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Saturday, January 29, 2011

As Rush says: "See I told you so!"

This headline and story was on the Drudge Report this evening; "Muslim Brotherhood: Arabs will topple leaders that ally with the United States"

The news no tells us that the rioting has spread to Tunisia, Yemen, and Jordan. I have also read that the King of Saudi Arabia is concerned with the situation. There are many reasons that have lead to the unrest, but the Muslim Brotherhood stands to profit from the unrest more than anyone. Back to Iran and the fall of the Shaw. Yes, the Ayatollah came to power, but it was young people, angry with the heavy hand of the Shaw, dealt out by the Savak, his own Secret Police, that lead to the riots. The Muslim fundamentalists just took advantage of the situation and swept to power in the vacuum of power left when the Shaw was disposed. The Muslim Brotherhood will do the same in each of the countries under siege right now and the ones to come in the next few weeks.
The real question is, What do we, The United States of America, do now? Remember, Iran can close the Straights of Hormuz any time they want. And, I believe they can keep them closed indefinitely! Our mine hunting capabilities are no better than they were when Iran closed the Straights back during the Iran/Iraq war. Yes, some shipping got through, but many, including three U.S.Navy ships were crippled by mines. The commercial shipping owners and their insurers, will stop going into the Persian Gulf if they loose too many ships. It is just a matter of finances. Now, if the Muslim Brotherhood controls the Suez Canal, how is anything going to get out of that part of the world. It is reported, and I agree, that 20% of the worlds oil comes through the straights of Hormuz and 7% comes through the Suez Canal and it's associated oil pipeline. Cut those off and 27% of the world's oil is not available. Yes, ships can sail around the Cape of Good Hope and through the Panama Canal, but that adds thousands of miles, fuel costs, and time to the transit. All of these add up to higher cost oil. What will that do to the price of everything from gasoline to lunch bags? Again, what do we do? My view is nothing. This problem is just too big for us to handle, and trust me, there is no one else. You may say, what about our friends the Russians? The Soviets, I refuse to call them the Russians and they are definitely NOT our friends, have their own oil, so they would relish the fact that the rest of the world was in trouble. China is the same. Another interesting problem is Israel. They stand to be completely surrounded by hostile Muslims with a deep seated desire to destroy them. General Custer had a better situation at the battle of Little Big Horn than Israel has! One other worry for all of us. I did some research on the Internet last night. From all that I can find, and none of it is classified, Egypt does NOT have nuclear weapons. But, they do have a large stash of Biological and Chemical weapons!! Just think of those weapons in the hands of people who want to destroy us and anyone who likes us! Once more, What do we do? I have some ideas that I will not write about at this time, they are somewhat radical, maybe later. But, for now, I believe we should sit down and shut up!
This reminds me of a time when a drinking partner and I were in the San Diego 32nd Street "Acey Deucey" Club. It was 1972. We were sitting at a table, above the dance floor, doing some recreational drinking. A fight broke out just to the left of me. A rather large Samoan gentleman was about to beat two sailors senseless. George and I decided if we both jumped up and grabbed each of the Samoan gentleman's arms, we could subdue him until Lonnie, the bouncer, got there. Now remember, we where about three quarters in the bag. George and I jumped up and grabbed this gentleman, he was as big as a mountain and my fingers did not touch when I grabbed his arm. I looked around the Samoan gentleman's back and told George, if we sit down, he won't notice that we were here. We did, and he never knew we tried to subdue him! The problems in the middle east equate to the Samoan gentleman, and that's why I believe we need to sit down and shut up.

Oh, by the way, Lonnie, the club bouncer, who was also a career SEAL, and a Samoan himself, had no difficulty subduing the gentleman. We may need to find Lonnie!


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Friday, January 28, 2011

You either learn from history, or you repeat it, BLUNDERS and all.

The situation that is unfolding in Egypt, as I write this blog, is a direct repeat of the drastic and catastrophic mistakes of President Jimmy Carter with the leadership in the country of Iran. For decades, America backed, supported, and helped, the Shaw of Iran. Was he the perfect democratic leader; HELL no! But, he was OUR supporter and in the middle east, that is exactly what we need, then and now. Now, for those of you too young and educated in the government controlled schools, let me expand your knowledge of world history. Iran's religious leaders were inciting rebellion. The Ayatollah Khomeini had been exiled to France. He wanted to return to Iran. Why? He said for religious purposes and that was the truth, sort of. He wanted to set up an Islamic Republic and he knew the Shaw had been weakened by demonstrations set up by the Ayatollah's henchmen! Then President Carter, being the "Air Head" that he was, told the Shaw that Iran he must let the Ayatollah return to Iran. He did, the Shaw fell, and Iran now is our biggest enemy in the Persian Gulf. Oh, by the way, we also had a bunch of Americans taken hostage, tortured, and almost lost the southern half of Iran to the Soviet Union. Not many people know that!!
So, let's look at Egypt. There is civil unrest, stirred up by the Islamic Brotherhood. Sound familiar yet? Then, our man-child President tells the President of Egypt that he cannot keep the opposition leader under house arrest. Guess what happens next? It already has, President Mubarak has dissolved his government and will appoint another, if the military supports him. I believe that will not happen, and so does he. President Mubarak has already moved his family to France. Is there a tone of repeat here yet?
Weak presidents, men without experience, surrounded by others who have never done anything, make terrible international decisions based on what they learned in some communist leaning, liberal, ivy league university. We are in a heap of trouble Pilgrims!! If the militant Muslims, of which the Islamic Brotherhood are the worst get control of Egypt, the free, non-Islamic world, is in for financial ruin and further revolution in the Islamic countries. What do you think will happen to the flow of oil if ALL the countries in the Persian Gulf are Islamic controlled?! Over 20% of the worlds oil comes through the Straights of Hormuz! Oh, don't forget the Suez Canal. It runs through Egypt! The last time we had a war in the Persian Gulf, remember Iran and Iraq fought for a few years, the price of a barrel of oil went to $147!! That negatively effects the price of everything!! This is a really bad situation, being managed by a really stupid person who has no experience, no knowledge, and no idea what he is doing because he does not know the history of that part of the world, or the history of this country. Pray, that's all we can do.

I am a Dinasoar!

Today, my best friend and I decided to get out of the house and take a tour of Naval Station, Norfolk. We thought it would be good to see the ships, look at our old haunts, check out the new exchange, and ketch lunch somewhere. The weather was very nice for a January day, especially since winter has been so harsh. The temperatures were in the 50's and the sun was even out! What could be better for a couple of "old salts".
I had an inkling that it might be a difficult day when, while driving on Interstate 64 just after the 264 merger, I noticed an older Mazda 3 on the side of the road. Traffic was moving along at the posted speed, plus some, and I was in the right lane following the flow of traffic. All of the sudden, directly in front of me, this Mazda pulls out! Well, I know what to do, because the lane next to me is empty, so, I pull over one lane. But, the Mazda does not just pull into the right lane, it pulls into my lane, right in front of me, going all of 25 miles per hour! As I jumped on the brakes and pounded on my horn, the driver of the Mazda slowly pulled back into the empty right lane. As I passed the car, doing my best to give the driver an ugly stare, I notice that the driver is a little, old, lady, that cannot see over the steering wheel and is having trouble seeing anyway! We need public transportation and mandatory driver's testing for people over a certain age!
In any case, as we drove onto Naval station, our first stop was the new "Tim Hortons" for coffee and a donut. As I looked at the patrons in this "Phu Phu" establishment, I notice the sailors wearing their New, powder blue, Camouflage uniforms! This uniform is wrong on so many levels. First, it has NO FORM! You can hide a lot of FAT under that blouse! There is no crease, as a matter of fact, it looks like it was ironed with a cold rock! The "Ball Cap" style head gear has no style and no "Jaunty" appearance! This uniform has no heritage, no tradition, and makes our sailors look like Air Force personnel. It replaced the traditional "Dungaree Uniform" for E 1-6 and Wash Khakis for Chiefs and Officers. Having everyone look alike may be a good idea on the battle field. Then the sniper does not know who to shoot! But on a Navy war ship, the effect of a pair of Khakis walking into a space or on deck was unmistakable. Everyone immediately knew WHO was in charge!
That takes me to my second observation. When I was a young sailor, the men in the Navy were tough, Hard drinking, Hard fighting, LEADERS, that would kick your ass if you did wrong, challenged them, or did not pay attention. They were barrel chested, big bicep, big handed, strong, decisive, MEN that invoked confidence in everyone around them. The men (small letters on purpose) that I saw today more resembled Pee Wee Herman or Arnold Stang! They were small chested, small armed, small computer handed, big ass, floppy fat chinned, pencil necked geeks that looked like they have never hit a man in the mouth in their life. They looked like Wusses!! They had no military bearing in their powder blue uniforms and spoke softly to each other, like women in church! The sailors I remember had BOOMING voices and commanded respect by their mere presence!
This leads me to my third observations. There was NO CHIEF"S CLUB!! Now, that really does not surprise me. Because, today's Chiefs drink Latte, not beer, with a shot of fat free milk, not a shot of Jack Daniels. They look at computer magazines, not Penthouse, and they play computer games instead of "Jungle Volleyball". And, heaven forbid if the club had Go Go dancers! I remember the Chief's Club as a place of team building, reunions, and camaraderie. I remember the "Stag" bars in the Chief's Clubs as a place to let our hair down, drink maybe one too many drinks, and have a "shipmate" make sure you got home, or back to you ship, safely. Not today!
This leads me to my forth observation; WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE SHIPS AND SUBMARINES?!?! Naval Station, Norfolk is WAY too big for the population of ships. I remember ships being berthed three and four deep! The piers completely full, ships moored at the quay wall, and ships at anchor, as a normal course of action. Of course, when I joined the Navy in 1969, there were 1069 ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers in commission in the United States Navy! Today, we have less than 280 ships. We don't have a Navy, we have a Coast Guard. If you don't believe me, look at the Littoral Command Ships, (LCS Class). High Endurance Coast Guard cutters have more fire power that these tinker toys do. And we are building them in BIG numbers. There are no big guns, no big missiles, no aggressive anti-submarine warfare weapons, and no attack aircraft in today's Navy. And for you brown shoe wearing air dales, the F/A 18 is NOT an attack aircraft! The A-4 and A-7 carried twice the ordnance the F/A 18 caries and flew farther on a fuel load. And DON'T EVER try to compare that little girls air plane with an A-6 Intruder!!
No, today's, trip down memory lane left me feeling depressed, down hearted, and feeling like I have no purpose. My Navy is dead. It has been replaced by aluminum foil ships, limp wristed sailors, and leaders that can't be found. Shame on SECNAV! Shame on the CNO! Shame on all of you. You destroyed the world's most powerful Navy and turned it into a social experiment.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


OK, I am willing to admit that some of the things that bother me greatly, may not be of any concern to "Today's" populace. That's because today's populace was, for the most part, educated in the public school system, controlled by the progressives, (Communists) with the express goal of making the same populace ignorant of anything important, patriotic, or relating to the REAL history of our nation. Just the same, "Traditions" exist for a reason and those who govern need to know that. If they choose to break the traditions or ignore them, the so called "Leaders" should explain why. What am I talking about. Well.. A ship of The United States of America never "Dips" it's flag to another country's ship. They "Dip" to us! The American flag is never flown below another nation's flag. Always equal to in height or the other nations flag is lower than ours. And.. Our President or any other American Official NEVER bows to ANY foreign leader or dignitary!!! Why, because since the dawn of world super powers, the United States of America has been the country that has guaranteed the freedom of any country in the world that wanted to be free. Our men and women's blood has guaranteed the rights for free people every where. Look at history, as the Marine Corps Hymn state; "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli," the fighting men and women of the United States Armed Forces have defended freedom any time, any where, any place. We are the Leader of the WORLD!! No, we don't rule the world. As a matter of fact, we have never continued to occupy an opponent's land after the threat was disposed of. If we did, things would have been much different in Germany, Japan, Cuba, Mexico, the middle east, and just about any place you can name.
However, this man-child we have as a President either does not know the history of the United States of America, or chooses to PISS on the collective graves of those who gave their lives to secure HIS freedom! I still have a severe problem with a statement that his wife made, just after he was elected. Mrs. Obama stated; Today, for the first time in my life, I am proud of my country." That pissed me off!! But it is a very illuminating statement and one you all should reflect on. She was not proud that we stopped Hitler? Or that we stopped Communism, or that we fed millions of despondent, hungry, homeless people, world wide during any number of catastrophes? If she was never proud of America before we elected a mixed race individual to the Presidency, then I have to question her loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America and in turn, the loyalty of her husband to the same. Then, add his inane, inept, disrespectful practice of "Bowing" to every dictator in the world, every time he meets them , and I begin to have serious doubts. Look at the pictures today and yesterday of the flags in front of the White House for the visit of the Chinese dictator. The Chinese flag is above the American flag. Have we surrendered? Did we miss that ceremony? I'm worried.

Friday, January 14, 2011

More from experience on the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't tell.

Since it looks like homosexuals are going to be able to serve, "Openly" in the military, I thought I would look at my experiences in the Navy and bring up a few facts that may be a problem with this being a complete success. You all must know that Homosexuals have served in the military, honorably, effectively, and totally in secret, for ever. I knew some shipmates that I suspected were "Gay". They never "Hit" on me, but watching them on Liberty, and on the ship gave some clues of their sexual orientation. Especially after Admiral Zumwalt authorized the wearing of civilian clothes but enlisted personnel.
First, in the Navy, most ships do not have medical doctors. Neither do Marines in the field and most Army units. In the Navy, all but the largest ships, that is Aircraft Carriers and the big Amphibious ships, have an independent duty Corpsman and one or two junior corpsmen. Second, most, if not ALL ships do not carry a blood supply for transfusions. What we use is called the "walking blood bank". That is, there is at least ONE other person on the ship that has your blood type. Now, since we know that "Aids" is transmitted through the blood. If the only other person on the ship that has my rare blood type is a Gay male, how happy am I going to be getting a blood transfusion from that individual? You may say; "That's not going to happen!". But I have seen shipmates injured on ship, at sea, FAR from any health facility and the individual needed a blood transfusion to survive. Someone gave live blood, that was immediately given to the injured shipmate. And that was in peace time! Think about what would happen if a ship hit a mine, or was attacked, or had a severe fire. I am just talking about surface ships. But look at submarines, where sailors "Hot Bunk". That is a practice where two sailors share the same bunk. One sleeps days, one sleeps nights! See any problems here?
I have commented on my views on homosexuality, so I will leave that topic alone. But, there are some medical issues that need addressed before we proceed.
On a lighter note, some time ago I wrote about my duties as a Command Master Chief, during ceremonies with family members. I told you that I would always set up the event, meet the family, get all the information, and then go get the Commanding Officer, briefing him on any abnormalities BEFORE he went to the ceremony. That kept him from embarrassing the family member or himself. Well, with homosexuals serving openly, that process carries even more responsibility. What if Petty Officer Dinkowitz's significant other is also male, and He is the one wearing the pink mini skirt and the jungle print tube top with the parrot on his shoulder. I see an entire new area of Command Master Chief and Commanding Officer training coming here! Glad I am retired!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The non-Christian Science Monitor says....?

OK, I am so angry my head is going to explode!! The Christian Science Monitor has a headline that states; "Do the lewd videos point to a larger problem in the military?" Does endorsing immorality like homosexuality, living together, designer drugs, affairs, children having sex, point to a larger problem with people?!?! As I posted earlier, it's OK for Joe civilian to watch all of this, and even participate in it. His rights are protected. Heaven forbid if we tried to take the Playboy channel or Babes Gone Wild off of cable. People love to watch "Blue" comedy and have for years. Remember the old Red Foxx comedy tapes? Even Mr. Humphreys was blatantly homosexual in the old British comedy, "Are you being served?" But have a military member joke, about anything and the civilians in charge of the Military and most of the self-righteous civilians get their panties in a wad!

The bastards in the news media, got Captain Honors. Do they now want to turn the military into a bunch of limp wristed pansies that wear pink panties and sip tea?! It takes tough, rugged males to kill people and wreck things. That is what the military does. The civilians in charge, i.e. the President and Congress, decide who is the enemy and they tell us to go kill them and destroy their things. If you weak in the knees civilians don't like how we do our jobs, turn your collective heads the other way and leave us alone. Or, stop sending us to war and we will melt into your precious civil society and watch porn in the privacy of our living rooms and have hot fantasies about the teenage girl next door who wears the skimpy bathing suit in the pool! I have had my fill of unknowing, self-righteous, do-gooders condemning the military for doing exactly what they do, or wish they could. Get off our backs or, fight your own damn wars!

In regards of Captain Owen Honors

If you know me or read this blog, you know my views of the elitist officer community of the Navy. I do not hold them, in general, in the highest regards. However, there are some good and even great Naval Officers and I have written about some that I have served with in my career. The latest chapter in the leftist media's campaign to demoralize and destroy the United States and her military is the attack on Captain Honors. Those of you who read the print media stories or view the feeding frenzy on television sit in righteous indignation over Captain Honors' blatant immorality and how he is corrupting those pure, innocent sailors, while you fantasize about having sex with you secretary or the teenage girl next door! What the hell do you know about life on a Navy ship, underway?! Let this old Master Chief educate you ignorant land lovers.

Life at sea, on a combatant vessel is no "Love Boat" cruise. You don't pull into a exotic port every day and spend a restful night or leisure. Ships stay at sea, doing their mission, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for two and even three months at a stretch. Sometimes, even longer! There is NO privacy. You are "Nuts to Butts" with 5000 of your closest friends. You eat together, shower together, work together, sleep together. There is no rest from each other. No place to go to be alone. The noise of the ship goes on 24/7. On an aircraft carrier, planes are being launched and recovered, 24/7. You get rousted out of your sleep, day or night for fires, airplane crashes, refueling, replenishment at sea, at any time. If you work nights, you sleep days, if you work days, you sleep nights, unless one of the many events or emergencies happen, then you don't sleep. There are no holidays, days off, or "sick days". I would like to say that you now understand what life at sea on a combatant ship is like, but you don't and can't unless you have served on one of these magnificent ships. But let me say this, morale of the crew is the hardest thing to maintain and the most precious commodity on a Navy ship. The ships chain of command will do anything to maintain and enhance morale. That is what Captain Honors was doing, notice I said "DOING" not "trying to do" when he made those "Site" TV appearances. All of us watch "off color" comedy on our home TV, jokes about "Gays", nudity, racial jokes from Chris Rock and others, and thing nothing about it. But you are all up in arms about Captain Honors because he is a naval officer. I hate people with double standards more that I can say here.

From what I have seen in the media, and read about, Captain Honors did nothing but entertain his crew, enhance their morale, and keep his ship ready to do the countries bidding. His crew, especially the enlisted personnel, male and female, stand behind him. If you don't believe me, check out the sites on "Facebook". That is real enlisted support! So, I say to all of you civilians, leave the Navy alone! Go back to fantasying about you neighbor or secretary. Your double standards are not welcomed.