The Navy's traditions live on in the hearts of those who serve

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran's Day 2010!

I have not written in a while and I apologize for that. The fact is, my brain just has not been working that well the last few weeks. Memories have been dimmed by the LBD. However, your comments back to me on the last post I wrote and others has really cheered me up. It is good to know that someone is really reading what I write. Not because I am looking for recognition, or credit for what I have done or what I think needs to be done. I have a wall FULL of certificates and a chest full of medals. No, it is my intention to pass on what I know and what I have learned to ensure that knowledge, that I received from the one's who went before me, will live on. I have no lock on Navy knowledge, I just was smart enough to learn from those who already knew, had already done that, or who had already made that mistake!

You know, that fits with the idea of Veteran's Day. This is the day to celebrate those who served and lived! Yes, we also commemorate our fallen shipmates. But that is the purpose of Memorial Day. Tomorrow is Veteran's Day and if you served a "Kiddie Cruse" or 44 years of active duty, as long as you did it HONORABLY, I salute you! The veterans of our past hold a treasure trove of knowledge and experience that those on active duty should try to harvest. I challenge each of you on active duty to put you dress uniform on and go to a VFW, American Legion, a Fleet Reserve Association Hall, a Disabled American Veterans meeting or any other place that our vets gather, and just listen! Get them to talk about the leaders that lead them in their tough times. Get them to tell you about how hard it was to live on $56 a payday in 1969! Learn about or mistakes, mis-steps, and failures as well as our victories and successes. For instance, today's SUBSAFE program came from failures that cost many submarine sailor's lives. Did you know that. Did you know that the old Ordnance Safety Afloat pub (OP4) said in the first pages that "ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ARE WRITTEN IN BLOOD!" Ask a vet why that is?

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, honor a vet by listening to him or her. That is the best way to honor their service.