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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

British hostages in Iran!?

Does that sound like deijavu all over again?  It does to me.  We have the second act of Jimmy Carter in the White House, the liberals are trying to decimate the military, and Europe is self-destructing.  Iran is lead by Islamic Radicals that now may have the "Bomb"!  They have been emboldened by world events and a weakened America and they decided to stir the pot.  The Iranian Leaders see a chance to destroy Israel because of the President's tepid support of Israel.  The world is perched on the precipice of war.  This is one more step towards that war.  If there are British hostages in Iran, I fear this may be the final step.

As I told my wife on the telephone, before we ran the "Line of Death" of Libya; "Watch the news, this is going to be big!"

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