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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Veteran's Day, 2011

Here it is, Veteran's Day, again!  Where did this year go? It has been a year of change for me, but it only seems about two days long!  I see that a number of national chain restaurants are offering Veterans a free meal.  Mighty nice of them, considering they don't like us most of the time.  Yes, when we are fighting the bad guys, we are OK with the civilian populace.  But, when peace ensues, we are held in disdain!  Our disabilities from our service to our nation are considered "Dirty" and "Disgusting".  Look at the VA Hospital system!  Now there is a good place to go die!  And the Nation's premier Veteran's Cemetery, Arlington, can't even get the right remains in the correct grave!  I also read an article that the remains of Servicemen killed in action are being miss handles, desecrated, and even, parts of the bodies taken or lost!  Yes, they really care about the warriors of this nation.  I am completely disgusted with the whole topic!

How am I going to celebrate Veteran's Day?  I am going to put on my Wash Khaki uniform, which the Navy saw fit to replace with those Faggot Blue camouflage girlie uniforms, and drink beer until I can't remember why I am disgusted!  That should take all day!

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