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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Waiting to get hit is NEVER a good idea!

The infamous attack on Pearl Harbor, 70 years ago, should have taught us something.  Or, if you have been involved in a fight with someone, you should also have learned this lesson.  Waiting to get hit is NEVER a good idea.  It may look good in the movies, and it may play well in a book, but trust me, a fight is never fair.  You don't win by following the Marques De Queensbury  rules.  You win by fighting dirty.  Throwing dirt in your opponents eyes, a knee to the groin, a 2X4 over the head, anything to make that person not want to fight anymore.  Japan tried to do that to us when they launched a "sucker punch" attack, without warning, early in the morning, on a Sunday!  It had us on our heals for a while, but since Japan could not finish us off, we beat them on points!  Well, that and two atom bombs.  But, those bombs were cheating!  They did not have them, but we did, and we used them.  Those bombs equated to you hitting your opponent with a lead pipe!  It worked!  Patton said'  You don't win a war by dieing for your country, you win by making the other dumb, son of a b#@*h die for his country.    When you are fighting for your very existence, you use everything you can to win, to survive.

Now, look at the reports of today, Iran downing our Top Secret Drone, using possible jamming or electronic disrupting weapons.  Iran has become the Soviet Unions test ground for weapons technology.  Much like Israel was for us until this President.  But, if Iran has this technology, then ever thing that flies in the Persian Gulf is in danger of NOT FLYING!  Not to mention what it may be able to do to our electronic ships.

So, what do we do?  Well, first of all, I am not sure if this is the first punch or just more posturing.   But I am sure the folks in the Pentagon know.  But, much like the little fat kid on the play ground, we may choose to let the bully hit us for a while, and hope someone stops the beating before we are seriously hurt.  Trust me, in the world, we don't have any such friends.  So, in my opinion, it may be time to pick up that lear pipe and hit our enemy, before we get hit again!

Again, let history be your teacher.  History and your own experiences in life.  I still believe, waiting to get hit is NEVER a good idea!

PS...  When I was the FTSCLANT rep at SURFLANT, what seems like a long time ago, a ship reported that all the clocks, and all of the individual wrist watches stopped for the exact amount of time!  That ship was deployed somewhere in the world when this happened.  Now think about what I said.  Think about how hard it was for the Commanding Officer of that ship to officially report that happening!!  That CO knew he ws reporting something most of his seniors would consider fantasy or a lie.  As it was, the report was ignored.  But I brought up the idea of electronic impulse or jamming weapons then.  Of course, I was laughed at.  Maybe someone should dust that report off and look again.

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