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Friday, November 18, 2011

The new Hypersonic Bomb. What good is it?

I read an article today that our military successfully tested a hypersonic bomb that can hit any where in the world in an hour.  Wow!!  From reading the article, I deduce that it is not a rocket, or at least glides free flight, guided by preset targeting information, to it's intended target.  Again, Wow.  This is the best thing since Tomahawk!  I also saw an article that the Air Force took delivery of six of the largest bunker buster bombs ever made.  I believe the stated explosive charge was 30,000 pounds of explosives.  Probably enhanced with pressurized gas.  Again, wow.

But, what good are they?  We have bunkers and magazines full of nuclear weapons, submarines carrying multi warhead Trident ICBM missiles, Tomahawk missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and other weapons of mass destruction that I don't even know about.  We have been fighting in Afghanistan for over ten years.  Lost countless American lives, physically and mentally crippled thousands more, and left thousands of widows and parentless children.  All this because we refused to learn from history.  The Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan in four years or so, and left with their tail between their legs.  What made us think we could win a war in an area of the world that is not a real country, has been engaged in tribal warfare since the Middle Ages, and is populated with people complete happy and comfortable with living in the Eleventh Century?  If we were really determined to wipe out the Taliban we would not have sent the first military man there.  We would have sent a Nuclear weapon on a missile, and ended their existence!

SO, all the "Wow" weapons in the world are useless unless you have the determination to use them.  That is why the Israelis and the Soviets are so respected in the world.  Both of these countries will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who attacks them or kills one of their citizens.  I once wrote about what happened in Beirut when some of the insurgents killed a Soviet Diplomat.  The remaining insurgents NEVER touched a Soviet person again.   If we want to be respected in the world community again, and I am not sure those in leadership today want to be, but if we do, we must show overwhelming strength and determination to protect our people and our interests at any cost.  On September 12, 2001, we should have bombed Afghanistan into the stone age!  That would have settled it once and for all.  Our economy would be better, our troops safe, and the world would have been kissing our ring!  Instead, we are kissing their ass.  The bad guys of the world only understand total destruction delivered quickly and with decisive action.  It is time for America and her leaders to grow a set!

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