edict that sailors on liberty in WESTPAC  cannot have a beer after 10 PM.  What has our Navy come to?  We won World War Two drinking everything we could pit down our throat, even "Torpedo Juice"!  We beat three determined enemies decidedly!  But now, with the computer sailors, we have to limit alcohol consumption?  How else is a Fleet Sailor going to blow off some steam after 90 days at sea?

Now I agree with the Military's rulings on Trafficking  of Humans.  Prostitution has trapped many young women in a life of sexual slavery!  Not to mention the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  So I am in total agreement with that policy.  But not this one.

Much team building is done over a beer.  Yes, sometimes we drink too much, and sometimes we have issues related to the abuse of alcohol, but treating our sailors like 13 year old teenagers on their first date is not the answer.   Instead we should socialize alcohol like so many other countries have.  I had a friend in Haifa Israel some years back.  I had Sabbath dinner with his family including his wife's parents.  Sitting next to me at the dinner table was a 12 year old young lady.  She had a glass of wine, like all of us.  I told the Mother in Law;  "You would not see that in America."  She replied;   "You don't see drunks in Israel!"   She was right, because they teach their young people that alcohol is a beverage, not a drug.  It is to be enjoyed, not abused.

So my recommendation os to teach our Sailors that getting drunk is not going to be tolerated.  But the responsible consumption of alcohol is completely acceptable.  The "No Drinking after 10 PM" policy will only send shipmates back to the ship, drunk, earlier!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wounded Warrior is anti Gun?!

I heard from my son today that the Wounded Warrior Project was anti gun!  I was surprised so I looked it up on the Internet and sure enough, they will not accept money or publicity from any organization related to firearms.  To be fair, they also will not take money or publicity from any organization that is sexist, or alcohol related.  The story I read said they refused an invitation to appear on a the Grisham Gun Show.  They were scheduled to promote the  charity to the national audience of gun owners.  What a great audience to encourage to contribute to this charity.  But the management of Wounded Warrior did not agree.

This is more left wing bull shit from the Progressives who want to disarm Americans.  This left wing crowd does not believe in the Constitution and would love to disarm ALL Americans.

But let me reaffirm the fact that Armed Americans are the back bone of America and the sole reason we are still free.  A captured document from the Japanese military of World War II, stated that an invasion of the American mainland was impossible because "every American home was armed"!  Guns in the hands of American citizens keep Americans free.  Also, of all the people in America who have a Concealed Carry permit, less than one half of one percent have ever committed a felony with that weapon!!

It has always been said, guns don't kill people, people kill people!  Well now I can say, Guns keep Americans free and the Progressives want to take away your guns and your freedom!  So when a charity will not affiliate with an industry that keep Americans free, I begin to question the purpose and purity of that charity.

I will not donate to Wounded Warrior.  I am not a fan of ANY organized charity.  They take your money, pay executives, do publicity, have events, and spend the money on themselves.  Does Wounded Warrior help some wounded vets?  Yes, I am sure they help enough to have someone for their TV adds, but the average wounded vet is out there on his or her own.  Getting by with the help of their community, church, family, and friends.

If you really want to help a wounded vet, find one in your neighborhood.  Ask him or her what they need.  Then organize a working party and do it!   The other thing you can do is be their friend!!  Veterans of combat, especially the scared ones, need friends that will listen and who care.  So, if you really care, be their friend.  If you just want to give money to make your conscience feel better, send me the money and I will give it to a wounded vet at the Armed Forces Retirement Home!

Friday, November 30, 2012

OK, I am back, but bruised!

I have decided to return to writing this blog for my own therapy and amusement!  I enjoy writing about our Navy and I love to recall sea stories from my career.  Today's kids don't tell sea stories.  Instead, they play their computer games alone, with little interface with other humans and NO face to face interaction with humans.  I wonder how they ever get laid!

Some things have happened since I lost my mind.  A couple of old friends passed away.  One was GMMC Bobby Harvey.  He was a retired Navy Chief Gunner's Mate who started his career during the Korean War.  He served through the Viet Nam conflict and then retired.  He was one of the Navy's first missile Gunner's Mates and started out in the old Mk 4 Talos program.  After the Navy, Bobby was a tech rep with NOSOLANT/NAVSEACENLANT.  If you were a MK 10 Gunner's Mate on the East Coast, you knew Bobby Harvey!  He saved more MK 10 Gunner's Mates bacon than I can count.  Bobby was a moral man who would share his vast knowledge about the Navy and life with anyone who would listen.  He will be missed, and what is sad is there is no one to replace him!

Another loss was a young lady I worked with at NAVSEACENLANT.  Her name was Karen Jeffers.  She worked at 110% of her capability at all times.  She treated everyone with kindness and respect.  She had a severe heart attack almost 20 years ago.  I watched the paramedics used the "Paddles" to start her heart!  But she recovered, came back to work, and continued to treat all of us like we were her family.  I was sad to see her obituary this week.  Karen was one of those people who make going to work a little more pleasant!  She too, will be missed.

I bring these two "Shipmates" up to illustrate the point that a generation of exceptional people are passing away.  But the youth of today's generation don't know them nor notice their passing because they are too busy playing computer games!  Hey, You!  dumb Ass!  Put don't that controller and hag up your cell phone.  Go find someone with grey hair and listen to them!  Don't talk, just watch and listen.  You will learn much.  GOD gave you two ears, two eyes, and ONE mouth!  It was a sign!  You should observe and listen twice as much as you speak!

Last tidbit.  I saw a Navy commercial during the Thursday night football game.  It features an Arleigh Burke DDG and I looked at the MK 45 Mod 4 5"/62 gun mount.  I wondered, how far is the range on the longer barrel?  I Googled it.  The published range of the 5"/62 is 23 miles!!   Wow!! The 5"/54 was only 13 miles!  We should have lengthened the barrel sooner!  A 23 mile range with a laser guided projectile makes for a cheap weapon!  Maybe technology is good.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Communists have won!

All that I dedicated my life too, is for naught.  The ideals I believed in are trash on the garbage heap of life. I have wasted my entire adult life sacrificing time with my wife, my son, to defend what is now dead.

This is my last post.  I have no more to say except I am sorry freedom has lost.

Good bye.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wasted electrical power!!

The USS Enterprise (CVN 65) returns from her last deployment today.  In December, she will be decommissioned  and if the past is an indicator, scrapped!  That's right, SCRAPPED just like the USS Long Beach, USS Arkansas,  USS California, and a few more Nuclear powered cruisers and many nuclear powered submarines!

Yes, the USS Enterprise has served 50 years!  But the little known face is, the Navy spent millions of dollars refueling the ship just s few years ago.  That's right, all eight nuclear reactors has enough fuel to power the USS Enterprise for the next twenty years with fuel left over!  But, the politicians, in uniform and in $5000 Brooks Brother's suits, want to decommission her!  They believe we have to many Aircraft Carriers!

This morning, my wife came up with a great idea.  Why not tie the USS Enterprise up in some coastal city and use the remaining fuel in the Nuclear Power Plant to put electricity into the grid!!  Whenever the Navy talks about a ship's power plant to civilians, they talk about it in terms of powering a small or medium city.  OK Navy, put your ship where you mouth is!   Now many of my readers are much smarter than I am and could probably come up with a plan to do this. And I challenge you to do just that.

Now, I am not talking amount a permanent floating power barge.  But a temporary one to be used until we build more nuclear power plants or other types of electrical generating plants.  We could use the power generated by the USS Enterprise as a "spring board" to the future!!  A stop gap power source to help us become "Energy Independent"!

The power available on the USS Enterprise is already bought and paid for!!  Yes, there will be maintenance costs, but they pale in the face of the amount of energy that will be wasted if we scrap this national treasure.

So, I offer this idea to anyone that WILL act upon it.  Call your Congressman, Senator, write the President, and tell them about this idea!  One of your super smart folks figure out ow many barrels of foreign oil this idea would save and tell the Politicians that fact!!

It is time for new ideas.  Ideas that have not been tried a hundred times with the same disappointing results.  The idea my Wife has is a great idea that has the distinct ability to help America.  Some one PLEASE start the ball rolling!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sea stories go to waste!

You probably know I moved to northwest Florida.  It's OK but there is no Black Shoe Navy around!  There are a lot of Navy Aviators, mostly Officers, and lots of Air Farce.  But no one who ever made a deployment on a Destroyer.  No one who even knows what a Destroyer is!!

Now I like to tell Sea Stories!  In my 40 years associated with the United States Navy, I have seen and done a lot!!  I have been to places and done things most people can't even dream about.  But when I start to tell one of my stories to someone, their eyes glaze over and they change the subject to some benign thing like SEC football or  fishing!  Who cares about SEC football and local fishing, I have war stories to tell about the Persian Gulf, the recovery of the USS Cole, a hot gun/foul bore emergency in a gun mount.  But no one cares.

So, as I live in my past because of my Lewy Body Dementia, I have no one to tell my stories too.  Now, my best buddy calls me every week and we do reminisce.   But that call only lasts an hour and I am left with many hours to fill.  Yes, my blog helps and I love your comments.  But I am in a Sea story Desert!

Air Farce folks don't have sea stories!  Airedales don't either.  And nobody goes to the "Club" and has a liquid lunch anymore, so those sea stories are lost too!   I will bet the Air Farce guys that live on my street have never puked in a taxi cab before or puked on a lady in a mink coat in the New York Sheraton at Rockefeller Center!  So, here I sit, living in the past with no one who appreciates the stories I have to tell.

I guess I will just keep writing this blog.  But, if someone sets off an EMP weapon, I bet they will listen to my Sea Stories.  Why, because they will not have their computer role play games, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, or even a television.  Then they will listen.

Where those plans I had for building an EMP weapon.  It was in an old Popular Mechanics Magazine I saw in a box in the garage.  Gotta go....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Old ships vs New technology ships

This topic popped into my mind tonight.  Why?  Because one of the easiest ways to disable modern technology is the use of an EMP weapon.  Electro Magnetic Pulse for those who are not students of world armament.  The idea of the EMP is a bomb that interrupts the solid state electronic equipment permanently.   I am not 100% sure how this works but I know it does work!  So, would we be better with a 1940's 2250 Class Destroyer or a Arliegh Burke Class DDG?

Well, one EMP and the might DDG would be a floating brick!    Where the World War Two Destroyer would be like the old Times Watch, still ticking!  Guns firing, underway on ships power, and ready to fight.  The same could be said for any ship's Class build before the solid state revolution.   Of course, this is a mute argument since the old Destroyers, Adams Class DDG's, and Battleships are either scrap or museums now.

Why do I even bring this topic into view?  China and Iran are getting very bold in rhetoric and action.   Recent test firings of medium range missiles by Iran lend credence to their possible nuclear weapons program.  Oh, by the way, a nuclear air burst is a great way to make an EMP!  Let's see, short range missile so the blast is far enough away from your equipment, and a small nuclear blast to accomplish the EMP.  Sounds like the way China is taking Iran.

Add the fact that the Persian Gulf is a small pond compared to the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans and yo begin to realize how threatening this scenario is.   You may question my view of the Persian gulf as being small.  But I call your attention to history.  Before Dessert Storm, we would NOT take an Aircraft Carrier into the Persian Gulf and have only recently deployed submarines into the gulf. Suffice to say, the navigable portion of the Persian Gulf is tight.  And the Straights of Hormuz is the neck of that funnel!   A great place to make disabled ships play bumper cars!

I realize I am pontificating while standing on a sinking speck of logic.  But I believe we have reached the point of technical development where the technology IS our Achilles Heel.   I believe this is just like the armor wars of Battleships.  The thicker the ship's armor the larger the gun caliber deployed against it!  Pretty soon, you can't float the ship!  

MAybe we can engineer a counter EMP force or shield.  Maybe we have already and I am behind the times!  But I doubt it.  I any case, it is something to consider as the war in the Persian Gulf escalates.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

No more bayonets and horses?!

I listened to the Presidential Debate the other night and President Obama said in his juvenile, condescending, tone in rely to Governor Romney's comments about our tiny Navy; "We have these ships we land airplanes on, they call the Aircraft Carriers, and we have these ships that go underwater, they are called submarines.  We don't use bayonets and horses any more."  Of course the, Marines, Army and SEALS differed with the President on the Bayonet issue.  We still use horses but the are mechanized and some fly, some float, and some carry 20 men in full combat gear!

The bottom line is, the President knows very little about the Military, any branch of service, and he hold is in disdain.  We are pawns on his chess board and when we die, he gets another!  Furthermore, he does not know the purpose of the United States Navy and why we need to keep the world's oceans free for international trade.

If a large, capable, offensive, Navy is not necessary, then WHY are China and Russia building BIG, CAPABLE, OFFENSIVE Navies?!  China just commissioned their first aircraft carrier, this one they bought from Russia, but they are building their own and the first one of them will be in commission early next year.  Russia is building attack submarines and battle cruisers at an alarming rate.  America, is building LPD 17's and Littoral Command ships that can't replenish underway and can only stay on station for seven days!!  Get the idea?

So, the President obviously does not understand what the Navy is for or he is hell bent on our defeat!  Either way, it is dangerous for us.

And while I am upset about our President's disrespect for the men and women in the Military, I am absolutely overwhelmed with anger over his disrespectful and deceitful handling of the murders and desecration of our Ambassador to Libya and three other brave men who gave their lives to defend the Ambassador and the American Consulate.  The President did not sent help, the President will not tell us the truth about his inaction, and the President continues to lie to the American People himself and through the tongues of his minions!!!

He should be defeated this November and in my opinion, anyone who votes for hi should be suspect of un-American activities and should be investigated immediately.   Furthermore, if I had my way, he would be impeached and tried as for treason for what he has done the last four years.

Our country cannot suffer this traitor anymore.  Do you remember the off mike moment when he told the then Russia President that he should tell Vladimir Putin that he would be free to deal after his reelection?!  If that is not treason, I don't know what is!!!

Am I angry, no.  I am far past that.  I am enraged and I am determined, and I am sad.  Sad that many Americans don't see the truth about this traitor.  Or, even sadder that they may be on his side.  Either way, you are my enemy.  And that is not a good place to be.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do they really trust us?

Those of us who served honorably in the Military were accustomed to being trusted.  Especially those of us who made the Military a career.   We had the keys to the armory, magazines, secret plans, or even more clandestine things.  We had loaded weapons in our hands, on our bodies, and in our work spaces all the time.  We were trusted until, or if, we ever did something to loose that trust!

But time and time again, the politicians, mostly on the left, want to limit or even completely do away with our right to "keep and bear arms."   Their mantra is "Guns Kill"!  Well that is just not true and they and we know that.  I could give you all the pat answers to their trumped up charges, but things, guns, knives, swords, spoons, glasses, shovels, hedge clippers, Nothing, kills on it's own.  People kill people.

If the ideas of the founding gathers were followed, as they included them in the Constitution, the citizens of the United States of America would have fully automatic weapons, howitzers, tanks, shoulder fired anti aircraft weapons, and anything else the military has in their garage, bedroom, and on their person, ready to defend freedom.

Think I m crazy, Israelis have fully automatic weapons in their homes and carry them to reserve drills on public transportation!   They have no gun crimes other than terrorist attacks.   But the politicians of our country want to control us and not the other way around.

Now, President Obama is talking about reinstating the Clinton era gun control laws including expanding that ban to guns already owned by citizens.  If I was not worried before, I would be really worried now.  An armed person is a citizen, an unarmed citizen is a subject!  Look at Russia, China, any where but America!

If I can be trusted with the keys that fired all sorts of BIG, DESTRUCTIVE, weapons, even in home port in San Diego or Norfolk, why can't I be trusted with a weapon in my home?! Again, think about that.  Do you want a government that does not trust you?

I find trust a big issue.  I don't trust the politicians, in uniform and n $500 suits.  They can take anything away from me at the muzzle of a gun.  I believe we need to follow the intentions of our founding Fathers and continue to have an armed citizenry.  Our government should trust us until an individual does something to loose that trust.  Then punnish that individual!  Not the masses.

The Brave men and women who serve..

The President and his predecessors talk much about the man and women of the Military.  They talk about their sacrifices, their deaths, and their maiming.  The President and his predecessors visit Arlington National Cemetery, place wreaths, and look reflective as they stand over someones grave.  But there is one thing missing.

Since World War Two, the children of the Oligarchy do not fight in the Nation's wars.  Let's look at World War Two.  It was considered treason for any able bodied man to avoid National service.  Men who were within the age group acceptable for Military service volunteered, in droves, to serve.  Entire families enlisted.  Look at the Sullivan brothers!!  Sports figures volunteered and served on the front lines of the fight.   Bob Feller, Peewee Reece,  and other sport figures in the prime of their careers volunteered to serve.  Bob Feller joined the navy Seaman.  He served the entire war on the USS Alabama and advanced to Chief Gunner's Mate!  He was on the USS Alabama when it was the FIRST ship to pull into Tokyo harbor for the surrender ceremonies.  There are other examples of Politicians resigning their positions to serve and their children dropping out of college to serve.

But since then, the celebrities and the politicians and their children have actively avoided military service.   Even the son in law of President Johnson, was protected from from line service in Viet Nam eve though he was a Army officer.  And Roger Starbach, who was a Naval Academy graduate, bound to six years of Active Naval Service, was discharged after three years of Naval service which included a tour in Viet Nam, in the rear, with the beer and the gear instead of on a PBR in the fire zone!   We hold up Cascius Clay as a hero because he refused to serve and lost his boxing title.  He said he would not fight for America but he was OK beating someone

Today,  for the most part, the Military is made up of the children of the middle and lower class citizens with few if any children of the Landed Gentry!  Why do I brig this up?  The Presidents and Politicians can show remorse for the death of our Military men and women, but they do not have any flesh in the game!  They are not loosing anyone close to them or even anyone they know, so why should they really care if these people die or are maimed for life.  Again, the celebrities, the politicians, can all look sad, express remorse and sadness, but then they go home to their families, away from us, live their upper crust lives.

It is my experience that if you do not have an investment of substantial personal value in the game, you really don't care about the outcome.   We have been at war, almost constantly, since 1979!  Really, look at  history.  Iran hostages, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, the Iran/ Iraq war and the mining of the Straights of Hormuz, Desert Storm I, Somalia, Desert Storm II, Afghanistan, and other I have forgot!  Have you seen the report of a Senator's son or daughter killed in action?  How about one serving on the front lines?  The answer is no.  Look at the faces of the Moms and Dads who are at the funerals of these heroes.  There are no rich people there.

My point is, everyone must have an investment in the future of the Nation and therefore I believe that mandatory National Service must be reinstated!  No exceptions for college, religion, sex, or position in life!  That way, everyone has an investment in our nation, like we had in World War Two!  Think about it.

Cruiser hits a Submarine! Really!!

Well, it looks like at least one more Commanding Officer and maybe two have ended their Command tour early, AGAIN!  An AEGIS Cruiser collided with a Fast Attack Submarine, causing moderate damage.  Moderate like in Millions of dollars, not Billions of dollars! This is not the first time a Submarine has surfaced in front of a surface ship and got their little periscope bent.  Not SO long ago, the USS Leftwich (DD 984) had a slow attack submarine, surface in front of her.  The USS Leftwich destroyed her Sonar Dome, both screws and both rudders!    The old SSBN without ballistic missiles almost sunk and was decommissioned after the collision.  The results of the investigation placed the blame on the Commanding Officer of the Submarine because he did not follow proper rules for surfacing.  Something about "Clearing Baffles".

There are other recent examples of these types of accidents.  But the "Root Cause" of these events needs to be found.  Naturally if the Submarine is on the surface, and a Surface Ship hits it, the Surface ship is most likely at fault.  But when a Submarine is submerged and close to the Surface Ship, the Sub may be invisible to the Surface Ship.  Somewhat like "Ground Splatter" on surface radar.  If the Submarine abruptly surfaces to "Surprise" the Surface Ship the chances of getting hit are increased manifold!

I believe we can chalk these incidents up to the old rivalry between Surface Ships, or "Targets" as our Submarine Brothers call us, and Submarines.  Well, rivalry is fine, but we need to realize that we are all on the same team and damaging our ships greatly detracts from our meager maintenance budget.  Then, we must remember that we have damn few combat ships left and breaking two of them is a BIG loss!!

Now if it is proven that these two Commanding Officers were "Playing" then they BOTH should be fired and sent home.  We are now at a serious state.  We have a very small Navy and an even smaller maintenance budget.  We need to quit hitting each other and start hitting the enemy!!    

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do our Leaders REALLY honor our veterans?

I often wonder just how much our political leaders like the men and women who fight the nation's wars!  That's right, I question their respect for those of us who served and especially those who are injured.  Yes, politicians LOVE to get their pictures taken with us and They never miss an opportunity to talk to the VFW or American Legion, but with the exception or President George W. Bush, no living President does anything for us.

Now, we don't need platitudes, we need action!  For instance, why does it take 4 plus years to process a VA appeal?  Are they waiting for the Vet to die?  Look at Agent Orange.  If it were not for Admiral Zumwalt, our Viet Nam Vets would still be without help for their crippling medical issues.  No one will address the effects of the carcinogenic and neurotoxin chemicals used for decades in the hydraulic fluids used in Naval weapons systems, catapults, elevators, and propulsion systems.   While the impact is much less than Agent Orange, it is still a wide ranging, debilitating, and incurable issue.

What about recognizing what happened to our Soldiers at Fort Hood?  Do you think that was work place violence?  No, it was an act of terrorism by a Islamic Terrorist!  Yet, the President continues to deny our soldiers the benefits they deserve because he refuses to call this what it is, an act of terror.  

No, I believe the Politicians want us to fight the wars they start and then, slink back into our holes and shut up!  They would be very happy if we asked for nothing and only came out for their parades and photo ops.  I have heard the news readers on the television say the Military retirement, Disability pay, and survivor benefits are in the same class of expenditure as welfare.  Really?  Did we fight, serve for welfare?!  We who served, many voluntarily,  are the same as individuals who choose NOT to work and live on welfare, get free cell phones, free food, free housing?  That thought is offensive and the fact that it was spoken on nation television is a call to arms in my mind.

Our elected officials and Civil Servants work for US, the taxpayers.  This is a government OF the People and BY the People!  It is time we, the Veterans, Taxpayers, and Patriots, make the bureaucrats responsible to us for what they did to us!  So, when you vote on November 6, remember those who helped you as a Veteran and those who will help you!  Our vote is our weapon against tyranny.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Color vision is an option!

Some of you may know that I have a color deficiency.  I am not completely color blind, but I can't pass the standard color vision tests.  Dots, Lanterns, lights, nothing.  But I can and do see some colors, just not the colors you see.  Hey, it works for me.

Being a Gunner's Mate, color vision is a supposed requirement.  The late Navy Master Chief Gunner's Mate and one of the first Tech Reps on Gun Mounts, Tom McKenna remembered that I was color blind from a mistake that I made.  We had not seen each other for many years and we met at the Gun Conference in Louisville.  He came up to me and said, you're that color blind Gunner's Mate aren't you?!  He did not remember my name but he remembered that.

But the funniest event centered around my color vision happened during a reenlistment physical.  The Corpsman administered the standard color vision test, you know the one with the numbers hidden in the colored dots.  Naturally, I failed it.  He then handed me a piece of litmus paper and told me to "Pee on the colored end".   I asked the Corpsman; "What test did I just fail?"  He said the color vision test.  I then asked; "Now what end of this paper do I pee on?"

Another humorous event happened when I was a Senior Chief and I was the GMG Detailer.  I took a reenlistment physical at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren where we lived.  I knew the Doctor and after all the testing, he said; "Defective color vision can be a disqualifying factor for some rates."  I uttered an obscenity and told him to sign the form!  He did.

Then, when I went to work at NAVSEACENLANT,  I had the same defective color vision issue getting hired.  My boss, Dennis Robertson, had to sign a form that I was acceptable to work on gun mounts with my issues.  He did and I did an adequate job.

The bottom line is, if you want to do something and are dedicated to it, nothing will stop you.  No matter what the issue, you can overcome it, if you are dedicated enough.

So, quit whining and start taking charge of your life.  Success is based on trying not crying!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Keep your powder dry!

Keep your powder dry is an old admonition that is used today.  But do you really know where that saying came from or what it really means?  You might say it came from the black powder days and you would be correct.  But, what effect did moisture have on black powder?

Black Powder is "Hygroscopic".  That means it sucks in moisture and when it does, it becomes very unstable.  So, running through the woods with a flask of black powder that is soaked with moisture might have a negative impact on you!  Also, loaded in a rifle or pistol, it will react more violently when touched off!

That discussion came up when I was talking with the Curator of the USS Alabama in Mobile Alabama.  I was explaining to him how we used powder indexes sealed in apothecary jars with litmus paper to reveal the deterioration of the old Smokeless and Flashless powders used in World War two.  Also, the USS Alabama has a Powder furnace used to keep powder at a constant temperature of 68 degrees for testing.

So, old knowledge of gun powder is still useful today.  Store your ammunition is temperate conditions, not in you HOT or COLD garage.  Keep it dry, preferably in an ammo can, and keep it out of the reach of unauthorized user like children or bad guys!!

Keep your powder dry!  It still applies today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Blue Camo Uniform.

I was standing in the check out line at the Commissary and as always, I read the headlines on the Navy Times.  It bothers me that the publishers of the Navy Times feels a need to seal the magazine in Plastic, but, maybe like Hustler, it contains something young people should not read!  Now, back to the topic.  The headline was about the three things that the "Sailors" are telling the new MCPON to fix.  The very first issue was the Uniforms and they had a picture of the new blue Camouflage Utility Uniform!  Wow, I was impressed.

My rantings are just that, the opinion of an old sailor, a has been.  Nothing more.  But to see that the Active Duty Sailors have issues with the powder blue utilities is news.  I believe the MCPON and the CNO need to listed to the men and women who ride the ships of the Navy.  I believe the CNO and MCPON need to listed to every level of the Fleet population on all personnel issues and then formulate a plan to actually address those issues in a constructive manner.  No bureaucracy, no politics, just concrete solutions to heart felt Fleet issues of morale and conscience.  I believe this process must be done in the open!

Other than the uniform issues that I have addressed before, I believe there are other issues that need openly addressed;

1.  The Enlisted Promotion process.  I do not believe that a College degree make you a better Boatswain Mate or Machinist Mate.  Why is College education weighted so high in promotion boards.  This was one of the 3 shown on the Navy Times issue.

2.  Including Specialty Pay and Sea Pay in the retirement calculation.   This could be an incentive for retention and would be an incentive to stay at sea.

3.  A total review of the Command Master Chief Program.  It is my belief that the Command Master Chief must be the spokesman of the junior Enlisted personnel as well as the Chief's mess.  The Command Master Chief should not be in the chain of command, and should definitely not be the Captain's spokesman.  He does need to be the voice of the enlisted community.

Again, I believe the Fleet Sailors have the best point of view on the issues that impact their morale and careers.  They should be listened too.

I don't know the new MCPON, but I hope he is a fleet sailor at heart and has their best interest at heart.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The highest honor of my Navy career

As many of you know, I am dealing with a degenerative neurological disease called Lewy Body Dementia.  The thumb nail description of this disease is; Alzheimer's with Parkinson's combined.  Not a big deal right now, but as it progresses, as it has, I am faced with new challenges.  I spend much of my time thinking about the past, and of course, my Navy career is foremost in my mind most of the time.

I had a wonderful career both in uniform and as a Civil Servant.  I worked with some wonderful individuals that did more for me than me than I could ever repay.  I was afforded many honors and awards, most of which I did not deserve!   Most of you know I was the Forcer Master Chief, Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet when I retired.  I was also the Gunner's Mate Guns Detailer from 1980 to 1983.   I truly enjoyed being the GMG Detailer and I believe I was able to help our community grow and mature.  Some may disagree and I respect their right to disagree with me.

But, the accomplishment I cherish most is being a Gunner's Mate!  I truly enjoyed being a Gunner's Mate and I appreciate the commeraderee and fellowship of the community.  I remember when I was on the USS Mullinnix.  I was in Deck Force after being dropped from Personnelmen "A" School.  Now honestly, can you picture me as a PN?!  I was standing in the chow line, my tray in hand, and GMGC Sadowsky came up to me and said in his gruff voice; "I hear you want to be a Gunner's Mate!"  I replied; "Yes sir Chief".  He said;  "What's your GCT/ARI?"  I replied; "122 Chief".  He said; "Good, you are mine now.  Muster by Mt 52 tomorrow morning for quarters!"  That was my Striker Board and that was the beginning of my love affair with the Gunner's Mate Rating.

I have such fond memories of the men who taught me, corrected me, and cheered me on.  I grew up in the Navy of the Viet Nam war.  Many of the Gunner's Mates I worked for were Riverine Sailors in teh deltas of Viet Nam.  The were tough, combat hardened men.  It was also the era of the Draft and many individuals joined the Navy to avoid the draft!  That's right, 3 or 4 years in the Navy was thought to be better that 2 years in the Army with 13 months in the rice paddies of Viet Nam!  So, many of the individuals in the Navy really did not want to be there!  So, anyone who was motivated to do what they were told and to do that to the best of their ability was looked upon favorably.  I was that person.  I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I was the one who followed orders and tried to show some initiative.

I have written about many of the men who helped me succeed and I owe my success to them and all the Gunner's Mates that I worked with throughout my career.  Success comes from working with people not working against them. I learned that early in my career and I never forgot it.

I was blessed to be promoted to Master Chief in1984 and that was the crowning achievement of my career.   Most of my hero's were Master Chief Gunner's Mates and many of the Gunner's Mates in my peer group also promoted to Master Chief.  It was a special time for me and I remember it like it was yesterday.

So, my sincere respect goes out to all the Gunner's Mates that I worked with and to the Fire Controlmen that were there to keep me on track too.   I appreciate each of you and cherish our time together.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The weight of Leadership

Forty-one years ago, give or take a day or two, I was advanced to GMG2!  For you who never served in the military, I was promoted to E-5 or Second Class Petty Officer.   I worked for a Chief Gunner's Mate who I idolized then and now.  He and I both were fortunate enough to be later promoted to Master Chief or E-9.  In any case, when I was advanced to GMG2 and the celebration and customary
Tacking" on of my crow was done, my Chief told me something I have never forgot.  This Pearl of Wisdom guided me throughout my Navy career, in uniform and as a Civil Servant.  He told me; "Now that you are a Second Class Petty Officer, any order you give, is YOUR order and YOU are responsible for it's outcome and YOU share in the glow of a good job and YOU are responsible for the ramifications of a failure!"  He went on to say; "I never want to hear you say that The Chief wants this done or the Division Officer wants this done.  It is your order and YOU want the job done!"

I bring this up because of the present leadership of our Nation.  It seems the present group of suits that lead us pass the blame to the previous occupant of the office and take credit for every success dating back to President Washington!  I have always taken responsible for what ever happened in my Division, Work Center, Department, or Command, from the moment I took over!  I relieved the individual before me and when I did that, I was in charge and responsible and accountable for everything!!  If I did not check out my spaces, my equipment, inventory of sensitive equipment or publications, I was at fault, not my predecessor!

So you can see why I am angered by President Obama's constant drumbeat of; "It's Bush's fault".  He certainly took credit for what Presidents since President Reagan built and maintained, SEAL Team 6!  He and his bumbling Vice President also declassified the best weapon we had against terrorism.  He did not take responsibility for that mistake, did he?!

I guess my Chief's training made a big impression on me and since neither the President or Vice President ever had any Military training, I guess they have an excuse.  Maybe not!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Standing Duty BUPERS

When I was the GMG Detailer (1980-83) each Detailer stood Duty BUPERS one night a week for four consecutive weeks and then you were the Super for one night a week for four consecutive weeks.  Then, w did not stand any duty again.  Not a bad deal!  But I learned may things about the condition of man during those long, all night duty days.

There was a Duty Officer and that individual had a bunk room and they used it!  But the Duty Chief had to stay up all night.   That turned out to be the best part of the Duty Day because there were some interesting and weird telephone calls.

One early morning, I answered a telephone call from a retired sailor who wanted to talk to Admiral Rickover.  It was apparent my shipmate had had a few too many adult beverages, but I was going to humor him anyway.   He asked me if the Admiral was available and I said, no.  He then asked if Admiral Rickover knew what the Soviet's were doing?  I assured my shipmate that the Admiral had been full briefed on the Soviet's actions and intentions.  He said, OK and asked me if I was the Chief of Staff.  Since I was a Chief and I was on the Staff, I replied; Yes!  That seemed to be the right answer because my shipmate said;  OK, but make sure you tell him I called in the morning.  I said I would and we bid each other good night.

There were also many calls from shipmates trying to locate their shipmates from many years ago.  Sometimes we could help, but most of the time the individual was out of the Navy and in that case, we had no opportunity to locate then.

But the important question is why these many shipmates called BUPERS in the middle of the night?   Well, now that I am of a certain age, as my best friend says, I believe I know why we received so many interesting and sometimes touching telephone calls.  These retired sailors were lonely!  Most likely, they had no one to talk "Navy" with.  No one who has a shared experience to base a conversation or friendship on.  Some of them came to this decision with the help some adult beverages and some, just because the night is empty and lonely.

I know I have said this before but it bears repeating.  Email is nice but a telephone call or a personal visit with your old shipmate is worth more than any gift you could give.  That friend who you deployed with, worked with, went on liberty wit, wants to talk to you, see you, and need to talk about what you both did.  Yes, I know you are both over 60 now, but it is important, to both of you!  So, let's make this, contact a shipmate month!  And if you don't have their number, try "White Pages" on the Internet.  You will be surprised!  And so will the one you call!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The "Old" Navy!

I know I have written at length about the issues of the day, so I would like to write about how things were when I joined the Navy.   My first ship was the USS Mullinnix (DD 944).  She was a Forrest Sherman class Destroyer with three, 5"/54 Mk 42 gun mounts, one 3"/50 twin mount, two Mk 11 Hedge Hog projectors, two MK 32 torpedo tubes, and 450 romping, stomping, fleet sailors proficient at drinking copious amounts of alcohol!

When I first got aboard in 1969, we still worked on Saturday!  That's right, we worked a half day on Saturday and that amounted to cleaning the ship, washing down all topside spaces, and polishing anything that could or would shine!!  Sometimes, we would have a personnel inspection after the "Field Day".  One Saturday, the First Class Gunner's Mate in charge of Mount 51, where I worked, was no where for us junior personnel to see.  When it came time for our personnel inspection in "Tropical White Long" uniform, GMG1 Harold "Suitcase" Simpson was standing tall in ranks, looking sharp.  Well, at least his uniform was looking sharp!  He looked a little peeked!  The Captain began his inspection of our Division after the Division Officer, LTJG Breeden had presented us.  The inspecting party proceeded through the ranks with the Captain in the lead, followed by the Yeoman writing down the discrepancies, the Executive Officer, the Weapons Officer, and LTJG Breeden.  The Captain got to GMG1 Simpson and inspected his uniform and haircut without comment.  He moved on and the Executive Officer was next to look over GMG1 Simpson, then came the Weapons Officer, and our Division Officer, LTJG Breeden.  Just as LTJG Breden moved past GMG1 Simpson, he passed out, AT attention!  He fell forward and laid there on the forecastle deck, at attention!  The Captain looked back for a second and then proceeded to inspect the rest of the Division.  At the completion of the inspection, he commented to LTJG Breeden about how well we had done in the inspection and then he departed returning the Division Officer's salute.  All the time with "Suitcase: laying at attention on the deck!

It seemed that the Chief and Division Officer knew GMG1 Simpson had gone on Liberty the night before and had maybe one too many beers!  After the inspection the other First Class, there wed five of them, got "Suitcase" up and carried him off to the compartment where he got cleaned up and went on Liberty again!!  We were a hardy breed back then!  Hardy or pickled, I'm not real sure.  But GMG1 Harold "Suitcase Simpson later was advanced to Chief Gunner's Mate soon after that little event.  Like I told you in previous posts, "Suitcase" was a exceptional Petty Officer and Gunner's Mate!  He was one of my first mentors and I respect him to this day.

However, to this day, I have NEVER seen anyone pass out at attention again!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Someone thinks I am wrong about our national resolve!

I love to get responses to posts that I write.  I will openly admit that I am not right all the time and maybe not right most of the time.  But, I observe and learn and I have been doing that for 61 years.  Look at President Reagan, Lybia bombed a night club is Rome and killed some U.S. Servicemen.  A few days later, we bombed Lybia in numerous locations including Moamar Qaddafi's residence.  The forceful response frightened Qaddafi so much that he put on female clothes and retreated into his own borders for over 25 years!   When he did say something, it was an apology and he told us that HE was responsible for the Lockerby Bombing too!!  Oh, by the way, how do I know about the Lybis bombing?  I was the Command Master Chief of VA 55, the A-6 squadron that flew off the USS Coral Sea and bombed the air station!

There are other responses that historically illustrate my point but you get the idea.  The Arab world only understands might!  If they fear you, they treat you with respect.  If they do not fear you, they attack you and make every effort to embarrass you.  I taught Iranian students at Gun School between 1974 and 1977.  That was when we were friends with Iran and the Shah was in power.  I also lived in an apartment complex in Poway California when I was stationed in San Diego.  And, my best friend, then Senior Chief James Smith was in Bandar Palaviv, Iran, teaching Iranians at their Naval Training station.   Like I said, I observe and learn.

I will give you another example.  During the last war in Lebanon, the Islamist terrorists kidnapped a Soviet diplomat and killed him.  Quietly, the KGB tracked down the perpetrators and killed them in a very violent way, then killed all of their family members.  The Soviet diplomats were never bothered again.

If America was a militarily strong nation and had the resolve to pull the trigger when we were attacked anywhere in the world, we would have far less terrorist attacks.  Wars begin when America is not strong enough to lead and when America cowers in the corner, afraid to act.  You don't have to agree with me and I respect your opinion.  But you cannot argue with history.  History is always the best teacher and if we refuse to learn from it, we will be doomed to repeat it!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The lack of respect for America in the world!

In the last 20 years, we have seen America's Military might diminished.  When President Reagan was our President, the world knew that we would retaliate anytime someone committed an act of terrorism against us.  We did not instigate aggression, but we sure returned it!  We have a Military that was the class of the world and everyone knew it!  That strength was what the Arab world understood and that is exactly what is missing today.  Each President since President Reagan is guilty of the incremental decimation of our Military but the present occupant of the White House has completed the journey to third world status!

This weakness is what brought about the death of our Ambassador to Llybia.  And, as if his death was not enough, they drug him through the streets and, if reports that I have seen from Middle East news services is correct, he was sodomized before they killed him!  This ultimate insult is reserved for those who Islam holds in the most disdain!  Not our Ambassador was a friend of Llybia and the Arab cause, yet, because he was not a Muslim and he was an American, they treated him with total disrespect and desecrated his body.

Why did this happen, because the Islamists KNOW that America is too weak to retaliate!  Too weak militarily and too weak in national resolve!   They know, just as the Iranian Islamist terrorists knew in 1979, that America would not use Military force to rescue our citizens or avenge the brutal death of our people.  Sadly to say, we cannot defend America's honor in the world and I don't believe we can defend our country.

As I always ask, how do we fix this mess?  I know, but you need to think this one through yourself.  If you have a stake in the outcome, maybe you will be part of the solution!

Monday, September 17, 2012

NO ship Navy!

I did a little Google research today.  Right this minute, we have 11 aircraft carriers, 22 cruisers, 66 DDG's. 29 Frigates. That is ALL of the surface combatants in the United Sttes Navy!!  And you really can not count the FFG's as surface combatants since they are only armed with ONE 76mm Otto Mellaro Guinea gun, and it is mounted mid-ships and cannot fore forward or aft!!  So, that means we only have 99 Surface Combatant ships in the United States Navy!!

Having two DDG's next to Lybia is REALLY a big chunk of our combatant resources.

Yes we have Amphibious landing ships like LSD's. LHA's and LHD's and a couple of San Antonio Class money pits, but they are no more combatants ships that the LCS is!  No guns, No missiles, No good!!

And yes we have 53 attack submarines, 14 fleet ballistic missile submarines, and 4 Tomahawk shooting submarines.  But again, they do not project power on the open ocean like a surface combatant bristling with guns and missiles

Now, since the Senate and House cannot make a budget and since the supper committee failed to make a budget, the Military is facing an even BIGGER budget cut!  Yet, none of the politicians talk about it or offer solutions.  Now, in Representative Paul Ryan's defense, the House DID vote on, pass, and send to the Senate a budget.  But Harry Reid would NOT let it come to a vote.  So, here we are, the world on the verge of a nuclear war, and us without a Navy!

The former Premier of the Soviet Union said the United States would collapse from inside!   He said that in the early 1960's, but it appears he was correct.

Can we change it?  Maybe, but it will take some real courage on the part of the politicians and some real sacrifice on the part of the American people.  But I fear neither will muster up enough courage to take the first step!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The attacks on our Embassies

It looks like 1979 all over again!  Many of you are too young to remember when Jimmy Carter was our very weak President and the AyAtollah Khomennei took power in Iran.  Islamist terrorists took control of the American Embassy and held Americans hostage for 444 days, until Ronald Reagan was elected President.  President Reagan said; If the hostages are not released by the time I am sworn in, I will free them with military force.  They were freed the day he was sworn in!  I had the duty at Bupers that night and ws in on the conference call with the White House over the release of the hostages!

The moral of this story is, Strength is ALWAYS the answer.  If you don't want to be picked on, you had better put forth an image of toughness that no one wants to challenge.  President Reagan had not done anything internationally, so there was no record to go from, but his message was so tough, so definitive, that the Islamist terrorists folded as soon as President Reagan had control of the Military!!  Strength or the illusion of strength caused the enemy to fold!

This tactic always works but it is especially effective with those in the middle east.  They are like sheep, they will follow the loudest barking dog!  These people have no original thoughts and no personal will.  They will do what they are told to do.  That is why they are so easy to rule, so easy to rile up, and so easy to defeat.  But, to defeat them, you must be ruthless, and slaughters them in mass!  After the first or maybe the second battle, after they see the total devastation rained down on them, they will fold!!

But, the last two Presidents have tried to fight a war with pillows instead of weapons.  They want to win the enemies minds and hearts.  Well, learn from history, that did not work in Viet Nam and it will not work here.  Look at Japan and World War II.  Japan, at the order of the Emperor, was ready to fight the Americans, house to house, to protect their God Leader.  After two Atomic Bombs which melted two cities, they could not surrender fast enough!!

And that is what needs to be done to the Islamic countries.  Sounds harsh I know, but how many of our fighting men and women and how much of our national treasure do we want to spend on these countries that want to live in the 18the century?  We have lost too many of our military personnel, maimed to many, and spent too much money on these people.  Show them, once and for all, what we mean business and that we don't care about their hearts and minds.

There was a saying among those of us who served in the Military during the war in Viet Nam;  When you have them by the balls, their minds and hearts will follow!  It is time we grab these individuals in a sensitive place and tech them humility.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Hollow Navy for a Hollow foreign policy!

With the carnage in Llybia and Egypt, the president (small "p" on purpose) moved to DDG's off the coast of Llybia.   You say; "no big deal"?  YES it is!!

Do you realize that two ships is One Percent of the Navy, and even more if you don't count the shallow water ships like the LCS and PC's and the non-combatants like the Mine Hunters.  Then we probably approach five percent or more.

That is s huge investment for this area.  Just a thought!!

Thanks for your comments!

I love hearing from each of you.  I especially love hearing from you when we share a shipmate.  For instance, today I received and posted a comment from someone who served with then GMCS James Andrew Smith!  That was probably on the USS Hoel, or the USS Waddell, both homeported in San Diego.  It could also be on the USS New Jersey.  Jim made Master Chief either on or just after serving on the USS New Jersey.

Jim and I became friends when we were in MK 42 "C" school in 1970.  We cemented that friendship when we were staff at Gun School in 1974.  What many of you who knew Master Chief Smith did not know is that he served two tours in country, Viet Nam on the rivers.  One tour in PBR's and one as a craft commander on a "Zippo" boat!  He had two Purple Hearts!  Few knew that.  Three things kept Jim sane.  His wonderful, understanding, supportive wife, The Navy Chief's Mess, and Bourbon.

I often  write about the men who mentored me, those who I thought of as heros,  The iron men of the Navy during my career.  Yes, I know there Navy men of other times that did more, influenced more, and sacrificed more.  However, the Navy of the late 1960's to 1980's had issues to deal with that no other time in history had.  The drug culture first brought into the National culture by the "Hippie" movement. This caused more problems that any other thing in history.  We were unequipped to deal with illegal drugs!  In the 1960's we had NO testing capabilities, NO urinalysis, and little to no experience.  The second issue was the end of the draft.  An all volunteer force brought a different group of people into the Navy.  In the late 1960's Defense Secretary McNamara brought into all Armed Forces, 100,000 individuals that were not qualified due to low test scores.  They were called McNamara's 100,000.  Many of these individuals could not write or read!  I remember reading and writing courses being taught at the service school commands and in Boot Camp!  Now, don't get me wrong, many of these men took advantage of this opportunity and excelled.  All they needed was the opportunity and some basic education.  Others, were the source of problems like we had never seen.  The third issue was the job market.  In the 1970's jobs were in short supply but the 1980's brought good jobs and an economic boom.  Both of these "Jobs" events had an effect on the Navy.   Naturally, like now, recruiting in a recession is easy and you can pick the cream of the crop.  But in a "Boom" economy, no one, especially the educated, want to join the military!  While President Reagan was building the 600 ship Navy, we had a severe Petty Officer shortage which negatively impacted the manning of ships.  I commissioned the USS Leftwich, (DD 984) with only 11 Chiefs!  We rated 20!!

All of this made it difficult to be a career sailor.  The Cold War, Viet Nam, the Iran hostage crisis, Grenada, Lebanon, Lybia, El Salvador, Nicaragua,  the Persian Gulf, well you get the idea, we were under severe stress with minimal manning.  So, to find an exceptional leader in these times was like finding gold in your backyard.  In World War Two, there were many opportunities for men to rise in times of severe challenge,  The best of the best volunteered to join the Military, so good men were a plenty.  But in the 1960's to 1980's it was a constant beating  with out the benefit of the national stage of a big War.  Hell, the public held the military in disdain during and after the Viet Nam war!

So, men like Jim Smith, PTSD and all, were still inspiring to me, and many others.  So, I appreciate your comments and sharing of your remembrances of shipmates past.  Keep them coming!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where has the Military support group gone?

When I was in the Navy, we socialized.  We played cards in our off times, told sea stories, played Acey Deucey, we played on divisional soft ball teams, command sports teams, and shared our lives together underway or in port.  There was no computer games, lap top videos, email 24/7, or books on tape.  Sailors, Chiefs, communicated, discussed things, taught each other, socialized.

Today's Navy and probably the other Military organizations no longer have the social skills to support each other on an emotional level.  Hell, they don't even know their shipmate, unless they are trying to date her!  That lack of social skills in one of the reasons we have the suicide problems we have today!

I remember Command Master Chief Bobby Scott on the USS Wisconsin, he knew every sailor on the ship by name, their wife's name, most of their children's names, and their issues!    He probably did not own a personal computer, but he could tell when a sailors demeanor changed and that knowledge saves lives!

During the Viet Nam war, the sailor's who served in country suffered from the same stress disorders as the veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but the Viet Nam veterans who stayed on active duty had a built in support group!  We talked about the mental issues, stayed up whith them when they were stressed, brought them back when they were drunk, and looked after them!  One of my best friends, Jim Smith, who is now dead, suffered from PTSD.  Sure it was undiagnosed, it was not even heard of then!  But he knew it and we all knew it, but we stuck together through the tough times and we made it.  

That bonding is what is missing in today's military.  So you see these commercials for you to donate to this military charity or that one.  I hear the Veteran's say;  I was alone, I wanted to kill myself, no one cared!  Why wasn't their shipmates there for them.  I'll tell you, they were playing their video games and getting sexually excited reading an interactive sex site!  Shipmates are killing themselves because shipmates don't care.  Why, because they don't socialize.  They don't know their shipmates, and they don't care.

Happy Birthday Jerry!!

Today is my best friends birthday.  Today Chief Gunner's Mate Jerry Hart added another click in his life's odometer.  I will not tell you how old he is, but he is definitely past the adage;  He is too young to know and too old to ask!

We had a good telephone call this morning and as I sit here and think about him, it comes to mind jut how tough sea going sailors really are!  When Jerry and I were riding ships, it was truly tough living.  Many of the "Creature Comforts" like fresh water, medical care, time off, and mechanized cargo handling, were not invented or thought about yet!  We hand carried ammo on board, and struck every powder, projectile, and small arms ammo box below through the use of an all hands working party.  The same was true for stores like food or big deliveries of repair parts.  Heck, I remember hand loading thousands of seed coconuts for delivery to a Pacific Island nation on a WESTPAC Cruise on the USS Stein, (DE 1065)!  Man power was the answer to everything.

And, there were no medical preventative measures either.  We shot thousands of rounds of small arms ammo training the crew, training our selves, without ear protection!!   And chemicals were all deemed SAFE for our used.  Of course, now most of us are suffering from medical issues caused by Asbestos, Hydraulic Fluid and Navy we served and loved.  We were not told or warned.  We just went to work and did our jobs and now we suffer from cancer, skin conditions, and dementia.  Same with lifting and carrying things that weighed hundreds of pounds.  Think about bending down with a 75 pound weight, 600 times in two hours!  That is an ammo on load for a Gunner's Mate!  Now we suffer with back issues, cancer, and dementia.  Yet, most of us never complain and don't ask for help.  We just keep on getting on!

So, talking with Jerry today, my best friend who I miss terribly, brought back to memory those things I am most proud of, the toughness of the American Bluejacket!  While today's ships have more creature comforts and "Navy Showers" and "Water Hours" are a thing of the distant past I still look at my shipmates with great respect, honor, and wonder.  You were tough, relentless warriors and I am proud to have served with you.

Quarterdeck watches.

OK, I know I am just a little weird, but I enjoyed standing Quarterdeck watches.  Back in the early 1970's, because of severe manning short falls, the Navy embarked on plan to permit watches to be manned by less senior personnel.  It was called the "Mod Squad" after a popular television show. There were even some "Commander" commands that were manned with Lieutenant Commanders as the Commanding Officer.  The USS Bronstein is one that comes to mind.

Under this Navy initiative, I qualified and stood inport Officer of the Deck on the USS Stein as a GMG2!  It was quite an honor and I took my responsibility seriously.

I remember many disagreements on the Quarterdeck with individuals who did not want to follow proper Military decorum on the Quarterdeck.  On the USS Leftwich, there was a certain Department Head that thought Officers did not need to wear covers on the Quarterdeck because, in his little mind, it would cause them to go bald.  He would come out on the Quarterdeck from the Ward Room, without a cover, and I would bark at him!!  He hated it and I loved it!  Of course he also wore Docksiders when he stood bridge watches!

But the best Quarterdeck story happened when I was the Force Master Chief at SURFLANT.  It was a Friday and Admiral McCauley decided to take make an unannounced  visit to a ship!  He directed the driver to take him to NAB Little Creek and he selected an LSD to visit.  The driver parked at the foot of the brow, and the Admiral and the Flag Lieutenant boarder the ship.  There was one individual on the Quarterdeck and he was leaning on the desk, talking on the telephone, with his back to the brow.  So, the Admiral and the Flag Lt. walked aboard the ship, unseen and unannounced!  They toured the ship on their own, going into the engineering spaces, berthing spaces, and in general all over the ship for 45 minutes.  No one seemed to pay attention to the visitors and no one ever told the Commanding Officer or the CDO!  At the end of the tour, the Admiral and Flag Lt. went back to the Quarterdeck to find the Petty Officer of the Watch STILL on the telephone with his back to the brow and no one else there.  The Flag Lieutenant tapped the individual on the shoulder to get his attention and told him; "I just thought you would like to know that your Force Commander has been touring your ship for the last 45 minutes!"  The Petty Officer of the Watch replied;."Naw".  The Flag Lt. said;  "Yes he was". Again the Petty Officer of the Watch denied it and the Flag LT said; "Do you know what these gold loops on my shoulder mean?"  The Petty Officer of the Watch replied; "our a Recruit Company Commander, Right?!"

When Admiral McCauley returned to his office he called me and demanded my presence in his office.  Before I went in to his office, the Flag Lieutenant briefed me on the visit.  I walked into the Admiral's office and he asked me;  "Master Chief, who stands Officer of the Deck inport?  I replied;  "Well, we need to rename that position to Petty Officer of the Deck since NO officers stand that watch with the exception of the junior Supply Officer or the new Ensign."  He asked me;  "OK, what watches do officers stand?"  I replied CDO and assistant CDO."  He then asked;  "What does the Assistant CDO do?"  My reply was; "The CDO's job!"  The Admiral asked me; "What does the CDO do?"  My quick reply was; "Watch football!"

He immediately put out an order that put Officers BACK on the Quarterdeck and put ALL personnel back on the inport watch bill with the exception of the Commanding Officer, the Executive Officer, the Command Master Chief and the Corpsman.  I agreed with him and I believe that is the way it should be today.  Standing a Quarterdeck watch or a Ship's Security watch is important to the security of the ship and the well being of the crew.  The American people entrust us with the ship we serve on and it is our duty and responsibility is to take care of that ship, OUR ship.  Standing watch is an honor in my estimation.  I believe in protecting MY ship from intrusion, attack, fire, flooding, and severe weather.  I believe in protecting the lives of my shipmates.  That's what in port watches do.  So, I believe firmly that everyone should be on the watch bill in a position that is commensurate with their skill level.  I believe the inport watches, security team, and fire party, should be strenuously exercised and tested every duty day.  If we sweat in training we will not bleed in war!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gunner's Mates need the DCAP program again!

I was sitting here watching the NASCAR Race at Richmond, in a rain delay, and my mind started to drift back to my Navy days.  I remembered a very successful program called DCAP.

A long time ago, before many of you were born, the Naval Ordnance Station, Louisville, operated a program for gun mounts, missile launchers, and fire control systems, called DCAP.  Discrepancy Corrective Action Program.  Now this was way before personal computers well enough email, blogs, or any type of instant communications.  Every Quarter a printed document was sent out from Louisville to Gunner's Mates and Fire Control Technicians that was system specific.  I would look forward to the newest edition because all the MK 42 Mod 9 and 10 Gunner's Mates would sent problems they were having into DCAP and wait for the super techs at the ISEA to provide answers.  Now, I am not talking about CASREP issues but those little annoying problems and maintenance issues.  Also, fleet Gunner's Mates could provide feed back to listed problems if you had a solution.  These issues and solutions were submitted without Chain of Command approval.  That is what made the program a success.  Gunner's Mates talking to Gunner's Mates!!

The DCAP program was well publicized and a source of pride for me and my peers.  Our ship's name and or name were listed with our problem or the solution we provided.  DCAP made us better technicians on our specific system and the ISEA gained insight into some very difficult problems.

Now, with the explosion of instant communications fleet wide and world wide. I wonder why we cannot have a version of DCAP in the electronic media?  It certainly would be cheaper than printing hundreds of DCAP news letters.  But, it would bring issues to the forefront and would inspire fleet technicians to share their technical discoveries.  So, here is my offer.  One of you smart young hard chargers, submit a Beneficial Suggestion to establish this program!  I am sure the Navy will buy your proposal and you will be the author of a program that has a past proven success but in a modernized, real time, functional manner.

I have no desire for fame or credit.  And since this was a Navy program, there probably is little to go around.  But those of you in the ordnance community could really prosper through the use of DCAP.  So, get off your tails and get this program online!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

More on uniforms

I have received a number of comments on this topic and I really appreciate it!   Your comments have brought back memories, good and bad, for me.

One interesting memory comes regarding the Navy's CNT uniforms.  Dress whites and Dress Khaki.  I was the GMG Detailer when this poorly thought our uniform came out.  I called my USS Stein (FF 1065) shipmate, BTCM James Knowlton who was the Fleet Master Chief at NAVSEA.  Yes, I know that job went away and that Knowlton was the last one to have it.  In any case, I called Jim and broiled him over this uniform about the fire safety of this new knit nylon fire ball.  Jim told me it had been extensively tested and it passed the fire safety issues.  I believed Jim, because he believed what he was told.  Well, we know Jim was lied too! A few years later, I was the Force Master Chief at SURFLANT and I got in a heated argument with the then MCPON, Bill Placket.  We argued at length about being the Petty Officer of the watch inport with a inport fire party assignment as the number one hose nozzle man.  I said, if there was a fire, the Petty Officer of the watch would be relieved by the emergency Petty Officer of the watch and I would have to go to my locker, change into my working uniform, and then go to the repair locker, put on my gear and proceed to the fire.  Hell, it will be out of control by then!!  Bill Placket did not agree with me!  I never won that argument, sorry to say.

Corfam shoes are the same issue.  They must be banned from all Navy, shore and sea!  It is unimaginable to me that we would have foot wear that is approved for shore duty personnel but not for sea duty personnel!!!  But we have exactly that with the Blue camo uniform.  There are blue suede boots for shore duty and leather boots for sea duty!  I believe we need to make decisions about uniforms that are conducive to sea duty sailors ONLY!  If it works at sea it will work on shore.  But the Navy is ships at sea.  Yes, I know we have SEABEES, SEALS, and EOD personnel, but they have specific clothing designed to their specific mission.  They always have and should always have.  But the dress uniforms should be the ones compatible with Sea Duty for ALL NAVY!

Another comment came from someone who became a Warrant Officer and pulled a trick on his buddy over a salute owed on a dark, rainy night.  It brought back to memory my short tour of duty as the Command Master Chief with an A-6 Squardon at Oceana.  VA 55 flew off the USS Coral Sea (CV- 43)   When home, we worked at Oceana and I used to enjoy making Aviators return my salute.  Now Naval Aviators are harder to get in an authorized uniform that a deck seaman on the mid-watch!  They liked to grow their hair long, wear flight suits everywhere, and keep their flight jackets open.  Hats, piss cutters, were carried but seldom worn.  Now, I know the Navy has given up on trying to get these "Special" people in an authorized uniform so they changed the rules to let them wear their flight suits everywhere they go!  In any case, if I saw an officer approaching me, from the other side of the street, I would cross the street and salute him just to make him return my salute.  They did not like it, but I did.

When I was the GMG Detailer, in my office cubicle area, the OT Detailer sat.  The OT rating was a predominately shore duty rating.  They monitored the SOSIS buoys and other stealthy undersea things.   The OT Master Chief really did not like the Navy's grooming standards.  His hair did not meet the grooming standards for female sailors at the time! I was a Senior Chief at the time and I gave him HELL about his Military Appearance every time he walked by my desk.  He complained to the Branch Commander to no avail.  Actually, the Commander thought it was funny but he never made the Master Chief meet the requirements.  Instead of ever confronting me, he had another entrance made through the modular furniture so he would not have to walk past my desk!  I really don't like shore duty sailors.  Sailors belong on ships and ships belong at sea.

I have a few other memories that I cannot recall at this time so there may be more later.  Again, thanks for your comments, they are an encouragement to me!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Navy work uniform, AGAIN!!

Waiting in the Commissary check out line, I read the front page of Navy Times and discovered we are about to change the Navy working uniform, again.  That comes as no surprise to me, since the present working uniform is not conducive to shipboard use.  The blouse of the trouser will catch on everything that sticks out, and you know ships have plenty of obstructions to get caught on.  Second, it is hot and I can picture sailors walking around in their blue skivvie shirts with not rate or rank identification.  A past MCPON had a change to the Dress Blue uniform so the white shirt has shoulder boards enabling Chief's and Officer's to walk around with out their blouse on!  I guess he got chewed out by an Officer he did not recognize.  Maybe not.

In any case, I hope we go back to the dungaree uniform for E-1 through E-6 and wash khaki for Officers and Chiefs.  It was a comfortable uniform made specifically for shipboard life.  Now there is a precedence for this because we have moved away and back again to the dungaree uniform twice in my career.

But the real crime of the uniform changes is that the Sailors have to bear the cost of these bureaucratic wars.  I remember there was an unwritten rule that the CNO could only make ONE uniform change in his tour.  That was a good idea that should be institutionalized!  Sailors do get a small clothing allowance, but it does not even begin to cover the cost of these whole sale changes.  If the Navy wants to mandate a new uniform, the Navy should purchase that uniform for every active and reserve Navy member.  That would limit the uniform changes!

The bottom line is the Navy IS the Navy.  For the most part, we work on ships, we don't go into the field or fight on shore.  The units of the Navy that do have always had appropriate uniforms life SEALS, UDT, and the SEABEEs.  We do not need to try to look like everyone else.  We are sea going fighting men and women and we should look like it!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I never thought our country would fall this far!

I remember reading a Facebook post that said; "In dog beers, I only had two beers!"  Well, I am 61 years old but in Navy years, I am probably 183 years old!  If you served in the Navy or any other combat Military unit you may agree with me.   That being said, I never thought that I would see America fall to this low place.

I never thought I would see our national debt at $16 trillion and most of that owed to a nation that wants to destroy us! I never thought I would see our President bow to foreign leaders!  I never thought I would see our Navy dip it's colors to a foreign nations ships!  I never thought our Military would be so anemic that we would have to rent soldiers from "Blackwater" to meet our missions world wide.  I never thought I would see our Military leaders be yes men to a politician with a personal desire to reduce America to a third world nation.  I have told you before, and I will continue to tell you, we have the smallest Navy since 1915, the smallest Army since the end of World War II, and the smallest Air Force in it's history!!  Now, look at the world we live in.  I having a small military a good idea when Russia, China, Iran, and others want to destroy us?  And by the way, all of these countries are building a Navy and Army much larger and more capable than ours!!

Just in case you may have forgot, America is a unique and special country.  A nation of immigrants who decided to come here because THIS was a better country to live in, work in flourish in, than the country they came from.  America has been the Nation that other countries emulate.  We have helped other Nations gain their freedom, rebuilt the nations that we defeated in wars, and fed hungry peoples all over the world.  We never charged them for these efforts, never brought them under our subjugation, and never held them captive.  America is the greatest nation in the history of the world and I love America!!

But some people, including those in the White House today hate America and want her reduced to a third world nation.  The present resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hates America because of he sees us as a world conqueror and not the world's helper.  I disagree with Him.

The bottom line is, I see our Nation at a turning point, a cross roads, and maybe at the point of no return.  For instance, where in the Constitution does our Federal government have the authority to require us to purchase health insurance?  We are a free people, the people in the government work for us!  The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution reserved everything not precisely written in the Constitution as the Federal Governments responsibility, to the individual or the individual States!!!  But, our individual freedoms are quickly disappearing.  Someone said, if we want to trade freedom for security, we will have neither.  We are almost at that point!

So, what do we do?  There is an election coming, so I recommend you do your research with an open mind, but keeping in mind the Constitution and the actual responsibilities of the federal government.  The, I recommend you vote in November.

It is my prayer that America will take this opportunity in history to change the direction of our Nation and turn back to individual freedoms, individual rights, and a decentralized form of government.  The government that governs least governs best!!